200+ First Date Questions that actually Sparks Connection?

In the world of dating, first dates are always a thrilling experience, filled with possibilities and uncertainties. It’s a time where two individuals who are interested in each other get the chance to learn more about each other and decide if they want to take things further.

However, first dates can also be awkward and uncomfortable, especially if you don’t know what to talk about. To help ease the tension and make the first date more enjoyable, Conversation Starters World has compiled a list of some exceptional first date questions that are sure to spark a good conversation and keep it going.

These questions range from lighthearted and fun to deep and thought-provoking and will help you get to know your date on a more personal level.


228). How do you want to feel at the end of your life?

227). How important is alone time?

226). How important are hobbies to your mental health?

225). If you could go back in time, knowing what you know now, is this the exact job you would’ve chosen for yourself?

224). hat’s the social issue you’re most passionate about?

223). Do you live to work or work to live?

222). What’s a big lesson you’ve learned from a past mistake?

221). What clubs or activities are you in?

220). What do you think a caterpillar would taste like?

219). Who inspires you?

218). What are you obsessing about these days?

217). Would you rather maintain your 18-year-old mind or body if you lived to 100?

216). What is your go-to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages?

215). Is there a profession that you’ve always had a curiosity about but never pursued?

214). Who do you admire?

213). If you were elected President, what would you do first?

212). Do you have any siblings? If so, how many do you have?

211). Why did Cinderella’s shoe fall off if it fit perfectly?

210). What’s your political affiliation?

209). How much longer are you going to sit in pain rather than get up and get a remote that’s out of reach?

208). Do you have any regrets?

207). What’s a recent hobby that you’ve picked up?

206). What do you think were you like as a kid?

205). What is one activity that you would like to do on a date?

204). How did you decide to follow this career path?

203). What do you do in your spare time?

202). Do you have any tattoos? If so, what’s the meaning behind it?

201). If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be?

200). Is it important that your friends share your passions?

199). Do you play any instruments?

198). Do you have a favorite book or favorite author?

197). Do you enjoy grocery shopping?

196). Are you a spiritual person?

195). What’s something you’re really proud of?

194). Do you believe in second chances?

193). Where do you see yourself in five years?

192). Will you prefer to live in a vending machine or be one?

191). Do you believe the cats are plotting against us?

190). What do you fear?

189). How often do you read?

187). How religious are you?

186). What excites you about the future?

185). If you could do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

184). Do you believe your zodiac sign and birth chart describe you?

183). What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you at work?

182). What was the best part of your childhood?

181). Are you close to your parents and/or grandparents?

180). Who do you plan to vote for in the next election?

179). Why did your last relationship end?

178). Do you have a hidden talent?

177). What was your first impression of me?

176). When was your last relationship?

175). What do you think happens in the afterlife?

174). How many kids do you want in the future?

173). What worries you about the future?

172). What’s it like being around your parents?

171). How close are you to your immediate family?

170). What is the hobby you’ve been doing for the longest period of time?

169). How close are you to your siblings?

168). What was the best concert you’ve ever been to?

167). Where do you work?

166). What’s a hobby you’d pick up if you had more time?

165). Do you have a favorite piece of art or artist?

164). Who are your favorite creators to follow on TikTok?

163). What is your most favorite website?

162). What was your dream job as a child?

161). What do you like the least about your job?

160). What’s your favorite sport? / Who’s your favorite professional sports team?

159). What do you do for fun?

158). Would you ever go back to school?

157). Is there a food you don’t eat?

156). What makes you feel free?

155). When and what time were you born?

154). If you could live in any other time period, what would it be?

153). What is your favorite international food?

152). What are you looking for in a relationship / partner?

151). How do you spend a typical day?

150). What brings you the most fulfillment in life?

149). What would you consider to be your personal values?

148). Do you have a best friend? How did you meet him/her?

147). Do you hang out with a large group of people?

146). What are some of your biggest pet peeves?

145). What was your life like during the COVID-19 quarantine?

144). Have you set up a hidden code with a friend to get out of this date if things go wrong?

143). Do you have any male friends, and if so, what interests do you have in common with them?

142). What made you fall in love with one of your favorite musicians in the first place?

141). What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever looked up on Google?

140). What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever done in the name of love?

139). Are you a morning person or a night owl?

138). What’s your least favorite food?

137). What’s your office environment like? How do you get along with your bosses?

136). Do you believe in soulmates?

135). What’s your coolest job perk?

134). What are your thoughts on the country’s current political situation?

133). How important are holidays to you?

132). What was it like growing up in your family?

131). You can only bring three items to a deserted island. What do you bring?

130). What scares you the most about getting older? What excites you the most?

129). What’s your go-to place for take out?

128). What’s your proudest accomplishment in life (so far)?

127). If you won the lottery, what would you buy?

126). What is something you’ve always wanted to do but were afraid to?

125). What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?

124). What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

123). What is your parents’ relationship like?

122). Who’s your favorite musician/band?

121). What alcohol has a smell that reminds you of the night you almost died?

120). What’s your favorite place to go to around town?

119). What types of music do you enjoy listening to?

118). What would be your superpower?

117). How many days in a row do you wear the same pair of pants before it becomes a problem?

116). What’s your favorite local coffee place?

115). What are your obligations and how long have you been doing them?

114). What do you do when you spend time with your siblings?

113). What made you want to go on this date?

112). What do you normally do when you’re feeling shy and insecure?

111). Do you live close to your family? If not, would you live close to them?

110). What did you study in school?

109). What is one thing you will never wear outside?

108). What’s your favorite holiday?

107). What’s your favorite TV show/movie?

106). How much do you enjoy fried chicken?

105). Among all of your friends, what are you best known for?

104). What’s your favorite website?

103). Who initiates plans between family members and yourself?

102). What was the funniest injury you’ve ever suffered?

101). What’s the last movie you saw?

100). Who was the most important part of your youth?

99). If you only had 48 hours to live, what are the things you would do?

98). What TV show did you last binge-watch?

97). If I waved a magic wand and told you that you could do anything for a job, what would that be?

96). What do you consider your biggest contribution to the world?

95). Do you have any siblings?

94). Who from the same sex do you admire?

93). What is the aspect of dating that you hate the most?

92). Who is your least favorite colleague and why?

91). Has your political affiliation changed?

90). Do you believe that dogs and cats have any regrets?

89). What’s something you’d like to learn or be better at?

88). Do you prefer the indoors or the outdoors?

87). How would you describe yourself in three words?

86). What’s the state of your social life?

85). What is it about your hobby that you are drawn to?

84). How would you describe your family to someone new?

83). What’s something you think people misunderstand about you?

82). What really makes you unique?

81). What is your favorite film in the comedy genre?

80). Do you prefer the indoors or the outdoors, or do you like both equally?

79). Have you ever had to remove someone from your life?

78). How much do you wish you could simply set yourself on fire each day?

77). What would peanut butter be called if it had a different name?

76). What’s your all-time favorite candy?

75). Who’s your celebrity crush?

75). What were you like in high school?

74). Who is your professional role model or inspiration?

73). What do you consider red flags in a relationship?

72). What type of music do you listen to?

71). What is something that people are always surprised to learn about you?

70). Are you still friends with people you knew growing up?

69). Are you passionate about what you do?

68). In a new relationship, what is one thing you are dying to try?

67). How close are you to your extended family?

66). Do a lot of your friends also work in your industry?What’s the hardest thing about your job?

65). What about me stands out to you the most?

64). Do you believe in ghosts or any paranormal activity?

63). How often do you visit your hometown?

62). How important are other people’s values to you?

61). What do we all do as humans that seem to be ridiculous?

60). Do you have any particular passion projects that you’re working on?

59). How passionate are you about your job?

58). Would you rather time travel to the future or the past? Why?

57). How many donuts can you stuff into your mouth at the same time?

56). Who are the most important people in your life?). Who are the most important people in your life?

55). What is the style of your ideal home?

54). What do you consider to be your passion in life?

53). How would you describe me in three words?

52). Do you want to go to college in-state or out-of-state?

51). What’s your favorite food?

50). What do you think am I thinking about right now?

49). What would you tell yourself five years ago?

48). What’s your go-to karaoke song?

47). Which cartoon character do you think you most resemble?

46). How long have been living in this city?

45). What qualities do you want in a partner?

44). What city did you grow up in?

43). Who would play you in a movie about your life?

42). Do you know your love language?

41). How long have you been in this profession?

40). Do you have any siblings?

39). What is the weirdest place you’ve ever been?

38). What abilities do you possess that will help you in surviving a zombie apocalypse?

37). What’s most important to you?

36). What are you most passionate about?

35). How long does it take you to finish your bucket of popcorn during the first movie theater preview?

34). What do you eat to make you feel better?

33). Who were you raised by?

32). What TV series do you find yourself returning to and re-watching?

31). How do you usually put on your toilet roll?

30). Do you like podcasts?

29). What role do your friends play in your life?

28). Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

27). Do you want to stay in your field or explore something new?

26). What was your favorite family vacation when you were a kid?

25). What kind of pet have you ever had since you were a child?

24). What do you do if you’re on a plane that’s going down and there’s just one parachute for you and your wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend?

23). What do you see your future like?

22). Which Halloween costume is the most appropriate for your personality?

21). Did you participate in any sports as a child?

20). Which animal do you think is the biggest party animal?

19). What do you usually like to do in your free time?

18). What’s your greatest professional accomplishment?

17). Who do you hang out with most at work?

16). What’s next for you in your career?

15). What are your hobbies?

14). What’s your favorite season? Least favorite?

13). Who are the people in your life who have a special place in your heart?

12). What do you love most about your job?

11). Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to make others laugh?

10). Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

9). Were you raised practicing a specific religion?

8). Do you want to grow within your company, or do you see yourself elsewhere?

7). What is your favorite pastry to bake?

6). What are your goals?

5). What was the first book you read that really stuck with you?

4). When you were a child, what TV shows did you watch?

3). When do you make time for your hobbies and passions?

2). Who would you like to swap places with if you could?

1). Do you have any pets?

Last Words

You can never go wrong with a good old-fashioned conversation starter like these. So, if you’re ready to spark an interesting connection between the two of you on your first date, start asking these important questions and enjoy getting to know each other better. Who knows? Maybe it’s just the beginning of something special!

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Amy Klein

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