45 Most Powerful & Cute Anime Boys Of All Time

There is just something about cute anime boys that women can’t seem to resist.

To find out what makes these boys so adorable, we have prepared an awesome list.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Top 45 Cute Anime Boys

1.  Shou Kurusu – Uta no Prince-sama

Shou Kurusu is an extremely good-looking blonde man who has a spectacular sense of fashion as he can be seen wearing clothes that belong in the Western world.

Although Shou looks dashing, he feels quite ashamed when people call him ‘cute’ because he feels that the reason they call him that is that they are making fun of his height.

2. Juuzou Suzuya – Tokyo Ghoul

Known as a problem child, Juuzou Suzuya is a very intelligent Ghoul investigator who shows the utmost devotion to the person who had kept him as an executioner.

Unfortunately, he was subject to a lot of punishment while fighting deadly foes. An example would be how he had to continue fighting against two enemies while having a slashed stomach.

3. Shouyou Hinata – Haikyuu!!

Shoyo Hinata is one of the most inspiring and admirable volleyball players ever because of how excellent he is at the game despite his short height.

In addition, he has a very electrifying personality that he tries his hardest to share with the rest of the crew. As a volleyball player, Hinata is immensely talented and is a valuable asset to the team.

Hinata’s determination can be seen in his green eyes when he always appears to the court as early as possible when everyone is sleeping. He knew that strenuous hard work was necessary in order to have an advantage over his tall competitors.

4. Kuroko – Kuroko no Basuke

The most adorable basketball player in Kuroko no Basuke has definitely got to be its titular protagonist, Kuroko.

Although he has a cute face, his short body and unathletic physique led him to give up on becoming a prolific scorer.

Instead, he focused on passing the ball and being the 6th man of his prodigious basketball club.

5. Nate River aka “Near” – Death Note

Ever since Near was a child, he was absolutely obsessed with solving complicated puzzles and challenges.

As a result, his analytical skills grew tremendously and this made him the most intelligent child in his orphanage.

Despite his young age, he was able to successfully find a notorious serial killer who was renowned as the ‘God of the new world.

One of Near’s most iconic moments is when he had completely beat Light at his own game and showed no emotions or fear of being killed in retaliation.

His astoundingly brave demeanor is one of the most surprising traits that can be seen in a child this young and sweet.

6. Yato – Noragami

Living as a God seems to be a great privilege for Yato. Especially because he is extremely handsome and looks as if he is still in his twenties.

The shocking thing about Yato is that he has lived for over a 1000 years and yet he remains quite childish and mischievous.

His goals are to amass a large amount of followers so that he can become a better God

7.  Zeno – Dragon Ball Super.

Zeno is without a doubt the most powerful anime character of all time. He has the power to erase anything and everything just by snapping his fingers.

He has a very childish personality as he loves to play games with others.

However, there is a very frightening side to him as he shows no sympathy towards others and will erase their universe without a valid reason.

In fact, he created a massive multiverse tournament for the sole purpose of deciding which universe gets to avoid erasure.

8. Lavi – D.Gray-man Hallow

With his ginger red hair, Lavi has taken his place as one of the hottest cute anime boys on this list.

Lavi is chosen to be the successor of his clan and because of that, it is up to him to prove his immense strength as an blue exorcist.

As a Bookman, he is blessed with high amounts of intelligence, and thanks to that he is able to cook up strategies on the fly.

9. Kise Ryota – Kuroko no Basuke

Kise is a part of the prodigious 6 basketball players of Teiko High School.

His team was dubbed as the ‘generation of miracles’ because players like Kise and his teammates have never appeared before.

Kise’s number one talent is to copy someone’s abilities and deliver a more polished version of it. The best thing about Kise is he is always humble in defeat.

Kise is best remembered by his awesome battle against the ace of the Generation of Miracles aka Aomine Daiki. His performance against Aomine was so great that he came extremely close to winning the entire match.

However, after Aomine reached a new level that was never seen before in the anime, Kise was overpowered and his copy abilities were also overcome.

10. Ciel Phantomhive – Black Butler

Ciel Phantomhive is the Queen’s watchdog and because of that, he is intent on protecting the Queen by eliminating all threats in the vicinity.

As a teenager, he displays outstanding maturity as he is the head of the Phantomhive family and is always expected to make good decisions.

His butler is Sebastian Michaelis who is simply dashing! Sebastian is definitely the star of the show as his killer aura is just so intense! One of the best highlights in the entire anime is when Sebastian can be seen using his superhuman strength to defeat horrifying enemies.

Also, Sebastian is very popular among men because of his brilliantly designed suits and tuxedos that never fail to leave viewers in awe.

11. Nagisa Hazuki – Free!

Nagisa is an adorable swimmer who is one of the main characters in the anime Free!. He has a very laid-back personality and is extremely cheerful.

After enrolling at Iwatobi High School, Nagisa was able to reunite with his former teammates.

The best thing about Nagisa is that he doesn’t have a serious competitive side like some of the swimmers in Free!

12. Goku – Dragon Ball

The most popular anime character of all time is none other than Goku from Dragon Ball.

As most of you may already know, Goku possesses tremendous strength that continues to grow after each of his fights.

What surprises most people about Goku is that despite his never-ending love for fighting and training, he is still a family man and cares very much about his children and also his grandchildren!

Out of all his amazing personality traits, his kindness, and compassion for others is definitely the best. That is why Goku is an amazing role model for the young generation who had the pleasure to witness the greatest anime in live television.

The best part is, Dragon Ball is still an on-going show so anime fans always have an abundance of action to look forward to.

13. Aladdin – Magi

Aladdin is one of the most extroverted people on this list since he loves making friends and keeping them happy.

In addition, he has strived to become an even more powerful magi because of the need to protect his friends from evil.

What’s funny about Aladdin is that he has a preference for eating other people’s meals without asking.

14. Light Yagami – Death Note

Boasting one of the highest IQ levels on this list is none other than the king of serial killers, Light Yagami. Doesn’t he look just cute in that white shirt of his?

Light is the son of a renowned police officer. And, because of that, he displays an unbelievable sense of justice that is disliked by many people because it does not offer a second chance.

Light commits all his murders by writing his victims’ names in a book known as Death Note. He can also specify the time and place his victims lose their lives.

He uses this ability to his very best in order to fool the detectives and avoid leaving a pattern to his style of killing.

What’s really horrifying about Light’s persona is that at the end of his life, anime fans were absolutely disappointed and wished for a serial killer to continue his evil ways.

15. Hanabusa Aido – Vampire Knight Guilty

Hanabusa Aido is a devilishly handsome aristocrat vampire. Thanks to that, he attracts lots of attention from women in his academy.

Unsurprisingly, he returns that attention by flirting with all his suitors.

As a vampire, most of his people expect him to keep that fact a secret, but Hanabusa has no problems sharing his secret with all the people in his academy.

16.  Edward Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist

As a blonde, cheerful young man, Edward expected to have an easy life. However, when his mother passed away, Edward tried to resurrect her by using illegal human transmutation rituals.

As a result, his brother had lost his entire body and Edward himself lost his right arm and his left leg.

In addition, to not being able to bring back his mother, he had caused lots of damage to him and his brother and now is intent on reversing his actions through the use of a Philosopher’s stone.

The most memorable moment in Fullmetal Alchemist is when Edward was crying to the Gods for forgiveness. He claimed that all he wished for was a chance to see his mom again.

17.   Tatsumi – Akame Ga kill

Tatsumi had one of the most admirable beginnings as he was just a child when he left his village to make a name for himself and bring his family the income that they need.

One of the best things about Tatsumi is that he is always hellbent on protecting his friends and being kind to them.

Tatsumi’s highlight moment was when he fought against the emperor in order to bring an end to the ongoing corruption in his country.

18.  Lag Seeing – Tegami Bachi

The main protagonist of Tegami Beach is Lag Seeing who is known to be extremely adorable and loving.

In addition, Lag’s piercing blue eyes combined with his dazzling white hair give him quite an attractive outlook.

What’s funny about Lag is that he likes to wear lots of hilarious costumes in order to pull off a disguise. Lag can sometimes be seen wearing a fake moustache and a red hat.

19.   Natsu Dragneel – Fairy Tail

As the main character of Fairy Tail, Natsu is recognized as one of the most fearless mages in all anime.

An example of his fearlessness is the time when he decided to challenge each and every S-class mage in his guild Fairy Tail.

Despite failing to achieve victory, he held no bad blood and was eager to become a more powerful mage.

In the end, Natsu was sent to the future thanks to his strength.

20.  Mitsukuni Haninozuka – Ouran High School Host Club

Anime fans are completely in love with overly-optimistic cute anime boys such as Mitsukuni.

Mitsukuni’s loveliness stems from the fact that he is not like every other 17-year-old as he is tremendously petite and cute.

For that reason, girls are obsessed with him and are ready to do anything to please this adorable cute anime boy.

21.   Shanks – One Piece

As the one who inspired Luffy to become a pirate, Shanks is a mighty pirate himself because he is one of the four most notorious pirates to exist today.

These days Shanks can usually be found partying with his crew all day long. Surprisingly he was even able to stop an entire war by himself using just words.

22.  Meliodas – The Seven Deadly Sins

The wrath of Meliodas knows no bounds. As the strongest character in ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’, Meliodas was appointed as the next ruler of the Demon clan because of his immense strength and indomitable resolve.

In fact, his power level reached such a high point that not even his very own father could defeat him in battle even though he was the Demon King. A being unmatched in power.

23.   Itachi Uchiha – Naruto

The word prodigy is synonymous with the name of Itachi Uchiha. He achieved the rank of a chunin at a tremendously young age when in reality it should have taken him at least 20 years on average.

Ever since he was 7 years old, he was able to master and successfully use the Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu which is the signature technique of the Uchiha clan.

24.  Eren Yeager – Attack On Titan

Eren Yeager is the one man who swore to take revenge on the titans for viciously chomping down his mother.

As he trained in the military to become an asset for the humans, there was a major twist as it was revealed that Eren can transform into a titan of his own.

Because of his enormous strength as the Attack Titan, he has become the trump card of the military.

25.   Akira Fudo – Devilman

Although Akira was originally just an incapable young kid who had no courage and strength, he soon evolved into a dangerous fighter after he had become possessed by a demon named Amon.

Since Akira had a strong personality, he avoided losing his mind to the demon Amon. As a result, he became a ‘devilman’ who specialized in demon hunting.

26.  Yusuke Urameshi – Yu Yu Hakusho

As a spirit detective, Yusuke was responsible for the protection of the human world from all kinds of demonic threats that harmed humanity.

After training with a famous specialist known as Genkai, Yusuke’s strength grew immensely as he was able to fight and win against many deadly opponents.

Later it is revealed that Yusuke has demon blood inside him because of his demonic ancestors

27.   Kurama – Yu Yu Hakusho

Kurama is a demon fox who was forced to transfer his soul onto a toddler so that he would avoid dying from his injuries.

While peacefully living as a human, Kurama developed a strong relationship with his mother and decided to do anything to help her stay alive.

The best thing about Kurama is the awesome transformation that grants him a tremendous amount of power.

28.  Kakashi Hatake – Naruto

Known as the ‘Son of The White Fang’, Kakashi is just as strong as his name sounds. Possessing the Sharingan has enabled him to become the man who has mastered a thousand jutsus.

Thanks to his abilities, he gained lots of notoriety among the strong ninjas. His nickname then become ‘ Copy Ninja Kakashi”

29.   Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki was just a young man who went about his lonely life trying to protect the people he loves.

However, his life took a major twist when he was attacked by a ghoul named Rize and was left to die.

Just before he lost his life, a doctor had implanted Rize’s organs into his body and thus had converted him into a ghoul. Now Ken has to live as a ghoul and protect himself from evil.

30.  Android 17 – Dragon Ball Z

Although he was one of the main villains in Dragon Ball Z, he later joined the do-gooders after his life was saved by the very people he tried to kill.

Before having his body altered by  Dr. Gero, he used to be a normal human being along with his twin sister Android 18.

After his transformation, he gained insurmountable power that was only overcome by the ultimate organism created by Dr. Gero.

31.   Gohan – Dragon Ball

At one point, Gohan was absolutely the strongest fighter in Dragon Ball, he was the first character to achieve the ascended Saiyan transformation aka Super Saiyan 2.

As a result of his immense increase in strength, he was able to save his planet from destruction at the hands of the ultimate organism, Cell.

32.  Mob – Mob Psycho 100

Shigeo Kageyama aka Mob is the main character of Mob Psycho and is renowned for his devastating ability to use his negative emotions to bolster his psychic strength.

Fortunately, Mob is a very kindhearted individual who tends to avoid holding resentment for others. In fact, his compassion is so strong that he refuses to use his full strength against his enemies

33.   Mikoto Mikoshiba – Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Perhaps most remarkable about Mikoto is his chiseled jawline and dashing red hair that sways to the side.

Needless to say, Mikoto is quite a handsome young man who relishes the attention garnered from all his female classmates.

What’s surprising about Mikoto is that he is actually a tsundere and finds it annoying to have such inadequate experience in dealing with women.

34.  Vash the Stampede – Trigun

Without a shadow of a doubt, Vash is the only man on this list to have a bounty so astronomically high that it turned into his nickname.

The 60 Billion dollar man is no stranger to combat and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his friends. Surprisingly, Vash actually dislikes having to use brute force and instead prefers to keep it peaceful.

35.   Aizen – Bleach

The most intelligent villain on this list is none other than the fearsome former squad captain, Aizen Sousuke.

After betraying his former colleagues and friends, he decided to create his own army using ghostlike figures named Hollows.

His dominance was so outstanding that he conquered the world of Hollows in just a few minutes.

36.  Beerus – Dragon Ball Super

As a God of Destruction, Beerus holds the power to destroy any planet with just his fingertips.

He has spent thousands of years in training and is now able to wield the energy of destruction which has the power to erase anything from existence.

His most notable personality trait is his short temper that has resulted in many planets being destroyed.

37.  Asta – Black Clover

One of the saddest backstories is that of Asta who was abandoned by his very own mother after she left him at the entrance of a church.

Fortunately, Asta grew up to become a very strong man with an energetic personality. The best thing about Asta is that after all the months he spent in training, he has achieved an unbelievable physique.

38.  InuYasha – InuYasha

InuYasha is a dog demon who was born to an extremely amazing demon named Toga.

Since Inuyasha was a half-demon, his only goal was to retrieve the Shikon no Tama which would allegedly allow him to become a full demon.

While trying to find the pieces of that stone, he runs into many powerful foes who are also desperate to use the Shikon no Tama to increase their power

39.  Yuno – Black Clover

After being abandoned when he was a child, Yuno grew up in a church along with all his foster brothers and sisters.

Because of his rough childhood, he developed an emotionless personality that made him quite detached from all the others.

Fortunately, after living with Asta for so long, Yuno became similar to him in that he also wished to never give up and keep fighting against life’s trials.

40.   Muzan Kibutsuji – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Muzan is the star of the show Kimetsu no Yaiba as his overwhelming presence leaves fans in awe.

Since he is the demon king he became the first demon to ever exist. He had 5 wives that helped him grow the number of demons to an outstanding amount.

41.  Sasuke Uchiha – Naruto

Sasuke Uchiha is the secondary protagonist of the show Naruto. As the sworn rival of Naruto, Sasuke tried his absolute hardest to become the better ninja.

In fact, he awakened his Sharingan at a very young age, and because of that, Sasuke gained the ability to master jutsus at an alarming rate.

His number one goal is to avenge his fallen clan by killing his criminal brother Itachi Uchiha

42.  Goten – Dragon Ball

Goten is the youngest son of the most popular anime character of all time Goku. Anime fans were shocked to see that Goten had unlocked the super Saiyan transformation at just 5 years old.

This means he had enough strength to defeat one of the cruelest villains in all of anime named Frieza

43.  Ichigo – Bleach

Ichigo’s story began as the human who became an absurdly strong shinigami thanks to his latent spiritual pressure.

After visiting Soul Society, Ichigo had to fight numerous shinigami since he was an intruder. He also has dark eyes when he is in his hollow form.

Fortunately, his strength continued to grow to new heights each time he grew closer to his weapon Zangetsu.

44.   Levi Ackerman – Attack on Titan

Levi Ackerman is arguably the strongest human to ever fight against those monstrous titans. Because Levi has Ackerman blood, he has superhuman speed, strength, and reflexes.

The most remarkable thing about Levi is that he is absolutely fearless and is ready to do anything to bring an end to the abomination that is the titans.

45.  Trunks – Dragon Ball

Fans were shocked when they learned that Vegeta had given birth to a son named Trunks.

Certainly, the flashiest introduction in all of anime belongs to Trunks as he came to Earth on a time machine just to destroy the strongest version of Frieza who was the main antagonist of Dragon Ball Z.

Frequently asked questions

What are anime boys that look like girls called?

Anime boys that look like girls are called traps. Since they have female characteristics and male characteristics as well, they seem to attract attention from both genders.

How do anime boys have black hair?

Anime boys have black hair because they are simply born that way due to the genetics that they received from their parents. Black hair looks elegant and contrasts well with pale skin so it is always a great look.

What are anime cat boys called?

Anime cat boys are boys who like to dress up with cat ears and tails in order to have the appearance of a cat. By doing that they look very cute and adorable

How do you draw anime clothes for boys?

To draw anime clothes for boys, you should first take inspiration from the best hot anime boys to ever live. Read this post to find out everything about the hottest anime guys to ever live.

How do you draw anime hair for boys?

The first step to take when drawing hair for anime boys is to decide on which hairstyle to use. There are many hairstyles that suit hot anime guys with blue hair for example. Natsu from the fairy tail guild is known for his dashing spiky hairstyle.

How do anime boys make their hair?

Anime boys make their hair the same way we do. However, if they have deep blue eyes such as the characters from sword art online, they tend to use hair wax in order to make the hair look spiky.


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