Law School Season 2: Everything you should know!

Law School Season 2 might follow season 1. But when will it release? Want to know more? Let’s explore together!

Law School is a South Korean series which released this year on Netflix. It made an extraordinary entry online and made many fans in a short time. As a result, season 1 ended just a few days before, and there is a hike in demand for Law School Season 2. 

It is a legal drama series that follows the plot of students and teachers of Hankuk University Law School and is a crime series that is created by Kim Sok-Yun, Seo In, and Christine Ko. 

It follows the adventure of students and teachers starting from the first episode itself. Season 1 released in April 2021 on Netflix and JTBC and ended in June 2021.

Let’s see what fans should know about Law School Season 2 release date and much more. 


Law School Season 2 Release Date confirmed?

The first season came out with flying colors and is praised amongst the South Korean shows. The show is gripping to manage the fans watching it. Now, what about season 2?

Looking at the demand for season 2, there are high chances that the production team will start working on it soon. As they work, there might be speculations spread amongst the fans by the characters to create some amusement and anxiety.

With all this anxiety, we feel disturbed that they have still not declared the Law School Season 2’s release date. Yes, there is no confirmation about it!

But, the one fact can change your mood! Which fact?

The high speculations for the release date are somewhere in the spring season of 2022. Haha, not much time left, I guess. So, you have to wait for the release of season 2 for 1 more year (expectedly)!

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What increases the chances of the release of season 2?

Season 1 came with 16 episodes which ended on June 9, 2021. Each of them was around 60-66 minutes long. Still, the number of fans watching them is increasing daily. 

Approximately 1.52 million fans network has been formed by the first season. In a short interval of time, this series has become one of the highest-rated TV shows across the nation.

The success story of the show and the cliffhangers are enough to make sure that there will be season 2 somewhere in the future. So, let’s not lose hope for it and look forward to the next information about season 2.

Law School Season 2- Main Characters [Expected!]

Law School Season 2

Many characters are playing their best role in the first season. But the impact of the main character is what attracts the audience. Hence, here is the list of main characters that might also appear in season 2.

– Kim Myung-min as Yanf Jing-hoon

– Ryu Hye-young as Kang Sol A/ Kang Dan/ Erica Shin

– Kim Bum as Han Joon-hwi

– Lee David as Seo Ji-ho

– Soo-kyung as Kang Sol B

– Lee Jung-em as Kim Eun-sook

– Hyun Woo as Yoo Keung-jae

– Park Hyuk-Kwon as Jin Hyeong-woo

– Jo Jae-ryong as Lee Man-ho

– Jung Won-Joong as Ko Hyeong-su

– Ahn Nae-sang might appear in a role of flashback as a surprise appearance.

What might happen in the Law School Season 2 Plot?

As we saw in the first season, the pupils of Hankuk University Law School are fighting for Professor Yang. He is innocent and gets false allegations for murdering a fellow faculty member. 

At last, the truth was revealed that Assemblyman Ko was the antagonist, and Prosecutor Jin is also linked with him. Somehow Professor Yang, along with Kang Sol A, manages to get the antagonist and his mates in police custody.

If there will be season 2 anytime, it will continue the story from where the first season ended. The path of justice is never short and easy. Hence, the professor and his students will have to fight more to remove the false allegations from him.

Official Trailer of Law School Season 2 is released?

We have to inform you with grief that the official trailer is still not released.

It’s shocking that despite high demanding season 2, there is still no official trailer for it.

Don’t be upset. Season 1’s trailer is here. In case you have missed watching it, watch it now and enjoy!

Signs from the casting team for season 2 to happen.

There are some tweets that are strongly signifying that season 2 might happen soon. Here are the tweets. Look at it.

In the end, we promise to deliver the latest updates to you as soon as we come across them. We have our eyes on the official team. The minute they declare anything new about Law School Season 2.

Bookmark our page as it would help you to stay up-to-date with the news of the second season. Also, if you love to read more about your favorite anime series or TV shows, click here! Stay tuned and happy reading!

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