15 Fallout4 performance mods

Fallout4 performance mods have really become one of the best game mods.

I love fallout 4, and when I used these fantastic Fallout 4 performance Mods, it took the game to another level.


Wasteland 512 Textures Reloaded Mod

N.P.C.s, ammunition, architecture, armor, other textures, landscapes, interiors, vehicles, and weaponry are all optimized to 512px in Darth Animal’s Wasteland 512 Textures Reloaded.

All textures from Far Harbour, Automatron. And Wasteland Workshop have been updated. However, the latter DLC does not appear to be covered – sorry, Nuka-World enthusiasts.

Insignificant Objects Remover Mod

AKcelsior’s Insignificant Objects Remover. Which is available on both P.C. and Xbox One, is a must-have performance hack for anybody having trouble with Fallout 4.

And it does it in a very straightforward manner. It effectively removes unimportant things by reducing them to zero. It also allows you to customize it, so you may keep the kelp on the seashore while dumping the twigs on the roadway.

As a consequence, framerates may be drastically increased. Demonstrating how much computing power is wasted on objects and textures that you’ll likely never see.

Great F.P.S. Boost Mod

Terso’s Great F.P.SF.P.S. Boost is a great way to boost your F.P.SF.P.S… if you overlooked that already.

To offer you a performance boost while interfering too much with the way the game looks, the modder made a lot of very subtle (and almost undetectable) adjustments to elements like fog, dynamic shadows, and grass.

Ultra Quality God Rays Performance Fix Mod

SloppyPooBag’s Ultra Grade God Rays Performance Fix is a batch file that modifies Godrays’ numeric values. Thanks to this easy patch, users may enjoy high-quality Godrays without compromising performance.

“Performance should be nearly the same as utilizing the low-quality Godrays,” the modder claims.

Upscale Mod

While some of these modifications make significant changes to the game files, others just enhance the quality of life. For example, CyberShadow’s Upscale, for example, is one of the latter.

The mod enables you to play the game in “borderless fullscreen” mode while maintaining your preferred resolution. This gives players a variety of alternatives for improving speed, such as picking lesser resolutions while staying full-screen and running Fallout 4 on high settings (or with a slew of crazy and wacky modifications) by sacrificing only a little resolution.

According to the modder, the popular ReShade mod and others that alter the same graphics APIs or utilize the same DLL loading techniques are incompatible with Upscale.

Faster Workshop (Workshop Lag Fix) Mod

Faster Workshop is an F4SE plug-in that replaces a lot of the workshop loading code with far more efficient and less bulky alternatives.

Many people will not need this patch; it won’t make much of a difference if you don’t have any workshop mods or have a strong machine.

Load Accelerator Mod

Hippo’s Load Accelerator is widely regarded as the “most crucial Fallout 4 performance mod. So I assumed I’d start there. Hippo’s solution dramatically reduces lead times by simply setting V-SYNC and CPU Affinity at the loading screen. You won’t have much time to examine Bethesda’s 3D models, but it’ll most likely be worthwhile.

Two brief points: first, when using this mod, you can expect a higher GPU load during loading screens. Second, if you’re utilizing an HDD, don’t anticipate much of a difference; load reduction times are significantly more important “in the S.S.D. environment.”

Dynamic Performance Tuner and Load Accelerator Mod

Stochastic Tinker’s Dynamic Performance Tuner and Load Accelerator is another patch that makes minor adjustments to the game’s settings. Enabling users to fine-tune and customize their gameplay while improving performance.

It also has settings for adjusting shadow distance, Godray quality, framerate limit, and load acceleration.

F.A.R.F.A.R. – Faraway Area Reform Mod

If you’re searching for an all-around performance boost while simultaneously updating your game, go no farther than SparrowPrince’s F.A.R. – Far Away Reform. F.A.R.

Optimizes and enhances over 6,000 distant landscape textures across the Commonwealth, resulting in greatly reduced stuttering and dramatically improved texturing.

Boston F.P.S. Fix Mod

Assume your game slows down significantly in densely populated locations, BetaVirus’ Boston F.P.S. Recreating the Vis and occasionally Precombined data in and around Boston city-regions significantly increases the framerate.

According to BetaVirus, most users get 50-60 frames per second with the mod, which is 10 to 20 fps faster than vanilla.

Sadly, the mod was on hold since May 2019; however, BetaVirus claims that they will try to repair it if it breaks totally.

BethINI Mod

The Bethesda I.N.I.I.N.I. by DoubleYou is a protest against the developer’s jumbled I.N.I. files. Or, in the author’s words, “an attempt to restore dignity to Bethesda’s I.N.I.I.N.I. configuration files for games. Other supported Bethesda titles include Oblivion, Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition, Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Fallout 4.

This is a useful software that, in addition to providing automated corrections to common problems and mod modifications, greatly simplifies manual tuning of your.ini files, boosting performance and visual quality.

F.P.S. and Performance Fix Mod

SiTheHandsomeGuy’s Fallout 4 F.P.S. & Performance Fix seeks to improve performance for those with less powerful computers. It tinkers with the values in the Fallout4Prefs.ini file, lowering render-distance and other parameters to give the game a boost on low-end systems.

Blurkiller – Visual Pollution Remover Mod

Have you experienced a dip in framerate when loading Image-space Modifiers, which are transitory visual effects utilized by things like explosions and blood splatter? By removing blur, bloom, HDR, and Depth of Field effects, Sirius’ Blurkiller – Visual Population Remover and Performance Enhancer significantly improve F.P.S., especially in battle settings.

Unfortunately, the patch does not affect color shifts, so they are significantly less invasive and aesthetically cleaner while the effects are still evident.

Optimized Vanilla Textures Mod

Myst’s Reduced Vanilla Textures make a variety of minor changes to textures to improve efficiency without sacrificing “little to non-existent quality.”

His personal experiences inspired the modder with stuttering and substantial framerate dips. The number of normal maps has been reduced in size while diffuse maps have mainly remained the same, and many textures have had their smoothness and shine reduced.

Max Performance – All Interiors Mod

MxmOvrDrv’s Max Performance: All Interiors improves the interior environment decoration to enhance F.P.S., eliminate framerate drops, allow for smoother gameplay, and reduce VRAM and CPU consumption. According to the modder, it “reduces, if not eliminates, performance-related crashes,” according to the modder.

In order to obtain maximum framerate, the mod disables several lights, beams, effects, mist, fog, decals, and some moving objects. It works with both DLC and the original game’s vanilla interiors.


When did Fallout 4 release?

10 November 2015

Which Mod is the best on this list.?

F.A.R.– Faraway Area Reform Mod


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