This is a sad list for all the readers but also an interesting list because we will learn about a depressed anime girl character.

There will be many kinds of Sad anime girls who can be magical girls, mermaid princesses, and The tragic story and tragic past of an anime girl.

Erza Scarlet From Fairy tail

Erza Scarlet is a pretty sad anime girl from the anime series Fairy Tail. She is one of the main characters in the show, and she’s a powerful magical woman who has a strong sense of justice.

She is often called the strongest female character in the anime world and also the main protagonist of the anime series fairy tail.

Erza is a Boss lady, and all the males are scared of her, but her past really was very sad, and no one had a sad past than Erza in Fairy Tail, and that’s why Erza became this tough.

Hataru Tomoe From Bishoujo Senshi Sailor moon

Hotaru Tomoe From Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S Her shy character and socially awkward personality due to her power and intelligence make her stand and lonely.

Hotaru grew up very alone, sick, and an outcast, bullied by her classmates, who were frightened of her.

Yayoi From Smile pretty cure

Yayoi Kise From Smile Pretty Cure! One of the five main Cures in Smile Pretty Cure, she is shown as a timid and fearful character with low self-esteem but is very in tune with others and a very sympathetic yet nervous and sad anime character.

Kikyo- Inuyasha

Kikyo’s character has not always been one of the saddest. After her resurrection from death, she undergoes a total 180-degree turnaround in her demeanor.

Because of her cold and brutal personality, Kikyo is one of the melancholy anime characters. She just has one goal in mind: to kill Naraku, her arch-enemy and killer. You will, however, discover her hiding in plain sight, stating that she is really sad.

You understand just how much anguish she is in and how you want to rekindle her connection with Inuyasha.

She also wonders how she was resurrected and how she will go about resuming her life. As a result, it’s clear that she’s been depressed her whole life.

Not only that, but Naraku’s next attack describes how it has damaged her ethically. It left a profound scar on her life.

Kikyo is well-known as a temple maiden who likes Inuyasha and wishes to marry him. However, Naraku’s damage to her life made her look to be a liar.

Naraku, a half-demon, attempts to pass her off as his beloved at first. This wounded her so much that she never intended to tell anybody else about her feelings and just adores Inuyasha.

Her adoration caused her much distress, yet she always claimed to be cool and collected. However, the reality is that everyone is unaware of her profound dissatisfaction.

She can see the man she loves, and she is frustrated that she cannot be with him. Her narrative is tragic at the same time, which is why she included Kikyo on her list of sad anime ladies.

Yuki Nagato From Haruhi Suzumiya

Yuki Nagato from the Haruhi series, which is thought to be Part Of ai of Alien Origin, is included in our list of sad anime girls.

People assume that because she is an AI, she is emotionally deficient. That is not the case, though. Yuki’s emotions are expressed in a number of different ways.

However, this is not the case. Yuki’s emotions are manifested in a variety of ways. She has never lost her memories, but she’s the only individual that has witnessed the “endless eight.”

As a result, it is self-evident that you will comprehend Yuki’s emotional condition and mental state. Yuki has never been one to open out to strangers.

Her character describes her personality as an introvert, sensitive, quiet, and a reader. She enjoys cracking jokes and reading books. You’ll seldom encounter someone like her, but she never exhibits any signs of loneliness or sadness.

Her persona appears to be a typical North High student. She does, however, appear to be one of the melancholy anime females with inadequate social ability.

Instead of speaking, she prefers to use motions. Even though she seems to appreciate it, something about it makes her miserable. But the reality is that she never says a word about it.

Mizore Shirayuki

Top Sad Anime Girls Of All Time 1

The character of Mizore Shirayuki looks to be psychologically exhausting. She lives a lonely existence filled with never-ending sadness.

She is extremely emotionally fragile, and it only takes the drop of a pin to make her burst into a hysterical fit of tears. Her leaky eyes secure her a spot as one of the saddest girls in anime.

Whatever the reason may be, there is something about these gloomy girls that we really admire.

She has always had bad luck in her love life and has a long list of cases to prove it. Her love ends out to be unfulfilled, and she suffers the worst loss of her life as a result.

She is the protagonist of Rosario and Vampire, and she, like other sad anime females, is sad. The entire series depicts her misfortune in falling in love and expecting a simple and happy existence.

Mizore is known as a yuki-onna for her power to manage snow and ice. Whatever her love life throws at her, she has a chilly demeanor. Sad, quiet, calm, and introverted, her enchanting lonely persona is sad, peaceful, and introverted. She keeps her feelings to herself and never shares them with others.

Shirayuki is seldom seen smiling in some of the scenes. She does, however, appear to be emotionless and so falls into the category of melancholy anime girls. At the Yokai Academy, she is unable to maintain her friendship.

Many people believe she is the strangest of them all, while others believe she is cruel by nature. However, the fact is that her unsuitable surroundings and circumstances cause people to think of her in this way. She has also put herself in a number of dangerous circumstances.

Mizore, on the other hand, strove to overcome her melancholy in many circumstances, and she opened out, albeit to a limited extent.

Her quiet demeanor gives the impression that she is emotionless, yet this is not the case. Psycho was her nickname, and she was described as a cold-blooded beast.

Rei Ayanami

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

We always refer to an emotionless persona as a robot or, in the case of girls, a doll. Rei Ayanami is an example of a depressed anime girl. We shall discover Rei to be so silent at the start of her series that she is psychologically isolated from others.

She dislikes conversing with people. Her personality and characteristics are from the moment of her birth. This emotionless individual has a frigid demeanor toward others.

Her attitude is the reason why her peers avoid her and refuse to speak with her. Throughout the series, she is lonely and depressed. Many people consider her to be just another melancholy anime girl who never smiles or expresses her emotions to anyone.

However, it is apparent that underneath the surface, she harbors a deep sadness.

However, her natal nature does not imply that she is heartless or unaffected by being shunned. Instead, she is disposable, which explains her conduct. She isn’t a genuine person with a physical body that may be destroyed.

Rei Ayanami From Neon Genesis Evangelion The First Child and pilot of a giant mecha named Evangelion Unit 00.

She is a character shrouded in mystery but with a numb and vacant disposition, which is something many can relate to in the throes of depression.

Once Rei’s soul has been murdered, it can be transferred to another body. She makes her way inside the new host. The soul transfer process will continue until it reaches Rei III. She expressly states that a new body will replace her if she dies.

The character appears to be sad, and the plot follows suit. Even if Rei attempts to develop positive relationships with people, her background prevents her from living a happy life.

She is a reclusive woman who only interacts with Gendo. She is able to express her actual sentiments in the anime series Evangelion. Her presence and narrative demonstrate why she has been added to the list of unhappy anime girls.

Princess Sirahoshi

Throughout the series, Princess Sirahoshi is shown sobbing over little issues. As a consequence, she is often referred to as the “weeping princess.” She starts sobbing for no apparent cause, and this is enough to place her among the melancholy anime females.

Sirahoshi is undeniably a stunning mermaid, and her beauty rivals that of Boa Hancock. Because of her admiring beauty, Boa is regarded as a one-of-a-kind item in the series’ universe.

Sirahoshi, on the other hand, has a weak demeanor, and being a rival to Boa causes her to cry frequently. These tears have put a stop to her upbringing, and as a result, she is having a lot of trouble.

She’s so engrossed in her sobbing that she cries over the most little things. Every day, her tears cause her to lose something.

On the other hand, many adore seeing this crying baby on a list of sad anime females because of her heartbreaking character.

The fact that even checking her email scares the hell out of her shows how terrifying socializing can be for her.

A single pin drop might also cause her to cry. Her most notable feature is her leaking eyes, which have earned her a place among the saddest anime females. She is an extremely emotional person who needs to be cheered up in every case.

Hayami Kohinata From H2O

You’ve never seen a doctor treat a patient badly. But consider Hayami Kohinata’s family as an example.

Hayami is on the sad anime females list because she comes from a family of harsh physicians who are cruel to their parents. They were never kind to folks who couldn’t afford to pay for their entire medical care.

People erupted in rage and set fire to the doctor’s family’s home, leaving Hayami alone. She was the lone survivor of a family that had been through a lot.

The first was losing a family member and having to deal with people’s rudeness. Hayami was left with only a few of the items. However, she was forced to live with only her family’s possessions due to the hard circumstances.

Hayami’s lifestyle has been dramatically transformed by the awful catastrophe of the house fire. Hayami has a poor reputation as a result of her parent’s actions. She is categorized as a melancholy anime female since she was forced to live alone and on the streets.

Because she was unable to protect herself against adversaries, this event left her profoundly miserable and alone. However, as we all know, time cures all wounds, and Hayami was no exception.

With the aid of Takuma, a protagonist, Hayami’s time was altered. People in the town stopped bothering her. 

Despite this, some categorize her as a melancholy anime girl due to her circumstances. It was all due to her being treated unfairly.

Sakura Matou From Stay Night Anime

Sakura Matou is a made-up character that debuted in the Fate anime series. She is cast as a friend of Shirou Emiya, the main character.

On the other hand, her part was minor in the first two novel paths.

However, she takes the lead in the third route in the series, and it is then that she begins to unveil her dark background.

She developed a crush on her buddy Shirou, and as a result, she begins to confess her feelings for him later. Her mystery story is linked to her love interest, who is undecided about whether or not to murder Sakura.

Sakura had to cope with a lot of bad luck throughout her life. Her family adopted Matou shortly after her birth, but she had been subjected to severe and inhumane training. She has lost how to live happily ever after as a result of this.

A tragic accident, own life.

Her step-brother sexually assaulted her, and her family abused her. She became motionless and silent as a result of all of these changes in her life.

She is a lively heroine who is well-liked by the crowd. Her character is gloomy Sakura, who has been tainted by shadow.

Sakura, without a doubt, had to confront everything and survive through it. She had a horrific backstory that shaped her into such a creature. For this reason, she is included among the sorrowful anime females.


19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

Lala-Ru is the most grounded heroine. You’ll ever meet despite being included among melancholy anime females. We may also say she has a somber temperament, which is emotional but never manifests itself.

She never converses or interacts with others. Shu, the main character, discovers Lala-Ru standing atop a gigantic chimney and introduces her to her.

Lala ru barely speaks. What’s more, she’s tens of thousands of years old,

Her inability to say a single word encapsulates her total grief. Her glum expression conveys her melancholy expression. However, you won’t be able to tell her character from the first time you see her.

With time, you begin to comprehend her. Shu is constantly interrogating her and asking inquiries in order to get the truth for her silence.

It adds that she just enjoys sunsets, which was unusual for her. She had the same personality throughout the entire series. You could simply notice a minor shift in her conduct.

She prefers to be alone, but she would always be silent if she were with someone else. She begins to categorize her as a sad anime girl due to the melancholy in her eyes.

Only a few individuals could figure out why she was so calm. Her necklace gives her the ability to regulate the flow of water. No one should be wearing that pendant was like a curse.

She tried to utilize her abilities to help others in the past. But she was always met with violence. For the same reason, they become enraged with her. 

Homura Akemi

Homura Akemi will always be regarded as a magical figure. She can rapidly carry the weight of pain on her shoulders.

This figure is well-known for her extraordinary intelligence and strange abilities. On the other hand, she has a chilly demeanor and prefers to be alone.

Time, on the other hand, heals and transforms human nature. To all those who recognize her and those who don’t, Homura is a kind and friendly person. She has, however, had to cope with other people’s constant bullying in the past. People were harsh to her because of their physical limitations.

With so much strain, a person’s natural reaction is to become frigid. She was extremely devastated. Yet she couldn’t rescue herself in the end.

Homura is one of the cutest sad characters on this list, and we don’t even know exactly the reason behind her mysterious personality.

She chooses to manage life on her own, without the help of another magical girl.

All of these reasons had weighed heavily on her emotions, and she was attempting to express the anguish she was experiencing in her mind and heart.

Her magical lonely character is sad, quiet, calm, and introverted. 

Sadly, the misery of the world has completely drained her emotions, and she is also attempting to adjust to the hardness.

Homura is attempting to resolve this issue despite his internal cries for the same. Homura Akemi has been the target of everyone’s ire due to her timid demeanor.

She had become the subject of mockery. She also felt like a worthless being with magical abilities. It made her question why she was even alive on this planet.

Furthermore, many say that if Nico Kanna were to appear in the series. She would undoubtedly be counted among the sad anime females.

Misuzu Kamio From Air

Misuzu Kamio is known by another moniker: melancholy. You’ll view her as a foolish high school kid once you’ve seen her acting the character.v

She’s been finding it difficult to make friends with her peers. They fear she is a dreadful curse if she comes remotely close to them. As a result, she stays away from them.

The statement is correct. As Kamio approaches them, the curse will be activated. The curse’s aftereffects are so severe that she eventually becomes ill and may die.

She is only able to get close to them at the expense of her health. It is because of this that her father abandons her. Haruka, her aunt, later adopted her and raised her as one of her daughters.

However, the curse ultimately destroyed her life. Even though she was aware of this issue, everyone seemed to believe it. That was a never-ending misery that immediately impacted her mental and physical well-being.

It was an eternal pain that cost her mental and physical conditions directly. She was such a poor girl.

She fell in love with Yukito despite knowing everything. It wasn’t done consciously, but love never seeks permission before acting. However, it cost her her life, and she died in Yukito’s arms when they were on a beach.

It even confirmed that her life’s curse was genuine when she discovered true love. Ultimately she is listed as being one of the sad anime girls. Misuzu’s devotion to little aunt Haruko might be another reason for her death.

The happy conclusion shows that Misuzu’s cursed life has come to an end. Kannabi was the one who cast the curse. In any case, things came to an end one day. It came to an end without any further pain.

Iwakura Lain From Serial experiments lain

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

When one thinks of Iwakura Lain, one automatically thinks of emo. In addition, this girl’s nature is regarded as being unstable. Some believe she has a shy nature and avoids interacting with others.

When it comes to checking her emails, she has reservations. Have you ever imagined a female dressed in a bear costume for no apparent reason?

Because she is bashful, she would appreciate anything that would assist her in dealing with various circumstances. In such costumes and holding child toys, people felt a bit odd approaching anyone.

Her unwillingness to respond to emails exemplifies how difficult it was to interact with someone who was nearby or sat far away.

Unfortunately, her condition is becoming increasingly gloomy as she is forced to interact with individuals from all over the world on a daily basis.

She couldn’t make eye contact or engage in discussions because she couldn’t make eye contact. However, she was able to communicate with individuals online on occasion, but the scenario became dismal when others surrounded her.

Even though she was their friend. She was fascinated with what others thought of her. She enjoyed meeting new acquaintances, but her depressive personality made her worry about losing them.

When something unpleasant and unexpected happened to Lain, she would get extremely distraught. She prefers to be alone because conversing with people has become sad for her. Her temperament was the source of her life’s irony.

On the one hand, she enjoys making friends and conversing with others, but on the other side, she is afraid even to maintain eye contact with people.

Izumi Takanashi

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

Izumi Takanashi is a well-known romance author who has had a difficult life. She was depressed for the rest of her life as a result of her misfortune.

She is, however, using her writing to help her get through it. Izumi had a thing for black. Others, however, claim that emo will never say this. Her visage, on the other hand, screams emo.

Izumi spends much of her time in her bedroom, writing or trying to write her heart out. As a result, she fell unwell, making her seem miserable.

Most people assume that if a person is bedridden for an extended period of time, he or she will develop depression. Izumi was in the same boat.

Because of this, she kept to herself. But why did she feel compelled to live alone? The reason for this is that a writer needs silence in her environment.

They wanted silence to ponder, but it turned out that they were overthinking it. She reasoned that sheltering in quiet would help her write better.

As she how cruel love is, she will say, Yeah, you could say she’s goth, but that look on her face is very blunt.

She rarely speaks with anyone.

Izumi locks herself in a room whenever she gets a chance. But she did something wrong, and her life became miserable as a result. She wasn’t particularly good at keeping herself in order.

Because Izumi often thought about writing with a pen, her body and clothes were covered with ink stains. People assumed Izumi was depressed because of all the signals she displayed via her persona.

On the other hand, consistently bad health will interfere with an effective mind’s ability to think positively. It also caused several physical changes in her body, which would finally result in excruciating pain even if she attempted to move.

Her life took a complete 180-degree turn after a significant change. As a romance writer, she made things even more difficult for herself because she lacked a love life.

Mamimi Samejima

Top Sad Anime Girls Of All Time 8

Nobody enjoys being dumped. Assume you’re in a relationship with someone who has recently dumped you. It’s not just one person who’s dumping, but also his family and friends. Some even term it murder when it comes to a relationship that took years or months to build.

Mamimi Samejima has been dumped by her ex, which is a relatively typical occurrence. This 17-year-old lost his ex-boyfriend Tasuku, as well as his ex-brother Naota.

When confronted with a tragic conclusion, many characters become emotionless. Mamimi, on the other hand, did not have the same experience. Rather, she was attempting to cope with such a bleak life span.

Tasuku was constantly depressed and disturbed. She eventually became a crazy pet woman. She was like a cat woman since she had not only lost one but two people at the same time.

Mamimi lent her life to others like a compulsive chain smoker. “Never Knows Best,” she writes to whomever she comes across. People regarded her as a deranged, depressed young lady.

The trouble was that she was looking for a loyal friend who would never abandon her. It was as if she had lost touch with everyone she had shared her life with.

Mamimi then went to the river to wash her clothing. Because of her loneliness, she became one of the melancholy anime girls.

Mamimi’s parents divorced, which was even more upsetting for this young girl, given their history. As a result, she set off on a quest for real love and a way to escape such calamities.

Tomoko Kuroki

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

Tomoko always appeared to be the most popular student in the rest of the school. On the other hand, she desired to accomplish so through sexual actions. She was doing all of this intentionally, and everything was going according to plan.

Tomoko had always had a pessimistic attitude about life. Things may not go as planned, though, because life is full of ups and downs. Everything seemed to be going well for Tomoko, as if she were daydreaming.

In your daydreams, you will always be successful. Nothing, however, goes as planned. Tomoko’s beginnings were promising, but her endings were disastrous.

She had a melancholy face reflected in the big bags under her eyes. She has always enjoyed watching anime and would often stay up all night to do so.

The disrupted nights of sleep resulted in a depressed mood and despair, which is understandable. On the other hand, her happiness did not produce the desired outcomes for her after viewing anime movies.

She would spend her time playing video games, but this finally brought her unhappiness. All of this made her appear depressed and gloomy. As a result, her life became the nightmare she had always imagined.

The truth is that what we think or imagine does not always come true. It’s crucial to realize that this is a real-life obsession with something heinous.

Tomoko was depressed as a result of this. On the other hand, her reasoning did not convince us to place her at the top since she reasoned like a human daydreamer.

Tsubaki From Midori

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

Do you ever come across a Priestess with frightening eyes? Here’s a good example with Tsubaki. Her followers were aware of her eyes, but they assumed she possessed supernatural abilities.

She did, however, exhibit her character in this manner, but she soon changed her mind when she discovered a future journal for her.

Her crimson eyes make her appear slim and lovely. Because of the faint sheen in her irises, she had impaired eyesight.

Overall, we can say she was the antagonist in the Mirai Nikki series. People elevated her to the position of leader of a terrible religious group. Tsubaki’s persona is sad and adept at eliciting pity from the audience.

When it comes to her history, she had a vision as she was born. Her family has abused and exploited her since she was a child. As a result, the character’s face is sorrowful.

Even though she was terrible, it was because the past never let her go and created barriers on her path. She appears to be clever and enjoys living her life to the fullest.

Yukiteru became her buddy in the meanwhile. Tsubaki thought he was adorable and inoffensive to her. You’ll see her true colors while learning about her past.

Others saw her as a villain because of her bitter, passionate, and furious history. She has a troublesome personality and is manipulative.

Shirley Fenette

Sad Anime Girls 4

Shirley has a striking look and is a light brown girl. She is an Ashford Academy student who has a crush on Lelouch. She is well-known for her charismatic and distinctive personality.

You’ll find her to be a happy, outgoing, intellectual, and compassionate person in general. She gets high grades in class, but she has been worried about her crush since the start of the series.

Her intense crush on her loved one, on the other hand, became a source of grief for the rest of her life. She shot Nu to save Lelouch. 

Shirley later acknowledges her wrongdoings, but she also has a mental health problem. When it came to Lelouch, she was in a bad mood.

She struggled to attract Lelouch’s attention, and Mao referred to her as “fishes for attention.” She didn’t do anything practical for the girls, but she was envious of their relationship with Lelouch. Shirley tries to call him, but he hangs up on her.

Shirley’s mental health was suffering as a result of these activities. She was frequently talking about Lelouch and his gambling tendencies with her pals. Her friends used to ridicule her for having such strong feelings for him.

She struggled to attract Lelouch’s attention, and Mao referred to her as “fishes for attention.” She didn’t do much for the girls, although she admired their friendship with Lelouch. Shirley tries to call him, but he hangs up on her.

Shirley’s mental health was suffering as a result of these activities. She was frequently talking about Lelouch and his gambling tendencies with her pals. Her friends used to ridicule her for having such strong feelings for him.

The entire series narrative was well-crafted. But Shirley’s love for Lelouch eventually led to despair since she was preoccupied with him and never paid enough attention to him, which made her unhappy. But she’ll never allow someone to hurt him, even if it was just for a moment.

Hotaru Tomoe from bishoujo Senshi sailor moon

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

Sailor Saturn is another moniker for Hotaru Tomoe. Her core unhappiness stems from her inability to make real friends. She, on the other hand, preferred to live inside herself.

Her loneliness marred her smile and pleasure. She kept herself isolated from the rest of the world at all times. Her life became strange to those who knew her.

Strangers can perceive her as a reserved individual who prefers not to interact with others. However, later in the series, her character becomes ill, forcing her to live alone. It wasn’t for the sake of her own self-interest.

She holds emotional weight and also is a fragile personality.

Her classmates tended to avoid her and refused to accept her as a friend. Even though she was a sweet girl, no one wanted to be around her.

Everything was well, except for the melancholy in her eyes, which had long-term consequences for her.

Her connection to death, rebirth, and destruction is the source of her wretched existence. As a result, she has to be included on the list of melancholy anime females. Her name had something to do with the ill abilities she possessed.

Sailor Saturn, the author, attempted to provide a history that would help you better comprehend her function. This reflects the fact that she lost her mother in a car accident.

On the other hand, her father made her mother a cyborg by implanting robotic components into her body. In the anime series, Hotaru’s father lives and raises this character.

Enma Ai

19 Sad Anime Girls Of All Time That Will Make You Cry

Enma Ai is the central character in the whole Jigoku Shoujo series. She wore the same black Serafuku dress Serafuku with a crimson bow.

When it’s time to consign someone to hell, she’ll dress in black with a flower-patterned kimono. Then, she’ll straighten her hair and bring up her ruby eyes.

When it comes to her personality, she is well-known for it. People thought she was buried alive, and now she’s plotting revenge on her foes.

Despite her strength, she had a sorrowful and blank face. However, her main task was to torment those who had taken her life and other nasty individuals in the area.

She’d torment them and cast their souls into the abyss. The work, on the other hand, was a downer. 

When she sacrifices herself by her people of the village to the mountain god.

Enma Ai From Jigoku Shoujo, Our main lead of Hell Girl Enma, is a spirit, but in another sense, after being a spirit for a long age, she feels sadness around her.

She wasn’t the nicest person you’d ever meet. Enma would never consider removing someone’s life and sending them to a hellish existence.

It was all about retribution for her transgressions. Her transgressions were far more heinous than you could fathom. Enma Ai had a close friend, but he did her harm in the end.

Her character is quiet and reserved. But she has a soft spot in her heart for individuals who have been kind to her.

Her history never let her go forward and never encouraged her to confront her grief. Instead, it was a heartbreaking narrative that no one could ignore.


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