Too Cute to Handle! Unveiling 32 Most Adorable Short Anime Girls!

This list is for the cutest short anime girl in some popular anime series, or maybe not.

You are going to enjoy reading about girls who are super cute and short because many characters are really good even with short height.


32-Ochaco Uraraka From My hero academia

This is one of the best anime series in recent times, and Deku is the main character of this anime.

But today, we talk about his lover or the girl who loves him, Ochaco Uraraka, the gravity girl.

She is so damn cute.

31-Kanade Tachibana From Angel beats.

She is an angel with white hair, and Kanade is a good-natured girl or little girl who is an angel.

She mostly wears a school uniform, and all the anime lovers love her wearing that because she is one of the cutest female characters on this list.

30-Megumi Kato From How to raise a boring girlfriend

She is one cute anime character and also one of the main female anime characters of one of the funniest anime I have watched till now.

She is one hell dense mind girlfriend anyone can have because she doesn’t understand her feelings.

Megumi wears a one-piece summer dress and has short brown hair. She doesn’t know how to act like a girlfriend, but she tries to her fullest to be one.

I really like her and the way she is and also because she is very cute and can kill you with her cute looks.

29-Yui From Sword art online

She is a cute anime girl who lost her memory. She has long black hair that goes to her waist, and mostly in anime, you will see her wearing a white t-shirt with long sleeves and a Patel-like pink long skirt.

Yui is a little girl with cute looks, but the amazing thing about her is that she was created to help the players to fight mental health.

27-Mei Misaki From Another

She has short hair, which is black in color, and she wears an eye patch on her left eye, which has different iris color.

She is called a non-existing girl, and she is one of the main characters in Another. A female protagonist has short black hair and a different eye iris.

26-Nezuko Kamado From Demon Slayer

Nezuko Chan, if you are an anime fan, then you must hear this for sure because Nezuko is very famous among anime fans and in the anime community.

She is one of the most beautiful and cutest short anime girls on this list, She wears a light pink ombre with red strips on it, which looks so damn kawaii(cute) on her, and her long black hair gives her an overall great look.

The soft color combination of her clothes really suits her very well.

She used to be living a normal life like other girls.

She became a demon when one of the demons attacked Kamando’s house when Sanjuro was off to sell the woods and when he got back home, he saw his all family slaughtered by the demon.

After seeing his all family die and slaughtered, Nezuko became a devil but still holds human feelings because of their strong will, and then Tanjiro happens to save her from the demon slayer group.

After showing that Nezuko will not harm any human and will help the Demon slayer group and all the group agreed.

In the recent season, we saw the true power of Nezuko, where she ripped the 6th moon apart with demon power.

25. Tanya Von Degurechaff From Saga Of Tanya The Evil

Tanya is a small anime female who appears to be a lovely, gorgeous, and slightly sardonic short anime girl. But she is a power-hungry, greedy, nasty, merciless, sadistic, and hot-tempered woman on the inside.

She exhibits total brutality and bloodlust in order to complete her tasks, especially when fighting her opponents. Tanya is likewise vehemently opposed to her employees’ failure and disobedience. Godlike ethereal being

I really love the character designers of the anime characters.

She is dedicated to her own work and strives to complete it as quickly as possible. However, Tanya will never allow people to make assumptions about her appearance based on her rapid advancement through the military ranks at such a young age.

24. Tatsumaki From One Punch Man

Tatsumaki is a boisterous, gloomy, hotheaded, short anime female and impatient Short Anime girl. She treats most people with contempt, especially those she considers inept.

As proven by the fact that she shattered Genos into a big pile of rubble in vengeance for her verbal abuse of Saitama, she is absolutely intolerant of anybody she believes to be impertinent.

She has a cute side and a caring side. And many of them call her a hurricane witch because of her psychic powers.

Academy City, parallel universe, and short hairstyle.

Despite her haughty demeanor, she feels compelled to destroy monsters and regards her role as a hero as a responsibility, accepting any request from the Hero Association to defeat monsters.

She looks for monsters to battle when she is not battling monsters because she gets bored when she is not fighting monsters. Fubuki, her younger sister, has a warm spot in her heart, but she is also overprotective and possessive of her.

23-Shiro From No Game No Life

Shiro is a short anime girl who is known for her logical and problem-solving abilities. Still, she struggles with emotions and conduct, relying on Sora to assist her in overcoming emotional creatures like Tet in their chess battle.

Despite her brilliant intelligence, she seldom expresses emotion and talks, in short, terse phrases and from a third-person perspective.

She wears a colorful palette.

Shiro is an expert chess player who has won every game she has ever played. She is multilingual and can learn Imanity’s language in under 15 minutes (while Sora requires an hour).

She’s also fantastic in games, with her brother being the best in over 280 of them.

22. Victorique de Blois From Gosick

Victorique embodies the typical tsundere character type and Short Anime Girls. She has a weird supernatural, overpowering charm and immaculate eloquence, despite her caustic tongue, abusive bluntness, and eccentric attitude.

She employs her abilities to persuade others to do what she wants easily. Victorique, for example, is known for being harsh and acidic, but she also has other sides to her personality.

She constantly expresses boredom with ordinary life and demands that Kujo brings her something to entertain or amuse her. He routinely brings her gifts on his own initiative, and Victorique’s reactions differ depending on the present.

21. Shinoa Hīragi From Owari No Seraph (Seraph of the End)

Shinoa is a small anime girl with a snarky, indifferent demeanor and a lack of passion in her speech. She has a penchant for grinning before teasing or pranking others and placing them in unpleasant situations.

She may be pompous and proud, but she also has a pleasant, happy, and upbeat side. Shinoa seldom displays that she may be frightening and manipulative.

Shikama Doji has signed a deal with Shinoa. As a result, she is half-demon. When she is battling, she has a harsh yet calm demeanor. As a result, she has a growling feeling.

At times, she lacks self-control and can become upset quickly, raising her tone and growling. Shinoa holds down her growing affections for Yuichiro, claiming that she wishes to keep her sentiments “professional,” and as a result, she displays a tsundere side.

20. Bocchi Hitori From Hitoribocchi

Bocchi is a bashful Anime girl who suffers from severe social anxiety. She is sweet and kind, which makes her cuter, but she is also hell clumsy, so be careful around her.

She tears a lot, her legs tighten up when she’s anxious, and she passes out from joy and enthusiasm.

Bocchi is introverted and shy from new people, and that’s why she is afraid to talk to new people. But on the other hand, Bocchi wants to be able to socialize with his buddies.

But her shy personality and cute face, like a child character, make her one of the cutest anime girls in the anime series.

She performs ordinary things in unusual ways, such as writing scripts for daily discussions, only to have them fail. Rice with natto is her favorite dish.

19. Pinako Rockbell From Fullmetal Alchemist

Pinako is a short, old anime female with grey hair and a diminutive physique. She was tall and beautiful as a young girl, with a curvy physique, long brown hair, and brown eyes.

According to Dominic LeCoulte, who has worked with Pinako before, she is a highly skilled medic, surgeon, and automail engineer known as “The Leopardess of Resembool” across Amestris.

Pinako is Winry’s only blood relative after her parents’ murders and the Elric boys’ closest adult following their mother’s murder and father’s absence. When Ed and Al return to Resembool, she instructs Winry in automail engineering and acts as their home base.

18. Nene Sakura From New Game!

Nene is a Short Anime girl who Aoba Suzukaze describes as immature, selfish, and a klutz who can’t stay focused on the task at hand, which is why she regularly leaves her position. She is a fan of the Faries Story Series and is an otaku.

According to the spin-off, Nene is determined to find her mission in life, which is why she is going to college.

Nene has light-blonde hair in low ponytails with two light-blue stones in each, light-blue eyes, and the look of a middle school girl who is regarded as such at college.

17. Gabriel From Gabriel Dropout

According to Short Anime Girls, Gabriel was a prodigy angel from Heaven, and top one of the Angel School noted for being extraordinarily “angelic.” She has a wonderful and positive demeanor, being kind, cheerful, hardworking, and courteous.

She had this personality from the moment she entered the human realm until she found the MMORPG game on her laptop. “Fallen Angel” became her new personality. Gab is the polar opposite of her as the “Fallen Angel,” snarky, heartless, and lazy.

Her personality deteriorated even more as time went on, to the point where she was willing to deceive others in order to keep everything in her favor, such as telling lies to her sister Zelel and pretending to be the “Prodigy Angel” she used to be, and ultimately surviving as the “Fallen Angel” until the end.

16. Maho Hiyajo From Steins; Gate 0

Maho, Dr. Leskinen’s right hand, is a petite anime girl who struggled with self-confidence when Kurisu Makise first came to the university, believing herself to be the Salieri to Kurisu’s Amadeus.

She has a stoic personality.

Maho began to interact with Kurisu Amadeus more frequently after Kurisu’s death in Japan, building a mother-child relationship with him until she met Okabe and cut off communication with her.

She is aware, yet she gets irritated when others mistake her for a youngster, oblivious to her real age and career.

15. Mihari Otosuna From The Comic Artist and His Assistants

She is a short anime girl with a slim physique and a penchant for adorable things, despite her best efforts to conceal both of these qualities from others.

She and Yuuki met in person in high school. When Aito was fatigued after finishing the book, she cut her hair short since she wasn’t being helpful.

Her yellow short hair looks cute on her.

14. Ena Ibarada From Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It

Ayame is a small anime girl with a serious expression on her face and is a highly smart individual. She enjoys doing mathematical and logical experiments, and thus, after declaring her affections for Shinya, she began conducting tests to establish her love scientifically.

Ena, like Shinya, might misread circumstances and scientifically interpret them since she has never experienced love.

Ena has light purple hair.

Also, because of her lack of love experience, she might easily feel humiliated and blush if she is near Shinya, thinks about him, or simply sees him.

13. Nike From Break Blade

The Short Anime Girls and the Heavy mech Giratos are Nike’s Golems, which she utilizes to slay General True early in the battle.

Girghe damaged and used her Golem as a human shield during their first encounter, then destroyed the other Athenian Golems, including slaying a General, inflicting a major blow to her ego.

Her Golem was entirely beheaded and disarmed during her second fight with Girghe. Her desire to return to the main army on foot, murdering scouts along the way, and finding a means to redeem herself drove her to do so.

She came upon Narvi while marching to regroup. She decides to chase Narvi down in the valleys since she identifies her as an officer and takes advantage of Narvi’s confusion when her hair ornament shatters and falls off.

12. Nene Saikyo From Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan

Nene has a childlike demeanor that befits her height. She has a sharp tongue and has no qualms about trying to make fun of and criticizing others, including her own students, but this might be because she is unaware that her words may offend others.

She’s a small anime female that flirts with her students, as seen by her flirtation with Ikki. However, when she is enraged, she radiates a tremendous quantity of killing intent, which causes most people to cower in fear of her.

She’s also a little naughty and immodest. Her clothing is low-cut, revealing her shoulders and a little cleavage. Despite being in the middle of a fight, she flirted with Ikki and Naseem, partially opening her Haori for the latter.

11. Mikoto Misaka From A Certain Magical Index

Mikoto is a short anime girl with chestnut hair who is frequently seen wearing a little hair clip (at first, a pretty simple one) throughout the story’s early stages.

Her hair and eyes are the same hues. She also appears to have a chest problem, feeling inferior around girls with larger busts.

She has magical powers and is a magical girl.

Mikoto is also noted for wearing shorts beneath all of her skirts and dresses, which amazes an amnesiac Kamijou Touma because she is the only female who wears shorts over her pants.

10. Isuzu Sento From Amagi Brilliant Park

She is a lightning-fast user of her magical rifle. Her visage is generally emotionless and expressionless. Isuzu has a hard time smiling and has trouble comprehending jokes.

She becomes unsure of what to say if she thinks too much. She might get off as cold and aloof, yet she is actually quite sensitive. Isuzu also had difficulty voicing her concerns, such as Kanie’s need for more personnel, which left her concerned about her own job.

Isuzu displays a different facial expression when she feels afraid, humiliated, or fully astonished by her surroundings.

9. Nagi Sanzenin From Hayate no Gotoku!

Nagi is a small anime girl who is short-tempered spoilt, anti-social, or socially withdrawn, and she hates to lose and accept her flaws.

She has a difficult time revealing her genuine feelings for Hayate or anything else and behaves immaturely for the most part but is ultimately a decent, intelligent girl.

She excels at money and enjoys learning new things. Her own mind has taken over hers. She is concerned about her friends and family, yet she is hesitant to express her worries.

She generally expresses her worry by using “formal language.”

8. Haruhi Suzumiya From The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Suzumiya anime have some cutest anime girls.

Haruhi is a small anime girl motivated by her ambition to live a remarkable life. She loves being the center of attention, and her plots are frequently motivated by her desire to raise the SOS Brigade’s profile and her belief that unusual events are entertaining.

She shows little respect for what defines ‘normal’ conduct and, on occasion, participates in aberrant behavior on purpose in order to avoid boredom.

At the same time, she adheres to conservative values: she approaches adults with respect and follows traditional etiquette, stresses the observance of traditional festivals, and prohibits voyeurism.

Haruhi is a small anime girl who is abrasive and domineering, expecting everyone to either comply or bow to her. She becomes enraged when she encounters resistance or when performance falls short of her standards. She is a bright, active, and athletic student who excels in both academics and athletics.

7. Azusa Nakano From K-On! (Ho kago tea time)

Azusa has brown eyes with a red-orange hue and long, straight, and thin black hair that she wears in pigtails. Azusa’s hair seems purple-tinted in the anime when compared to Mio’s black hair.

She is part of the high school band.

K-on is really one of the happiest anime you can watch because it shows you many things and cheer you up in many ways.

Azusa’s complexion is comparable to the other girls’, although she is sun-sensitive and tans easily, even while using a lot of sunscreens. Lotion does not prevent tans, but it does protect against sunburns.

6. Shinobu Oshino From Bakemonogatari

Shinobu from Short Anime Girls slips into a protracted coma after losing most of her vampire abilities. She is usually spotted in Oshino’s place with her hands tucked between her knees and an indifferent expression on her face.

She usually spends most of the day in one position, with a grumpy expression on her face, doing mostly nothing. Shinobu refuses to speak to anybody, even though she is acquainted with Koyomi Araragi and Meme Oshino and would gladly fulfill their demands.

She reverts to her brighter demeanor after “reconciling” with Koyomi. Shinobu is a chatty woman who uses her antiquated vocabulary to establish her superiority. She primarily plays on Koyomi’s predisposition to be the follower in their relationship.

Shinobu appears to have a taste for doughnuts after meeting Koyomi Vamp, and they become her addiction. She refers to herself as “washi,” a term that is frequently used in novels to portray elderly people.

5. Serara From Log Horizon

Serara is a short anime girl who is modest and naïve. Who quickly flusters at the prospect of love and marriage (specifically regarding Nyanta). She cowers in the presence of frightening characters like Demiqas at the start of the series, and she may be indecisive in battle.

She looks snow white with red hair sister.

Serara loves to make the most of her time, and when she’s not hiding from Demiqas in Nyanta’s house, she spends most of her free time cleaning and helping others.

She also has a strong feeling of commitment and responsibility.

For example, she refuses to unwind at the Crescent Moon Alliance’s welcome home celebration. Instead, as a sign of appreciation for the safe rescue, she insists on providing dinner to guild members.

4. Taiga Aisaka From Toradora!

Despite her attractive Short Anime Girls and delicate appearance, Taiga is a sadist, caustic, sarcastic, and haughty girl who is easily upset or irritated. 

She resents it when people make comments about her height or refer to her as the Palmtop Tiger, a title she earned as a result of her short stature and predilection for snapping.

She is a wild tsundere.

Her dysfunctional family has influenced her behavior. Despite her violent tendencies, she is a nice person, especially to those she trusts, such as Minori Kushieda.

She is not scared to speak her thoughts and is frequently labeled as foul-mouthed. Due to her obnoxious demeanor and lack of social skills.

3-Cordelia Kasukami From Twin Star Exorcists

She talks in a robotic voice that does not come out of her lips and writes words out before pronouncing them.

Twin demon sisters, what people call her and her sister.

The anime shows that she likes playing with children while taking a vacation from exorcism.

She likes dorayaki and cute things, but she despises water, heat, and mice after being bitten in the ear by one while sleeping.

2. Mirai Kuriyama From Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)

Short Anime Girls Mirai is clumsy and has an awful demeanor, so she doesn’t stand out much at school. In reality, she struggles to make ends meet; she has to work to support herself, but her dread of meeting a Youmu prevents her from earning money by slaughtering Youmu, as other Spirit World Warriors do.

Her battle moves show that she knows how to fight, despite lacking genuine combat experience owing to her Youmu experiences.

Mirai feels more confident in defeating Youmu after bonding with others around her, and she gains Spirit World experience.

1. Rukia Kuchiki From Bleach

Even as an adopted member of the aristocracy, Rukia, who was born into a different social status, maintains her modesty. She is elegant and “clean,” yet she prefers to converse with regular folks.

Her frigid and lonely demeanor, on the other hand, compels her to hide her difficulties from even her closest acquaintances. According to Ukitake, Rukia seldom communicates her feelings and has a difficult time making friends. Rukia has no idea how to go around in the Human World right now.

She is a gifted actress who has played her way out of a variety of problematic situations, including avoiding issues with school instructors and convincing the Kurosaki family to let her live with them.


Who is the cutest anime girl?

MIRAI AND I feel Nezuko is a cute anime girl.

Nezuko is in demon slayer?

Yes, Nezuko is one of the main characters of Demon slayer.

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