Incredible Weight Loss: Kevin Belton’s Jaw-Dropping Journey!

What do you suppose a chef spends the most of their time on? Food, food, and more food, I suppose, Kevin Belton’s weight loss. So there is no longer anything wrong with cooking.

Continue reading if you want information regarding Kevin Belton’s weight loss. Advertisements Secrets of Kevin Belton’s Weight Loss The host of WYES-TV, Kevin Belton, has been shedding pounds for more than two years, during which time he has lost well over 130 lbs.

But consuming too much of that food is an issue. Before approving it for others, the chef must taste the dish as one of his or her duties. As a result, individuals consume a lot of calories every day without even realizing it.

A similar issue affects renowned American chef Kevin Belton. Perhaps you watched the chef prepare delectable dishes on television.

He’s a talented chef. However, he put on a lot of weight due to his efforts. Who wouldn’t be tempted if surrounded by lots of appetizing food?

Belton eventually reached a stage where his blood pressure increased, and physicians advised him to lose weight. Additionally, a lot of other issues were growing.

Then he became concerned and began to make sense of it. Belton understood it. He steadily lost weight while gradually gaining weight.

If you’ve been following Kevin for a while, you might not have noticed much of a difference, but if you look at his three photographs from three years ago, you’ll notice a significant improvement.

Belton stated, “I have been working on it for a long time,” in an interview. I do consider the food. I had to take action. I was beginning to feel uneasy. My blood pressure was increasing, and I was told I was pre-diabetic. Therefore, my wife and I decided to take action.


When did Kevin start the weight loss journey?

Kevin Belton Losing Weight

Kevin made the decision to lose the unneeded and harmful weight in 2017. As soon as his health began to show warning signs, he took some significant action.

Though it was a difficult task, Kevin had to complete it. He has to be in good form for the sake of himself and his loved ones.

The well-known chef initially abandoned the TV and concentrated completely on his health when he began his weight loss quest.

Kevin concentrated on his health and wellbeing while his followers waited for him to break the quiet and share some delectable dishes with them. It was a more crucial task to complete.

How Kevin lost weight?

When Kevin returned to social media activity in 2019 after being inactive for a whole two years, his fans were ecstatic.

The fans went nuts when Belton released his brand-new images, wondering what he had been up to for so long. Some people were also worried about his health.

He made it obvious, however, that his health was in perfect condition. Compared to earlier, his health is significantly better.

Most of his followers wanted to know what drugs he took to lose weight. Belton, though, had not used any weight-loss drugs.

He healthily dropped weight by just abiding by good guidelines. The supporters were thrilled because Kevin had lost a significant amount of weight. He lost about half of himself in two years. He performed the following to reduce weight.

Diet Plan

Belton consumed fewer carbohydrates. A low-carb diet plan restricts the number of carbs consumed. Belton steers clear of consuming large amounts of grains, starchy veggies, and fruits.

He consumes a lot of protein-rich cuisines. “I eat low carb, not no carb, since it is not for me,” Kevin declared. I frequently eat smaller servings. It has been difficult and time-consuming, but it was worthwhile.

Kevin added, “Avoiding foods you really enjoyed eating does not feel good. It takes time to adjust to new foods in your diet. You must put forth a lot of effort. But if you know that this is the proper course of action. Not just morally appropriate but also essential. Then, changing does not seem to be difficult. Additionally, he switched his green tea to fresh juices. 

Workout Plan

Kevin also began a strict exercise regimen. Belton’s workout was distinctive in that it wasn’t strenuous.

He relaxed a bit. This explains why Belton’s journey to physical fitness took such a long time. The chef wrote on Twitter, “I’ve shed 130 pounds, but it’s taken me more than two years. Along with my wife and our dog Cookie Monster, I work out every day. Although he joined a gym, he works out more often at home with his wife.

Before & After

Before and after kevin belton

By working hard, Kevin has significantly reduced his weight. Belton shed more than 58 kilograms (130lbs).

What a big thing, huh? He weighed 133 kg before beginning the weight loss process (295lbs). However, he is currently 75 kg (165lbs).

What has Kevin said about weight loss?

I had to take action, Kevin remarked. I still have some time left after more than two years, but my doctor indicated I might have easily lost 10 to 20 years of my life. I’m thankful for it and feel so much better as a result.

Losing weight has the advantage of doing this. It prolongs your life as well as protects you from several ailments.

Some quick facts

American chef Kevin Belton was born on January 1st, 1960. Kevin has written three books and presents on television.

He resides with his family, including his wife, Monica Belton. Like everyone else, Kevin was confined to his home due to the current Covid-19 issue. He stayed with his family during the quarantine days. Also leaving was the gym.


Like most chefs, Kevin’s life revolves around food. He has, however, since learned to restrain himself from overeating.

Kevin Belton can teach us patience, an essential virtue in every aspect of life. Kevin’s method can assist you if you are also seeking to lose weight or maintain your health.

You can adhere to his eating regimen and achieve some beneficial outcomes. In the modern world, obesity is a major issue; many people are obese.

All of this results from the modern world’s comforts, but unhealthy fast food is also a significant factor. I’m hoping Kevin’s tale will inspire you to combat obesity.

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