20 CHIBI ANIME SERIES you must watch in 2023


Chibi anime series

This list will make you fall in love with chibi anime series or chibi Anime, and trust me, and you are going to love this otaku culture.

In this blog, you will see the best chibi anime and will fall in love with all the tiny bodies characters which are surprisingly funny.

1-Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals


Rock lee, his ninja pals, is one of the funniest chibi anime series I have seen.

Naruto Uzumaki, the Nine-Tailed Fox, does not appear in the chibi series, as it does in the Anime Naruto. Instead, it follows Rock Lee, the one and only true ninja.

He compensates for his lack of ninjutsu by being powerful and enthusiastic, much like his Hidden Leaf Village companions.

The main character is lee with his silly storyline but still the best chibi anime with funny, loving friendship and the perfect alternative to show naruto that he is not the only one who can make us motivated and laugh.

Lee always had eccentric personalities and one of the oddball friends, and if you are a lazy otaku and tired of watching original Series with hilarious adventures in the chibi universe, then you are going to love rock lee.

Guy’s mentor is this individual. This chibi version is mostly about Lee and his team who go on missions and trust me, you will love and laugh at all the scenes and animation.

Overall, rock lee, his ninja pals, and naruto characters’ chibi form are really great to watch.

Don’t be mistaken, but Anime has a different name to like- rock lee no Seishun full power ninden.

2-Di Gi Charat

In a Moe parody franchise, Dejiko, an alien Catgirl, stars. She aspires to be an Idol singer. This is the pinnacle of the Otaku genre.

Large heads coupled with little bodies can’t accommodate their antics and unusual personalities.

The more mundane parts of existence push the larger-than-life people to the forefront. While poking fun of themselves, they use chibi-style to give their stories a comical vibe.

They also operate as snowball effects in their peculiar situations, bringing forth the finest of chibi, comedy, and misadventures.

3-Baka and Test

The story is about Fumizuki Academy students, where the skills of their battle depend on their intelligence.

So if you are smart, then your battle skills are better than those who are not smart so being just hardworking don’t work here.

They are useless chibi animals or useless chibi wolf.

If you are intelligent, then you are one of the best.

4-Re: Zero Chibi Anime series

All of the amusing and strange characters from Re: “Starting Zero’s Life In Another World” appear in these comedy shorts. The web novel omitted many sequences, as well as exchanges with characters who did not appear in the Original Series.

Subaru Natsuki works as a butler at the mansion, as a butler in the forest with the Oni maid twins, and as a butler in the Sanctuary with his love, Emilia and Garfiel. Heartwarming situations and smart quips abound in this chibi comic.

5-Q: The founder of Diabolism

This chibi-style offshoot of Mo Da Zu Schi stars Wei Wuxian, a troublemaker, and Lan Wangii, a solemn and chilly figure. Wei and Lan initiate spiritual development classes in order to understand more about the spiritual realm, demons, and other supernatural beings such as ghosts.

Wei is also adamant that Lan follows the rules to the letter, whereas Wei is unconcerned enjoys getting into mischief and causing a distraction for Lan. In this Series of chibi spinoffs, the link between Wei and Lan, as well as their friendship, is renewed.

6-Koro-sensei Quest!


There’s a room set aside for assassination practice. His 3-E class, Chibi Nagisa Shiota, has yet to assassinate their instructor, Koro-sensei. They’ve been taken to a magic school with the goal of assassinating Demon King Korosensei.

As a result, Nagisa and her pupils must chase down three powerful monster fighters while also dealing with the Demon King teacher’s hilarious and interesting circumstances.

After the heartwarming scenes in the last episode, koro sensei quest

7-Bungo Stray Dogs Wan!


Bungo stray is one of the newest anime series in the anime community, and its chibi-style Anime is one of the cutest Anime you can see because it’s still nice fighting and solving a case.

Atsushi Nakajima of the Armed Detective Agency is pitted against Ryunosuke Akutagawa of the Port Mafia in the Bungo Stray Dogs back spinoff.

Their outlandish and erratic behaviour in Yokohama causes them to conflict with their peers.

Whether they’re swapping bodies or competing in dance competitions, the odd scenarios allow everyone to show off their eccentricities.

Finally, Dazai is interested in suicide methods, Akutagawa desires to prove that he is worthy of his teacher, and Chuuya remains irritated and short.

Overall, bungo stray dogs wan is the best chibi anime, and all the characters are awesome.

8-Mini Toji (Katana Maidens: Mini Maidens)


If you like Katana Maidens or have ever watched Anime that deals with everyday stuff, not too much action, magic or thriller, then you will find Mini Toji so much.

This Anime is very normal and now, to have the Chibi version makes it looks funnier and more entertaining.

If you love chibi girls and loved katana maidens series also shows how to live normal school lives and how other katana maidens live on the same school roof.

The story goes around Katana maidens who do normal work to get a living and also relationship scenarios where they try to solve the problems in relationships.

We all know that Chibi style anime have short episodes with chibi characters because they are only for entertainment.

Only our katana maidens are good to watch and, for you, can be the best chibi anime.

9-Baka to Test Shoukanjuu- Sore ga Bokura No Nichijou


This baka and Test: Summon spinoff All of the characters from The Beasts have returned, and the Series has been upgraded to chibis. Akihisa Yoshii reappears, accompanied by his weird buddies and all the ensuing stress.

This is the least of his concerns about his peers’ depravity. It will either enhance their bonds or make Akihisa doubt his friends’ sanity.

10-Nobunaga no Shinobi


Chidori, who is both adorable and inept, nearly drowns. She pledges to save her life by using all of her power and ninja skills to serve the man who saved it. After many years, she finally meets her saviour in Nobunaga Oda. He is able to pay off her debts, and she is now allowed to serve under his supervision.

Finally, the warlord who once saved her life with his sweet chibi guy is now her adversary! Chidori will assist him in conquering neighbouring areas and dealing with invading adversaries.

11-The Melancholy Of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya


Haruhi Szumiya decided that The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suezumiya ought to be turned into a chibi series, so she solicited the support of her friends. Haruhi is willing to make a few changes to the skits in order to make them more amusing for her friends and herself.

Itsuki Koizumi is secretly in love with Kyon, and Mikuru Asahina is more emotional than ever! Itsuki Koizumi is secretly in love with Kyon, while Mikuru Asahina is more emotional than ever.

Yuki Nagato, an introvert with a quiet voice, performs eroge, Mikuru Asahina is more emotional than ever, and Itsuki Koizumi has a secret crush on Kyon.

Haruhi has increased in size and bulk, whereas Kyon has remained the same. Continue on, chibi Kyon.

Haruhi chan Suzumiya is nice Anime to watch.

12-Isekai Quartet


In partnership, fan-favourite isekai Series as chibis. The merge of every Chibi anime into a single is so nice, and you wanna know who is in this, then let me tell you Tanya Degurechaff of The Saga of Tanya the Evil, and I know we all love it, and then Ainz Ooal Gown, Overlord, and Subaru Natsuki of Re: Zero, as well as Kazuma Sato of Konosuba and Subaru Natsuki of Re: Zero.

Each of them is given a giant red button that teleports them to another world where they can resume their regular school lives.

What could be better than the greatest of isekai all crammed into one school building? More laughs, more chibi, and more fun than the first Series!

13-Hetalia: World Series


Their antics are out of proportion to their small skulls.

The more mundane parts of existence push the larger-than-life people to the forefront. While poking fun of themselves, they use chibi-style to give their stories a comical vibe.

They also operate as snowball effects in their peculiar situations, bringing forth the finest of chibi, comedy, and misadventures.

14-Sora no Otoshimono Forte


This is Chibi version anime series of all the characters and chibi parodies.

He is plagued by weird dreams that keep him awake at night, and he seeks assistance from his pals.

Nymph is one of the great inventors, and so he invented the machine which makes people go into other person’s dreams. They get at Tomoki’s dream, but the equipment is broken.

Later, a meteor falls from the sky near Tomoki’s discovery of Ikaros among the enormous cherry blossom trees.

From the meteor rises an extremely well-endowed blonde angeloid wielding a big sword, ready to go in pursuit of Tomoki!

15-Damekko Doubutsu


Uruno is a pointless chibi-wolf who lives in a forest filled with pointless chibi creatures. A ferocious unicorn who yearns to be forgotten and a travelling saleswoman bear. Uruno gives Usahara, the rabbit, a bad first impression. He’s neither cuddly nor attractive; instead, he’s irritable and likely to get into a quarrel.

Uruno wants to leave, but he is persuaded to stay by the rabbit. He is forced to stay when he falls head over paws for Chiiko, the sweet but clumsy cheetah.

The agile wolf wishes to establish a home in the forest and become more comfortable with the weird creatures who inhabit it.

16-Potemayo – cute chibi anime


Sunao Moriyama, a junior high school student, wakes up one morning to find a chibi-like monster in his refrigerator. Her name is Potemayo, and he decides to accompany her to school.

She is pleased with the prospect of being able to join us. Sunao becomes the centre of attention among his peers as a result of Potemayo.

The female students in his class are an added bonus. It appears to be a fairy tale until Kyo Takamimori (a classmate) discovers a critter resembling Guchuko in his refrigerator.

Potemayo irritates Guchuko. It’s a blessing for her that the feelings are reciprocated. Sunao, on the other hand, is not so fortunate.

17-LuckyStar Chibi Style


The chibi series centres on four high school kids and their strong, hilarious friendship. Miyuki Takara, their best friend, is the kind and clever Konata Ichimoto. Tsukasa Hiiragi and Kagami Hiiragi, both sweet and spicy, are also available.

Intelligent Miyuki Takara is my favourite junior high student.

She is a slacker otaku who enjoys reading manga and watching Anime. They travel together via their amusing worldviews, peering into school life and otaku society through their huge chibi eyes.



Moe Sato, a 22-year-old woman, discovers an orange-coloured cat in the shape of a ball. Poyo is his name, and she names him after her father, Shigeru, and her younger brother, Hide (17 years old).

Poyo seeks to woo Hide and become a member of the Sato family in this chibi slice of life. The round cat makes their vacations, rainy days, and sunny days more joyful.

19-BanG Dream! Girls Band Party Pico – Best chibi anime


Kasumi and her friends have a good time while dealing with their misfortunes and attempting to attend band practise and prepare for the show.

All of the chibi females are adorable and have a great time with one another. It’s a cute chibi cartoon that’s a lot of fun to watch.

20-Attack on Titan- Junior High

Aot has been one of the most trending Anime right now, and seriously, this last season is just out of the world and very dark, but if you wanna see all Attack of titans characters in the form of chibi, then you should watch this Anime because in this you will find joy, funny humour and the trio Armin, Mikasa, Eren still been great friends.

They have to deal with titans who threaten the entire world. Eren’s junior high school year is threatened by a giant.

The titan has robbed him! Eren swears to annihilate all titans and will go to any length to reclaim his throne. In addition, he joins his buddies in the Titan Junior High Wall Cleanup Club!

Overall, Attack on titan junior is great chibi anime to watch.

This is it for this list, hope you love it guys and do suggest more Chibi anime.


What are chibi characters?

The anime characters have small bodies but large eyes and heads.

What is Chibi?

Small people in japan are often been called Chibi.

What does Isekai anime mean?

The anime which have action or magical fights if you wanna know more you can check out this link- https://thebestofotaku.com/best-isekai-manga-of-all-time/

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