35 Of The Most Wonderful Anime Traps Ever

Whether you are a boy or a girl, there is a great chance you could fall in love with anime traps because of how charming they are.

You must be dying to know more about these wonderful characters. So that’s why we have made a list of the 35 best anime traps to ever exist!

Let’s get right into it.


1. Astolfo, Fate/Grand Order (2016)

Astolfo is known as the most handsome prince among all the 12 princes of his land. He wears decorations on his head that make him look like a princess.

Funny enough, the main reason he likes to dress and act like a girl is because of his love for cute things. Even though he has many feminine traits, he is renowned for going on many legendary adventures.

After flying across the world, he even reached the moon at one point.

Despite his foolishness and insufficient combat prowess, he is still very focused and doesn’t think too hard about all his shortcomings and failures.

2.  Haku – Naruto

Said to be prettier than the heroine herself, Haku’s beauty knew no bounds. Large green eyes combined with long black hair gave Haku an astounding appearance, to say the least.

Even the main character of the show, Naruto, was also completely enamored with this ninja. Later he received the shock of his life after realizing that Haku was actually a boy all along.

In addition, he was an abnormally powerful foe who tried to kill Naruto and his friends.

Fortunately, his caring and heart-warming personality made him avoid dealing a fatal blow. Who knew a 15-year-old could carry this much charm?

3. Chihiro Fujisaki

Chihiro has the appearance of an attractive brunette and he likes to dress up as a young female.

He wasn’t always like this. However, when he was young, he was bullied for being too weak while being a boy.

In retaliation, Chihiro began dressing like a girl so that nobody can accuse him of being a weak boy. Even though he dodged that bullet, he still ran the risk of being labeled as a cross-dresser.

That would be much worse.

Instead of being depressed all day, Chihiro honed his talent in programming and became one of the best programmers of his age. After that, his parents very were proud of him and he went on to work in large companies.

4. Gasper Vladi, High School DxD

Gasper Vladi is a vampire who was converted into a demon.

Although he looks like a charming anime girl, he is just a male demon that likes to look pretty and cute by dressing like a girl.

The feminine features come from his long blonde hair and shiny pink eyes.

I know it’s hard to believe he is a boy but as the show progresses, he starts to act more manly thanks to his increase in courage, confidence, and strength.

He is one of the most dangerous characters in High School DxD because of his insane ability to stop time.

In addition, he also has enormous physical power and can defeat low-ranking vampires without any difficulty.

5.  Hayate Ayasaki From Hayate the Combat Butler!

Hayate is the light-blue-haired protagonist of Hayate the Combat Butler.

What makes Hayate stand out is the impressive maturity that arises from his troubled childhood.

He had parents who mistreated poor Hayate until the point where he had to work many hours in order to make ends meet.

His father refuses to work and his mother is a compulsive gambler and so for those reasons, Hayate had to work a high number of jobs even though he was underage.

Because of Hayate’s light blue hair and his blue eyes, some people have made the mistake of assuming that he is a girl when in reality, he is actually a boy.

6.  Hideyoshi Kinoshita, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Hideyoshi has one of the most feminine eyes for an anime character.

It sometimes feels like those eyes were most likely taken from a tsundere anime girl.

Those eyes are even dark green which is the same color as his hair which is similar to a bob-cut but is done in a more fashionable type of way with lots of bangs.

In fact, Hideyoshi is so tremendously pretty his own grandfather said that he possesses an amazing beauty.

And, because of that, he gets lots of confessions from women who can’t seem to resist this young man.

What might surprise you is the fact that Hideyoshi actually loves to remain gender-neutral!

7.  Kino, Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World

The first anime girl trap on this list is none other than Kino from Kino’s Journey.

What makes people think that Kino is a boy is his short hair and his fierce personality. She carries a gun called Canon and is quite skilled at using it.

She does not have many emotions as she is never attached to all the scenic places that she visits with her talking motorbike named Hermes.

Her rule is to always leave before 3 days so that no sentiment is developed.

In addition to her gun, she also carries two pocket knives and a sniper rifle in case she enters a land where danger is prevalent.

8. Aoi Hyoudou, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Kenjiro is highly attractive because of his western clothing and light brown hair.

What makes his appearance even more feminine are his extremely cute expressions and mannerisms. He puts in a lot of work to look like a woman.

He goes as far as to pluck out all the hair from his body so that people are never able to tell whether he is a man or a woman.

In addition, he also uses a stunning moisturizer that makes his hair look so delightful that lots of other women have become very envious of him.

His talent in changing gender is further exemplified when realizing that his feminine voice is so outstandingly fluent that it becomes near impossible to tell the difference.

9.  Kenjiro Hato, Genshiken Nidaime

Kenjiro is highly attractive because of his western clothing and light brown hair. What makes his appearance even more feminine are his extremely cute expressions and mannerisms.

He puts in a lot of work to look like a woman.

He goes as far as to pluck out all the hair from his body so that people are never able to tell whether he is a man or a woman.

In addition, he also uses a stunning moisturizer that makes his hair look so delightful that lots of other women have become very envious of him.

His talent in changing gender is further exemplified when realizing that his feminine voice is so outstandingly fluent that it becomes near impossible to tell the difference.


Tachibana is one of the tallest anime traps on this list as she is 5’7 ft. This combined with her short hair gives her a very manly appearance.

In addition, she always wears her school uniform which consists of a tie and a jacket. What stands out about Hotaru has got to be her admirable sense of justice.

She loves to engage in fights with other people in order to protect the people close to her.

At one point, Tachibana actually jumped off the third floor in order to beat up a bunch of seniors because they were bullying a friend of hers.

The shocking truth about Tachibana is that she actually does not care much about justice. All she wants to do is satisfy her bloodlust by fighting other people.

Justice is just an excuse that she uses in order to avoid feeling guilty.

11.  Rui Ninomiya From Gatchaman Crowds

Rui Ninomiya is highly talented in coding as he has observed a large number of hackers. Because of his immense skill, he is known as the prodigy that created GALAX.

In fact, his skills were so renowned, he was hired by a man in order to destroy Planet Earth. Rui lives in Tokyo inside an apartment where he usually crossdresses by wearing a blonde wig.

Although he does this in order to pull off a disguise, it might be possible that he enjoys dressing up like a female.

Nevertheless, Rui is an absolutely wonderful person who tries his best to improve society using his insane talent.

12. Yukimura Kusunoki, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next

Yukimura Kusunoki is a pretty young girl who likes to be a boy and has deceived multiple people for quite a while.

When she joined the neighborhood club, there was lots of confusion as people knew that she was a boy because that’s what Yukimura said, however, there was a large shock when people learned that he was a girl.

And, because of this obsession with being a boy, Yukimura has always been quite alone as he is unable to make many friends.

She is in love with a boy named Kodaka and her sole purpose in life is to be his butler and try to understand how to live life in a better way.

13.   Honjō Kamatari, Rurouni Kenshin (1996)

Honjo Kamatari is such a devout follower of Shisio, he tried to become his love interest.

But, that failed because of the fact that Honjo is a man who actually takes pride in the fact that he has feminine traits.

Honjo is a very sweet individual who is kind to others and is very serious and nonchalant in battle. He believes his fightings skills are phenomenal and is ready to prove it on any given occasion.

Although he thinks of himself as someone who is highly attractive, he still understands that there are others with better chances.

Honjo also understands that even in terms of strength others can outperform him.

14.  Kashima Yuu, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

The thing that stands out about Kashima is her height, standing at 5’9 ft she is most likely the tallest character on this list.

This trait adds to his manliness which has attracted lots of girls from her school. In addition, she also has a very masculine face which is exemplified by her sharp jawline.

All these traits gave her the nickname ‘Prince of the school’ by all his peers. Kashima also enjoys using princely mannerisms which tend to be really popular with the ladies.

It is very obvious that she enjoys all the attention. Her loyalty lies with her senpai who is named Hori

15. Luka Urushibara STEINS gate

It is because of Luka’s highly feminine mannerisms that people have thought of her as a female. Luka garners lots of attention from men regularly.

This is all due to his ultra-feminine body that is slim and short. He is in love with a boy Rintaro who is the main character of STEINS gate.

In fact, his attachment was so strong, he even promised to continue loving him even if he was no longer a female.

Yes, that’s right, Luka actually used a ‘Delorean mail’ to send a letter to his mother so that she can give birth to a female version of Luka.

The mail stated to eat more vegetables. And because of that, the series of events that influenced Luka’s birth changed drastically.


Felix is a beast human who has cat ears due to his ancestors who were cat beasts. And, for that reason he is a demi-human; a fact not appreciated by his parents.

Despite being abused by his parents for his bloodline, Felix is a very cheerful young boy who is deathly loyal to the future king of Lugnica named Crusch.

What is really funny about Felix is that he likes to tease other males in order to get them to fall for his feminine features such as her long brown hair with bangs.

He even uses ladylike phrases and dialogues so that the boys can never tell that the person they’re being attracted to is a boy.

17.  Hasuta From Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Hasuta is an alien who was sent to Earth for the sole purpose of finding information regarding Earth’s entertainment and amusement.

The reason for this is that Hasuta’s father owns a large video game company called Carcosa Computer Entertainment.

Although the company is based in space, it still requires Hasuta to gather necessary intel. Instead of completing his job, Hasuta develops feelings for Mahiro and enrolls in her school.

What is surprising about Hasuta is that he possesses lots of strength and supernatural abilities but yet he has long blonde hair and wears a girly hairband.

Just like a high school anime girl, Hasuta is quite reserved and speaks in a soft voice.

18. Fisheye From Sailor Moon 

After converting a fish into a human using a Magic Orb, Fisheye was born as an androgynous male. Despite being known as a male, he wears heels and has long wavy light-blue hair.

Using his feminine features, Fisheye can pull off a very tricky disguise in order to attract males.

As soon as he finds that his target has fallen in love with him, he will reveal his true gender and then proceed to use a mirror that allows him to see his target’s dreams.

Despite being a fish-human, Fisheye is very powerful as he is able to summon Lemures.

These lemures can be sea beasts and other terrifying creators. Fisheye is very similar to the anime trap character from princess jellyfish.

19. Ritsu Sohma From Fruits Basket

Ritsu Sohma is the monkey of the Chinese Zodiac. And, because of that, he is extremely polite and apologetic.

Thanks to his abnormally low self-confidence he has developed a habit of losing composure over small things. To calm his mind, he dresses up as an anime girl and behaves like one too.

Ritsu also keeps his hair very long with several bangs that cover his forehead.

Despite his weak personality, he is known as a very kindhearted and selfless young man. And, at the end of Fruits Basket, viewers are surprised to see Ritsu all manned up.

He became very confident and cut his hair short in order to look like a handsome young man brimming with confidence.


As a transgender, anime fans expect her to be a little more masculine but are thoroughly surprised when they realize that she actually is the most feminine person they have ever seen.

Thanks to her petiteness and long blonde hair, it is pretty hard to tell that she was actually born as a boy.

Kotobuki is a very jubilant person as is exemplified by her kissing her friends for no reason.

All her friends know that she is very pretty and charming.

Last but not the least, Kotobuki is highly fashionable as her dresses always seem to outshine her rival Riza.

21.  Hime Arikawa From Himegoto

Hime is a young boy who has no choice but to wear the girl’s school uniform in order to pay off the creditors who rescued him from the debt collectors.

Since he has bright pink hair and large blue eyes, it becomes absolutely impossible to tell that Hime is not a girl.

Unfortunately, he has an inferiority complex and is very afraid of the student council because of the way they mistreat him.

Despite his fears, he is eager to build a good relationship with everybody and is not afraid to retaliate whenever he is being bullied.

His retaliations cease to be of any use because people barely listen to him.

22. Tsukimiya Ringo From Uta No Prince-sama

Known as an ‘idol’, Tsukimiya loves to have a lot of pride in himself as exemplified by forcing people to call him Ringo-sensei.

He is an extremely exuberant young man who was born with beautiful androgynous features such as his large thin eyelashes.

Ringo also has a strong personality and is enraged whenever someone refers to him as a female. He is also enraged when someone doesn’t recognize him as a popular idol.

Funny enough, Tsukimiya enjoys wearing a pink wig which is so extraordinary that people can really understand why Tsukimiya is actually an idol.

To add to his amazingness, he is also extremely fashionable.

23.  Aoi Futaba, You’re Under Arrest

Aoi is a police officer who is described as a male transvestite. That means that even though he is a male, he feels that his heart can be identified as female.

What is so surprising about Aoi is that as time goes on she continues to become more and more feminine.

At one point he actually received a proposal from a boy who was completely in love with him due to his long brown hair and feminine mannerisms.

Once, Aoi actually wore a female dress and infiltrated an enemy hideout. She was able to catch a man who was suspected to be a rapist.

This shows that she is also very determined to serve justice.

24. Neferpitou – Hunter x Hunter

Neferpitou from Hunter x Hunter is one of the most devastatingly powerful Chimera ants to ever exist. She possessed immense speed, talent, and intellect.

Her loyalty knew no bounds as she is always prepared to give her life in order to protect her king. Neferpitou is so strong that she gave the main character a great fight.

Weirdly enough the official databooks consider her as a boy but in the Hunter x Hunter battle collection, she is actually referred to as a girl.

Her appearance is that of a catgirl as she has cat ears and a long white tail.

She also had red eyes. What makes Neferpitou stand out is that she has an ability that can summon ‘Dr.Blythe’.

This strange summoning has the skill to heal any type of injury using its many tools.

25.  Saika Totsuka From Oregairu

I won’t lie, the most attractive face on this list might just be Saika Totsuka from Oregairu.

With his dazzling silver hair and his sparkling blue eyes, she makes an extraordinarily successful trap.

In addition to being a proficient tennis player, he also displays superb leadership abilities as pointed out by the main character of the anime, Hachiman.

Saika is renowned for being a prince due to his feminine features. Unsurprisingly, Saika is a great actor and has participated in many plays in his school.

His best trait has got to be his kindness that he never fails to share with others.

26. Griffith – Berserk

Griffith is a supreme commander of a strong army. In fact, Griffith’s strength is so immense that he is known as a savior by many countries in the world.

While Griffith always talks as if he is nobility he is never too arrogant to admit his mistakes.

He has an extraordinary appearance thanks to his long white hair that makes him look like a female knight in shining armor.

Sometimes his talent gets the better of him as he begins to disregard his fellow soldiers since they are a lot weaker than him.

The only man he ever cared about was Guts because of his confidence and skill as a swordsman. Shockingly, Griffith has risked his life multiple times in order to save Guts.

What is admirable about Griffith is that ever since he was a young child he dreamed about ruling his own kingdom.

His determination was superb.


Makoto’s father had originally yearned for a child. But after he realized that his new child is actually a girl, he decided to raise her as a boy.

That is why Makoto has very prominent masculine features that make her look very handsome at times.

Thanks to that he gains a lot of attention from males who develop a crush on her as she is an idol. Since she is a tomboy, she is also great at sports and that also adds to her masculinity.

After Makoto stopped wanting her father to force her to be a boy, she became an idol to portray herself as a young girl.

28. Mariya Shidou From Maria†Holic

When anime traps have long silky blonde hair, it becomes a challenge to guess their gender.

Especially when they are wearing a blond wig! Mariya is a devout follower of his grandmother’s desires.

That’s why he entered Ame no Kisaki in order to become the chairman of the all-male school and the all-female school at the same time.

Mariya is known for his great intuition as he could tell whether or not her friend Kanako had a boyfriend.

Weirdly enough, Mariya is quite a cruel person as he enjoys tormenting his best friend Kanako. Because of his sadistic desires, nobody is able to tell that Mariya is in fact, a boy.

29.  Ana Gram From Phi Brain

Ana is from the anime series known as Phi Brain. Being a solver, Ana is always just a step away from death.

The reason is an organization known as POG has left a bunch of Philosopher’s puzzles all around the world, and because of that Ana and other solvers like her have to show bravery and enter the deathly maze in order to solve the puzzle.

Unfortunately for Ana, most of her friends mistaken her to be a reverse trap. This is largely due to her long pink hair and her thin eyebrows.

As a Da Vinci, she has the responsibility of defeating high-level puzzles and if she is unable to, then somebody will die.

Ana is so smart that she could probably do very well as a gamer in Sword Art Online.

30. Mello – Death Note

Mello is the second greatest genius inside his orphanage. That alone should tell you how much brainpower and iQ this young man contains.

In addition to his slender feminine physique, he has long golden colored hair and forms bangs that reach down until his shoulder.

That’s why it can be hard to identify Mello as a boy.

He has a very cruel personality as he is ready to do anything in order to prove to people that he is smarter than his arch-rival Near.

What makes him dangerous is that he was able to blackmail the president of the United States so that he gains the funds and resources necessary to find Kira.

Mello’s most distinctive feature has got to be his obsession with chocolate. Whenever Mello gains screentime, he can be seen eating a chocolate bar.

31.  Tarou Sado From MM!

Tarou is the main character in the anime MM. This anime is full of strange characters.

Each of them has weird quirks and Taro’s quirk is that he is a masochist. That means he likes to hurt himself because it gives him pleasure.

Tarou wasn’t always like this. After his father died, he had developed this bad habit.

He is also seen to be cross-dressing and was also deeply in love with his best friend who was a boy. Tarou also suffers from being too perverted for his own good.

It is said that Tarou has a ‘pervert energy’ of over 30000! Unfortunately, the ending of MM was never revealed because the creator of the novel had passed away and nobody took up the responsibility to finish the novel.

32. Homura – Sekirei

Homura is one of the main characters in the anime Sekirei.

The weird thing about Homura is that she always thinks of herself as a man as she likes to wear manly clothing and insists on keeping her hair short.

What makes Homura undeniably dangerous is his superb ability to create, and controlling fire. Thanks to this ability, Homura is one of the six guardians chosen by Minato.

Surprisingly Homura has slept with many women even though she is a girl that has gone through ‘feminization’.

A little-known fact is that the word ‘Homura’ translates to fire in English.

As a battle specialist, Homura always remembers to remain calm and if he is unable to do so, he lights up a cigarette which helps to cool his nerves before the battle.

In the show Sekirei, Homura goes through many tough battles against formidable foes. She is definitely one of the strongest anime traps on this list.

33.  Kurapika From Hunter X Hunter

Next up on our list of Anime traps is Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter.

Kurapika has blonde hair and a petite body and because of that many people make the mistake of assuming that he is a girl.

Kurapika has a tragic background because when he was young, his whole clan was viciously murdered by a bunch of thieves for the sole purpose of stealing their eyes and selling them.

As a master of Nen, Kurapika’s massive powers grew even stronger as he got closer to the infamous group of thieves.

Upon finding them, he began murdering them, one by one. Sometimes it feels sad to see that a child-like Kurapika has to always live with this murderous rage.

Despite his troubled life, Kurapika is a very kindhearted person and respects the main characters of the series: Gon and Killua.


Ever since the day she was born, she was raised to be a prolific hitman. When she joined her school, she was introduced as a boy.

Her short hair and her manly clothing always made people believe that she was a boy. The thing about Seishiro is that he is utterly devoted to protecting her best friend Chitoge.

That is why he forced himself to become stronger. He was also willing to give up his female persona in order to protect Chitoge.

What surprises people the most in this anime is that even after 10 years, Chitoge fails to realize that her best friend is actually a girl.

Seishiro has a charming face thanks to her delightful violet-colored hair and her fair skin. Her clothing is always very masculine.

For example, she can usually be seen wearing khakis, ties, and a blue ribbon given to her by Chitoge so that she looks a little more feminine.

35. Hideri Kanzaki – Blend-S

Hideki is a boy hired at a restaurant as a waiter. The only reason he was hired is that he is as adorable as a cute anime girl.

Since Hideki wants to be cute, he loves to wear feminine clothes such as skirts and hairbands. Although he tries to act as feminine as possible, there are occasions where his masculinity emerges.

What makes Hideri so charming is his silver hair that runs down to her lower back. He also wears leggings instead of wearing socks like a boy usually does.

The funniest thing about Hideki is that he tries his hardest to speak in a feminine voice, but it just never happens!

Frequently asked questions

Why are there traps in anime?

The reason for traps being in anime is that they are very cute from a male’s standpoint and a female’s standpoint. They also add much-needed humor to the story as there is a lot of confusion regarding the gender of the anime traps characters.

What are anime trap characters called?

Anime traps can be called transgenders, non-binaries, transvestites, cross dressers, and many other terms that they use to describe themselves. To learn more about the best anime trap characters, check out our post that ranks the cutest anime traps in all of anime.

Why are traps popular in the anime industry?

Traps are popular in anime because they are adorable and charming. If you are a boy who likes girls and vice versa, you’ll love anime traps. Moreover, they are usually very funny and cute and they add much-needed depth to the story.

What are traps anime?

Anime traps are characters whose genders are different than the ones they were born with. For example, an anime trap could be a boy who likes to have a female personality by cross-dressing and speaking in a feminine voice.

Who is the king of anime traps?

The king of anime traps is definitely Astolfo from Fate/Grand Order. He is an absolutely delightful character who loves to wear female ornaments. In addition, he is a legendary adventurer who has visited the moon during his journey.

What anime characters are traps?

There are many anime traps that exist today. We have ranked the best ones in this post. If you want to know why these characters are so popular and loved, you’ll love to read this post.


Anime traps are wonderful characters. And, after reading this post, I’m sure you agree as well!

Now it’s your turn! Which of these anime traps felt the most adorable to you?

Was it Astolfo because of his splendid beauty? Or was it Tachibana Hotaru because of her tall and beautiful physique?

No matter who you pick, do leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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