24 BEST EYELASH MOD FOR SIMS 4 in 2023 [Must Check]


This is the Sims Mod list and you going to know so many cool mods and you will love to install them and use them especially for girls.


24-Bobur 2D Eyelashes 02

The Bobur 2D Eyelashes 02 are another wonderful alternative for simple eyelashes that aren’t all in your face. And they’re from the same developer. However, these are pretty modest and straightforward, making them ideal for more straightforward sims than makeup-obsessed ones.

These lashes may be used on a variety of sims to make them seem beautiful without having to wear a lot of lashes. This form of the lash is particularly effective on teenage Sims.

23-PlayersWonderland 3D Lashes V1

Players Wonderland’s 3D Eyelashes include nine swatches of unique options for your Sims. Eyelash packs with a lot of possibilities are some of my favourites since they let you download one package and have a lot of alternatives for creating unique feelings for your Sims.

As you can see, the various varieties of lashes give off a very different feel than the standard wispy eyelashes. These would be ideal for adolescents and young adult Sims who are still figuring out who they are.

22-S-Club 2D Eyelashes

This Mod is just a test run for further Mod of eyelashes for the sims game. Unfortunately, they don’t have the same huge 3D vibe as many of the other lashes on our list. But maybe that’s what you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, these lashes are a lot closer to the face. So they give off a friendly, flirting attitude without taking over your entire sim look.

These lashes are ideal for makeup-obsessed teenagers, as they are simple enough to use at high school while still appearing stunning, and your sims will look stunning.

21-S-Club 2D Eyelashes No2

S-2D Club’s Mod helps you to get more new lashes for your sims character. It’s not the major Mod, just a small one. You’ll find more dramatic variations, as well as others without a massive top lash, and these are all fantastic for customising sims to seem unique.

These lashes are fantastic since they may sit closer to your sim’s face than 3D lashes. Making them less dramatic but still beautiful. This is advantageous because you receive five variations of an eyelash rather than just one. Making it easier to locate items in CAS.

20-Bobur 2D Eyelashes 01

If you’re seeking a truly realistic and everyday eyelash, the Bobur 2D Eyelashes 01 is the one for you. Rather than looking like a huge pair of fake lashes that make your sims look overly dramatic. These look like eyelashes you’d see on actual people in real life.

These lashes are ideal for sims that don’t want to wear a lot of cosmetics or who look best with big lashes. Because the majority of eyelash custom content is too dramatic for many sims, these are also ideal for male sims.

19-Bobur 2D Eyelashes 03

The third generation of the Bobur 2D Eyelashes is another great option for a simple eyelash. These lashes are a little more dramatic than the other two, with a longer lower lash. Which gives most sims a lovely look.

These look great on a wide range of Sims and are getting closer to being something you’d use for a more dramatic effect. They’re suitable for both formal and everyday wear in the game.

18-Dawn & Sunset Eyelashes

These Dawn & Sunset Eyelashes are a great alternative that, as you can see, look great over the EA lashes as well. They’re basic on the bottom, looking like actual lashes with only a smidgeon of mascara, but they’re still dramatic on top.

You can absolutely dress these up or down based on your sim’s haircut and makeup look, making them highly adaptable and suitable for a wide range of sims.

17-Kijiko 3D Eyelashes Mod

This Mod is one of the most useful and popular in the game. With this, you can get different varieties of eyelashes, and the 3D thing makes it look real.

Thousands of swimmers use these eyelashes in The Sims 4 because they want a more realistic look while still having a lot of alternatives.

These eyelashes are lengthy and dramatic, but not unnaturally so, so they are suitable for almost everyone in your household. They suit a wide range of eye and facial forms, and there are alternatives for both feminine and masculine sims.

16-Pralinesims Eyelash Pack

Suppose you want something over the top or want your sims to look much different from other sims. Then you should try this Praline sims eyelash Mod.

This gives you an artificial eyelash impression, which is ideal for your sims’ formal clothing, whether it’s for a wedding or a night out on the town. These lashes are thick, beautiful, and complete.

This last pack includes a variety of alternatives. This is usually helpful when downloading lashes because you aren’t simply downloading one. As a result, you get a lot of them, making it easier to find stuff when designing a sim. 

15-PralineSims Natural Lashes N35

PralineSims’ Natural Lashes are gorgeous, and a small line of eyeliner in the lower lash line adds an intriguing feature that makes your sims’ eyes look more dramatic and draws you in.

These are perfect for virtually any sim because they aren’t overly dramatic, yet they will draw your attention to her and make her look stunning.

14-Bobur 2D Eyelashes 04

So far, the fourth iteration of the Bobur 2D Eyelashes is probably my favourite. Unfortunately, you only have a few decent alternatives with these lashes. Such as having a more dramatic upper lash or even making the lash fully white for a more dramatic and adventurous look than just black lashes.

The whitelash version may be used to create a variety of eyeshadow styles and looks well on a variety of skin tones in the game. Simply a cool concept and an extremely simple lash to wear in-game.

13-Bobur 2D Eyelashes 05

The fifth version of the Bobur 2D Eyelashes has a cute appearance. With some eyelashes being shorter and others being longer for a more thrilling appearance than the previous.

Because of the varying lengths, you may utilise these for both everyday and formal looks in The Sims 4.

These look fantastic on all types of sims because they aren’t overly dramatic but still give them a unique and fascinating look.

12-Screaming Mustard’s Sapphire Eyelashes

Screaming Mustard’s Sapphire Eyelashes are very stunning for a wispy appearance that isn’t overly extreme but still carries a punch. The sapphire eyelashes come in a variety of lengths and may be worn by a wide range of sims without looking heavy.

These lashes are perfect for sims that like to go without makeup but still want to look beautiful or for sims that want to wear a more dramatic eye shadow but don’t want their lashes to hide it entirely.

11-Vampire Aninyosaloh’s Natural Eyelashes

Vampire Aninyosalah’s Natural Eyelashes are an excellent eyelash alternative for something in between overly theatrical and otherworldly. These are very lovely, and they come in a variety of colours rather than simply black.

These lashes are perfect for pretty much any sim that like a dramatic lash but doesn’t want to look like she belongs on a runway.

10-KaiSims’ Child Eyelure Lashes

You or kid can say child’s eyelash Mod will come in every Mod because we all know how beautiful and thin the eyelashes are of the child. Because children’s eyes are smaller in The Sims 4, they require eyelashes that are somewhat smaller and specifically designed for small eyes. Kai Sims’ child eye lure lashes are an excellent alternative for any Sims youngster who doesn’t want to wear the basic EA eyes.

These are fantastic for a child’s formal looks, as they can dress up and feel really stunning.

9-Mara Eyelashes N92

Pralinesims’ Mara Eyelashes are a fantastic alternative that comes in five different colours and three distinct styles of an eyelash. These are fantastic because they resemble the appearance of someone wearing mascara, making them highly lifelike and beautiful.

These eyelashes are a fantastic option for almost any sim, and when you get your eyes on them, they’ll quickly become a new favourite.

8-Pralinesims Harmony Eyelashes N79

The last lashes are Praline Sims’ Harmony Lashes, which are great because they come in five different swatch options for different eye shapes. 

Unfortunately, these lashes are thick and voluminous without being overly dramatic, making them suitable for a variety of facial shapes.

These eyelashes are ideal for both small and large-eyed Sims. They look fantastic on people of all ages because they are a mix of natural and dramatic.

7-LeahLillith Hollywood Lashes

These Hollywood Lashes are really dramatic and would not be appropriate for an everyday look. Instead, they’re long and curved for more drama, and they’ll attract your sim’s eyes up and make them appear stunning.

These are a stunning and intense pair of lashes to add to your collection, ideal for a formal presentation at a Get Famous award ceremony or on your sim’s wedding day.

6-QueenBee’s Full Exposure Eyelashes

Following in the footsteps of Hollywood, these Full Exposure Eyelashes are particularly dramatic and make your sims appear really attractive. These go nicely with deeper eye shadow and a black lip to give your sim a sultry look, which is perfect for the Black Widow Challenge.

You may also use these lashes to make the eyelashes the focal point of a more simplistic makeup look. To make your Sims the gorgeous person in the room, choose formal attire.

5-Vampire Aninyosaloh’s Noon Eyelashes

Because they are significantly shorter and less dramatic, Vampire Aninyosaloh’s Noon Lashes are a perfect option for your manly sims. Unfortunately, these lashes are ideal for natural looks or bathing attire instead of being a wonderful alternative for a formal outfit.

These are also perfect for younger teenage sims who are about to start high school and masculine sims that don’t have any eyelashes.

4-Pralinesims Mia Eyelashes N93

The Mia Lash by PralineSims is stunning and adds a lot of drama to your sim’s appearance. The top lash is really dramatic, and the bottom lash is less dramatic but still complete and gorgeous. Instead of being an artificial lash, they appear to be a natural lash when applied with mascara.

These lashes are ideal for dramatic characters that want to look their best for their next role, whether they’re an actress or a social media influencer.

3-Screaming Mustard’s Ruby 3D Lashes

Ruby 3D Lashes from Screaming Mustard are a fantastic option for a false lash effect that will make your sims seem gorgeous. 

However, the lash files come in a variety of lengths and fullness levels, giving you a wide range of possibilities for making the sims seem different while only using one lash file.

These lashes are ideal for young adult sims who are going on dates, attending a wedding or having a night out with pals.

2-Pralinesims Norah Eyeliner and Lashes

Norah Eyeliner and Eyelashes by PralineSims are an excellent choice because they include an eyeliner that is specifically matched to their needs. 

You can use just the top lashes, bottom lashes, or eyeliner if you want to form a perfect pair, but you can also use just the eyeliner.

Because one set of lashes may fit so many different sims, having so many eyeliners and eyelash options is amazing.

1-PralineSims Tender Eyelashes N47

PralineSims’ Tender Eyelashes are simple, non-dramatic eyelashes that will look fantastic on a wide range of sims. Unfortunately, eyelashes that aren’t as long are an excellent alternative for a variety of sims because they can suit a variety of personalities rather than just dramatic cosmetics fans.

These are perfect for younger sims, such as teenagers or teenagers, who can wear them to high university or college and still look great.

Why do we need Mods?

To make the game better and enhance its features or add new features in the game.

Which games have more mods?

GTA have the highest number of Mods, to check out their mods you can check out this link-https://thebestofotaku.com/best-mods-for-gta-san-andreas/

How many sims games are out there?

There are 4 sims games out there.


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