35 Horrifyingly Dark Anime If You Want To Stay Up All Night

If you’re looking for a dark anime that spooks you and keeps you tingling all night long, this list is just for you!

Don’t you just LOVE a rush of adrenaline flowing through your veins during a horror scene?


Most Dark anime of all time!

Well, it’s time to pull up your pants, grab a glass of coke and get ready as we round up the 35 darkest animes of all time.

1. Hellsing

When a young child named Integra witnesses the death of her father, she swears to protect her fellow humans from the wrath of vampires and other supernatural monsters.

Integra Fairbrook Wingates Helsing is the descendant of Abraham van Helsing.

Abraham is the founder of the Hellsing organization. He is renowned for being the man to defeat the strongest vampire mankind has ever seen, Alucard.

After his defeat, Alucard swore to become Hellsing’s most terrifying vampire hunter forever and ever after.

Hellsing’s mission is to stop Millenium from bringing Nazi Germany back into life.

To succeed, Millenium has formed an overwhelming army of vampires to stop Alucard, Integra, and whoever dares face the might of the Germans.

Will Alucard continue his reign of terror against the vampires or will a foe strong enough give him a run for his money? 

2. Dororo

Next up on our list of best dark anime series is Dororo!

Daigo Kagemitsu is a man in desperate search of endless power and strength. It’s almost as if power is the holy grail.

Soon his burning desire got the better of him as he gave up on Buddha and made a plea with the demons to grant him the power to rule his land and prosper it wealth and growth.

His deal with demons included a sacrifice. The sacrifice was his own newborn son’s limbs, organs, eyes, ears, skin, and senses.

What’s most frightening about this is the fact the boy manages to survive, even after being thrown away in the river by his very own parents.

Fortunately, he was saved by a healer who restored his limbs with prosthetics and gave him powers that rival even the demons themselves.

The boy takes on the name ‘Hyakkimaru’ and travels alongside a young girl named Dororo, killing demons one after the other in a quest to take back what he lost in that wretched sacrifice.

3. Goblin Slayer

Is there really anything more disturbing than a goblin coming to your neighborhood just to wickedly kidnap a bunch of women for the sole of purpose of breeding?

Goblin slayer is based in a world where humans coexist with the lowest of monsters aka the goblins. But it would be a big mistake to underestimate these creatures.

These goblins have invaded multiple civilizations to abduct its women and cause harm to everything in their path.

To stop these goons, Priestess embarks on a journey with her fellow rookies. However, an ambush leaves Priestess the only one standing.

That’s when the Goblin slayer swoops in and slashes all the goblins in the flick of an eye. The adventures of Goblin hunter and priestess is something you definitely don’t want to miss.

4. Death Note

Next up on our list of dark anime series is another blockbuster anime.

Death notes answers the question of what happens when a human gains the powers of the God of death aka ‘The Grim Reaper’ (Shinigami in Japanese).

One day, a shinigami named Ryuk drops a black book into the human realm. It is then picked up by Light Yagami.

Light could not believe the bizarre rules that the book contained. It essentially enabled anyone to kill another human by simply writing their name (while picturing the person’s face) inside one of the pages of the book.

What’s crueler is the fact that you can write the reason for death as well. Light is now the embodiment of justice by mass-murdering all criminals on sight.

The world’s greatest detective L decides to stop Light because he believes that criminals deserve a second chance and that Light is not the one who should take law upon his own hands.

5. Attack On Titan

Truly, the most horrifying anime on this list is none other than Attack On Titan.

For 100 years humans lived peacefully inside the walls that acted as angels due to how it protects the humans from the wrath of the titans.

These titans are humongous giants that are humanoids who only live behind the walls to chow down humans and swallow as many of them as possible.

After Eren Jaeger witnessed his mother being viciously bit in half by a ruthless titan, he swore upon his life to eradicating all titans from existence.

Follow Eren, his adopted sister Mikasa, and his best friend Armin as they join the Survey Corps whose job is to wander off outside the walls to gather information about the titans in order to kill them, and hope that one day, humans will be able to traverse beyond the walls and escape the cage they have trapped themselves inside.

6. Black Bullet

Remember that virus ravaging our lives as you read this article? The one that makes all of us sick and pissed off?

Yeah, now imagine it turns you into a blood-curling monster that wants to run on a murderous rampage.

Black bullet is the story of how humanity gets infected by a parasite named ‘Gastrea’. This virus transforms people into demons beyond control.

Now humans have decided to cage themselves inside the Monolith walls. These walls are made of Varanium, a substance that can hurt these monsters.

Inside these walls lie the ‘Cursed Children’ who have trace amounts of this parasite. Anime fans like you always love a dark gritty anime even though there is a young girl tasked with fighting a monster.

Thanks to that, these young children now have superhuman powers which have now become humanity’s only hope of survival. 

7. Shiki

We have all heard of the ongoing virus epidemic that has tormented us beyond belief. But what if it was not a virus that killed us… what if it were a bunch of bloodsucking vampires?

Shiki features a city, Sotoba, that has seen several people dying for reasons unidentifiable, and undetectable.

Not by doctors, humans, priests, and certainly not by anyone who wishes to keep a hold of what little humanity they have left after going down this rabbit hole.

But, one day a doctor finds out about the strange vampire species that is behind this nightmare. They are known as Shiki.

To become a Shiki, one must die after being drained of blood. After that, the corpse will come back to life and have supernatural abilities waiting to unleash its fury to survive.

Will Dr. Toshio fight back against these monsters and successfully save his home from invasion?

8. Akame Ga Kill

When Tatsumi decides to work for a noble family to earn enough money to rid his family of their poverty, he is shocked to see an assassination squad known as Night Raid murder the family with their demonic swords known as Teigu.

The dark part about this anime is that the noble family only hired Tatsumi to simply torture him and end his life.

With nowhere else to go Tatsumi joins Night Raid after being impressed by their honor and resolve.

Night Raid is a group of overpowered assassins who are hellbent on killing Prime Minister Honest because of his never-ending greed for power.

But the biggest reason they want to kill Honest is to stop him from manipulating the child emperor.

Standing in the way of Night Raid is the Empire who also flaunt their formidable soldiers equipped with a Teigu of their own.

9. Parasyte

Aliens invade the #9 spot after they land on Earth to devour humans by entering their bodies and taking control of the host’s brain.

They can shapeshift into different forms in order to fight humans. While Shinichi was asleep, a parasite tried to infest his brain but failed after Shinichi woke up.

This caused it to infest his right hand instead. Shinichi is frightened beyond belief and is unable to coexist with a parasite that has a mind of its own.

Shinichi almost loses his human nature and develops a dark side.

Without the ability to leave Shinichi, the parasite named Migi has no choice but to live inside Shinichi to stay alive.

Together they take on other atrocious parasites who want to take over Shinichi’s brain due to it still being intact. Will Shinichi ever be able to get rid of Migi or will he fall prey to all the other parasites out there?

10. Devilman Crybaby

Why kill the devils when you can just take their powers for yourself?

This anime explores Akira who gets manipulated by his best friend Ryo to help him uncover the devils that roam freely on Earth. But, Akira could not believe his eyes as the place he went to was Sabbath.

A cursed arena filled with lecherous humans who caused as much mayhem as they possibly could. Among other sins, the party-goers had their bodies possessed by devils.

If they had resilient willpower, they were able to keep their human heart intact. And if not, they lost themselves to the very devil that initiated the possession.

Akira tries to save his friend Ryo. In the process, he merges with a devil named Amon and becomes a devilman.

After that, his immense power was enough to defeat all the other devils that stood in front of him.

Watch as Ryo and Akira travel along the road to save their loved ones from the wrath of the devils.

11. Another

Once upon a time, a boy named Misaki passed away in Class 3-3.

But instead of commemorating the dead, all his schoolmates carried on pretending he was alive.

They even went so far as to photoshopping Misaki into the class photo. Why would a bunch of middle schoolers include a dead person in a class photo?

As Kouchi transfers into Class 3-3, he notices everyone acting strangely depressed and gloomy all the time. It is as if their moods have permanently turned sour because of something unnatural in the air.

He befriends a strange eyepatch-wearing girl known as Mei Misaki. Mei is ignored by all her classmates and by her teacher as well.

The poor girl is treated as if she does not exist. Follow Mei and Kouchi as they try to solve the grueling mystery that has been wreaking havoc for 26 years.

12. Death Parade

Death parade makes you question if you really are the good person that you consider yourself to be.

In this anime, when you die, you don’t just go to hell or heaven.

Instead, you go to a bar to play a few games against a certain someone. It could be your wife, your childhood friend, or a random stranger.

There is also an arbiter who is a judge that decides whether you get reincarnated and if not, you get sent to the void.

Arbiter Decim, is a very fair individual who lacks human emotions and because of that, he is always able to accurately make judgments regarding someone’s character.

And, the one with the bad demeanor will not be given a second chance and will be sent to the void.

Death Parade is full of dark emotions, and what makes this anime horrifying is that in the very first episode a man is told to throw a dart at his unborn child.

13. School Days

How devastated can someone be after they get cheated on is far less important than the pathetic sins they commit as a result.

School days feature Itou and Kotonoha who fall in love with each other but bad things happen when another girl named Sekai also develops strong feelings for Makoto.

Although you might think this is a typical Romance anime, don’t be fooled.

As you approach the ending, you will soon understand just how terrible it is to cheat on your partner, and how your life might be in danger as a result.

For all the fans of violence out there, you can be sure to receive a large abundance of it while watching school days. It includes rape, murder, fights, and everything else a dark anime could ever include.

If you’re looking for an anime that represents one of the most sinister love triangles ever seen on TV, then this anime is just for you.

14. School Live

Don’t all parents want their children to love school?

Here’s a seemingly cute anime where that love can cost you your life thanks to a zombie outbreak.

Yuki and her friends are a part of the School Living Club wherein all members must stay in school and never leave.

One day Yuki and her friends go to the mall and whoops… the zombies are still attacking. Yuki finds and saves a girl named Megumi who sacrifices herself in order to save her students.

And, then came the dark part where after learning about what happened Yuki was so devastated by the incident which led her to think that everybody is still alive and well.

When in reality, they are not.

Yuki’s delusion almost took away her life but thanks to her friends who are trying to be heroes in the best way possible; Yuki is safe.

This anime explores how a group of students gets murdered by zombies and it also follows Yuki and her friends as they try to survive this nasty outbreak.

15. Higurashi: When They Cry

Higurashi: When They Cry is one of those animes that just love to show lots of terrifying gore content.

What scares viewers so much when they watch this anime is the extremely alarming violent acts and the mental tortures inflicted upon villagers.

Follow Keiichi as he tries to investigate a series of murders that take place each year during the Watanagashi festival.

Keiichi makes friends with 4 attractive young women who seem to be hiding the secret behind the ominous events that have caused people to curse the Watanagashi festival.

These girls seem to be from one of your classic Harem animes but their crimes will tell you otherwise.

Watch these episodes and be shocked at how quickly this anime tends to prove you wrong each time you think you are close to knowing the evil truth that lies somewhere inside this village.

This is another great anime to watch if you love good detective work and appreciate the slow and steady development of a mystery.

16. Taboo Tattoo

Taboo Tattoo is the story of how a boy named Seigi goes around town saving people from gangs and other dangers.

Seigi is the Japanese term for ‘Justice’.

This should you tell you all you need to know about this hero. One day he rescued a homeless man who was being ganged up on by a bunch of ruthless thugs.

As a token of gratitude, the homeless man rewarded Seigi with a tattoo that contained supernatural powers.

This awesome power was developed back in the war between the Americans and the people of the Serinistian kingdom.

Now a soldier named, Izzy Bluesy, from the American army is back in Japan to collect all the tattoos. She and Seigi engage in lots of fights.

What is dark about this anime is that in the battle to collect these tattoos, many characters lose their limbs as a result. Talk about gore.

17. Psycho Pass

Psycho pass is directed by Gen Urobuchi who is one of the top names when it comes to creating dark and nihilistic anime series.

This anime features a world where each person’s tendency to commit a crime is assigned by a system. An inspector and a hunting dog are set to apprehend a person once their crime coefficient reaches a high level.

By using this “Sibyl system” the government feels the crime frequency will come to a halt.

However, Akane discovers that the system is corrupt and the Sibyl system is incorrect when it makes its predictions.

This is apparent when a crime boss named Shoga is assigned a low crime efficiency even after all the crimes he has committed.

Inspectors like Akane work for the system to ensure that enforcers don’t do anything that goes against the system.

18. Fate Zero

Another masterpiece directed by Urobuchi.

This is a story that features 3 families who get into a war where the victor will be rewarded the ‘Holy Grail’. 

The Holy Grail is a miracle from God that whoever is in the possession of is gifted the ability to grant any wish.

The last 3 Holy Grail Wars did not end in a win for each of the families so it was termed ‘inconclusive’.

And, that’s why the fourth holy grail is about to take place.

There are 7 mages chosen by the families who will fight each other and the last one standing will be hailed as the winner.

Kiritsugu Emiya, a renowned killer of mages is hired by the Einsbern family in the hopes that his skills as a hitman will be enough to get rid of the other mages.

For an anime that was released in 2011, it has stunning animation and particularly decent graphics.

19. The Promised Neverland

Many of you will feel that this is absolutely the darkest anime on this list.

And, the truth is, this anime is one of those rare animes where you desperately want the main characters to survive and if they don’t you would end up crying for days on end.

The Promised Neverland is about three 11-year-olds who live a lavish life inside an orphanage alongside 37 children.

The children are taken care of by Mother Isabella. What everyone believed was that: a child can leave the orphanage only when he/she is ready to be adopted.

However, when Emma and Norman decided to follow one of the children that were sent for adoption, they were shocked beyond belief to see that the child was not really sent to be adopted.

Instead, the child was sent to be eaten by a demon so that it doesn’t turn into a mindless monster…

Talk about a gritty anime

20. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied was released in 2005 and is directed by Lynn Okamoto who used to work for Bandai. The company that created the Dragon Ball games.

Here’s an anime that has been regarded “for mature audience only”.

Elfen lied features a Diclonius named Lucy. A diclonius is a mutated human being that has horns growing out of its skull. They also have invisible arms called ‘vectors’.

The government forced Lucy into several sadistic scientific experiments. Luckily, Lucy managed to successfully escape.

But in the process, she brutalized her abusers with her supernatural abilities. During her escape, she severely injured her head and as a result, she develops a second personality.

So now there are two split personalities living inside Lucy. Seeing how injured she is, two university students took the risk of saving her and hiding her somewhere far away from those government officials.

Little did they know of her deep murderous desires that lie dormant inside her true personality. Together these three combat the Special Assault Team and many other Diclonii who are after Lucy.

21. Gunslinger Girl

Why would a social welfare agency that engages in various charitable acts, actually be an anti-terrorist organization that exploits humans?

Young children who are on their deathbeds are saved by this organization and then they are genetically modified to gain superhuman abilities.

They are also brainwashed into becoming a better assassin whose mind does not falter.

Gunslinger Girl is about how a group of children who wish to be loved and treated as regular teenagers, are assigned the duty to protect the Italian Government by eliminating anybody deemed a terrorist.

Their handlers treat them as if they are inhuman killing machines.

Watch how these young girls assassinate terrorists, mafia individuals, and corrupt government officials.

22. Talentless Nana

Half a century ago, a group of monsters known as the ‘Enemies of Humanity’ emerged. To counteract these monsters, a small number of teenagers have miraculously gained supernatural abilities such as time traveling and using fire at will.

Together these ‘Talents’ hone their abilities on a secluded island and swear to erase these monsters once and for all.

Among them is a talentless girl known as Nana who befriends all of them with ease.

While at first viewers think that she is just somebody that helps the ‘Talents’, they widen their eyes in shock when they learn that Nana is an assassin whose mission is to eliminate these ‘Talents’.

Nobody expected the government to treat the Talents as the true ‘Enemies of Humanity’.

Will Nana viciously murder her friends? Or will she disobey her government and eradicate those cruel monsters once and for all?

23. Kino’s Travels

A young 15-year-old girl named Kino travels around the world with her talking motorbike Hermes.

They meet people who are too busy with work, people who are generous and kind, and people who love their families.

At first, it might sound like a ‘happy-go-nice’ anime, but as you keep watching, you will soon realize that in each of the 13 episodes only one of them featured a happy journey.

Kino’s travels is an anime that details to its viewers how merciless and apathetic humans can really be.

What’s more alarming is the fact that Kino never interferes with whatever is going on in front of her eyes.

Even if it is a civilization crumbling into pieces, Kino will only observe and admire. She also kills about half a dozen people through the journey.

In the end, the viewers understand that the world is beautiful by not being beautiful at all.

24. The Saga Of Tanya The Evil

A man who gets murdered by his subordinate whom he had fired for insufficient performance: meets ‘God’, is reincarnated as a young woman named Tanya, and is threatened by ‘God’ to have faith or live in hell for the rest of eternity.

However, Tanya adamantly refuses to have faith in “Being X”, as she likes to say. Now her goal is to have the peaceful life she once had the luxury of living.

But that dream went down the drain when she was reborn into World War 1 where the sounds of gunfires, bombshells, and screams ruined the peace for poor Tanya.

Tanya joins the military with the sole purpose of emerging to the highest rank. She hopes that rising to a high position will reward her with the peace that she so desperately wishes for.

Can Tanya continue to live her life without believing in faith and religion? Or will Figure X worsen the tortures inflicted upon Tanya?

25. God Eater

In the year 2050 humanity is in shambles after the arrival of monsters who wish to consume all life on Earth. Their dreadful actions earn them the name Aragami.

An organization named Fenrir is formed to defeat these ruthless creatures. Fenrir contains members named “God eaters” who wield extraordinary weapons called ‘God Arcs’.

These weapons include Oracle cells which are the same type of substance that powers the Aragami. There existed only range or melee versions of this weapon but now technology has advanced to such a degree where a god arc can also switch into both forms at will.

The forms are called ‘cannon’ form and ‘blade’ form. These God eaters wield God Arcs and go out into the world to eradicate these so-called gods and save humanity from the threat of extinction.

For all the violence fans out there, this anime truly is another spectacle to behold.

26. Made In Abyss

Can a young girl named Riko find out where her mother is? Considering she is alive of course. The doubt arises from the fact that she delved into an endless abyss that stretches so far down, that nobody has any idea of what is there at the very bottom.

The most fearless individuals on the planet become ‘Divers’ and willfully go down into the Abyss to unravel its secrets and find out if there is any light beyond the never-ending darkness.

These divers have ranks. Riko is known as a ‘Red Whistle’ as she is an absolute beginner. Her mother and other amazing divers are termed ‘White Whistle’.

Riko befriends a strange robotic boy named Reg inside the Abyss and together they both take an oath to first recover Reg’s long-lost memories and to perform a feat, nobody has done before.

Will Riko survive long enough to reach the end of the road? Will she ever meet her mother after all?

27. Future Diary

Oh, didn’t we just love writing our diaries back as a child? I’m sure many of you still bang out those pages even today!

Here’s an anime where doing just that might turn you into a God of space and time.

Yukiteru is your typical 14-year old who likes to stay away from the limelight.

He rather likes to just sit on his desk and note down everything that’s going on inside the personal diary he has stored inside his phone. His only mates are Deus Ex Machinima – ‘The God of space and time’ and his assistant, Muru Muru.

Yukiteru’s life takes a twist after Deus transmutes his phone into a future diary, granting him the ability to predict the future for up to 90 days. But that’s not the scary part.

Yukiteru has suddenly been admitted into a game of survival alongside 11 other ferocious diary holders. Deus declares that the winner of his contest aka the last man standing will be declared as the new God of space and time.

28. Fullmetal Panic

A group of abominable terrorists make several attempts to kidnap a young high school girl named Chidori who has been blessed with the innate ability to devise extraordinary machinery and weaponry.

A military organization named Mithril wants to protect her as she is a ‘Whisper’ Candidate and other terrorists are aware of this.

To protect her, Mithril sends Commander Sousuke to Chidori’s high school to blend in with her and everybody else so that he can protect her from harm while not revealing his military background.

Sosuke is shocked to learn that the enemies have made their move sooner than expected and this is the cause of lots of panic and anxiety in the minds of Chidori and Sousuke.

Especially because those terrorists are not some faraway Russians that nobody has ever heard of. In fact, they are more familiar than expected.

Although this anime is dark because it is about terrorists trying to kidnap a young girl, there is also a lot of humor as Sousuke tries to adapt inside an environment where everyone is easygoing and nonchalant.

29. Arms Dealer

When a father forces his daughter into becoming an arms dealer, not only is it ugly but it is also stupendously dark. But that did not matter to young Koko.

She always carried a smile on her face as she continued selling weaponry under the guise of a shipping company.

To put her business to a halt, the CIA is determined to kill her off by sending numerous men after her but thanks to Koko’s protection squad, she remains safe and comfy.

The story also follows a young child soldier hired by Koko named Jonah. His one desire was to find and murder the heinous assailant who gunned down his entire family.

Although he hates arms dealers, he has no choice but to join her forces to find out more about that cruel man. Will Koko be successful in gaining the peace her heart truly desires?

Will Jonah avenge his great loss and find happiness at the end of the road?

30. Hell Girl

Don’t you sometimes just wish all the crooks in your neighborhood would just disappear forever? Here’s an anime that does grant your wish.

All you have to do is write their names on a website and then Ai Enma aka Hell Girl will work with her companions to make that person’s life a living hell before giving them the chance to repent.

If they decline the kind offer, they will be sent to the pits of hell for the rest of eternity. However, in this world, everything has a price and by writing a name on that website, you just bestowed upon yourself a one-way ticket to hell after you die which you eventually will.

This anime gets much darker when you learn that a village that frequently uses the website, begins to blame a young boy for the mysterious disappearances of the villagers.

In reality, it is not the boy who is to be blamed, it is themselves.

31. Drifters

Shimazu Toyohisa manages to become one of the great warriors of his time. Unfortunately, he receives a devastating wound and almost dies.

Magically, he is transported to a realm where there are a hundred doors.

He suddenly gets dragged inside one of the doors and then finds himself in a prehistoric time where the great warlord of Japan, Nobunaga Oda, the renowned archer Yoichi Suketaka, and other notorious warriors all work together as Drifters – beings that came through one of the doors.

These drifters also include elves, dwarves, hobbits, and other fantasy creatures.

Their mission is to eradicate ‘The Ends’, which is a group filled with humans in control of horrifying creatures such as dragons and giants.

The ends wish to destroy all that is life and claim the world as their own.

32. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is the anime version of the best-selling manga written by Sui Ishida.

What makes this anime a best-seller is its superb character development and the insane detail used in the animations.

Shy, college boy Kaneki finds interest in a girl, Rize, who loves to read books just like our boy Kaneki.

Both nerds go out together but in a date gone wrong, Rize chows down on Kaneki’s flesh and as a result, the poor boy is sent to the hospital. Upon diagnosis, it is revealed that Kaneki has become a half-ghoul half-human after Rize’s organs were found inside Kaneki.

Tokyo has become a wretched city filled with ghouls who disguise themselves as humans for the sole purpose of getting close to them and gaining their trust.

And as a means of survival, these ghouls feed on human flesh. Thanks to a ghoul named Touka, Kaneki’s life was rescued.

Touka runs a coffee shop alongside her ghoul colleagues. Kaneki must now learn to live as a ghoul but that dream is impossible to be made into reality as Kaneki continues to fight several other deadly ghouls in order to survive.

33. Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka

When an interdimensional race of monsters known as Disas invaded Earth in an attempt to eradicate all humans, a group called Spirit Realm bestowed supernatural powers upon 5 young women.

These women became known as ‘magical girls’. After a long and drawn-out war, the magical girls emerged victorious and the Disas were thought to have been wiped off the face of Earth.

The magical girls decided to disband, and their leader, Asuka, continued her life as a high schooler. Their peace soon gets disrupted as it is revealed that there were still a few Disas that survived the onslaught of the magical girls.

Asuka realizes that because of her disinterest in fighting, many people are dying miserably.

Soon, she joins her comrades in war and viewers get to watch some grueling fights as a result.

34. Redo Of Healer

Keyaru was a renowned Hero thanks to his ability to heal any and all injuries. No matter how lethal the injury, let Keyaru do his magic, and that broken arm will become as good as new.

Destined to lead a great life full of reputation and respect, Keyaru was instead introduced to years of hardship, abuse, and mistreatment.

Fortunately, Keyaru covertly accumulated numerous memories, dark secrets, and powers of all the people he had healed.

And, because of that, at one point, he became the strongest hero of his time.

His potential was so immense that in order to revert all the pain and sufferings he had to endure, he magically turned back time up to the point where he still had his dignity intact.

He now has a new mission. A mission of vengeance. All he wishes to do is to inflict torture upon those who injured him, sexually abused him, and disrespected him.

35. Happy Sugar Life

Satou Matsuzaka is a highly attractive high schooler who finds her first and true love in a young girl named Shio.

Their love was so strong, they even began living together. But this love would soon drive Satou crazy as she began to commit a series of crimes to protect Shio.

Satou’s teacher looked handsome but on the inside, he was an evil man who wanted to do terrible things with his very own students.

The anime takes a turn from gray to dark when Satou viciously murders her best friend who was revealed to have an affair with Shio.

The anime details many horrific acts and explains what levels a person is willing to go to protect their partners.

Satou would have lived the ‘ Happy Sugar Life’ that she so desperately wanted to retain, only if she had not committed such terrible acts of violence.


What is the most disturbing anime?

The most disturbing anime is, without a doubt, Goblin Slayer.

Is there a dark side to anime?

Yes, some animes can present lots of violent content, manipulation techniques, gore, horror scenes, and other aspects that can make an anime very dark and gritty.

What is the anime that is banned everywhere?

Attack on Titan has been in many places including China.

What is the most gruesome anime in the world?

Attack on titan is the most gruesome anime in the world.

Is anime bad influence?

No, animes that do not contain any dark content are absolutely safe to watch.


We hoped you enjoyed reading this list of dark anime.

So, tell us, which of these anime did you feel was the most horrifying?

Was it Attack on Titan because of the atrocious titans?

Or was it Parasyte because you just can’t stand how sinister Shinichi looks with his parasitic right hand?

Either way let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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