The Meaning of the Moon Tarot Card- A Complete Guide!

The Meaning of the Moon Tarot Card

The Tarot Card reading is interesting. Each card has something to tell you. The deck has an interesting Moon Card. Do you know the meaning of the Moon tarot card? If you are curious to know, read on!

The Moon is one of the tarot deck’s most mysterious and possibly enlightening cards. This is the 18th number card of the Arcana. The moon card pushes you to connect with your intuition whether you draw it upright or reversed. However, how should you interpret those instincts? What does the moon card indicate about you? T

To help you understand the significance and the meaning of the moon tarot card, I am providing you with a complete guide.

Don’t forget to read between the lines to find what the Moon tart card has for you!


The Meaning of the Moon Tarot Card: Everything you must know!

Each card has distinct meaning when it is drawn upright or reversed manner. Similarly, our Moon also has distinct meanings for both.

In this article, you will learn about the meanings of the Moon tart card pathways.

But let’s discuss the general meaning first.

Meaning of the Moon Tarot Card: General Meaning

On looking at the Moon card, we find the following:

The standard card images include one dog, representing the docile part of the mind, and one wolf, representing the untamed side, howling at the Moon. A full moon with a crescent inside, twin pillars, howling dogs and wolves, a stream that flows into the ocean, and a crayfish poking its head above the surface.
The Moon’s reflection has illuminated the area, but it is not enough to allow for clear viewing.

What does a Moon card depict in general?

The Moon card in the Tarot issues a warning. It is about the possibility of problems and the inaccuracy of first impressions. The situation is not as it appears.

The Moon card suggests following your gut feelings and intuition. Don’t go after what you are seeing. The truth may be different. Your intuitive body, a part of all that is alive, is more intelligent and swift than the cultivated, civilized self.

What you experience, your intuitive body will support you perfectly. Meditation would be a better course of action. Try to observe. Don’t take any action; let nature move you. In this case, it could be preferable to choose this.

Meaning of the Moon Tarot Card: When Upright Drawn

If upright drew, the card represents doubt, mystery, and delusion. However, when your path is uncertain, or you are about to enter a period of confusion, you will likely draw the moon card.

Drawing a Moon card is not a coincidence. It is a reminder to pause and consider what is going on.

Think about the decisions you have just made because they could not be accurate.
Making decisions based on instinct is advisable as your intuition is directly related to the Moon.

Meaning for your Love & Relationships:

The moon card can represent doubt, insecurity, and uneasiness in romantic relationships. For example, you might discover an imbalance between the partners at the root of that uncertainty. The Moon can indicate that even though your relationship appears to be going well to others, it may not be.

You may be having some communication issues. Numerous disagreements, problems, or insecurities could arise.

If you are single, The Moon may suggest a lying world all around you or that you are possibly being duped. It indicates that the person you’re dating isn’t exactly who they seem to be.

However, don’t make haste in taking decisions abruptly. Instead, keep yourself calm till everything clears.

Meaning for your Money:

The Moon suggests that you should be cautious with your finances. Put off making significant financial decisions for the time being.

A moon card can suggest that you don’t have all the information. However, you might not have all the knowledge you need to decide because someone withholds information from you.

It can also signify that someone is trying to trick you out of money. Be cautious not to become paranoid, but follow your gut; if anything seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Press the pause button before making a significant investment or purchase.
Before making significant financial decisions, research extensively and ask many questions.

Meaning for your Career:

A moon card in your career indicates that your job path may be somewhat ambiguous. There is something fishy about it.

You may be dealing with changes at work. Are you thinking about switching careers? Then stop for a while and then decide.

The moon card may also indicate that you have trouble communicating at work. For example, your colleagues or superiors may miscommunicate at work, leading to issues or misunderstandings.

If you are facing such situations, keep all the communication in writing. It will help you. Send crucial messages via email to take control of the situation and have written records. To avoid misunderstandings, don’t be scared to say things again.

Meaning for your Health:

Drawing an upright Moon card means taking care of your body in time.

Whether it is to eat right or practice yoga, exercise, or meditation, do it to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Meaning of the Moon Tarot Card: When drawn, Reversed

If you have been dealing with anxiety and uncertainty, there are chances that you will draw a reversed Moon card. So what does it signify?

Fortunately, the reversed moon card indicates that things will improve. The truth will come out in front of everyone.

In a broader sense Reversing the Moon Tarot card might represent letting go of anxieties or purging negative energy.

You’ll uncover the answers you need, negative energy dissipates, and confusion becomes clarity.
It’s time to overcome your fear and move forward if you’ve hesitated to alter or shake things up.
Be patient and trust your gut if you’re looking for an answer; the appropriate path will soon become obvious.

The Moon turning around can also mean that any mental health problems or depression you have been experiencing will start to go away, and you will start to see the light again. You

Let’s interpret the meaning in detail:

Meaning for your Love & Relationships:

You may find someone very close to you expressing their feelings for you. And you will find your soulmate.

Everyone will come to know about your love and relationships.

The truth about your partner’s affair might shatter you if you are in a relationship. Simultaneously you will find someone who loves you.

If you’re single, stay watchful. Someone who is in true love with you is going to find you soon.

Meaning for your Money:

Reversed Moon card means keeping track of your financial objectives by reviewing your accounts and assets.

You may find that your business partner is cheating on you. Could you get rid of him?

The Moon Card Reversed could also indicate that you’re about to comprehend your financial condition and future better.
Reviewing your accounts and assets ensure you are on track with your financial objectives.

Also, it may indicate that you may have a better financial situation in the future.

Rely on your instinct ahead of investing your money.

Meaning for your Career:

You’re about to achieve a breakthrough, and your struggles have ended.

The caring energy of the Moon assures you that you will overcome any worries you have about your career or a new role.

It also indicates taking up some creative path like writing or something else. You may succeed in these fields more.
Remember, what life offers you might not be as you expected but the best one for you.

Meaning for your Health:

The moon card reversed means renewal and healing.

It is most likely a favorable sign when it comes to your health. However, when it comes to health-related difficulties, the Moon reversed can be a good card because it may portend a reduction in mental health problems like depression or anxiety.

You may understand the cause of the health ailments you have been facing. Stay in touch with your doctor to clear your doubts.


Do not fear if you have drawn a Moon card. However, it stimulates the warning signal!

The Moon card exposes us to the enigmatic kingdom of Darkness and Night, the symbolic world of the soul, the domain of our hopes, dreams, and revelations.

The Moon’s positive side is filled with passionate fantasies, brilliant imagination, and imaginative creativity. So keep calm and understand the message behind the Moon card.

Who knows, it might be good for you!

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