How to manifest your ex back- Learn 7 the most powerful techniques!

How to manifest your ex back

If you believe in yourself, then you can manifest anything for yourself, Be it money, or person or anything. Even you can get your ex back! If you are the one struggling to get your ex, give some minutes to this awesome read- How to Manifest your ex back?

We know that ups and downs are part of every relationship. We break up in some weak moments or are pushed by our egos for any reason. But if you keep dreaming about your ex, they also think about you. It is the perfect time to manifest your ex back.

After some time w,hen we realize the good things about the relationships, we go crazy!

This is the time when we get desperate to get our ex back. Indeed, only with someone really special we do have that feeling of owing them for anything.

The good news is, you can get your ex back.

For this, you must take care of some manifestation techniques.

Here I am telling you the special manifestation techniques to get your last love back into your life.

Don’t miss out!


What is Manifestation? How does it work?

Universe wants to bless us. The energies around us work according to our desires. And that gets desired by our thoughts.

We used to think all the time, whether in our subconscious minds directly. Our Universe thinks that these are our users; that is what we want and work accordingly. And thus we get mostly what we think or feel about something.

Manifestation is the way bywe can channel our thoughts per our strong desires that is affirmations.

It is a creative act.

What you want from your subconscious mind must be brought into physical existence through the manifestation.

It is interesting to note that through the use of your imagination and emotions, you hacanring about anything you desire and need in your life.

We are going to use the same for getting back our ex!

Learn How?

How does manifestation operate?
According to the Law of attraction, your ideas and feelings attract energy. The physical Universe is then affected by this energy. This means that you can make your thoughts come true.

When you manifest, you are requesting something you have been thinking about a lot from the cosmos. You have to believe blindly that whatever you’re asking for, will be given to you.

Manifestation to get your ex back

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I will tell you some powerful affirmations through which your ex will return to you.

However, first of all, I would like to share some DON’Ts.

Don’t Do the following: These won’t work

1. Don’t Despair:

Everything takes time to happen. So don’t let your desire into despairing.

This will not serve the purpose.

Strong manifestation is not easy. Do not expect your ex to come to you in just a blink of your eyes or so.

2. Trust the process:

For a successful manifestation, you have to trust the process.

Whatever you are doing to make your ex back to you may result soon or not. Just trust the process. If everything goes accordingly, it will work for sure.

3. Never Beg your ex to come back:

Yes. You should never beg or plead for love and attention.

To maintain self-control, it is advisable to stick to the point and refrain from contacting them, at least during the roughest parts of a separation.

It is necessary to stay away from your ex to get them permanently.

You must not lose control of your emotions if you aren’t communicating with them.

4. Mind the Space: Don’t contact your ex

You might have the chance to speak better, allowing you to win your ex back if you give it some time and space until you’re not as upset over the breakup.

Take time to realize everything. Please do not contact them. Let the manifestation work.

Let them crave for you.

5. Do not rush for another relationship:

Most people find a shoulder to mourn and do another mistake. While manifesting for your ex, do not indulge with any other person.

Things may get worsen this way.

How to Manifest to get your ex back?

Now it’s the time to know the manifestation techniques that will certainly work in getting your ex to crave for you.

Follow the following golden rules. They will aid you in manifestation.

1. Learn to take care of yourself:

Indeed. Your wounds from the breakup may be so fresh, and you are desperate to get your ex. However, it is necessary to take care of yourself.

Work on your body and soul. Find the new you. Bring positivity in everything you do.

2. Learn to stay happy again:

Nothing matters more than your happiness. Make new friends, and develop new hobbies.

Do whatever makes you euphoric. When you feel happy from the inside out, the Universe will collect your positive thoughts and bring you more happiness.

3. Visualize your Ex with you:

Visualization is the most important technique to manifest your desire.

Visualize that both off you are holding hands, kissing each other, making dinner together, and some things like that.

Your vision should be very, very clear.

Then smile. Feel that it is happening and your feeling at that time.

It will work as magic!

4. Visualize with the pink bubble method:

This is a very powerful technique for manifestation.

First, sit, relax and close your eyes.

Feel that he is with you. You are spending a beautiful time with each other. Doing things together. Keep your picture clear.

Visualize that you are keeping such a picture in a Pink bubble through your imagination.

Release the bubble into the air.

This will increase the positivity and possibility of getting them back.

5. Scripting:

The Law of attraction loves a clear script about what you want.

It would be best if you wrote exactly what you want.

Look at the script below:

You describe in detail how your life is in a letter that you compose and postmark for a month or so in the future.

Hello, Universe

I can’t wait to tell you everything about how Paul and I enjoy our romance. He is so lovely, gentle, and kind and always makes me feel wonderful. He missed me and came back to me.

This is so wonderful!

Thank You


This way, you are telling the Universe you will be happy after having them back.

6. Stay Grateful:

Things might be going horrible for you. But you have to accept the present with grace and joy. This is the way you can manifest your future.

Remember, to make your future the way you want; you need to be great today.

Stay happy even if your ex is away from you.

Be grateful, and keep on visualizing your ex with you.

7. Affirmations that will help you manifest your ex back:

I have researched, and through my experience, I am writing here the way to affirm so that you can manifest your ex back.

You can use them to get anything in your life with a little change.

  • We are extremely glad to be reunited! I am so thankful that the Universe decided to reunite us.
  • It feels comfortable and natural to get a second chance at love.
  • Nothing is more special than having you permanently back in my life.
  • Planning our wedding ceremony is fun for me.
  • My heart melts with delight at the thought of your soft touch.
  • We are a fantastic match for one another.
  • I’ve never been happier than I am right now because you are back in my life.
  • I always feel like I’m floating on a cloud when we’re together.
  • I adore you so much and think you are an excellent partner.
  • We treat one another with respect, which makes our connection unique.
  • Now that you are back in my life, I am happy every day!

Try them and keep repeating them. These are very powerful affirmations.

So, you have learned so many ways to get your ex back.

Wrapping up: How to manifest your ex back

Hopefully, You’ve enjoyed reading the article. Learn the power of manifestation. It makes everything possible.

However, you must be patient. Keep on doing these things with complete heart and jo.

Sooner or later, you will find your ex beside you. And this time, it is in reality and permanently!

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