Citrus Season 2- Will Yuri Love Flourish Between Step-Sisters? Latest Updates!

Yuri genre anime: Citrus Season 2 is having chances of release. But what is taking so long for Passione Studio to make the Citrus sequel? Here is everything we know about Citrus Season 2. 

Citrus is a Japanese anime covering the Yuri genre, meaning lesbian love. It is an anime adaptation based on a manga series by Saburouta. He wrote as well as illustrated the manga. Studio Passione is the production partner of the series.

The first season came under the direction of Takeo Takahashi and Naoyuki Tatsuwa. This famous duo is well known for the anime series- Dakaichi. As the manga series earned fame, directors decided to adapt it into anime series. Hence, Citrus season 1 was released between January 6, 2018, to March 24, 2018.

Not only fans but season 1 bought critics as well. It was expected that this anime would bring mixed reviews because of some sexual assault content that is shown in the series. But between critics, non-Japanese fans also loved it.

Hence, the series was made worldwide available under the license of Crunchyroll and Funimation. Let us start with the up to the date information about Citrus season 2.


What Are the Chances of Citrus Having Season 2? 

Citrus- manga series began to serialize back in 2012, and the anime adaptation came out in the form of Season 1 in January 2018. Three years have passed already, and there are no signals for season 2.

Citrus Season 2Fans are under heavy tightness regarding the release confirmation of Citrus Season 2. Here are some factors that favor.

The first favoring factor for season 2 is the popularity and success that Citrus season 1 was gifted from the fans.

But the non-favoring signal that might bring the hope of the production team to the bottom is low ratings from IMDB and MyAnimeList. Also, critics showered some hatred concerning the storyline of Season 1.

While looking at another green signal, there is abundant source material present for the production of Citrus’s second season. If Passione studio decides to begin the production task, fans will surely support their venture.

Citrus Season 2- Release Date 

Despite seeing the love of fans, Citrus Season 2 has not been accomplished with the official release date. We have our eyes on the officials for the release of season 2.

There are certain approximations made that the second part of this anime may release any time after 2020. Nearly 3 years have proceeded since the release of season 1, and fans are expecting the new season to fall soon. Let us hope that we get to see Citrus Season 2 sometime this year or in 2022.

Citrus Season 2- Official Trailer 

We inform you with grief that the official trailer has not made its way towards the audience. As the production of the second run is still not confirmed officially, the trailer is not released.

As soon as we hear from the officials concerning any latest updates for Citrus Season 2, we will reflect them on this page. Please bookmark it in your browser for future updates.

What to Expect from Citrus Season 2 Plot? 

Citrus Season 2

Citrus- the complete anime adaptation of the Citrus manga series, is the center of attraction for the Yuri lovers because it completely depends on the manga. No extra filler episodes are added, which makes it top in the favorite anime list for the fans.

Citrus Season 1 covered around 4 volumes, and season 2 will pick up from the fifth volume. Sadly, there are no storyline spoilers available for the second run. But there is strong theorizing between the fans regarding season 2 will fall in two parts. All together, season 2 might consist of 23 – 24 episodes. 

If you cannot wait to know what is might happen in season 2, you can purchase the manga volumes and start reading them. All cliffhangers and questions from season 1 will be answered in the manga as well.

What is Citrus Season 1 All About? 

Citrus season 1 covered four volumes and around 16 chapters of the manga series. There is enough resource material available for season 2 and Citrus season 3 because the writer is releasing new volumes every four to six months.

Even one spin-off, Citrus Plus, was released back in 2019, which signified the chance of getting season 2. If we look at the brief intro of season 1, the plot puts light on two female lead characters of the show, Yuzu Aihara and Mei Aihara.

Yuzu is forced to go to a new all-girls school after her mother takes the decision of remarrying. There were some discomforts that she had to face while going to a new place, but it brought some great opportunities as well.

Citrus Season 2She has spent her starting school years in co-education and was fed up with all-girls school strictness and rules. She was not liking the unwanted attention that she got because of her good looks.

However, the student council president of her new school is none other than her step-sister, Mei Aihara. Mei was soft-hearted towards Yuzu, but she always gave Yuzu her cold shoulder and never conversed well. So, Yuzu started teasing her, and one day when Yuzu was about to tease her, Mei pins her to the floor and kisses her.

After this incident, Mei suddenly finds her way out of the room, and Yuzu is left-back in astonishment about what just happened between them. She was angry with this behavior. However, at the end of the series, Mei gathers some courage and confesses her love towards Yuzu.

Will Yuzu accept it? Is this true love or just sexual attraction? All these cliffhangers will be answered in the upcoming seasons.

Citrus Season 1- English Dubbed Episodes 

You can find the English Dubbed episodes of the first season of Citrus anytime on Crunchyroll or Funimation.

Updates regarding the new characters, there might be new characters entering in season 2. There might be a love triangle shown, but Mei and Yuzu are highly expected in season 2 because the series cannot continue without them.

Closing Thoughts 

In the end, we are still having the uncertainty of the Release season 2. Let us assume that we will get to watch the season very soon. If you are looking for the latest news for your favorite anime or tv shows, click here! Stay tuned with us. Happy Reading 😊

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