Underrated Enchantment: 49 Anime Series You Can’t-Miss!



This is the most underrated Anime list. And a gem for anime fans who love watching Anime all the time and wanna stay updated in the anime community.

In this list, you will see many anime series that you never heard of because they are underrated Anime, and you are also going to see some names you saw in the manga, but you didn’t know about its anime adaptation.

This list also tests your anime knowledge and how big an anime fan you are or just watching popular Anime.

1-Death parade


I know many of you have already seen this Anime, but I still think that this Anime is still not as famous as any other anime which have a somewhere similar plot.

Death Parade is one of the finest anime series I have seen and also one of the most exciting Anime. The Story starts with an unusual plot where we can see that some people who are just about to die or died come into the front of the bar where they see a white hair bartender name dacim who offer them a drink and ask them if they want to play a game to win their life back.

The Story progresses with people playing games to go back to life if they win, and if they lose, they will not be going into heaven.

This Anime is based on a manga series with the same name, and it is also one of the new Anime for the anime world.

There should be two-person to play the game, so when two people die then, they come to this bar but with erased memory and think that they actually went to the bar to chill and have an excellent time, but after they start playing a game, they realize its something different and then at the end they find out the actual meaning of death parade game.

The fame and hype this Anime not got is the reason I listen in my underrated anime list.

2-Guardian of the spirit

Guardian of the spirit is action underrated Anime because the rating and whoever watched it said they really loved it and it deserves more attention.

The Anime focuses more on the mythical world or era, you can say, and have a traditional Japanese art style.

If you have watched so much Anime already and love watching Anime with a slice of life and action, then this is the Anime you should go for and should read the manga series of this Anime.

The Story is about the first emperor and about the eight warriors fighting to save their own kingdom or home, making the Anime more exciting and thrilling.

The Story is not mainly about the main characters but also other characters fighting against evil forces and making the whole world peaceful.


Hotaro Oreki, a student at Kamiyama High School, joins the Classical Literature Club at his older sister’s request so that it does not close down. The Whole plot is in the town of Kamiyama, in Gifu Prefecture in Japan. 

The fictitious Kamiyama High School is based on Hida High School in Hida, Japan.

Hyouka is a Japanese animation that explores the fascination with the everyday. Overall, I can recommend Hyouka to any Slice of a Life enthusiast. 

Hyouka, on the other hand, is certainly not the place to go if you’re searching for romance.

4-Usagi drop

The Story begins suddenly with Daikichi Kawachi, a thirty-year-old warehouse worker who is busy and unmarried, being invited to his grandfather’s funeral. 

During a talk with his mother, he is astounded to find that the child is his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter, who had already made plans. Until recently, her existence had been kept a secret.

As the family arrives, Daikichi visits relatives he hasn’t seen in a long time, and the preparations are in full gear. He keeps running into the young girl, who makes an impression on him that is pretty mature. 

Rin Kaga is eventually revealed to be her name.

Despite this, the families disagree about who should now be in charge of Rin. 

So when Daikichi decides to take Rin into his home, the dialogue is already threatening to send Rin to an asylum despite the family’s objections. 

As a result, the actual plot begins with Daikichi needing to modify his entire life in a short period of time.

Usagi Drop is a relaxing or upsetting anime. It’s an excellent statement to make when you’re expecting a child. Also well rendered in soft pastel colours and with a satisfying conclusion. 

5-Kids on the Slope – (Sakamichi no Apollon)

Due to his father’s employment situation, Kaoru Nishimi was obliged to migrate from Yokosuka to Sasebo, Kyushu, in 1966 to live with his paternal aunt. 

He meets Sentaro Kawabuchi, a vibrant young man, and Ritsuko Mukae, a childhood friend. 

Kaoru doesn’t get much out of this idea at first because, up until this point in his life, he believed school education to be his purpose in life and jazz to be savage.

However, Kaoru’s interest in jazz grows over time, and he develops friends with Sentaro and others.

However, Kaoru’s interest in jazz grows over time, and he develops friends with Sentaro and others.

Kids on the Slope is far from being as unusual as one might imagine; instead, it is a standard adolescent love and friendship story that gradually becomes more melodramatic. 

Anyone searching for a cheerful story about friendship, love, and music should read this series.

6-Serial Experiments Lain – (Shiriaru Ekusuperimentsu Rein)

Lain Iwakura, a bashful 13-year-old girl, lives in a Tokyo suburb with her technology-obsessed father, her aloof mother, and her expressionless elder sister.

Several students in Chisa Yomoda’s class continue to get e-mails from her after committing suicide. The majority of them believe the mail is a scam and a prank spread throughout the internet. 

The “Wired” is a worldwide computer network modeled after the internet. 

Experiments in Sequence Lain is an anime that blazed new trails for its time, and its narrative style and subject make it stand out even today.

It’s difficult to say who will like this anime. I’ve found that it gets more ratings on general pages than it does on some anime-specific sites.

There are no mecha, no fantasy, no shounen aspect, no excessive emotes, no action, and no normal anime elements are present. Nonetheless, I recommend that everyone at least watch the first few episodes.

The best way to see it is with a group of friends, and then you should be able to talk about Lain’s sense, nonsense, or even senselessness for hours afterwards.


There are no beings of animal or plant nature in a world analogous to Japan at the turn of the twentieth century. Mushi is a being who is supposed to have a strong affinity to nature. The coexistence of humans with Mushi is frequently troublesome.

For the most part, the Mushi are unseen to most people; nevertheless, those who can see them frequently traverse the world as Mushishi, attempting to assist those who are experiencing troubles as a result of Mushi.

Mushi is why Ginko doesn’t have one eye because he lost an eye when he was a small child to mushi, but even after this, he works for mushi and people. 

He analyses the reason and type of mushi when he comes across people who have been affected by it before attempting to drive it away without killing it.

Mushishi is a well-balanced blend of dark entertainment and melancholy meditation on human existence. 

8-Haibane Renmei

The storey takes place in a little universe that is encircled by a large wall. Except for the toga, with whom no one can speak, no one is allowed to cross the wall or see what lies behind it. Glie, a town with its own population, is located within this wall. Haibanes aren’t born the way other people are. 

Instead, they emerge from a cocoon filled with breathable liquid that grows from a seed someplace in the Old Home or factory. 

They are of various ages when they wake up, but the majority are still youngsters or have not yet reached adulthood. 

They have the same appearance and feel as humans, but they have little grey-white wings on their backs that grow in discomfort immediately after waking up.

The Haibane are forced to accept chores and work in the city for no compensation, but they are permitted to purchase used stuff with a notebook and a signature that the humans no longer require.

The Haibane have a lot of liberties, but they can’t work everywhere, and there are some boundaries they can’t cross. 

Many people believe they are reincarnations from a previous life who resurfaced as Haibane for a specific reason. It is also from this dream that they get their names. The plot centres around Haibane’s daily life.

9-Land of the Lustrous – (Houseki no Kuni)

Only 28 gems in human form, together with their teacher, live on the planet after six meteorites hit it and the humans vanished. Individual diamonds are timeless and resemble youthful people in their early twenties.

The diamonds have been at odds with the moon’s people for thousands of years, who hunt them down to use in jewellery and consumer products. They’ve already taken some of the gems, so those who are left must defend themselves.

You might think the entire series was created with 3D animation in mind, but it’s actually a manga adaption. This Anime is suitable for anyone who enjoys character development, can sit through an episode without action, and enjoys being surprised. And, of course, for anyone who enjoys gemstones!


Chihayafuru’s plot picks up with the start of a new school year, when Chihaya Ayase, a high school student, reconnects with her former classmate Taichi Mashima.

Both find time at the end of the school day for a talk that takes them back to their elementary school days. This flashback describes how Chihaya decided to make it her aim to become the best Karuta player in the world (Japanese card game). 

He shocked Chihaya simultaneously since he was the most powerful player she had ever met. 

She lost one card after another in a practice match against him. However, she was only allowed to take one card from him. This was known as the Chihaya card.

Chihaya has set the same goal as Attracting more consumers: to be the best Karuta player globally.

She was also able to get Arata’s attention in class simultaneously. Even though he couldn’t take being inferior to Arata, Taichi, who had previously employed unfair techniques against him, had now reconciled with him.

However, the erstwhile friends’ lives diverged over time, and Chihaya hopes to rejoin them through playing Karuta.

In the present, she wants to start a Karuta club at her school, inspired by her chat with Taichi.

Chihayafuru impresses with its sympathetic characters and an intriguing and unexpected subject in the form of Karuta. It’s a fantastic blend of shoujo and ganbatte animation. People who enjoy those genres should definitely check it out.

11-Welcome to the N.H.K.

Tatsuhiro Sato was expelled from university four years ago and has been jobless since. He is a “Hikikomori,” a person who spends all of his playtimes, does not work, and is afraid of social interaction. 

He also develops a conspiracy idea about how he ended there in this circumstance over time. So there’s claimed to be a group called N.H.K. behind it, which aims to transform people into Hikikomori. 

The media and the agents that surround them would have an impact on the victims.

On the one hand, Welcome to the N.H.K.’s mix of drama and satire provides us with a very entertaining animation, but on the other side, it provides us with food for thought.

The storyline is enhanced by fascinating characters, making you want to share the Anime with others.

12-Tsubasa Chronicle – (Tsubasa: Rezaboa Kuronikuru)

Since they were children, Sakura, the princess of the Kingdom of Clow, has been friends with Shaolan, a young archaeologist with a peculiar past. 

A terrible power steals all of Sakura’s memories on the night she visits Shaolan. 

He is instructed that in order to preserve Sakura’s life, he needs to collect her memories in the shape of feathers in several dimensions. As a result, the journey to reclaim Sakura’s memory begins.

CLAMP is known for its endearing characters, and Tsubasa Chronicle is everywhere.

Characters are better than in a “typical” Shounen anime, mainly because they have interesting backstories and a lot of charisma in general.

Because Tsubasa Chronicle is a cross-over with all previous CLAMP works, it features several well-known characters.

13-D.Gray-man – (Dī Gureiman)

Allen Walker, a young man in a 19th-century other reality, becomes an exorcist. Along with other exorcists from the Black Order, his mission is to stop The Earl of Millennium from destroying the planet.

The Earl achieves this purpose by exploiting people’s suffering: when a loved one dies, he appears to the relatives, promising to bring the departed back if they simply say the deceased by name.

Although not as human individuals, the dead’s souls reawaken in this way, but as Akuma, artificial creatures made up of one or more human souls.

They normally kill the person who brought them back and then took over his body, making it harder to identify them as Akuma.

These chosen ones have the ability to synchronize with the so-called “Innocence” and wield it as a strong weapon against the Akuma. 

The exorcists of the Black Order, who can free souls and thereby deprive the Earl of his henchmen, are among those chosen. They must search the world for Innocence and fight the Earl and his allies again and over again.

D.Gray-man is what I wanted it to be: a shounen. Occasionally amusing, occasionally depressing, occasionally surprising, occasionally gory, and almost always thrilling. I really advise everyone to see it, especially fans of the shounen genre.

14-Parasyte – (Kiseijū)

Strange spores from unknown origins have made their way to Earth. Humans and animals are infected with these parasites, which take over their brains and neurological systems. They may then reshape and control their hosts’ bodies as they like.

Shinichi Izumi, 17, is similarly threatened by a parasite that takes hold of him at night. However, he notices the snake-like thing in time and ties off his right arm when it enters. 

He initially believes it was all a dream the next morning. Shinichi’s right arm, on the other hand, begins to act strangely, and he understands that the dream was true after all. 

Parasyte persuades through emotional high points and a persistent oppressive and suspenseful atmosphere, all of which are the product of a highly successful presentation.

The storey, in particular, is wonderful since the Anime places a greater emphasis on the characters than on the action and effects. The latter two, on the other hand, are plentiful.

As a result, even if the Anime poses deep philosophical questions, it manages to delight the audience.

15-House of Five Leaves – (Saraiya Goyō)

A Japanese martial artist is known as the Ronin. Masanosuke Akitsu is an accomplished swordsman, yet his gentle demeanour hinders his ability.

His boss has fired him yet again, and he is hunting for work. He must also give some of the funds to his family. 

He meets the mysterious Yaichi there, who immediately strikes him as odd. 

Masanosuke soon discovers that Yaichi and his associates make a living by snatching the children of Edo’s wealthy people. Simultaneously, Masanosuke becomes his collaborator, albeit unintentionally at first.

He becomes further involved in the ring of kidnappers, driven by his sadness and intrigued by Yaichi’s intriguing persona.

Characters who are well-written meet a well-written plot.

House of Five Leaves is not for action aficionados; there is no combat, and the series is mostly a first-class drama. You should be informed that House of Five Leaves is devoid of theatricality and kitsch. Instead, you get a well-crafted and historically accurate storey about old Japan’s criminals and gangs.



Charles Laughton is a scientist who studies the idea of creating living cells artificially. When the industrial magnate Duke Red commissions him, he succeeds in producing an artificial human.

Duke Red is also the leader of the Red Party, a shadowy organization with which he seeks to capture power in Metropolis and the rest of the world.

He also uses his technology to manipulate the light, causing massive plants and animals to sprout all over the Earth.

Futuristic structures, vintage figure designs, a variety of graphic styles, and a serious storey with intriguing elements.

Metropolis is one of the best science fiction anime films I’ve ever watched because of its constant play with contrasts and vibrant images.

17-Space Brothers


Mutta and Hibito Nanba, two brothers, are at the heart of the Story. After seeing a U.F.O. flying towards the moon in 2006, the two brothers decided to become astronauts in the hopes of finding proof of their sighting.

Hibito, on the other hand, has already acquired astronaut rank and will be able to go to the moon in 2025. Mutta, who, unlike his brother, has been beset by sorrow, is still fighting for his ambition of flying to Mars.

Space Brothers is an anime that masterfully focuses on our two brothers’ terrestrial difficulties while bringing the idea of space, particularly the astronaut, closer to you in an engaging, natural, and dramatic way.

Of course, anyone interested in real space should watch this Anime.



It will be possible in the future to retain memories on media and so at least partially avoid death. Although the body dies, the memories are not forgotten. 

However, this quickly leads to memory trading and data theft.  

He just has a pendant with a woman’s photo on it. Kaiba flees into space after being attacked and embarks on a journey to reclaim his memories. On his tour, he meets various people and learns about their difficulties.

Kaiba is a fantastic animation that can only succeed because of its abstract music and picture.

The Anime begs to be viewed again so that all of its magnificence and aesthetic variation can work on you once again.

Unfortunately, this work is not suited for the general public and so only appeals to a specific audience.

19-Texhnolyze – (Tekunoraizu)


The scenery, on the other hand, is mostly desert. Rival gangs rule the city. They are primarily interested in a type of prosthesis known as “Texhnolyze.”

The majority of the population is impoverished. Texhnolyze owners are in a unique position. A massive obelisk in the city’s centre provides energy to these Texhnolyze. 

The Racan is a gang of texhnolyzed teenagers that wish to commit acts of violence and incite the Union to wage war against any Texhnolyze.

The “Class,” a fourth group, is less active in the conflict and is more connected to the outside world.

This is a challenging anime that will undoubtedly not appeal to everyone. I recommend skipping this one if you’re searching for light amusement, don’t know what to make of explicit representations of violence, or are emotionally unstable.

Unfortunately, Texhnolyze is a psychic powerhouse at vast distances, and as such, it was designed with that in mind.

I recommend Texhnolyze to anyone who likes dark mystery anime, is prepared to utilize their “brain” in every episode, and isn’t sickened by the sight of body parts flying around and blood splashing.

20-Zetman – (Zettoman)


An elite circle of bloody wrestling events between mutant beings known as players will take place in the near future.

However, during one of the wrestling matches, an occurrence occurs that results in a disaster. The players lose control, murder all of the onlookers present, and flee. 

Only 13 players and two scientists are still alive, one of them holding Jin Kanzaki, a deformed baby he attempts to protect. A ring embedded under the skin on the back of his hand can be used to identify the mutation.

Jin is depicted as a teenager growing up in a destitute shelter after a time jump.

Despite his pleasant demeanour, he lacks critical components of human contact. He can’t tell the difference between good and evil, for example, and has no concept of death or feelings like compassion or grief. 

Despite this, he manages to form a bond with Koga Amagi and his sister Konoha, his age. They wander the city together, attempting to prevent crimes.

Zetman manages to breathe new life into a tired storyline. The issue of superheroes and the responsibilities that come with being one is well-presented. There are terrible battles, the heroes are unable to save everyone, resulting in psychological stress, and so on.

Zetman is one of the best animes of 2012. Even if you’re not a big lover of bionics. Discover it for yourself with Zetman.

21-Noir – (Nowāru)


Kirika Yumura, a Japanese student, sends her a cryptic e-mail one day. She invites Mireille to accompany her on a journey into the past. Mireille initially thinks it’s a prank, but then music plays, bringing back a hazy childhood recollection.

Noir is an intriguing and distinctive action series with a nice tale with its stunning soundtrack. If you’re expecting a “typical” action series, the Noir will most likely disappoint you. 

 22-The Mystic Archives of Dantalian – (Dantalian no Shoka)


He discovers the door to a chamber filled with books in the vast manor house. He meets Dalian in the room and finds out she is the real deal. She is known as the “Black Biblioprincess,” and she serves as a link between the physical world and the “Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian.”

Huey takes on the role of “key-keeper” and hence protector for Dalian. This library houses the demon Dantalian’s so-called “Phantom Books.” 

These books bestow superhuman abilities on the reader, such as the ability to resurrect the dead or the ability to absorb all of the world’s knowledge within oneself. 

Dalian and Huey attempt to locate and seal these books throughout the world to return them to the library.

The Mystic Archives of Dantalian is a dark but amusing storey with terrific characters and a fantastic storyline. It’s also a bit of a bloodbath.

As a result, everyone who likes mystery animes with blood and a dash of fun should not miss this show!

23-Drifters – (Dorifutāzu)


Shimazu Toyohisa is critically injured during battling on the Sekigahara battlefield. He finds himself in a corridor full of doors, a desk in front of him, and a man reading a newspaper behind it, almost at the end of his power. He is drawn in by a door and tossed out in a field a short time later.

Shimazu reaches the limit of his strength and falls. He is discovered by two elves who wish to care for him. 

Toyohisa then realizes that he is in a different area and time than he is used to in Japan. The so-called “Drifters,” notable historical figures who lead a new war in an alternate universe, pay a visit.

Fights, assassinations, and slaughter are all part of the game. Those who can take it will be treated to an anime featuring several well-known historical figures. Who fights a war of unbelievable proportions in another universe. Drifters is a fantastic anime that I highly suggest to action and gore fans.



For the past 17 years, immortals known as Ajin have arisen in the world, hunted by humanity and imprisoned for experiments. 

One day, when the Anime’s main character, Kei, was hit by a car, and everyone thought he was dead, he woke up without being injured.

People happened to find out that he was one of the Ajin and then how the military started to run after him. 

Since then, many people have been after him, particularly the government, conducting experiments on Ajin.

Ajin Demi-Human is an engrossing anime with an unexpected “different” protagonist, engaging secondary characters, and a compelling tale.

You should watch this Anime because it is something new to look at.

25-Fractale – (Furakutaru)


The Story begins in the distant future, but it has already come to fruition. 

As the storey progresses, it becomes evident that practically everyone has a “robot” to take his place and do any unpleasant work.

The Fractale system, which created the holograms, is accountable for their existence. 

On the other hand, Clain is drawn to what he considers to be nostalgic items from before the creation of Fractale.

Clain encounters Phryne on a journey, a female who appears enigmatic to him, a somewhat older-looking girl on the run from many pursuers. 

Despite the thrill of their first meeting, Phryne vanishes into the night, leaving behind an object that Clain is unsure how to evaluate.

It’s not a mainstream anime, and Yamakan’s attempt to make something that appealed to more than just anime enthusiasts and otakus failed, as evidenced by the astonishingly low ratings. 

However, there is something unique about this Anime. 

This Anime is one of the best Anime in recent years but has not looked up or got attention.

26-Time of Eve – (Eve no Jikan)


We all know that technology is going on very fast. We already see robots in real life, so having a concept of Anime based on Humanoid is nothing very far, and this Anime is about Humanoid. 

They have a human look and are only distinguished by a ring projected over their heads, serving as a colour signal for their activity.

This was regarded as a social issue. The androids are repeatedly discriminated against in public campaigns. Even though they contribute to social prosperity while increasing manufacturing capacity.

Rikuo grew up in this environment and thought of robots as entirely usual. One day, he investigates the whereabouts of Sammy, a beautiful female android who looks after the family. 

He follows Sammy’s footsteps with his schoolmate Masaki and uncovers the underground café “The Time of Eve.”

Nagi, the waitress, greets the two and informs them of the café’s rules. The most important fundamental rule is that humans and robots are treated equally.

Because none of the androids there are wearing their ring, they are indistinguishable from humans. 

Furthermore, the door only allows one or two people to leave the café at a time before closing for two minutes.

The beginning of a fantastic story about robot discrimination and independence begins.

This is the Anime to watch if you want a brief view into the future. Where people and machines will coexist and must be courteous of one another.

Time of Eve looks fantastic, has an intriguing tale, and still provides a decent platform and engaging characters to convincingly convey the theme of “man vs machine.”

27-Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet – (Suisei no Gargantia)


Ledo, a 16-year-old mecha pilot who has spent his whole life in the military, is about to be granted civil rights in exchange for his contributions. 

Instead, he is sent to an unknown area via the wormhole, and then after six months. He is woken up to a whole new world for him.

He awakens in his mecha on board an unknown ship populated by humans at roughly the technological level of the twentieth century, whose language he does not understand.

When he abandons his mecha to explore, he is apprehended and kidnaps Amy, a 15-year-old girl. 

Surprisingly, he sees that the ship has no radiation or vacuum protection.

He ultimately finds that the ship is a water ship, to his dismay. His records show that he is in a livable world that his computer recognizes as Earth – the cradle of humanity, even though it should be an icy ice globe.

After the first episode, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet may still be classified as an action anime.

Even so, first impressions can be deceiving. The series is a hybrid of adventure and coming-of-age stories. It has beautiful characters, well-developed despite the brief length, great fighting, and a lovely tale.

28-Birdy the Mighty – (Tetsuwan Bādī)


Birdy Chiffon Altera tries to track down certain criminals and bring them back to Earth in a universe plagued by cosmic crime. She accidentally kills Tsutomu Senkawa, a high school student, pursuing the crooks. 

This affects her, and she saves his life by fusing her consciousness with her body and absorbing it.

Meanwhile, she must let the crooks flee. Tsutomu must stay in Birdy’s body until his body is rebuilt and he can return his spirit.

Because Birdy can assume Tsutomu’s form, he tries to live everyday life with his friends and family. At the same time, Birdy spends her free time pursuing criminals.

Due to this technique, both become increasingly entangled in the machinations of aliens who conduct tests on humans on Earth.

If you’re looking for a fantastic and new sci-fi storey with excellent animation, lots of action, and a lot of humour, Birdy the Mighty is a must-see. In the end, though, this is one of Anime’s crown jewels that gets much too little attention.



Kenzo Tenma, a Japanese neurosurgeon who works in a clinic, is well-liked by both his colleagues and patients. Eva Heinemann, his lover, is the clinic director’s daughter.

He’s getting ready to operate on Johann, a young child who was killed by a bullet to the head during a robbery at his parents’ house. His parents, former G.D.R. Trade Minister Liebert and his wife, were shot, and his twin sister Anna is in a coma.

Tenma disregards the mayor’s command favouring the injured youngster, and he dies. Tenma’s life is turned upside down when Eva calls off their engagement, and his professional career appears to be doomed.

Tenma believes he can live with a clear conscience despite losing his social status because he is confident he has chosen the morally acceptable option.

Monster is a fantastic anime that, despite a slow start, eventually captures you and doesn’t let go until the very end.

You must, however, become connected with monsters and be willing to devote some time to them. 

Otherwise, you will quickly become lost in the complicated and twisted plot and be unable to follow it.

That is why, to witness all of the coherences, I recommend watching this Anime in one sitting. But, of course, with 74 episodes to go through, it’s easier said than done. 

However, if you enjoy realistic stories with genuine characters, you should give it a shot. Because one thing is sure, Monster has unquestionably raised the bar in the thriller genre.

30-When They Cry 


Several decades before the actual event begins, an incurable sickness breaks out near the rural community of Hinamizawa. During the storyline, the sickness is revealed to be a parasitic life form that causes psychological instability in those infected, including paranoia and hallucinations, leading to aggressive behaviour and wrath. 

As a result, the affected began attacking their fellow humans until, in the final stage, they murdered themselves.

The ailment was overcome by a female member of the Furude family, who discharged a messenger material into the atmosphere, which stabilized the sick.

It features a thrillingly scary and beautiful atmosphere that gives you goosebumps regularly, fantastic background music, and fantastic characters.



The plot centres on Koyomi Araragi, a high school student who was assaulted and bitten by a vampire a month before the storey begins during Golden Week.

Since then, he’s become aware of a series of otherworldly apparitions known as Kaii that have been affecting his classmates in his close vicinity.

If you haven’t heard about it, look it up — you won’t be sorry.

Bakemonogatari is most notable for its characters and their backstories.

The plot’s intricate development naturally manifests itself in one item. There are a lot of conversations. 

The action is reduced to a bare minimum, while the horror components can be quite graphic in their depiction. Finally, the plot is an odd drama-comedy hybrid with a mystery basis.

I also believe that to the very end, a great deal of care is paid to the series’ quality — everything fits together far too nicely.

32-Yona of the Dawn 


On her 16th birthday, Yona meets Prince Soo-Won (Suwon), her cousin she has loved since childhood. However, at night, he assassinates the king to seek revenge for his father’s assassination and ascends to the throne. 

Yona, who had hitherto exclusively lived in the palace, flees the guards with General Son Hak, intending to assassinate her.

Yona of the Dawn is a well-made anime from start to finish, and despite its weaknesses, it may be enjoyable with time.

33-Legend of Galactic Heroes


Interstellar travel has been accomplished, and many of the galaxy’s planets have been terraformed to make them habitable. 

For 150 years, the monarchical Galactic Empire has been at odds with the democratic Free Planet Alliance in the galaxy. 

He wishes to free his sister Annerose. Who is forced to serve as a concubine to the ruling emperor?

As the storey progresses, his resolve to overthrow the corrupt ruling Goldenbaum Dynasty and unite the galaxy under his and the Galactic Empire’s power grows greater.

Anyone with even a passing interest in politics who enjoys written talks in which everything must be argued to the nth degree. Along with large-scale battles and a dash of epicness, should give it a shot.

34-Afro Samurai 


Afro had to see his father, Rokutaro, murder Justice as a child. The struggle was for Afro’s father’s headband, number one, which is reputed to bestow godlike abilities on its wearer. 

Afro is leaving home now that Justice has taken over the number one headband. 

Afro can’t let go of his thirst for vengeance, and he’s still looking for the owner of headband number two.

He is a completely bizarre anime with little regard for dramaturgy or plot twists. Its only goal is to entertain, and it succeeds in doing so.



Black and White, two contrasting characters without parents, live in Treasure Town, a run-down town. Greedy business people are currently transforming the town into a wonderland of amusement.

On the other hand, the two brothers take up the struggle to rescue themselves and the village from change.

The Anime’s unusual character design, which I haven’t seen in any other anime, attracts me much.

Tekkonkinkreet is mostly a visual marvel, but it also features fantastic characters and a gripping tale. I recommend it to fans of Neon Genesis Evangelion as well as anyone looking for an anime with a unique graphical style.

36-Rainbow Nisha Rokubō no Shichinin


The storey takes place in Japan during the postwar years, in the 1950s. It follows the lives of six juvenile detainees and their supervisor at the Shonan Special Disciplinary School outside Tokyo after they graduate. 

The storey of the six buddies and their “battle” against the evil warden Ishihara begins here.

Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin features sympathetic and sympathetic people, a historically significant setting, and a gripping and realistic plot. Furthermore, this Anime is brutal and cruel.

Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin is an excellent film to watch if you want something serious, historical, and dramatic all at the same time.

37-Riddle Story of Devil


The Story starts when 13 high school students are all black in a girl’s private school. 

Twelve are aspiring assassins, and Haru Ichinose, the thirteenth, is their target.

Anyone who fails the assassins or reveals the plan to outsiders will be out of school. On the other hand, Haru Ichinose quickly reveals that he is not as easy a victim as he appears.

Riddle Story of Devil is a 12-episode anime featuring thrilling mystery, touching destinies, and interpretable female love.

38-Infinite Ryvius – (Mugen no Ryvius)


In 2225, the solar system was hit by the phenomenon Gedult. Other worlds were populated after a lake of plasma, and humanity swamped the solar system.  

In the event of a station attack, all adults are killed in the station’s destruction. On the other hand, the youthful pilot hopefuls can flee to the space station’s concealed ship Ryvius.

The following power battles within the ship make returning to Earth even more arduous.

The subject is highly complicated and appealing to many audiences, not just science fiction lovers. The excellent production and the authentic and credible characters create an intense and thrilling anime experience that you should not miss.

39-Ping Pong 


Ping pong is realistic sports anime with unique but still weird animation. On the other hand, while one of the top players in his age group, Peco frequently skips training.

He chooses to play table tennis at an older woman’s modest table tennis facility in his neighbourhood. Smile regularly joins him there because they are great friends, and they play against each other.

Smile is also a better player than the others, but he is always holding himself back. He merely wants to play for the sake of having fun, not to win.

When Kong “China,” a former Chinese young national player, visits Japan, he happens to play against Peco during a training session at another school.

The animation has a stunning art style and wonderfully written characters. 

Ping Pong is an absolute must-see for any sports anime enthusiast because nothing else is like it.

But the Anime has a lot more to offer than just sports. This is why I recommend it to everyone, including those who aren’t sports fans.

40-Casshern Sins – (SINS)


In the anime world, robots that humans had utilized for a long time gained awareness and took control under the leadership of Braiking Boss. 

After Luna’s death at the hands of Casshern, he becomes immortal while the rest of the planet decays rapidly. 

The robots’ and machines’ materials rust and deteriorate at such a rapid rate that the planet’s whole biosphere collapses.

After many years of this irreversible process, most robots have rotted and exploited the rotten components to extend their own lives, resulting in cannibalistic conflicts. Until that time comes, suppressed humanity will pay the repercussions.

Because of the massive changes in the world, they can rarely reproduce and are on the verge of extinction.

It’s a cyberpunk anime set in a post-apocalyptic world with a unique look. This Anime is a fantastic masterpiece, in my opinion.

41Soul Eater


People in the realm of Soul Eater coexist with a variety of otherworldly creatures. Shinigami, witches, and demons can change their shape from human to weapon. Death City, located in the centre of Nevada, is home to the Death Weapon Master Academy (Shibusen). 

In this institution, the Death God and his subordinate tutors prepare students to become “weapon soul reapers.”

The pupils want to turn their weapon partners into “Death Scythes, which requires collecting a witch’s soul as well as 99 unclean souls.

Suppose these filthy spirits remain for too long and absorb too many innocent souls. They may evolve into a Kishin, a demon deity that desires and can bring the world to chaos. 

Soul Eater has a lot of humour, interesting characters, a well-designed world, and a compelling tale. If you enjoy Shounen and believe you’ve seen everything there is to see in the genre, Soul Eater is a must-see.

42-Gunbuster – (Toppu o Nerae!)


Humanity will come across huge insect-like space monsters as they journey through the galaxy in the not-too-distant future.

These aliens are moving closer to Earth due to their determination to exterminate humanity.

Humans have constructed warships and combat robots in reaction to this menace. Noriko Takaya is the Story’s hero, which starts in 2023 and ends shortly after the first battle with the space monsters.

Noriko’s father was a well-known admiral who has been absent since one of the earliest wars, but her combat robot piloting skills aren’t the best.

So, are you a fan of Mechas Space Operas or just nostalgic about them? Keep an eye on Gunbuster! Hold on till the finish, regardless of what you may have thought previously, and you will thank me for this.

43-Paranoia Agent – (Mōsō Dairinin)


Tsukiko Sagi, a designer, produced the sketched figure Maromi, which became a bestseller and a cult object. Tsukiko, on the other hand, has no idea and only provides meaningless sketches.

One evening, she gets struck down by a boy wearing golden rollerblades and wielding baseball bats on her walk home one evening. Tsukiko does not regain consciousness until she is admitted to the hospital.

Profound, perplexing, thrilling, and enjoyable. The film Paranoia Agent is unquestionably a “must-see.” 

This Anime is recommended to everyone, especially mystery and psychological series fans.

44-Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou


Alpha Hatsuseno lives in Japan in the not-too-distant future with no actual industry. 

There appear to be fewer individuals as a result of the natural calamity. Humanity appears to be vanishing in general.

The water level has risen dramatically in a short period, flooding the shores of several towns such as Yokohama. The landscape street lighting that emerges into the ocean.

Robots are an everyday occurrence. Alpha belongs to robot class Alpha 7, which drives to Yokohama’s next major city to go shopping.

She owns Café Alpha, a little business on a piece of property where just a few people pass by Alpha’s friendliness.

Alpha embarks on a tour through Japan after a typhoon ruins her café.

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is one of the most tranquil animes I’ve ever seen. A fantastic narrative with fantastic characters. The visual style is minimal, yet it perfectly conveys the spirit of the storyline.

45-Project ARMS


Ryo Takatsuki, a student, lives alone with his mother after his father abandoned them many years ago. He did, however, train him with melee methods so that he might be physically superior to his peers.

He did, however, train him combat tactics so that he could be physically superior to his peers. Hayato Shingu, a young boy, is transferred to the school one day.

Ryo also wants to confront Hayato after kidnapping Katsumi (a girl Ryo likes). During the fight, it is discovered that Hayato is wielding an ARMS instead of his arm.

Ryou, it turns out, is also in possession of such a weapon.

These ARMS are now revealed to be experimental weaponry made up of thousands of nanochips. 

For a long time, neither of them knew what would happen to them. Instead, the organization Egrigori, which developed the ARMS, is presently looking for four subjects with ARMS-equipped members, dubbed the Keith series.

46-Gegege no Kitaro


The Story starts with a weird role where a ghost is born, which is already weird, but the Anime is still good. 

Even this anime series is of the late ’90s but still have good characters, and you are going to like the Anime because it’s not a very great anime, but still, you will find likeable characters and also well-written characters.

His mother died during delivery, and his father now goes with him in the form of his second, wandering eye, even though he no longer has a physical body. 

He functions as a mediator who aids both sides as a child of both the human and monster worlds. Aside from his father, Nezumi-Otoko, the Rat Man, is a frequent companion on his journeys. 

Although Kitaro lives in a cemetery surrounded by “monsters.”

This Anime is worth watching because it’s not too long, making you sit all the time and not dull.

47-Nobunaga Concerto – (Nobunaga Kontseruto)


Saburo, a slacker high school student, arrives in Owari after a fall from modern-day Japan into the Sengoku period.

Nobunaga’s servants discovered him before he realized what had happened, and he escaped. Saburo now assumes his place as lord and must first navigate his new surroundings, which he does by confusing.

48-Nodame Cantabile 


Nodame Cantabile is one of the most underrated anime series and especially when it comes to musical anime series because the main characters are really great and the Story focuses on the music, and the other characters are also well written.

Shinichi Chiaki grew up in Europe with his father, a world-famous pianist, and mother, where he learned about and fell in love with classical music.

Sebastiano Viera, the conductor, frequently looked after him and became a role model. He enrolled at the Momogaoka Music Academy when he was twenty-one years old.

He could not study abroad due to his fear of flights and the sea. Shinichi is conceited and considers the majority of his classmates to be stupid.

Nodame Cantabile is one of the funniest Anime I’ve seen so far, thanks to its endearing, eccentric characters because the series combines successful humour with a lot of classical music.

 Overall I can say that the anime series has a good story, and you can say a beautiful story.

49-Samurai flamenco

If you liked my hero academia or demon slayer, then maybe you are going to love it even more than the rest who have not watched my hero academia and demon slayer.

Samurai flamenco is based on light novel series with not so unique art style or unique Story but still one of the underrated anime shows, and if you are an anime fan, then you should watch this Anime for sure.

The Story is about a guy who always wanted to be a superhero or hero, but he is working as a model for companies. But then the thrilling Story starts because when you normal human beings and you suddenly change yourself or see yourselves as a superhero to save japan or the people around you is one of the great things.

What does underrated Anime mean?

Anime Which is not popular but have a really good story.

Why Anime is it underrated?

Because still, people misunderstand it with cartoons.

Who is the most underrated anime character?

Yona is one of the most underrated anime characters.

Why is rainbow anime so underrated?

Because the Story is not straightforward or in the popular genre.

What is the most underrated Anime?

Death Parade is one of the most underrated Anime.

What’s a really good underrated anime?

Anime that is highly rated but not popular, or Anime that is not famous but has a perfect plot.



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