Cobra Kai Season 4 In Training – Confirms Jon Hurwitz

Just upon the release of the third season of Cobra Kai, Netflix has announced the renewal of the series for the fourth season. Here’s everything we know about Cobra Kai Season 4!

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Cobra Kai, being the continuation of the legendary Karate Kid, is one of the most popular TV series on the internet. It is written and produced by Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg through their production firm, Counterbalance Entertainment.

James Lassiter, Will Smith, and Caleeb Pinkett are executive producers for Overbrook Entertainment with Susan Ekins in association with Sony Pictures Television. Macchio and Zabka, actors of the original movie franchise, are co-executive producers of “Cobra Kai.”

The series has been running successfully on YouTube, and now, Netflix agreed to renew it for the third as well as fourth season. Here, in this article, we’ll review the show and learn exciting facts about Cobra Kai Season 4.

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Cobra Kai Never Dies!

Cobra Kai resumes the narrative of The Karate Kid movie series, picking up from the continuation of the initial trilogy, which got very successful upon release in the 1980s.

Cobra Kai Rivals

The setting of Cobra Kai is after 30 years of the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament. We see Daniel LaRusso (Macchio) tries to balance his life without Mr. Miyagi’s supervision and must face his earlier opponent, Johnny Lawrence ( Zabka). He wants redemption by reopening the infamous Cobra Kai karate dojo.

Those who are familiar with the Karate Kid movie series might remember the famous line “Cobra Kai Never Die.” It looks like Cobra Kai, the 34-years-later continuation, has proven it by making a come back. The series was already popular on YouTube Premium and has turned into a big hit since it’s about to land on Netflix.

The series started as a YouTube original and was an instant hit, gaining 55 million YouTube views for the first episode. On the road to setting up the second season of Cobra Kai, YouTube set Cobra Kai Season 3 in April 2019.


Through all the platform changes over the last year, YouTube remained dedicated to release the third season but told its Sony TV associates that they wouldn’t be ordering a fourth season.

Cobra Kai

In order to settle a future for Cobra Kai after the third season, Sony TV asked for support to buy the future seasons of the show. That plan had now paid off when Netflix ordered Cobra Kai Season 4.

Season 3 of Cobra Kai is Arriving Soon!

After the suspensive, gut-wrenching, completely over-the-top final episode of Cobra Kai dropped with Johnny’s disciple on life support. The viewers were deeply saddened by that and worried about his future.

But with the first trailer for Cobra Kai season 3, we get to know that Miguel has made it! Here’s the trailer:

The fans expect Cobra Kai Season 4 to arrive in 2021, But we don’t that will be the case. The program recently declared that “the story is just beginning.” Moreover, season 3 is arriving on January 8, 2021, on Netflix. So it’s almost impossible to complete the production in the same year.

According to some sources, the third season will revolve around how Miguel tries to make a comeback while Daniel hunts for answers in his past.

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Cobra Kai Season 4: What We Know So Far

The official announcement for Cobra Kai Season 4 came with a video released by Netflix regarding the teaser of the third season, revealing the release date for the first time. At the end of the video, we see this, “Season 4 in Training.”

Of course, there’s no further information available about Cobra Kai’s fourth season. Though the co-producer of the show, Jon Hurwitz, tweeted this:

By looking at the video, the only thing we can assume right now is that the show will sink deeper into the roots of the original movie series.

What To Expect From Cobra Kai Season 4

Netflix has not issued the Cobra Kai season 4 summary yet. We don’t even expect that to happen soon after the release date of the same season. For now, one can only guess what will happen in the fourth season.

Until we see season 3, it isn’t easy to even make a theory. But we found a tweet from Jon Hurwitz, and it seems like the fans will have quite the cliffhanger once again at the end of the third season.

Whatever happens in Cobra Kai season 4, one thing is sure that it will be worth the wait. The fans wouldn’t want to miss the thrill and action when the fourth season arrives on the screens.

Who Are In For Cobra Kai Season 4?

Cobra Kai Cast

The lead actors will be reprising their character with Ralph Macchio as a family man and car salesman Daniel LaRusso.

William Zabka will star as Daniel’s teen opponent Johnny Lawrence as the fight between their two karate dojos resumes.

Courtney Henggeler will be playing the role of Daniel’s wife Amanda LaRusso, while Tanner Buchanan again comes back as Johnny’s estranged son Robby Keene.

Cobra Kai Season 4 would also have cast members like Mary Mouser, Gianni Decenzo as Demetri, Jacob Bertrand, and Martin Kove as John Kreese back in the past.

We heard the speculations that there would be some new faces in the fourth season. Some actors from the films might show up. You never know!

Cobra Kai Season 4: Release Date

The production team has provisional ideas for Season 4 to begin shooting and production in early 2021. “Planning for early 2021,” Hurwitz answered in a Tweet asking for a possible schedule. Here’s what he tweeted:

Netflix has not declared any official release date yet, but given that the third season will be out on January 8, 2021, we might see the fourth season after a year. Hurwitz might also believe in the same as he tweeted in reply to the question and said,

“I don’t have the answer, but would imagine Season 4 will come out roughly a year after Season 3.”

Wrapping Up

If you haven’t seen the Karate Kid movie series, this is your best shot as when you’ll finish it, the third season will be on your doors.

With the news of The Cobra Kai Season 4, we’re sure that it might have made the end of 2020 a bit pleasant for the fans. Click Here to watch Karate Kid Movie Series. Don’t forget to check our article on The Best Series On Netflix.

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