The list is for all the best 33 Green haired anime girls of all time, and you will also get to know about their power and all their characteristics.

You are going to love green-haired anime girls on this list, and also tell me your favorite green-haired anime girls on this list.

Erin From Kemono no Souja Erin

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

Erin lives in one of these villages with her mother, Soyon, the country’s top beastinarian. However, life in the village isn’t always so simple. Soyon is also an Ariyo, a Mist People lady who humans fear due to her supernatural skills.

Soyon must flawlessly accomplish her task of catching and disciplining the Touda in order for her and Erin to continue in the community. 

Yet, while Erin aspires to be a beastinarian, she also feels terrible for the Touda and knows that there is significantly more to them than meets the eye.

The series’ main female character. She has been described as calm, composed, and keenly aware. She starts out as a ten-year-old girl, then grows up to be fourteen in the first time skip and eighteen in the second.

Erin has a unique viewpoint on caring for monsters thanks to the impacts of her mother, Soyon, and foster father, John.

Vert From Hyperdimension Neptunia

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

I know vert has three different versions of her throughout three different seasons, and here I’m talking about Vert, who has long green hair.

She is a gamer and also a manga reader. In another way, you can say that she is an otaku, just like me and most of you who are reading this.

She has a curvy figure and is one of the hottest and prettiest green-haired anime girls who will definitely steal your heart.

She wears a full green suit that looks sexy on her, and that’s why we all love her the way she is and is one of the best green-haired anime girls on this list.

Yoshimura Eto From Tokyo ghoul

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

Her human form world name is Sen Takatsuki but in the Ghoul world. He is known as Yoshimura Eto. And also, many of the characters in the anime said that she is one of the one-eye ghouls.

She told everyone that she was not one eye ghoul but a one-eyed owl and that she was the founding member of the Aogiri Tree.

She also has an energetic personality. And that’s why she is one of the deadliest green-haired anime girls on this list.

Minami Iwasaki from lucky Star

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

One of the favorite green-haired anime girls from Lucky star

Minami Iwasaki from the Lucky Star series, which premiered in 2007, is the first on our list. Minami has the look of a 15-year-old girl and a childish build. Her hair is short and green, with a long fringe that almost reaches her keen ocean-blue eyes.

She is sometimes misconstrued as a cold-hearted person. Due to her aloof emotions and limited use of communication, although she is the polar opposite.

She has a poker face, and it’s difficult to know how she’s feeling at any one time. Her school uniform is a white blouse, a red skirt, and a red collar, which she wears on a daily basis.

Suu from Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

It’s green, even though the hair on her head barely qualifies as such. She is a slime, according to the anime Musume no Iru Nichijou.

Her entire body is formed of blue gelatinous slime, and her head is covered in a mop of greenish slime-like hair. She may readily change her shape and size due to the nature of her body, becoming noticeably thicker, taller, or bulkier than usual.

Tatsumaki from One punch man

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

Tatsumaki is a stunning woman with a little yet lovely figure in this popular anime. Her stage name is ‘Tornado of Terror,’ and she is well-known for it.

Her hair is curly green, and each strand rises and curls upward. She has green eyes that match her hair and often has a faraway expression on her face. She seems to be considerably younger than her age, despite being in her late twenties.

Her appearance helps her seem prettier and more youthful and gives off the idea of her powerful personality.

Her look makes her appear younger and prettier, and it provides the impression that she has a strong personality.

Bisca from Fairy tail

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

Personally, this is my all-time favorite anime. It features a diverse cast of characters, so one or two green-haired Fairy-tail females were certain to cut.

She has light greenish-colored straight hair with side bangs on one side of her forehead, just like her spouse, and works like a magician. She frequently wears a hat on her head, and the rest of her clothing is equally as exposing and sensual.

Tsubomi Kido from Mekakucity Actors

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

Having long green hair and sharp bangs, Tsubomi is a stunning heroine from the anime Mekakucity Actors. She generally wears a light purple sweatshirt over her head and has distant-looking red eyes, yet she is actually a nice person.

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She is a more mature individual, yet her gloomy expressions give her the appearance of being menacing. She is frequently mistaken for a guy due to her tomboyish appearance. Yet she has a lovely face upon closer inspection.

Michiru Kaiou from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

Sailor Moon is an anime series with a beautiful and unique art style. With her lovely sparkling green hair and a blue ribbon wrapped at the back of her head, Michiru Kaiou, popularly known as Sailor Neptune, is one of them.

She is one of the cutest green-haired anime girls on this list. And that’s why she is on this list.

She is the protagonist and is shown as a Japanese schoolgirl. Her eyes are a striking contrast to the rest of her attire, which is similarly green. Her green hair shines out amid the other gorgeous Sailor Soldiers, making her one of the most appropriate characters for our list.

Alpha Hatsuseno from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

Alpha has medium-length green hair wrapped in a pink ribbon ponytail in the anime Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.

She doesn’t have a very attractive face and dresses in everyday clothing, but her nice attitude has won her friend’s and viewers’ hearts.

She has a different name that does not match her personality. And that’s why she is one of the unique green-haired characters on this list.

Alpha is most likely one of the few main characters with green hair. She has a nice and cheery personality. She has a slender figure that appears excellent when she wears fine clothes, despite her plain demeanor and ordinary-looking features.

Yotsugi Ononoki from Nisemonogatari

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

Yotsugi is a dead eyes young lady with striking hair color. It’s a lovely bluish-green color, a lot lighter than her deep green eyes. She is a 12-year-old girl who wears her blue hair in twin tails and radiates cuteness.

Her brows are pointing downward, giving the impression that she is angry about something, yet she is actually expressionless for much of the events. As the anime progresses, she learns more about herself and her characteristics.

Ranka Lee from Macross F

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

She is one of the main protagonists in the anime series. Macross is renowned as the Little Queen. She has a petite physique and short green hair that appears to be knotted in twin tails, much like her title name suggests.

Ranka Lee is a lively, optimistic young girl who desires to be a pop star. She is usually upbeat and optimistic, believing that the future will be kind to her, but she has post-traumatic stress disorder and frequently breaks down.

Alice Carroll from Aria, the animation

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

Alice has long, silky hair with bangs, which makes her one of the most attractive characters.

Her costume, which consists of a long white garment with a golden pattern painted on it, is frequently seen with a white hat on top of her head.

She was more shy and antisocial towards the beginning of the anime. As the anime progresses, her personality grows more confident, similar to other characters featured in numerous anime series.

Asa Shigure from Shuffle

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

Asa Shigure, the protagonist of the anime shuffle. Has vivid green hair that falls just past her shoulders and is frequently twisted on one side.

Surprisingly, despite her frail appearance, she has a vibrant personality.

Her short uniform consists of a white top and a white skirt featuring brown laces at the bottom. In addition to the long black stockings. She is dressed in a brown undercoat with a light brown, almost yellowish ribbon.

Her huge blue and occasionally violet eyes are the most apparent feature on her face, while her nose and lips are nearly undetectable.

Nelliel Tu Odershvanke from Bleach

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

Nelliel, also known as Nel Tul, is a badass woman with long, smooth green hair and a perched bull’s skull on her head. She has a scarlet line below her hazel eyes across her nose.

Since she was a child, she has been a very outspoken person. Saying a lot of strange terms that no one would expect a child to know. Her former 3rd Espada is shown by a massive 3 number tattooed on her back.

Her pale green, almost turquoise hair is highlighted by her large jugs and tanned complexion, which adds to her allure.

Nelliel pale green eyes, which are significantly lighter than the hue of her eyes, are another distinguishing characteristic of her face.

Shion Sonozaki from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

Shion is a regular-looking girl in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni anime series who goes by Shii-chan. She is one of the primary protagonists with straight green hair and corresponding green eyes.

Despite her charming and dainty appearance, she is a deviant and clever individual who likes tormenting her sister by controlling Keiichi, the primary protagonist.

In normal conditions, she is beautiful with her innocent, ignorant face and deep. Bright green eyes, but all of it is washed away when she is in her mad mood.

She is depicted wearing her school uniform. As are most other anime characters in the high school genre. Her clothing consists of a white top and a blue skirt with blue and white stripes.

C.C from Code Geass

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check

She isn’t the main character or one that appears frequently. But she is a force to be reckoned with. Immortal Witch, Pizza Girl, and Zero’s Mistress are just a few of her nicknames.

Her hair is long and green in hue, almost reaching her waist. Her eyes are a shiny greenish color, and she appears to be crying. She’s wearing an opulent and complex gown.

One of her dresses is a short dress with a long tail at the back. Long white stockings and black shoes show her legs from the front.

Lena Lee from D.Gray-Man

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check
33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time – Must Check

Lena Lee is a 16-year-old reasonable girl with a beautiful smile and dark green hair wrapped in red ribbon ponytails.

By profession, she is an exorcist, and by species, she is a human. Her hair is frequently regarded as lovely, and the character adores her.

That’s why she maintained it long throughout much of the anime. She would have to fire her hair for a mission and leave it as small as a boy’s.

In terms of appearance, she is frequently seen wearing long sleeves but always keeps her legs exposed. Lena Lee is a kind teenage woman who cares deeply about her family and friends.

Akeno Shiranui from My Bride is a Mermaid

33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time - Must Check
33 Green haired anime girls Of All Time – Must Check

Akeno Shiranui is both a mermaid and a mermaid examiner. She has the appearance of a young adolescent girl with a fair complexion and dark green hair with bangs.

This character was first perceived as unpleasant or unfriendly, particularly towards the other characters, but she built tight bonds with them. She is commonly seen sporting red square collars and ties in her school uniform.

Iinchou from Class President

This green-haired character is known as Inchou, but that is not her true name! It’s what her peers refer to her as. Her hair is short and green, with spiky bangs.

She wears huge circular spectacles that almost completely encircle her face. Her shiny greenish eyes may be seen through the spectacles.

She is dressed in her outfit. Which consists of a white top and a red ribbon placed into the skirt. With her pitiful expressions most of the time, she seems naive.

Flora Klemm from Asterisk War

This ten-year-old Asterisk War girl is a genestellar. Who may be described as smart and innocent.

Flora’s medium-length green hair and piercing green eyes give her a gorgeous appeal.

She is as cheery and vibrant as a flower, much like her name. She has turquoise-colored wide eyes, a very little nose, and thin lips, usually smiling.

In the anime series, she has an extremely strident voice. Her maiden gown is crimson, with a white apron and maroon ribbon.

Mashiro Kuma from Soul Society

Mashiro has an extremely cool appearance, with hazel eyes and green hair with goggles. She frequently wears a white bodysuit with a hint of orange. She has an immature and childlike personality.

Mashiro has one of the most different pale green hair. Which is very different from any other green-haired anime girl on this list.

Mashiro has a propensity to have temper tantrums over little matters. Sometimes the hair looks quite straight, while other times, it appears to have waves in it.

Her eyes are innocent, and she appears to be wandering most of the time. She is 44 kg and has a very small stature, around 153cm.

Arania Web from Fairy tail

Because she only appeared in a few episodes, most Fairy Tail fans may be unfamiliar with her.

Arania is a member of the Grand Magic Games’ Mermaid Heels guild. However, her light green hair is knotted uniquely. She has slanted green eyes and teeny-tiny pink lips to match.

She is frequently seen wearing a tight bodysuit with a spider pattern on it to show off her slim form despite her appearance. 

Arania is a laid-back mage who is frequently seen mocking or flirting with the crowd as she is shown welcoming the audience at the Grand Magic Games with a kiss.

Kayano Kaede from the Assassination classroom

Yukimura Circumstances and conditions, a Kunugigaoka Junior High School class 3-c student, was the original name of this character.

Kaede has an Aquaman short aquamarineth thick bangs on both sides of her head and two massive poofy hair on either side of her head, which give her hair a fuller appearance.

But her character development is phenomenal, and also one she is also one of the killer girls with green hair on this list.

Kayano Kaede from the Assassination classroom is also the one who is going to be going to the most developed people.

A running gag for her appearance is that she does not have noticeable breasts like the other female students in the class, giving her the nickname “Forever Flat.”She is a little, diminutive girl with a figure that is not as womanly formed as the rest of the classmates, earning her the moniker ‘Forever flat.’

As her face portrays, she is a lovely and cheery girl.

She dresses in the school uniform, which includes a white blouse, a grey blazer, and a grey skirt.

Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia

Tsuyu is an odd-looking young woman with frighteningly huge eyes. She attends U.A high school and is in class 1-A. 

She has a very frank and plain nature, just like her appearance, and she doesn’t hesitate to express her opinion to people without a filter. Instead, she has long, straight green hair with thick bangs on her brow.

She has an extremely big mouth, which distinguishes her from other humans. Aside from that, she is frequently observed jumping on all fours, simulating a frog.

Her eyes are drooping, most likely due to her large lower eyelashes. She is shown sporting a white shirt with a red tie and a grey skirt and jacket in uniform.

Hisui E Fiore from Fairy tail

She’s yet again another Fairy Tail protagonist that will appear in subsequent seasons. Because she is the former king’s daughter, Toma E Fiore, she is a princess.

Hisui is a pale, slender young woman with wavy green hair that goes her mid-back. Her fringe is thicker in the center of her forehead beneath the beard crown.

She also has jewelry on her arms and legs, giving her a sophisticated and attractive image.

She has dark green eyes and long, pronounced eyelashes, and she dresses provocatively, particularly in the cleavage area.

Hisui is a very nice and considerate person by nature, yet she can be severe when necessary. She is also incredibly brilliant since she was revealed to be the genius behind the Eclipse project.

Envy from FullMetal Alchemist

It’s difficult to tell if Envy is a girl or a guy, although her 175-year-old genderless figure dressed like a female.

She often wears a skin-tight black crop top that displays her flat abdomen, a pencil skirt with large slits on both sides, and shorts below.

She has long green hair that is melded together, almost as if it were a few large and thick hair threads. And she wears a headband on her head, which looks to be purely for the show because her hair typically conceals her face.

Envy has mean-looking eyes with tiny pupils, far smaller than normal anime characters with large eyes. She is a homunculus, not a person, and she enjoys torturing humans.

Her kind’s animals aren’t usually extremely bright. Because of their enormous ego might quickly be upset by simple comments. Prompting them to engage in risky behavior.

Kyouka from Fairy tail

Another figure from the fairy tale does not appear until the second to the final season. She is a smug-looking lady from the Tartaros dark guild. Fairy Tail is well-known for creating unusual characters.

Kyouka, with her detached expression, is one of them.

She has long, straight green hair pulled back from her face and two thick strands on either side of her head shaped like fins.

She has elven-like ears hidden behind those strange-looking locks. Wears a helmet with a purple ball in the center and two long ear-like things emerging from either side of her head on rare occasions.

Kyouka dresses provocatively, wearing a tight bodysuit that reveals her arms and strong thighs at times and a short dress with just straps hiding her huge busts at other times.

Kyouka, like the other antagonists in the anime series Fairy Tail, is hell-bent on using her guilt for their own ends and has an odd relationship with her foes.

Ritsuko Kunihiro from Shiki

First, Ritsu means ‘to govern, to make legislation,’ and Ko means ‘infant.’ Ritsuko is a Shiki anime character who works as a nurse at the Ozaki clinic and has a very innocent and charming nature appearance.

She is frequently seen wearing a plain white nursing uniform. A nurse cap and a pale green bow wrapped around her neck.

She wears a long white gown with black heels and stockings and a blue blazer when she is not in her uniform. Her figure is long and slim, with large breasts and long, slender legs.

She has really long green hair with a wonderful texture. That stretches all the way up to her back but in an awkwardly cursed manner.

Ritsuko is an extremely lovely girl. Who cares for everyone and constantly volunteers to help those in need, just as her face suggests.

Ritsuko is also extremely nice and pleasant to her coworkers, and she has a wonderful relationship with the individuals she cares about.

Mion Sonozaki from Higurashi-When they cry

The main of the anime Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is a little girl called Sonozaki Shion who has a twin sister. Her hair is pale green, shiny, and straight, with side bangs and a yellow ribbon knotted across her head.

Even though she appears innocent with her huge blue eyes and little lips. She has a highly mischievous temperament and is widely known for tormenting.

Despite her dainty appearance. She is incredibly intelligent to the point that she can carefully monitor her environment and people and manipulate them as she pleases.

She has a small physique with large breasts. Her typical school uniform consists of a white shirt and royal blue skirt, a long red tie, and a grey jacket with the school’s logo on the sleeve.

She also sports school shoes and long black stockings that nearly reach her knees. She wields a Stun gun as a weapon.

Marielle from Log Horizon

Marielle is the Crescent Moon Alliance guild master, commonly known as Marylee. She has a really warm personality and exudes joyful energy.

She has wavy green hair that is incredibly long and thick. The hue may be mistaken for blonde or pond slime green, yet it looks stunning on her.

She is a tall, fair-skinned woman with big, fair breasts that show through her deep-cut neck. Her face is oval, with a tiny nose, lips, and greenish eyes that match her hair.

Aside from that, the most distinguishing aspect of her is her elf-like ears, which protrude from between her exquisite hair. Marielle constantly changes her attire and dresses in elaborate outfits.

She wore a dress with black shorts and a green jacket that exposed her mid-thighs in one of her ensembles.

Marielle wears a white cloak, a blue dress with white fur underneath, and orange boots that reach her mid-thighs.

Chika Hakozaki from Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Chika is a thin, fashionable young girl with a good physique. Her skin is really pale and contrasts wonderfully with the black shorts black is wearing.

She has a great idea about the game and anime.

Her ensemble consists of a black dress with huge slashes on both sides and a black train with green material below.

She also wears black shoes with thick stockings that reach up to her mid-thighs and cover her knees.

Her hair is long and black with green lines. And she wears it in a ponytail with a four-petal flower-shaped ribbon.

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Chika is a trendy, attractive young lady with a slim figure. Her complexion is really pale, which contrasts nicely with the little black dress.

Her ensemble consists of a black dress with huge slashes on both sides and a black train with green material below.

She likewise wears black shoes with high stockings that cover her knees and stretch up to her mid-thighs.

Her hair is long and black with green lines, and she wears it in a ponytail with a four-petal flower-shaped ribbon.

Quetzalcoatl from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Lucoa, also known as Quetzalcoatl, is the main character in the anime series. Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon and a minor character in the manga series Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon.

Lucoa wa Boku no xx desu, Lucoa wa Boku no xx desu, Lucoa wa Boku no She was a dragon goddess in the past. She has an hourglass form and is tall, fair-skinned, and fair-skinned.

She also has bulky breasts that are disproportionately large. Her hair is long and wavy golden, but the green dying at the end of the lovely strands stands out just as much. Her dual-colored eyes are another distinguishing element of her face.

The interior of one iris is yellow, ringed by a thick green/blue ring; the yellow hue matches half of her hair, while the other is pale green, matching the end of her strands.

She also has a tail and horns as a result of her monstrous race, although she has concealed or lost her tail. She was first spotted wearing a pink hat with holes in it where the horns could be removed.

Aside from her appearance, she is a really carefree and laid-back girl who usually walks about with a permanent smile. She is intelligent and kind, and she is constantly eager to assist younger youngsters.

When she likes someone and attempts to begin sexual engagement with them, she looks to be highly flirty.

Who gave her cursed booze, causing her to have an affair with her sister.

She’s wearing a black crop top with very low shorts that just reach her mid-thighs, revealing her big breasts and stomach.

She also wears multicolored sneakers and black socks that stretch up to her shorts and conceal her legs.

Hope you will love these green-haired anime girls and find out your best one and if you have any other suggestions.


Who is the best green hair anime girl?


Who are the top three green-haired girls on this list?

Tatsumaki, C.C AND Nelliel Tu Odershvanke


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