4 Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways to Use in 2023

Any nation’s economy greatly benefits from the presence of small businesses. A significant number of these businesses have already begun accepting cryptocurrency payments. The additional payment transaction option makes better lead conversion and revenue generation possible. The advantages of using a crypto payment gateway for small businesses are highlighted in this article.

Cryptocurrency payment gateways can provide various benefits for businesses, such as faster settlement times, lower transaction fees, and greater security and transparency.

The major benefit of using a cryptocurrency payment gateway is reaching a wider customer base, including those who prefer to use cryptocurrencies for transactions. These gateways can also help businesses expand globally, as cryptocurrencies are not tied to any specific country or region. 

Overall, the rise of cryptocurrency payment gateways reflects the increasing acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies as a legitimate payment method in today’s digital economy.

Businesses may be curious about how to set up a cryptocurrency payment system or locate a cryptocurrency payment processor in light of the widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Businesses interested in experimenting with cutting-edge alternative payment options have many available options, even though crypto payment processing is still in its infancy. 


Defining Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

A cryptocurrency payment gateway is a software or platform that enables businesses to accept payments in various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other digital assets. 

  • In contrast to traditional payment methods such as credit cards and wire transfers, cryptocurrency payment gateways usually charge lower transaction fees. 
  • Due to blockchain networks’ decentralized and immutable nature, they also enhance security, transparency, and privacy. 
  • Moreover, cryptocurrency payment gateways can help businesses expand their customer base by attracting cryptocurrency users who prefer to transact in digital assets.

Cryptocurrency payment gateways are becoming increasingly popular as more businesses and individuals embrace cryptocurrencies as a legitimate payment option. As the world keeps moving towards a more digital and decentralized economy, cryptocurrency payment gateways will likely play an increasingly pivotal role in facilitating secure and efficient transactions.

Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways For Small Businesses 

A nationwide survey conducted by HSB in January 2020 found that 36% of small businesses accept cryptocurrency payments. However, if your business isn’t included in the crypto payments category, it’s time to start thinking about how to accept crypto payments to keep up with your rivals.

The adoption of cryptocurrency by major payment processors and large innovative businesses was cited by 50% of small business owners surveyed as a reason for accepting cryptocurrency payments.

This article is essential reading for any merchant or owner of a small business looking to expand their payment options or begin accepting crypto payments.


In addition to accepting Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments, BitPay is one of the most popular cryptocurrency payment gateways in the world. It provides easy integration with online stores and offers various features such as automatic conversion to fiat currencies, settlements in multiple currencies, and real-time transaction monitoring.


  • QR code invoice
  • Daily payouts
  • Supports mass payouts and invoicing 


Coinbase is a digital currency exchange and wallet platform that lets users to buy, sell, and store various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It also provides a merchant service allowing businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments, settling in fiat currencies.


  • Popular brand
  • Easy conversion to fiat
  • It can be integrated with two popular eCommerce platforms 


NowPayments is a cryptocurrency payment gateway enabling businesses to accept digital asset payments. Additionally, the platform provides tools for mass cryptocurrency payouts and donations of cryptocurrencies. 

Another advantage to utilizing this stage is its similarity with major web-based business stages like Shopify, OpenCart, WooCommece, and PrestaShop. It offers a user-friendly platform with easy integration, automatic coin conversion, and settlement in various fiat currencies.


  • Low transaction fees
  • Easy plugins available for eCommerce sites
  • Supports an extensive range of coins


AlfaCoins is a reliable and secure cryptocurrency payment gateway enabling businesses to accept digital asset payments. It provides fast and easy integration with online stores, and users can enjoy seamless transactions with instant confirmations. With AlfaCoins, merchants can expand their customer base by attracting cryptocurrency users and benefit from lower transaction fees than traditional payment methods.


  • Payment options that are adaptable and simple to use 
  • Good Reputation

Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments Has Some Benefits  

Businesses can gain a number of benefits by accepting cryptocurrency payments, including:

Lower transaction fees: It is typically cheaper to conduct cryptocurrency transactions than to use traditional payment methods, which can save businesses money on transaction fees.

Faster transactions: Cryptocurrency transactions are processed instantly, providing faster settlement times than traditional payment methods that can take several days to clear.

Global reach: Cryptocurrencies are not tied to any specific country or region, making them a convenient payment option for global businesses.

Increased security: Cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on a decentralized blockchain network, providing high security and transparency.

Additional revenue stream: Accepting cryptocurrency payments can attract a new customer base and provide a revenue stream for businesses.

Innovative image: By accepting cryptocurrency payments, businesses can showcase their forward-thinking and innovative approach to payments, which can attract tech-savvy customers.


Overall, several reliable and secure cryptocurrency payment gateways are available for small businesses to accept payments in digital assets. The best option will depend on each business’s specific needs and requirements, such as the type of cryptocurrencies supported, fees, integration options, and settlement currencies. 

BitPay and Coinbase are two popular choices that offer easy integration and a range of features, while NowPayments and AlfaCoins are also good options that provide fast settlement and support for multiple cryptocurrencies. 

By accepting cryptocurrency payments, small businesses can benefit from lower transaction fees, faster settlements, and increased security while also attracting a new customer base and showcasing their innovative approach to payments.

Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways FAQs

Are cryptocurrency payment gateways secure?

Users’ funds and information are protected by most cryptocurrency payment gateways using advanced encryption and security measures. However, it is important to research and chooses a reputable and trustworthy payment gateway to ensure the highest level of security.

Can businesses accept payments in multiple cryptocurrencies?

Yes, many payment gateways support multiple cryptocurrencies, allowing businesses to accept payments in various digital assets.

Are there any transaction fees associated with cryptocurrency payments?

Yes, most cryptocurrency payment gateways charge transaction fees, although these fees are typically lower than traditional payment methods.

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