M2tw 15 best mods in 2023

Medieval 2 total war is one of the best war games you will find and many people know it by M2tw here we will know M2tw best mods on this list.

There are many mods that are way different from other mods of other games, most Mods can affect political and religious motives and you will also see the bloodiest war eras.

Medieval ii total war mods will make your video game brand new. You will find many unique combat units and there are also different types of wars.


Medieval II: Total War game

M2tw best mods

In this version of Total War, you may choose from a variety of armies, most of which have a historical background. You may choose from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa as your civilization this time.

You also have the option to travel to America (to battle the Aztecs) and conquer new territories. However, as you may have guessed, the game’s primary aim is to become the most powerful army. To achieve this aim, you’ll need to use your cards carefully by forming and dissolving alliances, as well as capturing any enemy territory.

Total war mods are one of the best mods because the options you choose in this will affect the outcome of the game. As a result, strive to make the most of your opportunities and behave accordingly.

Most notably, when this game was made available to the whole gaming world, it had innovative new features and also have medieval siege weapons. We were able to construct battles with up to 10,000 units on the battlefield at the same time, thanks to the engine.

Second, the creators provided us with new tools to assist in modification. As a result, we have the capacity to create and change whole armies, potentially increasing the game’s replayability.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top modifications available in M2TW, which may potentially add hundreds of hours to your gameplay sessions. All of these examples provide you with a plethora of fresh options, troops, and methods to play Medieval 2 Total War.

Top Medieval 2: Total War mods

To begin our Total War mod adventure, we must first establish some ground rules for this list.

Second, you still have the option to download any of the items on the list and begin your new campaign. Finally, all of them are compatible with both CD and Steam versions, allowing everyone to play them. Remember that your base game must have the Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms expansion loaded.

15-Rusichi Total War

M2tw best mods

We’re transported to a war-torn mediaeval Russia this time. The Kyiv, Novgorod, and Ryazan, three playable factions modelled on real Russian kingdoms, each have their own distinct attributes and even new texture skins.

The mod also includes a settlement structure in which surrounding villages supply the majority of a city’s income.

This increases the likelihood of neighbouring villages fighting invaders rather than fleeing in terror.

Historic Russian kingdoms

An interesting narrative about three kingdoms are battling for a unified Russia while also dealing with foreign resistance and internal strife.

14-Call of Warhammer Beginning of the End Times

All of this modder’s work was made public before the official Warhammer version of Total War was released. Nonetheless, it provides fantastic new material for the main game.

The grand campaign map has been expanded to three times its original size, including new biomes and weather variations. Second, new units from armies like Bretonnix, Lizardmen, Ogre Kingdoms, Wood Elves, and others will be available to play with.

The modder gave the Chaos army and its unique qualities special attention.

13-Game of Thrones: Fire and Blood

M2tw best mods

Despite the fact that the final season of the series was not particularly entertaining for practically all fans of the franchise, you may still test this mod for free. Most notably, you may relive all of the pivotal battles from the novels and series, as well as fight alongside the well-known characters.

Furthermore, because the campaign map resembles Westeros, you can observe how all of the factions interact. Furthermore, because the mod can always be updated, we could see some improvements when the next books arrive. As a result, we may have more exciting battles and better endings.

12-Total Vanilla Beyond

If learning new battlegrounds and various playable sides becomes too difficult, this is the addon for you mostly the environment textures. As a result, instead of introducing something altogether new, the modders strive to improve the underlying game (like adding things from other franchises).

As a result, you’ll notice enhancements that make Medieval 2: Total War more stable and attractive.

The map has a few new additions (with more details). It also includes a few historical factions that are visually and functionally identical to those in the original game.

Most importantly, this style of mod does not adhere to a near-perfect historical perspective. Instead, it gives some of the game’s aspects a little leeway here and there.

11-Broken Crescent

The amazing work put forth by these modders with Broken Crescent will contribute to Medieval Total War’s immersion. When you install this mod, you’ll notice how much “professionalism” each unit and degree of detail has. Indeed, historical links with the Middle East may be found from 1174 to 1300.

In addition, you may check out 18 new factions and a plethora of new models. Unfortunately, it appears that the mod’s developers have gone on to other projects, but who knows, and maybe we’ll see something new soon.

10-Stainless Steel Mod

M2tw best mods

This mod expands the main game’s capabilities by introducing new campaigns and playable factions. To begin with, when you load the mod into your game, you have additional choices to adjust.

As a result, you can activate/deactivate settings according to your preferences or the capacity of your machine, turn-based strategy, accurately depicting, fantasy-based approach, second battle, matching skins, kingdom unions, settlement system, popular mod, environment textures, time period, enemy ai, middle eastern history, brand new campaign map, most destructive wars. You may, for example, put permanent arrows or javelins on the battlefield to give authenticity to any epic battle.

You may even modify the type of AI you’ll meet after you’re in the midst of the game. Finally, it corrects the historical “mistakes” from the original Medieval 2: Total War, bringing everything up to date.

Above all, you may test out all of the new features in a multiplayer game with a friend. This mod’s experience may be enhanced by adding submods to make it more accurate.

9-Third Age: Total War

This time, the modders completely reworked the original game, based it on the Lord of the Rings series. Due to the potential of any Total War engine, you may take this strategy game and turn it into the greatest candidate for replaying the key clashes from the movies.

As you can see, the addons include additional playable factions to test in addition to the new terrain (which is a replica of the original). Additionally, the Third Age mod may be expanded with several “submods” that attempt to complete the theme’s entire experience.

As a result, you can observe the collaborative efforts of numerous modders who are constantly upgrading and improving this epic environment (Middle-Earth). Also, keep in mind that you may play with your buddies using the multiplayer capabilities from Medieval Total War.

8-The Elder Scrolls: Total War

M2tw best mods

This mod is for you if you ever feel like you don’t have enough Skyrim to play. With a few minor modifications, you may now play with a variety of new factions on the Tamriel continent. As a consequence, you get a hybrid of Skyrim’s RPG aspects and Medieval II: Total War’s strategy components.

As a result, while you go through the Elder Scrolls games, you may reenact the most important conflicts that we learn about in various novels set in Tamriel. You may even alter the outcomes of any battles by switching to the “evil” factions and conquering anything you see. Finally, because this engine is so much better than the one we used in Rome: Total War, the battles become a completely different experience.

7-Planetwar: Total War

This mod is worth checking out if you’re tired of the game’s historical features and want to try something fresh. Above all, it introduces a slew of new troops from other franchises, causing havoc on the battlefield overhaul mod, a war fought, holy roman empire, total conversion mod. So we’ll leave it up to you to put all of those surprises to the test if you try something like Planetwar.

6-Rise of Three Kingdoms

We’re now in Asia, and our next stop is China. The Three Kingdoms era began with a 100-year civil war following the fall of the Han Dynasty.

The Three Kingdoms War was fought by three Chinese states: Cao Wei, Shu Han, and Eastern Wu, and was one of the deadliest times in Chinese history.

With unique graphics that correctly reflect the armour and weaponry of the period and place, this mod gets you right into the action.

There’s a lot to discover here, including balancing tweaks, new troops, and gameplay elements.

5-Santa Invasion

M2tw best mods

I like to throw in something ridiculous every now and then, and here we are! This drew my notice right away because it’s the only “Humour Mod” on twcenter.net. So that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Almost every game with mod support has a wackier version. And here’s Santa Invasion if you just want to have some silly fun.

Santa Invasion, as you may expect, allows you to play as a different faction. This year’s bad list includes enemies, who will not receive any presents.

4-The Character Names Project Mod

M2tw best mods

Total War has long been noted for its historical authenticity and realism.

The ability to build modifications that increase the realism of these games is a big part of why the game has such a large community.

By concentrating on a less prevalent component of the game, the Character Names Project does just that.

Character names have been modified to match historical correctness based on research.

Characters now have names like “Tahir al-Rida” or “Dawud al-Sarraj,” for example, if you’re playing Egypt.

Just under 500 names have been added to each of the factions in the game, based on extensive research to ensure that names are correct and appropriate to the historical period.

An apparently little alteration. However, this one adds a degree of realism and depth that few would consider.

3-Mr Crow’s Warwagon

M2tw best mods

Adding extra troops to the game is another great way to make it more intriguing.

If you’ve played M2TW numerous times, you’re undoubtedly already familiar with the various troops. As a result, introducing additional ones can have a significant effect.

Mr Crow’s Warwagon is a fun unit to have in the game. What exactly is a war waggon?

It’s a mediaeval siege weapon: a wooden cart with riflemen inside.

Because each waggon houses three troops, you may now utilize them in-game. The waggon protects these men, who fired through cracks in the wood.

What’s even more entertaining is that the AI also uses a wooden wagon.

War waggons are even placed in front of formations, emulating the renowned “waggon wall” or “waggon forts” of the period. Neat!

2-HaHawk’s Native Voices Mod

M2tw best mods

HaHawk, a modder, took it upon himself to replace audio samples with new dialogue to improve the game’s realism.

According to the mod’s description, voice samples are now available in English, French, German, and Russian (among a few more languages, according to the mod’s description). It’s impressive enough that it extends beyond English!

This is another mod you didn’t realize you required, similar to the Character Names Project.

There’s no other way to play the game after you’ve installed this.

You won’t be bothered by the dialogue since you won’t comprehend anything uttered. However, immersion is greatly enhanced by the use of localized languages.

1-Europa Barbarorum 2

As you play this mod for Medieval II: Total War, you’ll learn a few new things about our past. Indeed, the modders of this custom material completely alter the game. Even on the loading screen, you may learn something helpful thanks to the addition of several messages for different stages of the game.

For example, new campaigns, playable factions, and units are included in the other elements on this list custom textures, central Europe, each the Kyiv, roman empire, interface elements. The new map, too, contains a lot of intricacies and enhancements that make the game more likely.

Despite this, the campaign raises the game’s difficulty, making it tougher for casual gamers. As a result, you must organize your army correctly and expand whenever you have sufficient resources.

This is it for the list hope you love the mods and will try every mod and if you don’t know this game also have film and novel series but with help of mods there you can see new units, new systems, updated texture skins, updated map, gameplay updates.


Medieval II Total War game is Turn-Based Strategy game?

Yes, it is one of the best Turn-based strategy games.

Will we see Games of thrones character in Games of thrones blood and fire mod?

Yes, we can play with Game of Thrones Characters with the mod.


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