21 Anime’s Crazy Girls: Buckle Up for a Wild Ride


Craziest anime girls

This list is for all the Otaku or anime fans who love crazy anime girls and that’s why this is a list of the Craziest Anime girls.

You will find some anime girls very innocent by looking at them but then you going to see the craziest anime girls in them.

Midari Ikishima From Kakegurui

Craziest Anime Girls

She can be the definition of one of the crazy anime girls who have a mental disorder of killing and cutting herself.

Midari even pops out one eye in exchange to pay the debt to the student council president, and now she wears an eye patch.

She wears a sweater of the same school which she is in and has piercing on her tongue also wear a bandage around her arms, and when you look at her, she gives you bloodthirsty killer lurks.

Kakegurui is a chaotic world with so many crazy anime girls, and Midari is one of those craziest anime girls.

Hibana Daida, Deadman Wonderland

Craziest Anime Girls

When you see Hibana, you are going to think how cute a little girl she is and sweet. However, she is the polar opposite of what she appears to be, as evidenced by being held in a special prison and is known as “The Punisher.” She is, after all, a literal interpretation of her name.

Hibana has an irrational sense of justice, and she will punish whomever she believes is wrong. Her sanctions, on the other hand, are far too harsh.

Hibana’s antics began in kindergarten, when several boys flipped her skirt, prompting her to torture and murder them.

After all the killing and being one of the scariest little girls, she decided to join the gang which she really liked and that gang’s name is Criminals.

She considers herself a “good girl” because she believes she is only doing right.

However, one cannot fault her for her behaviour because of the way she acts now and whatever she does. It’s mostly because of her mother, who did things to her and made her a monster.

Anna Nishikinomiya from Shimoneta

Craziest Anime Girls

Anna Nishinomiya is one of the craziest anime girls who is more into sexual stuff, which makes her a more insane anime girl.

What happens when a young girl is forced to suppress her sexual feelings for an extended period of time? The answer is to emulate Anna Nishikinomiya. Anna is the student council president who appears to be opposed to all sexual acts.

However, behind her refined and good attitude is a totally different character who craves love and sexual adventures far more than virtually any other character.

She has a huge infatuation with Tanukichi Okuma, whom she continues to sexually harass since she can’t control her love for him.

She is so obsessed with seducing him that she “forces” him to drink her “love nectar.” Yes, precisely how you suspect. Not only that, but she uses her love nectar to bake cookies.

Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa

Craziest Anime Girls

Junko is insane on all levels. She is insane, but everyone adores her. Junko is obsessed with the emotion “despair.”

What you Do when you are bored, play games, go out, eat or watch anime but if Junko is bored, she can even kill anyone without any hesitation.

She even kidnapped a high school girl and killed her and her sister

She suffers from far too many mental diseases as a result of her obsession with sadness and the thought of spreading despair to others.

She’s so moody that her moods shift in seconds. Junko’s emotion is not stable because she keeps having mood swings, and it’s crazy mood swings which can be sad, happy and most of the time like one of the craziest anime girls you will see.

Yuno Gasai from Future Diary(Mirai Nikki)

Craziest Anime Girls

Yuno Gasai’s craziness has left fans traumatised ten years after she first appeared on T.V. She is a figure that has consistently surprised spectators as her secrets have been revealed.

A Yandere is Yuno Gasai. She appears to be a typical high school student solely concerned with her studies. She’s nice and has a heart-melting grin.

She is, however, insanely in love with Yukiteru and will not hesitate to slit anyone’s neck if she believes they are a threat to Yukiteru or their relationship.

Yuno would appear to be a sweet girl, but then she’d go on a murdering spree, killing everyone in the room so quickly that you’d be left asking, “What the hell just happened?” What was her first transgression? Not a whole lot. Simply murdering her parents and burying their bodies in a room.

The future diary(Mirai Nikki) is one of the most twisted anime series, and Yuno Gasai is one of the craziest anime girls on this list.

Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia

Craziest Anime Girls

Toga is a vampire of the “new generation,” to put it mildly. She is one of My Hero Academia’s adversaries, and one of her eccentricities allows her to morph into the person whose blood she consumed.

She is a crazy anime girl who enjoys when someone is in pain or when she makes people feel pain. What makes her happy is scaring and killing people.

Toga has a strange relationship with Deku. She isn’t romantic since she enjoys inflicting pain on him and desires to consume his blood.

Toga is astute, and her quirk allows her to get away with her crimes with relative ease. Her adorable outfit and popularity have made her a popular cosplay character.

Shiro from Deadman Wonderland

Craziest Anime Girls

At first, you will feel a bit bored watching deadman wonderland. Shiro appears to be a friendly, sweet, jolly girl who is caring and enjoys a variety of candies.

She looks such a sweet and cute girl if you see her first time. On the other hand, Shiro has a second personality known as “wretched egg,” which is her polar opposite.

Shiro can switch into her second personality at any time, which is a twisted and dangerous killer who doesn’t care about anyone or anything. As a child, she was subjected to numerous tests, which caused her to develop this dark side.

Shiro adores Ganta because they have been friends since they were children. On the other hand, her love for him made her envious of his pals, and as a result, she murdered all of his peers.

Overall, she fits in the name of the anime deadman wonderland, which is why she is on this craziest anime girls list.

Lucy from Elfen Lied

Craziest Anime Girls

Lucy is a particular anime character who has two personalities. She is not an actual human being but a diclonius created by scientists to do tasks. Lucy started murdering as a child, murdering entire families in order to dwell in their homes.

She has deemed a threat to humanity and imprisoned at the Diclonius research facility until she escaped after killing nearly everyone there. Lucy was injured in the head during her escape, which caused her to develop a second personality known as Nyu.

She moves in with Kouta, a childhood friend and lover. Lucy despises both humans and Doclonius, murdering them whenever she has the opportunity.

Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui

Craziest Anime Girls

Yumeko is one of the main protagonists in this crazy anime series and has unpredictable mood swings.

She is a lovely, intelligent young lady who appears to be a typical high school student. She’s a happy person who can quickly make friends with anyone. She knows how to talk to and insinuate anyone.

All the students come from a wealthy Lovelace family who has so much money.

She is a show-stealer. No matter where she goes, she is just going to have all the attention. She was a nobody when she arrived at the prestigious high school, but she quickly rose to prominence after defeating the school’s best gamblers.

Yumeko can tell when someone is cheating and still beats them. She deserves to be on this list since gambling drives her mad. She is willing to risk a significant sum of money and maybe her life when it comes to gambling.

Yumeko has a split personality when she is playing any gambling game.

Nothing makes her happier than a good game of poker. Yumeko is a crazy girl who is worth watching since she is a hottie with incredible gambling skills.

Shion Sonozaki from When They Cry

Craziest Anime Girls

Shion Sonozaki don’t look like a villain, and she is not a villain but an anti-hero.

She is yet another insane anime girl, but she stands out from the crowd due to the strange and bizarre things she does throughout the series.

Shion Sonozaki is Mion Sonozaki’s elder twin sister. Shion is a very manipulative woman who will go to any extent to achieve her goals, including courting her targets to punish them.

She takes advantage of having a twin sister by frequently switching places with her. She went crazy when Satoshi went missing.

Shino began murdering and torturing everybody she suspected was involved in Satoshi’s disappearance.

She is a serial murderer who assassinated everyone in the hamlet, including the village leader, Satoshi’s younger sister, and her twin sister.

Kaede Kayano from Assassination Classroom

Craziest Anime Girls

Kaede Kayano deserves to be on this list since she is mad enough to disguise her personality for nearly half of the anime series. She pretends to be the friendliest, loveliest, and most innocent girl in school, but she is there for a different reason.

At first, she looks like a guy and a very sweet and calm person, but she is one of the main characters.

Kaede was at the school because she believed Koro-sensei was to blame for her sister’s death, and she planned to kill Koro-sensei alongside her classmates. Her classmates’ friendships and bonds meant nothing to her when it came to achieving her goal.

What drives her insane is that she implanted tentacles in her neck in order to gain enough power to kill Koro-sensei.

Ophelia from Claymore

Craziest Anime Girls

Ophelia is a character in the Claymore anime series. She exemplifies what happens when terrible individuals wield power. Ophelia is a very strong character who will gladly kill anyone she finds weak, but when her family is murdered at a point in time, she forgets everything and just turns into evil and crazy person.

Ophelia deliberately turns people away from her by showing them her looks.

Because the organisation forbade killing humans, she transformed them into Awakened Beings so she could kill them.

She assaults her opponents with the extremely offensive “Rippling Sword” technique, for which she has given herself the name “Rippling Ophelia.”

Nina Einstein from Code Geass

Craziest Anime Girls

At first glance, Nina looks to be a typical supporting character. She is mostly interested in books and is very sweet and gentle. After rescuing Euphemia from a hostage situation, she becomes enamoured and considers her a divine person. However, after Euphemia’s death, Nina’s personality flips, losing her mind.

She had no regard for anyone else and developed the F.L.E.I.J.A. atomic bomb. Fans are furious at her heinous and terrible activities. She’s also seen s*x on a table. Isn’t she a crazy person?

Sekai Saionji from School Days

Craziest Anime Girls

Like any other high school student, Sekai is a psychopath with manipulative and knife skills. School Days is not your typical Slice of Life anime, and Sekai adds drama and violence to the mix. Makoto, Sekai’s boyfriend, has cheated on her with Kotonoha and even Satsuna.

Sekai and Makoto, on the other hand, have a sexual experience, and she later notifies Makoto that she is pregnant with his child, to which he responds by urging her to abort it.

Sekai is so bewildered by everything that she murders Makoto by repeatedly stabbing him in the chest. High school anime appears to be dark at times as well.

Shōko Kirishima from Baka and Test

Craziest Anime Girls

Shoko is another one of the crazy anime girls who are head over heels in love with her crush. She has been in love with her childhood friend Yuuji Nakamoto for a long time and refers to herself as his wife. Despite Yuuji’s refusal to return her affection, she has already chosen names for their children.

What is it about her that drives her insane? For starters, she is exceedingly possessive, and if she catches anyone near Yuuji, she will use “scissors” to poke their eyes out or tase them.

She is gorgeous, intelligent, and the top student in the academy. All she wants is to be with Yuuji. Therefore, she rejects everyone’s attention. He isn’t her boyfriend, but she treats him as if he is. She’s so terrifying that even Yuuji is afraid to commit to her.

Haruko Haruhara from FLCL

Craziest Anime Girls

The main character in FLCL is Haruko Haruhara. She is impulsive and manipulative. Working in a team with her is difficult.

She is part of the galactic space police brotherhood.

She will act differently depending on the situation, sometimes like a maid, sometimes like a lover, and sometimes like a mother.

Haruko will act strangely, and depending on her mood, she can be quite aggressive. She is difficult to relate to because she will go to any length to obtain what she desires.

Haruko is astute and insinuating, as well as dangerously fast and powerful. She approaches Naota and stalks him, hoping to make an introduction because she admires him. She is an intimidating character due to her strength and unpredictability.

Akane Hiyama from Love Tyrant

Craziest Anime Girls

Like most Yandere, Akane’s appearance can be deceiving because her face appears innocent. She is, however, a psychopath who is the polar opposite of what she appears to be. Akane is madly in love with Seiji Aino, a classmate.

On the other hand, Aino is often envious and, as a result, assaults anyone who has romantic feelings for Seiji. She will kill anyone who tries to date Seiji without hesitation.

She would die for Seiji and would betray him if she thought he had fooled her. Akane prioritises Seiji over anything else, and killing anyone else for him is trivial to her.

Misaki Nakahara from Welcome to the N.H.K.

Craziest Anime Girls

Misaki Nakahara is a normal high school girl who goes out of her way to help and be kind to others in any way she can. However, that looks to be what she is doing at first glance.

You would think why I put her on this insane anime girls list.

In truth, she is engaging in one of the most horrible acts imaginable: she is exploiting a mentally sick guy. Misaki is a mad and dangerous individual who manipulates and exploits people’s vulnerabilities rather than physically harming them.

Misaki comes to empathise with the main character, Satou, who suffers from mental illness. She pays attention to him, prepares his meals, counsels him, and tells him to leave his home. On the other hand, Misaki has a mental problem and manipulates Satou to help her with it. She only wants to be linked and validated, so she kills herself when Satou rejects her when she requests a relationship.

Saya Kisaragi from Blood-C

Craziest Anime Girls

The anime’s protagonist, Saya Kisaragi, is a girl that goes through twists and turns throughout the storey and lives two conflicting lives. Saya is a charming high school student who is always pleasant and friendly at school. However, once night falls, Saya assumes the responsibility of killing monsters from which she must protect her community.

Saya has two distinct personalities. The first is her school’s Saya, who is loving and caring. The second is one in which she is completely uninterested in humans. Saya, in that personality, despises humans and intends to drink their blood, but she is bound by a pact that bans her from harming humans.

The plot takes a drastic turn when it is discovered that Saya is the subject of a sociological experiment to see if nature can be altered. In any case, Saya’s true personality is the second one, in which she enjoys murder and despises humans.

Megumi Shimizu from Shiki

Craziest Anime Girls

Here it is, last but not the least insane anime girl on this craziest anime girls list who is like a goddess of insane anime girls.

She was raised in a rural but had the mindset of a city girl; therefore, she constantly claimed she despises the village and wishes she could leave it.

Natsuno Yuuki and a new mansion built in the village are the only two things she cares about in her town. Oh, and she’s a Yandere, so it’s safe to assume she’s madly in love with Natsuno, not just “loves” him.

While lurking in the bushes, she stalked Natsuno by peeping through his window. The anime depicts her feelings for him by showing Megumi’s heartbeats every time she sees Natsuno.

If Natsuno turned to face her, she would become ecstatic.

Roberta Cisneros from Black Lagoon

Craziest Anime Girls

If you ask me who is the one female villain character that comes to your mind when you think about the most badass female, Roberta will definitely come to my mind, and that’s why she is on this list.

She is very frightening and truly gives the protagonists a difficult time during their battle. You have a less than 1% chance of survival if you are Roberta’s target.

Roberta is a tough and talented assassin who used to work for an anti-government gang.

She has murdered numerous men, women, and children.

Many powerful cartels are terrified of her. She became so well-known for her crimes that she is now a wanted criminal on a global scale. If someone tries to bother her, she swiftly and without hesitation murders them.

Kagura Sohma From Fruits basket

Craziest Anime Girls

Kagura Sohma is one of the sweetest and cutest anime girls in the anime series.

She is typically a sweet, courteous, caring, and nice feminine girl, but she is also a strong-willed, impetuous young lady who can turn violent, powerful, self-centred, and emotionally aggressive in a matter of seconds.

This is most visible in her sentiments for Kyo; when the object of her affections is present, such as when she beats up Kyo, her tremendously emotional feelings are accompanied by genuine physical violence.


Who is crazier Midari Ikishima or Yumeko Jabami?

Ans-Midari is more Crazier.

What Kind of eye patch does Midari Ikishima wear?

Ans- It’s a hospital bandage eye patch.

What crazy anime girl means?

A girl who is not stable mentally.

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