Hunter X Hunter Season 7- Release Date, Plot, and Much More…

Looking for the latest updates of Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release date? Here is everything you should know about the to-be-launched season! 

Hunter X Hunter, also known as Hunter of the Hunter, is a Japanese anime series adapted from a manga series by Yoshihiro Togashi. Hiroshi Kojina directs the anime series.

There was an anime series back in 1999 with the same title. The new anime is a complete reboot of the manga series, and no connection is found between old and new anime series.

Hunter X Hunter Season 1-6 aired from 2011 to 2014 under the production of Nippon TV, VAP, Madhouse, and Shueisha. Since then, enthusiasts have kept their eyes on the release of the seventh part.

Let’s see what the manga writer says about it.


Here’s What Yoshihiro Togashi Said About Hunter X Hunter Season 7!

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Stress always harms one’s mental and physical health, and the estimated example of a victim of stress is Yoshihiro. He is a famous Japanese manga writer and has completed 36 volumes of the HXH manga series.

As the anime started getting popular, the demand for more and more manga volumes gusted. He had to work under a lot of pressure. Thus, it is speculated that he is facing some mental illness and is undergoing treatment.

Yoshihiro took a break because of this medical condition after the 380th chapter of the manga. Still, he is not completely healthy. Despite his poor health, he promised to complete Hunter X Hunter with a proper ending.

Here is what he said during one of his recent interviews:

“It has come to a point where either the story concludes first, or I die before that happens. But I do intend to finish it.”

It shows his dedication level towards his writings.

Will Hunter X Hunter Return with Season 7? 

You might belong to the group of fans who are eagerly waiting for the seventh run. It might be disturbing for you to know that Hunter X Hunter Season 7 is left with fewer release chances.

As the manga series writer is under strict medical treatment, he might try to complete future volumes. But if he dies, he requested his wife, Naoko Takeuchi (creator of Sailormoon), to complete Hunter X Hunter.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date 

The best approximation amongst the fans is that Hunter X Hunter’s seventh run might fall sometime in 2021. Of course, the chance of release is near to nil, but still, we can have a little hope.

If this anime series skips 2021, fans might lose the remaining aspiration for season 7. Let us estimate that Madhouse will release season 7 super soon as soon as it gets the source material.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Possible Storyline 

It might be heartbreaking to look forward on enough material is not available to produce further seasons of ‘Hunter X Hunter’ anime. 36th volume was released back in 2018.

Around 32 volumes are used, and 4 volumes are left to cover. You might think four volumes is enough to produce one season. Yes! You are right, but the Dark Continent arc continuing in the last few volumes is left incomplete.

After completing the Dark Continent Arc, fans will be looking forward to the season 7 release. So, we can expect that the new season might cover the Dark Continent Arc story.

 A Quick Recap of Hunter X Hunter Seasons 1-6 

Season 1, 2 & 3 

The story of this anime tv series surrounds a 12-years-old boy, Gon Freecss. He is the main protagonist of this show and resides on Whale Island.

His father, Ging Freecss, was a Hunter who hunted new places, treasures, and valuables from abandoned places. After many years of his disappearance and leaving Gon behind, it was speculated that he is dead.

But somehow, Hunter Kite came to know about Ging being alive. After hearing this news, Gon decided to follow his father’s footsteps and become a Hunter. He wanted to start his hunt for his father.

Many people ask what the meaning of Hunter X Hunter is? Hunter of the hunter is the real meaning of this title. Hunter Gon is hunting for Hunter Ging, his father.  

Specifically, the story covers the adventures that Gon will go through in the process of becoming a Hunter. To become a professional Hunter, he has to pass the Hunter Examination.

During the schooling for becoming a Hunter, he met three other applicants as well. They were, Leorio– the doctor-in-training, Kurapika– the last survivor of Kurta clan, and Killua Zoldyck – a skillful ex-assassin.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

As the show keeps going, the hardworking Gon is sighted as he wanted to become the best hunter in the world. But he is always humiliated by Hisoka once again.

The arc followed in the first two seasons is tricky to follow. If you miss watching even one scene, you might not understand the following situations. So, you should watch it with great concentration.

Season 4- Disappointment for the Audience! 

The Green Island arc is the weakest arc amongst different arcs of Hunter X Hunter. Here are some reasons that prove it to be a disappointment for the viewers.

The main reason behind this season’s dislike was that the episodes were not great and were not up to the mark for attracting the fans. Even the new characters, except Bisky, were not able to pick up the show as expected.

All over, Hunter X Hunter Season 4 performed average compared to other seasons.

Season 5- The Chimera Ant Arc 

Discussing the Chimera Ant Arc covered in the fifth season, it was the most horrific and scary arc. If you are an individual who likes the horror approach, you should surely go for this season. The character designs of the villains are truly admirable.

What happened in Season 6? 

The sixth season left fans summoned with surprise, and it was a huge hit. After the end of season 6, the writer made a tweet that he is ready with the next 10 volumes that might release around 2021.

But later, that tweet was also deleted. Here is an approximation about what Yoshihiro mentioned in his tweet about Season 7:

“Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Prediction

-Illumi Finally takes that shower in his VVIP room

-Hisoka walks through a doorway and gets stuck because ass too big

-Kurapika’s life is in danger, and he is stressed but well dressed

-One of the princes will die

-Leorio Paladiknight Handsome

Real Hotshiumi Shit (@KURAPIKASDAD) April 20, 2020.”

Where to Watch English Dubbed Episodes of HXH?

You can find the English dubbed episodes of all six seasons on NetflixCrunchyroll, and Viz Media (Official Licensor of this anime.)

Hunter X Hunter- Filled With Filler episodes? 

Many people who are willing to start to watch Hunter X Hunter from 1st season itself do not worry; there are almost nil filler episodes in all six seasons.

If we look at Naruto Shippuden anime with 20+ long seasons, it consists of around 40% of filler episodes. If you want to watch it, here is an article- Naruto Shippuden Filler List- Save Your time by avoiding Fillers! Read it before beginning Naruto Shippuden.

Ending thoughts 

In the end, we are still having the uncertainty of the Release season 7. Let us assume that we will get to watch the season very soon. If you are looking for the latest news for your favorite anime or tv shows, click here! Stay tuned with us for more updates. Happy Reading 😊

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