Beyond Limits: Anime’s 20 Most Powerful Women Revealed!

Nothing is more attractive than overpowered female anime characters.

That’s why this post tells you all you need about why these women are so strong.

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Top 20 Female Anime Characters

1.  Kaguya – Naruto

In an anime where power scaling has completely gone off the charts, Kaguya still reigns supreme among all the characters in this show.

In fact, she is so dangerous that she can create dimensions of her own to trap her foes for the rest of their lives. The only way she was defeated by Naruto and Sasuke was by sealing her after catching her off-guard thanks to Sexy Jutsu.

Anime fans still wish that she comes back and fights for the good side instead of trying to absorb all life on Earth so that she can grow even stronger than she already is.

2.  Vados – Dragon Ball

Vados is currently the 3rd strongest character in the anime renowned for having anime characters so overpowered that they can erase an entire universe in just a second!

Sheis an angel who is also the daughter of the #2 in Dragon Ball Super known as the Grand priest who is the personal bodyguard of the #1 King of Kings – Grand Zeno.

Vados possesses immense speed and physical strength as exemplified by the fact that she can travel the entire universe in just a few minutes.

What’s more terrifying is the fact that she can destroy a planet with just a finger tap and then bring it back to life by reversing time.

3.  Akame – Akame ga kill

Akame is one of the strongest female characters in Akame ka Gill thanks to the brutal training she had to endure as a child after being sold to a military group in order to become a ferocious assassin.

After all the torture, she slowly became very grim and coldhearted as she would not even show any emotion when a close friend of hers was murdered.

However, when Tatsumi commended her emotionless personality even in the face of death, she began to cry uncontrollably because to her, nothing is worse than losing a comrade. As a titular female protagonist, she definitely hits the spot.

4. Sakura – Naruto

It’s pretty hard to live in a world where all your friends continue to gain unimaginable strength while you can’t do anything but admire.

Because of this, Sakura had requested the help of the legendary ninja known as Tsunade so that she can close the gap.

Quickly, Sakura developed such overwhelming physical strength that just a single punch was capable of destroying a mountain.

Soon, she also grew to become the most intelligent medical ninja in the whole show as she could temporarily gaining unlimited healing wherein any vital injury would heal by itself no matter the lethality.

5. Tatsumaki – One Punch Man

The most powerful psychic on this list is none of her female characters known as Tatsumaki.

With her insanely talented supernatural psychic abilities, she is able to perform all sorts of inhuman feats such as calling down a meteor from space to squash a 90-foot lizard-dinosaur.

Even when an alien spaceship shot down hundreds of deadly missiles on Earth, they were all frozen in place thanks to Tatsumaki’s psychokinesis abilities.

After stopping them from raining down she proceeds to send them flying back to the alien spaceship.

6. Misa Amane – Death note

At one point, Misa Amane was actually more deadly than the self-proclaimed ‘God Of The New World’, Light Yagami.

How is that possible? You may ask. Because in addition to possessing the ability to kill anyone at will by writing that person’s name in her Death Note, she also has the unbeatable ability to tell a person’s name, age, and lifespan just by looking at them.

That’s why she was the most devastatingly overpowered character on death note.

7.  Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail

A s class mage so famous and terrifying, it would almost be impossible to guess that she was once a crybaby who was too weak to protect anything. 

After lots of training and confidence-building, Erza’s strength grew massively as she could create magical barriers. In fact, her strength was so respected that she was named the 7th guild master.

A position that is almost impossible to achieve. Erza’s best trait is her undying will to protect her comrades. She once stated that she doesn’t care if she was the weakest human in the world as long as she could protect her comrades.

8. Mikasa Ackerman – Attack On Titan

Mikasa Ackerman is the adopted sister of the main character Eren.

What makes Mikasa jump on this list is that she is one of the most proficient titan killers available to humans.

Without her, the 50-100 ft titans would wreck lots of mayhem and would claim the lives of entire villages. Her amazing strength and reflexes allow her to slash open the titans’ necks in a grueling fashion

9.  Bulma – Dragon Ball

Who says brute strength is all you need to be powerful?

When you have the extraordinary intelligence to build a time travel machine, a power level indicator, and a dragon ball locator, you are definitely one of the most overpowered support female anime characters.

In addition to inventing all these awesome devices, Bulma is also the only person who can control the mighty Vegeta who is one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball

10. Kefla – Dragon Ball Super

When two Saiyans fuse together, the new character is almost 30 times stronger than both of the Saiyans combined.

However what happens when a Saiyan fuses with a legendary super Saiyan born with uncontrollable power who as an infant is already stronger than the entire human race?

That being is known as Kefla. There was almost no way to stop her as she had to decimate everything in the flick of an eye. 

11.  Esdeath – Akame ka Gill

Esdeath is the villain of Akame ka Gill. Ever since she was a child she received hellacious training in order to become powerful.

Soon Esdeath grew so emotionless and cruel that she felt no remorse while assassinating innocent people just to reach her goals.

Despite her deadly sins, her ferocious mindset is as terrifying as her combat strength as she is arguably the strongest character in Akame ka Gill.

12. Unohana Retsu – Bleach

You will never find a woman as scary as Unohana. Period. Her infinite bloodlust combined with her monstrous swordsmanship allowed her to gain an addiction to fighting.

In fact, the addiction was so strong that she actually healed her victims in order to fight them again. That is just sadistic.

13.  Annie – Attack on Titan

Annie is the only female titan who can speak and understand everything while in her titan form. She also has the amazing ability to freeze herself to avoid any harm.

Although she is a titan who does not mind killing innocent people, she is known to show lots of compassion towards her friends and all the other people who are nice to her.

Surprisingly, she is also the most attractive character Attack on Titan in my opinion

14. Big Mom – One Piece

Without a doubt, Big Mom is the strongest woman in the entire anime series spanning over 1000 episodes.

In addition to her awesome ability to reduce one’s lifespan, she also has the power to control a lightning cloud and a miniature sun. Thanks to that, she can shoot lightning arrows and fireballs until her heart’s content.

She is definitely the most unique among all the anime girls on this list.

15.  Shihoin Yoruichi – Bleach

Even the hottest female character in bleach is nowhere near as attractive as Lady Shihoin. In addition, she is also the most genius flash step user to ever become a shinigami.

Thanks to her impressive speed and hand to hand combat skills, Shihoin became the squad captain even though it is almost impossible to become that strong and powerful.

What makes her even cuter is that she is also a catgirl who can transform into a cat whenever she pleases. Bleach really loves a good only sword mage.

16. Tsunade – Naruto

As a legendary sannin, she is one of the most renowned ninjas to ever take place in a war.

Although she has earth-shattering physical abilities, her most famous ability is that she can temporarily gain immortality thanks to her healing technique.

It is only because of her healing powers, that she is known as the best doctor in the hidden leaf village and the most deadly human being.

17.  Nelliel – Bleach

Nelliel in her child form is the most adorable little girl in all of anime. She speaks in a very childlike manner and is very attached to the main character of Bleach, Ichigo.

People always love her because at first she was expected to be a very scary ghost because of the fact that she is a hollow and not a human.

But people are even more shocked when Nelliel reverts to her original form wherein she becomes the strongest female Espada there is.

In that form, she has an amazing ability called cero which is an energy beam designed to incinerate foes. What adds to her awesomeness is that she can also absorb these energy beams and send them out in a more dangerous manner.

18. Android 18 – Dragon Ball

In a world where a Super Saiyan was known as the best warrior in the universe, it was almost impossible to imagine that there would come a time where all that strength would be completely useless against a human.

But this was not just some ordinary human.

Android 18 is a cyborg designed by Dr. Gero in order to rule the world.

Unfortunately, the doctor’s plan was destroyed after his two androids, #18 and #17, viciously murdered him so that the two of them can run free and cause as much havoc as possible.

19.  Temari – Naruto

One of the most talented ninjas from the Hidden Sand Village, Temari is the most proficient long-range combat specialist ever seen in the world of Naruto.

She wields an enormous iron fan that allows her to manipulate the wind as she pleases. The fan can also deflect many enemy attacks and nullify them using a wind barrage.

Moreover, her skills were so tremendous and potent, she was able to single-handedly kill off a danger curse mark user who is infamous for using their curse mark seal to activate forbidden powers.

The reason why Temari is so popular is that in addition to being strong, she is also very charming as her blonde hair and fair skin really make her stand out among all the other ninja

20. Neferpitou – Hunter x Hunter

Neferpitou is one of the three royal guards of the Chimera king. She was solely created to protect her king at all costs using her outstanding speed and fighting technique. In fact, her powers are so immense that she was able to defeat the main character of Hunter x Hunter, Gon. Unfortunately, just a few moments before Gon’s defeat, he used an ability to transform into his adult version and because of that Neferpitou was handed her first loss.

Frequently Asked Question

What anime has best female characters?

The anime that has the best female anime characters is definitely Naruto Shippuden! They are fierce, attractive, and very talented.

Who are the best female anime characters?

The best female anime characters are the ones who have indomitable strength, speed, and talent. In addition, their beauty holds no limits as all men are immediately attracted to these strong women. If you would like to know who the best female anime characters are, be sure to read this post!

Which anime has most female characters?

Fairy Tail has the most female anime characters that have a good amount of screentime. Even sailor moon has some great female characters.

Who are the most popular female anime characters?

The most popular strong anime characters often include Yuuki Asuna from Sword Art Online, Elizabeth Liones from Seven Deadly sins, Big Mom from One piece, and many more. Read our list to know them all.

Why do male anime characters have female voice actors?

Some male characters have female voices so that’s why they have female voice actors. Naruto for example has a female voice.

How do you draw female anime characters?

The most important point to remember when drawing a female anime character is to have a great outline first. Then sketch the eyes perfectly as they are the most important part.


Now you should have a great idea of why female anime characters are a force to be reckoned with.

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