No Game No Life Season 2 – Release Date, Plot and Latest Updates

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When it comes to Iseiki anime, There is no chance that the name of No Game No Life doesn’t come up. The adventures of Sora and Shira won so many hearts that the fans are eagerly expecting the second season.

With no clue about the release date for No Game No Life season 2, followers are wondering if the second season will arrive or not.

Here in this article, we will have a look at all the elements leading to the announcement or broadcasting of the second season. We will also talk about the chances for the second season, what could be the narrative of the upcoming season and the expected release date, and some spoilers.

But before we move any further, let’s review the story and background of this popular anime series.


No Game No Life – A Different Kind of Gaming World!

No Game No Life is a trendy name among game lovers. It is a Japanese anime series based on fantasy. The makers of the show took the narrative from the light novel series of the same title by Yu Kamiya.

Madhouse Studios produced the anime adoption of this fiction series. And according to the followers, they did an excellent job in making this.

The anime series gained a huge response from supporters as well as critics from not only Japan but from all over the globe.

People got to know about No Game No Life anime when Netflix released it on its platform. Netflix U.S. pulled up the series for streaming in February 2020. It was an instant success on this streaming platform.

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Now, let’s see what No Game No Life is all about!

No Game No Life Season 1

As the title symbolizes, No Game No Life is a series that revolves around the tale of two characters – Sora and his young sister Shiro. Both Sora and Shiro are the best gamers and recognized as Blank in the gaming world.

People know them as the legends of the gaming business, but when Tet, who is the lord of games in some different world, invites them for chess, he won.

As a consequence, he commands them to survive in a virtual world called the Disboard. They both agree to it, thinking of it as a joke. But when they enter the Disboard, they discover that this realm works on games.

Tet utilizes a compact recognized as Ten pledges to dominate the inhabitants of this world from battle. One can settle their disagreement or can accomplish anything only by playing games and winning them.

In the beginning, Shiro and Soro enjoy being in this world as gaming is their favorite thing. But soon, they understand the risk associated with it.

They wish to confront Tet to a game so they can leave this world, but to do so, they have to conquer all the sixteen classes of that world.

Sora and Shiro take a trip to Elkia- the place where the human species exist. This group considers being the most vulnerable species out of all.

They beat the leader of Elkia by daring him in a game. Now, they start challenging the other species to represent the civilized species to beat them in a match.

The rest of the narrative is all about their endurance in the virtual world based on tournaments and how they manage to dare Tet to leave the Disboard.

Now, after a successful season, fans are waiting for what will happen next.

Will No Game No Life Return With Season 2?

The first appearance of No Game No Life was very interesting and earned fame for itself as the ideal isekai anime all over the world. Since it telecasted the first episode in April 2014, this show has won many hearts worldwide and since the first season’s ending.

Many assumptions and rumors are floating on the internet, stating that the studio has refused to renew the series for a second season. Still, we are here to clarify that it’s all a myth, and nothing has been declared officially yet.

There is also some news regarding the second season of the show. The producers are ready to conclude the plot of No Games No Life.

However, they never declared it officially. There was also a rumor that the writer of the light novel series published a statement concerning the delay of its volume.

This might be real news, but there was no verified source, so we address it as a rumor. Author Yu Kamiya has probably said that he is taking his time to find out a satisfactory conclusion to the narrative. Hence, he wants to write the rest of the plot subsequently.

This is why he is taking so long to publish the new volumes of light novels of the series. And until the makers get those, they can’t start season 2. So, let’s hope it gets out soon.

Availability of the Source Material For No Game No Life Season 2

Most of the animes in Japan are taken from fiction. And it only lasts as long as its reference material is ready for the producers to make further seasons of the show. Likewise, No Gun No Life is also an adaptation of a light novel series of the same name.

There are ten light novel books of No Game No Life published in Japan. The anime also has two manga series based on the light novel series.

The first manga series has two volumes released, but it’s just retelling the main story in manga form. The other manga is a spin-off series.

The No Game No Life novels are continuing. The most advanced book by the author Yuu Kamiya got published in Japan on January 25, 2018.

The writer penned down only one book in 2016 and 2018. It doesn’t seem like there will be any new book released in 2020, as discussed above.

The first part of the No Game No Life anime series that broadcasted in 2014 used volumes 1-3. The film No Game No Life Zero jumped off and used the entire book 6. That suggests light novel book 4 continues after the anime.

Six volumes of No Game No Life are yet not used in anime in 2020. That should be sufficient for one more season, considering the first season used only three volumes.

Expected Release Date of No Game No Life Season 2

To this date, as we know, no official announcement has been made for a second season. But according to the report roaming the web, No Game No Life Season 2 release date will be most apparent around October 2021.

The same studio house will animate the second season. It will most probably have 10-12 episodes. It might also get followed by some fresh 2-3 episode OVA.

There is a film named No Game No Life: Zero. It was released on July 15, 2017. So if you have not seen the movie yet, this is the best time to do it. The film is an anime adaptation of the sixth volume of the series.

The first season of the NGNL series comprised the first three light novel books. We can assume the second season to most likely adapt the fourth and fifth volume since the movie has used the sixth one.

2021 is undoubtedly going to be the year much famous anime returns for a second season. There are possibilities that the fans might see Overlord Season 4 as well as KonoSuba Season 3.

What to Expect From No Game No Life Season 2

The narrative of No Game No Life Season 2 will continue the plot where it ended in season 1. The story will revolve around the Brother-Sister Duo: Shiro and Sora.

After beating Tet, now the mates will strive to save humankind and hunt by some old and new competitors. So, season 2 will be a journey of their survival and how they will use the games to destroy their opponents.

Season 2 will be more intense, where other players will try to approach them. Again it will be covering all gaming since both the characters are good gamers.

They can sustain only by winning the tournaments.NGNL is surely going to be more exciting and thrilling than season 1.

Top 5 Anime Series Just Like No Game No Life

You might have a question in mind that until the No Game No Life season 2 releases, what should you watch? As of the time of publishing this article, there is still some time to release No Game No Life season 2.

So, what you can do is you can entertain yourself with similar animes while waiting for No Game No Life season 2. You don’t have to go anywhere as we have found the top 5 anime series that are like No Game No Life. Here they are:

Sword Art Online


Log Horizon

Accel World

The World God Only Knows

Closing Thoughts

All the novel series fans have high expectations from No Game No Life Season 2.

Also, the producers have a tremendous demand from the viewers. According to their tweets, they are getting thousands of requests and ideas for the next season.

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