Nanbaka Season 3: Is The Sequel Still Possible? Latest Updates!

If you’ve been searching for the release date of Nanbaka Season 3, look no further. Here’s everything you should know!

After having back to back two successful seasons, there have been no updates from the producers of Nanbaka about season 3. Fans are getting anxious to know what happens next or how the story ends (if it’s the last season). Read everything you need to know about Nanbaka Season 3 here, from release date to character updates. Let’s take a quick recap for those anime fans who haven’t seen the first two seasons!


What Is Nanbaka All About!


Nanbaka started as a manga in 2015. Shō Futamata is the writer and illustrator of this manga series. The manga readers appreciated the work globally, and soon Satelight Studio picked it to make an anime tv series.

The main narrative of the anime talks about the life of four men called Jyugo, Rock, Uno, and Nico. They are all in a prison sentence, and they get transferred to Japan’s most secure jail named Nanbaka.

The anime is all about the adventures of this mischievous gang. The audience loved the comic timing and animation of the show and accepted the anime wholeheartedly. Let’s see if the previous seasons were successful enough to get another sequel!

When Is Nanbaka Season 3 Releasing?

As far as it seems, the creators of the anime series are still waiting for more content to be released by the mangaka. Currently, they have only two volumes to adapt for the third season, which is not enough.

Once they get at least one more volume, the production team might start working on the third season of Nanbaka. However, it may take some time and we need to wait for the release date at least until 2022.

Nanbaka Prison

According to online sources, the studio might plan to make a smaller season with fewer episodes or a film instead. In that case, it may arrive around mid-2021. As of now, anime lovers can expect Nanbaka Season 3 as early as the end of 2021. However, it’s always advisable to wait for an official statement.

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What’s Taking so Long to Release Nanbaka Season 3?

The writer of ‘Nanbaka – The Numbers,’ Japanese manga series has published eight volumes between November 2015 and July 2018. The creator and illustrator, Shō Futamata, has not issued any more books for the last two years. So the fans started worried about the future of the anime.

Nanabaka seasons 1 and 2 adapted the story of the first six manga volumes. So, there are only two volumes left for the producers to make an entire season (which is comparatively less).

Nanbaka Season 3

As we mentioned above, Studio Satelight might currently be waiting for more source material for Nanbaka season 3. However, if the writer publishes a new volume this year, it may take a while to hit the market.

However, many otaku fans are suggesting a shorter version with fewer episodes to get a proper conclusion to their favorite show. Even if the makers plan to compose Nanbaka Season 3 with fewer episodes, it would be the final season of this anime series.

Which Characters Might Return in Nanbaka Season 3?


As you might know now that the series is all about a group of a mischievous gang, they might indeed be returning to make you laugh like hell! Here’s a short introduction to their characters!


Identified as prisoner number 1315, Jyugo is one of the main characters of the anime. He is of Japanese descent and has heterochromia. Jyugo’s style is happy, bold, and playful, but he also gets bored quickly. He likes rock music and is skilled in picking up an electronic and mechanical rock.


Nico, prisoner number 25, is one of the main leads of the Nanbaka anime and manga series. Arrested for ignorantly purchasing and selling drugs in the slums, he is a sick person reliant on medicine for survival. Nico has a lively, childish nature. He rarely takes things seriously and is attracted by almost everything, which reveals his innocence.


Uno is inmate number 1311 of Nanbaka Prison. He has an excellent sense of intuition. Using his experience, luck, and intuition, he places bets. Uno is known to be kind and friendly, but he can also be blunt when the time comes. His commitment to Jyugo is also relatively strong. He hates Hajime, the prison officer who almost knocked Jyugo close to his death.


1369 is Rock’s prisoner number. He was a rough and aggressive juvenile whom the police arrested for causing a gang riot in the streets of America. Roxk is the muscular one among his fellow cell-mates. He loves food too much. Even though he is short-tempered and unpredictable, he loves his buds.

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