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If you’re a fan of KonoSuba, here’s good news for you. KonoSuba Season 3 is arriving soon! To know more about KonoSuba season 3, read the post till the end.

KonoSuba is a Japanese comic series with a fantasy world. It is the remake of the light novel series of the same name by Natsume Akatsuki.

Even though it ended more than three years ago in the second season, KonoSuba remains one of many fans’ most famous and favorite series.

KonoSuba is a worthy watch. With its comic, somewhat ironic setting and a laidback story, KonoSuba has a very pleasant narrative.

The anime series of KonoSuba was created by one of the most hectic animation studios in Japan, Studio Deen. Studio Deen is famous for its unique animation in many anime shows, OVAs, and movies in Japan. So you can guess the level of expertise it has.

It has one of the best voice acting in anime and blending that with a modern take on the old Japanese Gags and figures that everyone can correlate with, KonoSuba is a spirit of genres that every anime fan has.

For those who are new to this anime and do not know the narrative, let’s take a quick look at it!


Narrative of KonoSuba

Working with how the streaming service explains the anime series, “After a traffic accident, Kazuma Sato’s disappointingly short life was deemed to be over, but he wakes up to witness a pretty girl before him. She claims to be a goddess. Her name is Aqua.

Aqua and asks Kazuma Sato if he wants to go to another world and take only one item with him. Kazuma chooses to take the goddess herself, and they went into a fancy world loaded with adventure, controlled by a devil ruler.

Now Kazuma only desires to live in harmony, but Aqua needs to resolve many of this world’s problems, and the evil king will only turn a blind eye for so long…” And thus, the story moves along with Kazuma, Aqua, and the king.

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KonoSuba Season 1 and 2 Popularity

Studio Deen produced the anime adaptation, which premiered back on January 13, 2016. It earned a great response upon its appearance. Consequently, the creators renewed KonoSuba for the second season, which broadcasted from January 12 to March 16, 2017.

The first anime adaptation by Studio Deen started telecasting during the 2016 winter anime season, and the second season accompanied a year later, with the last episode broadcasting in March of 2017. Both seasons were comparatively short, concluding in only ten episodes.

Both seasons of this popular anime have done well, whether in selling the novel or taking the followers’ hearts.

There was also a KonoSuba Original Video Animation (OVA ) published in June of 2016. It was named “God’s Blessings on This Wonderful Choker!”

The saga talks about Kazuma, who sets on a choker that apparently grants wishes only to discover that it’ll choke him to death, except he satisfies the desire he’d unintentionally made when first putting on the choker.

The KonoSuba OVA was directed with the limited edition of the ninth volume of the light novel set.

The 20 mixed episodes of both KonoSuba season 1 and KonoSuba season 2 cover the initial four volumes of the Light Novel series.

Although the anime did leave some portions of the light novel, the adaptation stays dedicated to the story in the light novels.

Here’s everything we know about KonoSuba season 3!

Will There be KonoSuba Season 3?

When the second season finished, we did get a note that said KonoSuba would come back in the future, and that’s as clear as it gets.

Furthermore, KonoSuba announced a brand-new film that did incredibly well at the Box office. The fans received it with great enthusiasm and showed Kadokawa that there is still a significant demand for the next season.

There was a report stating Studio Deen had dropped the idea of KonoSuba season 3. It started with YouTube videos that presented a thank you letter from writer Natsume Akatsuki.

This thank you note was not proof that KonoSuba season 3 would never occur, but some followers decided to interpret it that way.

Then voice artists Jun Fukushima and Rie Takahashi chose to stir the pot through a 2017 HiBiKi radio show. All that was affirmed that a “new anime project” was in the works.

The official KonoSuba Twitter page also tweeted out a similar message. It could indicate that the producers might approve a KonoSuba season 3 release date in the future.

As of this date of publishing this article, the anime production board has not declared anything official about the KonoSuba season 3 release date.

Fans assume that Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness might return in early 2021, but the prediction will have been more practical by the middle of 2021 or 2022.

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KonoSuba Season 3 – What to Expect?

The way the narrative concluded in season 2, we can assume that the saga will proceed with events depicted in volumes 5 and 6 of the light novel series.

These two volumes are considered fan favorites, so it will be fascinating to see how well they are adapted into anime.

The second season was more than successful enough to support two-seasons for KonoSuba season 3. Still, for the sake of integrity, these spoilers will think Studio DEENwill make another single-cour season with 10 to 13 episodes.

As discussed earlier, it’s possible that the third season could go beyond two volumes. Still, it’s also feasible that the series might leave the Volume 7 cliffhanger, similarly to how Season 2 skipped the Volume 4 cliffhanger, including Yunyun.

The conclusion of KonoSuba Volume 4 concluded on a cliffhanger, with Crimson Magic Clan member Yunyun breaking into the palace and declaring, “I…! I…!! I want to have Kazuma-san’s children!”

Despite that unexpected announcement, the next section of the story is really about sending Kazuma and Megumin together. The party gets a letter from the Crimson Magic Village requesting them to help fight back against General Sylvia and the Demon King Army, so they go to Megumin’s motherland.

Fans will get to witness the history of Megumin’s people. It turns out the Crimson Magic Clan was formed by a reincarnated Japanese character. He left behind artifacts that can be understood by Kazuma.

Possibly because of these records, the clan insists on looking cool throughout a battle rather than being efficient. Megumin may admire her explosion spells, but she has kept this gift a secret since her clan looks down on the explosion spell.

Although KonoSuba is not even an anime, Megumin is set up as the “best waifu” of the narrative. At one point, Megumin confesses feelings for Kazuma in front of his mates but then refuses these feelings only minutes later. The series then introduces Megumin’s family, and there’s also a scene that includes a locked room and a single bed.

Spoiler Alert!

Megumin’s feelings for Kazuma start in earnest when she offers to give up her favorite explosion spells to become a better model for the party.

This concept of self-sacrifice proved how much she cared about others. In reply, Kazuma places all of her points into the explosion spell, which leads her to tears.

To give followers an idea where romance fiction is going, by the conclusion of KonoSuba Volume 11, Megumin informs Kazuma that it’s time to become more than friends but lovers.

Megumin wins the fight against General Sylvia. Princess Iris of the kingdom summons the Kazuma and his party to the royal palace to celebrate the victory with tales of their adventures.

Sadly for poor Kazuma, it comes out much quicker that he did not engage directly in any of the intense battles. Rather, it’s his party that is given credit.

Megumin, Aqua, and Darkness support their luck-focused companion, but his pride is mercilessly stomped into the ground. More serious, his irritation rose when he got beaten during a small conflict with the Demon King’s soldiers.

The main structure of KonoSuba Volume 6 centers around the divine relics, powerful objects left to resurrected Japanese people. These holy relics are so overpowered that when their real owners die, the gods want to retrieve them before somebody can use them for evil.

Kazuma finds that Princess Iris holds a strong divine relic necklace, and the goddess Eris tasks Kazuma with reclaiming it.

In the meantime, a character enters named The Chivalrous Thief. He has the dignity in an uproar because this person has been operating rampant in the capital.

After Kazuma had his fame trashed at a royal dinner party, he discovers himself sad and secluded from his party. Kazuma finds the identity of The Chivalrous Thief, and this person wants him to help recover the divine relic from the palace.

Moreover, there is a conspiracy to represent the royal family! Despite being humiliated, Kazuma decides to infiltrate the property without his party by being the Masked Chivalrous Thief.

Without destroying everything, the masked Kazuma manages to single-handedly defeat Rain, Claire, and Mitsurugi and leave Megumin star-struck by his awesomeness.

But he may discover himself in a bit of a problem since he accidentally succeeded in stealing a ring from Princess Iris. It is a ring that needs the possessor to marry anyone from the royal family!

But, in the end, the narrative is all about Kazuma discovering his own self-worth.

Wrapping Up

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing in This Wonderful World! is an outstanding series that deserves a KonoSuba Season 3. And if the words of the producer Junichiro Tamura are anything to go by, we might see a KonoSuba season 3 as early 2021 or go a little delayed by early 2022.

The anime series has more than sufficient material for KonoSuba Season 3 and Season 4. So, with the performance of the movie and the selling of the Light Novel, KonoSuba might come back with season 3.

Now that you know the narrative, we are sure you’ll be excited to see how the makers give justice to the plot. The fans have to wait for an official statement.

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