The importance of Shikamaru in the naruto series [5 Interesting Things]

Let’s focus on everything you know about Shikamaru Nara in the naruto series. But this is such a drag! Hahaha.

A shinobi from the Nara clan of Konohagakure, Shikamaru Nara. Shikamaru is naturally lazy, yet he possesses a remarkable intelligence that frequently gives him the upper hand in battle.

He frequently becomes frustrated by the obligations his triumphs leave him with. Nevertheless, he takes them joyfully to help his Team Asuma comrades and demonstrate his worth to present and future generations.

The combination of Ino and Choji on Shikamaru’s team was customary. Their three shinobi clans had long been comrades and had received training from a Sarutobi clan member. As a symbolic gesture, their sensei Asuma handed the trio new earrings.

Shikamaru is the sole child of Yoshino and Shikaku Nara. He once played the game “ninja” as a young child with other kids his age. The other kids refused to let Chji Akimichi play with them because they believed he was too stupid to understand.

Shikamaru left the game and went to his favorite area to observe clouds after he couldn’t persuade the other players to let Chji join. When he arrived, Chji was sitting in the same place, so Shikamaru said hello and asked Chji to observe the clouds with him.

Shikamaru was asked whether he would want some snacks by Chji. As soon as they enrolled at Konoha’s Ninja Academy, they were close friends and would frequently sit together in class and hang out afterward.

The manga and the anime series follow the plucky Naruto Uzumaki, an orphan boy with the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed inside him, who dreams of becoming Hokage, the greatest ninja in the land. The series was adapted into two animes, “Naruto” and “Naruto: Shippuden,” as well as countless movies and video games.

Shikamaru showed very little interest in the actual class, preferring to sleep instead of paying attention to Iruka Umino’s lectures. Shikamaru had terrible results since he showed the same lack of interest in the exams and couldn’t be bothered to bother with the questions.



Shikamaru tends to perform as little labor as possible since he is naturally lazy. Shikamaru can get away with doing this while attending the Academy and even at the beginning of his career as a genin since he spends his days dozing off, gazing at the clouds, or playing games of shogi and go.

His objective is to lead an unremarkable life devoid of anything appreciably positive or negative and to pass away in a similarly unremarkable manner. He initially says, “How problematic,” when confronted with the possibility of conflict or commitment, and then tries to find a way out by acting unwell or even by expressing directly that he doesn’t want to undertake whatever it is.

Despite calling himself “the number one coward,” Shikamaru possesses a strong moral code and is loyal to his friends. As one of the first people to see past his weight and recognize who he naturally was, Shikamaru was able to win Chji Akimichi’s friendship because of these traits.

As a result of these traits, Shikamaru is also compelled to abandon his lazy habits and start working for others or making sacrifices for his teammates. Such selflessness, as was once demonstrated during the Konoha Crush, makes his “troubling” circumstances worse.

After the passing of his instructor, Asuma Sarutobi, who made him realize that the world is not safe and that he cannot be shielded from it forever, Shikamaru matures quickly.

He makes every effort to protect his allies because he is in charge of leading them into combat. As a result, he is entrusted with caring for more of his friends and acquaintances.

Even if he can’t spend the entire day doing anything, he still tries to hold on to his earlier tendency to be lazy. He avoids setting long-term objectives and admitting that he enjoys any particular task he is given.

Such is the Will of Fire: after avenging Asuma, Shikamaru resolves to do all in his power to improve conditions for subsequent Konoha generations, especially Asuma’s pregnant daughter Mirai.

Even while he may scoff at the idea of the labor he must do, he no longer avoids it. He will even argue in favor of making difficult decisions if doing so would ensure the survival of his friends and tribe.

Shikamaru Hiden says his new life objective is to make the world so that his children or grandchildren might live this way if they want, rather than living humbly and always gazing at the skies.

The topic of women is one of the most “troublesome” themes throughout Shikamaru’s life. He is familiar with his mother Yoshino, his colleague Ino Yamanaka, and his go-to friend Temari because of his interactions with the ladies.

Each of them is described by him as being combative, demanding, and occasionally even frightful. Shikamaru treats ladies carefully, never asking them to do anything that he can do themselves and always being non-confrontational or at least polite.

Shikamaru decided to be there for Naruto, just like the Second Hokage did for his older brother, after seeing through time how much he had contributed to the village despite his difficulties.

He typically thinks he can handle everything alone in Part I and is thus ashamed if and when a woman has to help him. He also gets frustrated when he keeps running into female opponents. Shikamaru begs his father, Shikaku, for assistance in comprehending women because they share similar perspectives and experiences.

Women are kind to the men they love regardless of how they may act, according to Shikaku, who notes that men ruin themselves in the absence of a woman. Shikamaru avoids relationships with women as much as he can, as he does with most things; in his Infinite Tsukuyomi dream world, he successfully avoids marriage altogether.

But after recognizing that Temari is one of the most significant things to him in Shikamaru Hiden, he eventually marries her and even bears a kid with her named Shikadai.

Ironically, his relationship with Temari evolved into something very like to that with his parents, where he once made fun of Shikaku for getting “whipped,” which is exactly what happened to him.

His new objective was to act as Naruto’s advisor and help him achieve his goal of becoming Hokage. Shikamaru accomplishes this purpose as an adult, frequently taking on a variety of responsibilities to reduce the workload for Naruto as Hokage.

He still possesses a lot of his youthful, carefree personality, which is paradoxical. He is not overly stern with his kid and believes Shikadai will figure things out independently. Shikamaru sees Shikadai’s misbehavior and school consequences as a learning experience for him.

He pushes himself constantly to defend his town and is a man of conviction and passion. His ability to withstand Ada’s temptation shows how strong his mental fortitude is. In the manga, he also took up Asuma’s passion for smoking in maturity.


  • Shikamaru as a genin.

Shikamaru has small brown eyes, and his expression usually indicates that he is either bored or furious. He wears his black hair in a spiked ponytail that is shoulder length. He sports a short-sleeved grey jacket with green-lined sleeves and the basic Nara clan emblem on the back during Part I, which is covered by a T-shirt with green mesh armor.

Shikamaru also sports a pair of brown slacks, the customary silver hoops worn by his tribe, and his blue forehead shield wrapped around his left arm. When he turns into a chain, he adds a flak jacket to his regular attire.

Most of his customized clothing is traded in for the regular Konoha-nin gear in Part II; the only additions are green-lined mesh armor on his wrists and ankles, and the forehead protector’s plate sewed into his left sleeve. He also switches out the Asuma Sarutobi gift of hoops for studs.

Shikamaru wears virtually the same outfit as in Part II of The Last Naruto the Movie, except the flak jacket, which has been updated with Konoha’s current style. He also sports higher sandals that extend further than his calf muscles.

When designing Shikamaru’s Part II appearance, Kishimoto wanted to give Shikamaru a unique appearance despite drawing him with a vest that several other ninjas wear in the series. As a result, he drew his forehead protector on his arm to avoid obscuring his hair.

During Part II, Shikamaru’s teacher, Asuma Sarutobi, dies while battling the Akatsuki terrorist member Hidan and Shikamaru briefly starts smoking Asuma’s cigars.

In maturity, Shikamaru ultimately eschews the infantry uniform in favor of a coat and pants similar to his father, Shikaku. He develops a brief beard as well. In general, many have observed how much he resembles his father.


Shikamaru infuses his shadow into Asuma’s trench knives.

Shikamaru was considered to be everything but a spectacular ninja because of his subpar Academy grades. Even yet, he showed promise when he became the only graduate in his class to become a chain in Part I.

He could compete with jinin-level opponents like Tayuya of the Sound Four despite being a freshly minted chain. After guiding Hidan of Akatsuki to a trap in Part II, he was able to beat him.

Because of his abilities, he was given a chance to join the anime’s Twelve Guardian Ninjas. Years later, he was promoted to deputy commander of the Fourth Division, chief strategist of the whole Allied Shinobi Forces, and the Seventh Hokage’s right-hand man.

Choji‘s fighting style is a disadvantage since he makes himself bigger. Since that’s the case, the size of the shadow increases, allowing Shikamaru to use his clan’s Shadow Imitation Jutsu.

Shikamaru’s fighting style is someone that strategizes every move before executing it. He is the smarter one in this fight. However, Naruto’s exceptionally large chakra reserves allow him to perform some of the most advanced and destructive ninjutsu that Shikamaru cannot handle.

Asuma Sarutobi, Temari, and Boruto Uzumaki have all told him that he possesses characteristics that are appropriate for the Hokage. He has, however, made it clear that he doesn’t want to shoulder the duties of becoming Hokage.


Shikamaru can change into several elements of nature, including Yin Release (which he frequently employs to carry out his concealed tactics), Fire Release, and Earth Release. He has demonstrated his ability to perform finjutsu in anime.

As demonstrated by his attempts to imprison Kakuzu’s lightning technique in a scroll and his use of unsealed water from a scroll to electrocute Kakuzu.

As Temari faces off against the brainwashed Sai, Shikamaru takes on Gengo. Attacks are described visually without being weighed down by overly-complicated explanations of each technique. The dialogue between blows and playful character banter serves to break up the action nicely.

He can also employ the Flying Swallow and make copies of himself with the Shadow Clone Technique or by channeling chakra into his shadow and molding them.

Nara Clan Techniques

Shikamaru uses the Shadow Imitation Technique.

Shikamaru, a member of the Nara clan, can control his own shadow. The Shadow Imitation Technique, which he mastered before enrolling in the Academy, is his hallmark technique. Shikamaru may utilize the Shadow Imitation Technique to limit a target’s movement and force them to imitate his own by joining his shadow to that of the target.

When employed against adversaries, they might be able to resist his control, necessitating more effort on Shikamaru’s part to keep them bound. When used to allies or other disabled individuals, however, there is no resistance, and the process is significantly simpler.

Temari shows up with Gaara and other Sunagakure ninjas in tow, and she uses her wind technique to bring Shikamaru to his senses. It turns out Gengo has an auditory genjutsu. Like Killgrave of Jessica Jones fame, he can talk people into doing and believing whatever he wants.

Shikamaru has to apply the proper hand seals in Parts I and II to use his shadow, but later on, he can control it without them. By the time he was an adult, he was quick enough with the technique to seize the Five Kage and their bodyguards before they could respond, with only the Hokage being able to release himself. As a result, he had the option to murder them if he so desired.

Shikamaru is using his Shadow Sewing Technique to immobilize Hidan.

After attaining the chain status, Shikamaru learns the Shadow-Neck Binding Technique, enabling him to utilize his shadow to suffocate individuals whom the Shadow Imitation has restrained.

The Shadow-Neck Binding can be resisted if the opponent is strong enough since, like the Shadow Imitation, it can only be applied on flat surfaces. Shikamaru can autonomously project his shadow off of surfaces in Part II, and he may utilize it to penetrate targets and lift heavy objects.

He could even direct his chakra into the chakra blades of his deceased mentor to bind a victim from a distance while piercing their shadow. By maturity, Shikamaru had mastered the clan methods to the point that he could use them without hand seals.


Shikamaru playing shōgi with Asuma.

Shikamaru was smarter than his Academy ratings suggested, Asuma observed when Shikamaru was assigned to Team 10. The only way Asuma could pique Shikamaru’s attention was by disguising several cognitive tests as games and riddles.

Asuma discovered that Shikamaru likely had an I.Q. of over 200 – something unheard of. By the time the Boruto series rolled around, he was considered the smartest person in Konohagakure by everyone in town.

Shikamaru had a grade point average of over 200, and Asuma learned that his subpar performance was due to his refusal to sit for any of the written tests.

Shikamaru’s intelligence is primarily responsible for why he is given as many duties as he has and why the Fifth Hokage frequently encourages Shikamaru to use his intelligence for the good of his comrades and town.

Shikamaru’s jutsu depends on nearby objects and light sources so that he can see the shadow of his enemies. Only then will his Shadow Possession work. Otherwise, he doesn’t stand a chance against the likes of Sasuke, who is smart, extremely fast, and is someone who wields the Sharingan.

Shikamaru continues to be well aware of his and other people’s limits, enabling him to avoid surprises and unwarranted danger. As a result, Hokage’s confidence in him is well-founded. He is recognized as the sharpest individual in Konoha by the time of Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

Shikamaru’s usual thinking posture.

Whether he is going to engage in a fight, giving commands to those engaged in combat, or is engaged in combat.

Shikamaru’s overall strategy is the same: he keeps track of all moves made by allies and enemies, even those that first appear small or that he doesn’t fully comprehend.

Even aspects that don’t seem to have a clear, practical use are kept in his memory as to where they are.

Comparing their ability to think during battles, Shikamaru’s strategies will be far superior. Shikamaru and Iruka aren’t the best at taking one-on-one fights, but Shikamaru’s Shadow Possession Jutsu will play an important role in this match-up. If Iruka is unable to avoid his shadow possession, there is no way he can counter and win against Shikamaru.

Wake up every Sunday to a curated list of ANN’s most interesting posts of the week. Read more Review by Amy McNulty, Feb 14th, 2016 Naruto: Shikamaru’s Story Novel Synopsis: Brilliant strategist and shadow manipulator Nara Shikamaru has settled into his new role as one of the leaders of the Allied Shinobi Forces, assigning missions evenly and appropriately among all the shinobi villages.

By concentrating on this tremendous quantity of information, which he typically achieves by closing his eyes and cupping his fingers, he examines the behavior of every opponent, eventually understanding how they respond in each given circumstance.

Shikamaru can think ten moves ahead of his opponent(s) and create over a hundred different tactics, from which he selects the most successful ones right away.

These tactics frequently include numerous levels of deception and are very complex. He manipulates circumstances such that opponents are forced to defeat themselves, for instance, or he uses modest triumphs to eliminate irrelevant elements.

Tobi feels that Shikamaru is “wasted” in service to the Allied Shinobi Forces because of his capacity to recognize deceit and accurately connect unrelated bits of information.

Their Relationship

He’s made promises to his deceased father and teacher, the men he most admired, and he has a plan for the greater good: maintain the peace between the Allied Forces, prepare Naruto to become the Seventh Hokage, and act as the spirited ninja’s advisor.


The detention squad

When they attended the Academy, Shikamaru and Naruto were the very last pupils. Shikamaru seems to be one of the first of his classmates to recognize Naruto as more than just a jinchriki after noticing how the other villagers shunned him.

Shikamaru and Naruto face Gaara

During the Chunin Exams, their relationship grew as Naruto supported Shikamaru in his duel against Temari. Naruto and Shikamaru stopped Gaara as he tried to kill Rock Lee.

Shikamaru and Naruto head a squad in the Sasuke Retrieval arc to retrieve Sasuke. Shikamaru feels terrible guilt for not finishing the assignment, but they live.

Part ll

Shikamaru tells Naruto to become a cool adult-like Jiraiya

Shikamaru occasionally hung out with Naruto while they weren’t working on missions together. After Asuma Sarutobi’s passing, their bond only gets stronger.

Shikamaru contributed to Naruto’s ability to deal with Jiraiya’s passing by having already lost his master Asuma. Shikamaru had, in some ways, developed into one of Naruto’s closest male friends and the foundation of their friendship.

Surviving death, Shikamaru declares he will be Naruto’s right-hand man

Shikamaru starts to believe in Naruto’s power to transform people strongly and wants to go into a new age with him. When the Ten-Tails crippled him during the Fourth Shinobi World War, he realized that Naruto was never alone.

Shikamaru is determined to serve as Naruto’s advisor once he is appointed Hokage to ensure that he would never again be left alone since he felt that Naruto needed a wise brother figure at his side, much like Tobirama was to Hashirama.

He becomes Naruto’s main support.

Shikamaru, who served as Naruto’s advisor and personal bodyguard during the Five Kage Summit years after the battle, made this wish come true.

Things to remember Shikamaru nara said for Naruto uzumaki

  • One of the first people to recognize Naruto as more than a jinchriki is Shikamaru.
  • Shikamaru claims that Naruto has something special about him and that he wants to follow him.
  • Shikamaru spends a lot of time with Naruto and becomes his advisor.

Among the Fans

Due to how typical and solid Shikamaru and Naruto’s relationship is in comparison to Naruto’s past partnerships, ShikaNaru is a popular combination among fans, especially in Japan.

The two seem to have a strong relationship, and Shikamaru appears to be living his life to protect Naruto. Fans appreciate how Shikamaru and Naruto counterbalance each other; Shikamaru is analytical and thoughtful, whereas Naruto is brash and speaks without thinking.

Shikamaru uses long-range combat, whereas Naruto uses close quarters. Naruto is talkative and noisy, but Shikamaru is quiet and composed. In NaruHina, several of these characteristics are present. However, the primary distinction is that Hinata would adhere to Naruto’s instructions and carry out his desires.

On the other hand, Shikamaru is a more independent thinker who wouldn’t be afraid to point out Naruto’s errors in reasoning or call him out when he was being foolish or silly.

Shikamaru responds by being pushed by Naruto to work more, accomplish more, and prove his mettle, as shown when Shikamaru is pushed into the stadium during the Chunin Exams.

Chunin exams


Asuma enrolled Team 10 in the Chain Exams in Konoha despite just graduating from the Academy. Although Shikamaru agrees to compete, he frequently gripes about the rivalry with the numerous other genin, particularly his fellow new grads.

Team 7 and Team 8 participants. Participants are required to cheat without being detected on the first stage of the examinations’ written test, which contains 10 questions that are too challenging for the average genin to answer correctly.

Ino fills up Shikamaru’s test sheet with answers she stole from Sakura Haruno using her Mind Body Switch Technique.

Stage-2 Forest of death

When the 2nd stage, death in the forest, started, all team had to survive 5 days in the forest to get into the next stage.

Team 10, which has Shikamaru Nara, ino, and choji, decided to stay hidden from all the fights. They hide whenever they see two teams fighting or even spotting another team. But at one time, they spotted team 7, with Sakura, Naruto Uzumaki, and Sasuke struggling against sound ninja. They saw Sakura alone trying to save Naruto and Sasuke.

Sakura asked for help, and then ino and Shikamaru agreed to it and dragged choji, so here you can see and know that even before anyone realizes, Shikamaru does help naruto.

Team 10 used their combo attack to fight with sound ninjas, but after Shikamaru saw that Sasuke was not ok to fight, he left them to handle the battle, and they did, and that’s how they both passed the 2nd stage of the exam.

Stage-3 One-on-One battle.

In the 3rd stage, all the contestants have a random matchup, and then Shikamaru is matched with Kin, who is again a sound ninja.

She uses a bell to active her genjutsu so that she can distract the opponent and where ask Shikamaru to use shadow possession jutsu.

But as we all know, our boy Shikarmu is smart, soo he won the match with pretty sharp moves, as he knows how to release genjutsu.

Stage-4 fight to impress

Shikamaru learns that his match with Dosu has been postponed and that Temari of Suna will now be his opponent when the finalist group meets the following day. When it’s time for his fight, he considers giving up, but Naruto guesses incorrectly that he’s anxious to begin and yanks him into the arena.

When he takes a while to stand up, Temari hits him, but he dodges at the last second because he doesn’t want to lose to a girl. To compel Temari to maintain her distance, Shikamaru withdraws to the safety of some nearby woods.

Shikamaru devises a plan soon enough to be ready when Temari attacks from a distance with her Giant Folding Fan while she determines the maximum range of his shadow.

The lowering light increases the span of his shadow as he seeks cover behind the woods and extends it more in her direction than before.

Temari avoids this as well as his previous attempts to extend his shadow, causing her to keep backing away from him to do so. She tries to end the fight fast, anticipating that since Shikamaru is already captured, things will only get easier for him as the fight goes on.

Shikamaru had been directing her towards a pit in the ground during Naruto’s previous bout, allowing him to capture her from behind by following his shadow from below. Shikamaru appears to be going up to Temari to strike the decisive blow.

Instead, he chooses to forfeit, stating that even if he had won, his chakra would have been too depleted to fight in future fights without risk. The senior ninja watching is impressed by Shikamaru’s wise choice, but Naruto is enraged and enters the arena to call Shikamaru a fool.

Sasuke Retrieval Mission

Shikamaru once again found himself in a fatal conflict with one of Orochimaru’s Sound Ninjas after being selected as the squad commander for the Sasuke recovery operation.

Shikamaru insists on also enlisting Chji, Kiba Inuzuka, and Neji Hyuga are also recruited, while Tsunade suggests Naruto for participation.

The Recovery Team encounters Sasuke’s escorts, the Sound Four, after leaving the hamlet. Neji is sent to survey the area by Shikamaru, who then orders him to report Sasuke’s assumed location aloud: within the casket, the Sound Four are transporting.

We saw his ability when he fought with tyuya, who could resist his shadow possession jutsu and just gave him poison during the fight, but it was timari who backed him, saved him, and helped him to go back to the village.

When the team returned to the village, Shikamaru cried because it was his first mission, which was a failure. He cried, and then he wanted to get stronger so whenever he took on any mission, he would not fail.

Naruto Shippuden

Now let’s fast forward to 2 years more when naruto went for his training with Jiraiya then. Shikamaru became the village coordinator, helping Tsunade with all the paperwork. Because of that ability, we can see why Shikamaru is a good fit for the naruto manager.

Akatsuki Suppression Mission

Let’s first let me tell you who the Akatsuki group are. So it is a group created by Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan.

At first, they were the group that wanted to bring peace to their homeland and help the people. Still, after Danzo did dirty with them and Obito used that time to make them realize that all other villages wanted them to be killed or captured, and also when the team leader Yahiko died, Nagato changed the viewpoint.

So now Akatsuki is a group of all shinobi who ditched their village or killed many people and are in a bingo book which shows their bounty on that criminal.

Shikamaru teamed up with his sense Asuma and the other two ninjas from hidden leaf to stop two Akatsuki members.

After Asuma’s funeral, Shikamaru sets out with the surviving members of Team 10 to avenge their mentor with the aid of Kakashi Hatake. [22] As the others deal with Hidan’s partner Kakuzu, Shikamaru avenges Asuma by defeating Hidan and making sure the Akatsuki member’s body is never found.

They are in pursuit of capturing all the ten tails to gain the power which put the whole world under genjutsu.

Shikamaru bond with Asuma Sarutobi

Asuma never treated Shikamaru as his student; it was like subordinates who played shogi with him and had food together.

During the mission to stop, Akatsuki Asuma died, making Shikamaru break down the line. Nevertheless, as they remember Asuma, Shikamaru promises to educate Kurenai and Asuma’s unborn child in the same manner that Asuma did.

Shikamaru vows to his late sensei and himself that he will constantly endeavor to ensure the safety of the “king” of Konoha once Asuma passes away. The next generation is the most crucial factor.

Nothing is more crucial to a shinobi than ensuring that the following generation has an opportunity to live and flourish.

Nara Shikamaru avenged Asuma’s death when he got to fight with Hiden and trapped Hiden in a pit because hidden is immortal.

Shikamaru departs with the other Team 10 members to get revenge on their master after Asuma’s burial with the help of Kakashi Hatake.

This shows that Shikamaru is not just intelligent but also one of the most mature people in the Naruto series.

Shikamaru Helps Naruto

Somehow pain killed Jiraiya, who was their teacher and kind of grandfather of naruto, and after naruto lost him, who was the only family he had, he was broken. But it was Shikamaru who talked with naruto and shared his feelings, making them closer as friends.

Over time, having recognized Naruto’s great contributions to the village despite his hardships, Shikamaru came to sympathize with him, deciding to be there to support him much as the Second Hokage did for his older brother.

His newfound goal became to aid Naruto in his goal of becoming Hokage and acting as his adviser. Ultimately, as an adult, Shikamaru succeeds in this goal, often handling many duties to lighten the workload for Naruto as Hokage.

Fourth shinobi world war Conference

Shikamaru is summoned to a meeting of Konoha’s tacticians during the Fourth Shinobi World War with Akatsuki approaches to discuss possible plans and necessary preparations.

Shikaku observes that because Shikamaru is so young, he will need to take particular care to absorb all the material discussed; Shikamaru is committed to accomplishing this.

Shikamaru, the leader

Shikamaru is assigned to the Fourth Division of the Allied Shinobi Forces as Gaara’s deputy. Temari reminds Shikamaru that Gaara is, in fact, the Fourth Division’s commander because he also oversees the other four battle divisions.

He holds the 4th company well, and after winning the battle there, he leads the all shinobi to the front battle where naruto is fighting with Madara and Obito.

Shikaku, who is Shikamaru’s father, was the head of the H.Q., and he was in control of giving orders to each company to perform the task.

As Madara Uchiha and Obita see H.Q. as a threat to their plan, they destroy the H.Q., where shikaku and ino father are doing all the planning. Still, after They both died, Shikamaru was going to make plans for further battle, and he did with grace.

At one time, Shikamaru got down, but it was naruto’s nine-tail chakra that saved him without even looking at him because that’s how he was. At that time, Shikamaru Nara vow’s to be the person who would help naruto to be Hokage and be the right man for him, and after the war, he did so.

Tasked with assassinating Gengo, a revolutionary leader who wants ninja to govern the world and the man responsible for deposing the Land of Silence’s daimyo, Shikamaru refuses to involve his friends in this high-stakes mission.

But before naruto was Hokage, Shikamaru got appointed by Kakashi sense as his left man who looked after many Konoha work or assignments with the sand village along with timari.

Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga’s wedding reception

This is one of the best parts of naruto, and maybe I guess all fans were waiting for this as we wanted Naurot and Hinata to be together. Still, Shikamaru was really game and came into reception with timari holding hands, and later when the boruto came, we saw that they both got married.

Timari marry Shikamaru Nara and has one kid named shikadai, who is just like Shikamaru. What a drag again! Hahaha, yes, it is a drag for him also.


Masashi Kishimoto, the man of Naruto, provided some background information on the people he created. For Shikamaru, Kishimoto designed the character, particularly for the purpose of passing the Chunin Exams.

He was intended to be the lone member of Naruto’s generation to receive the chunin rank. According to Kishimoto, Shikamaru’s brain, not his strength, should have given him an advantage in the tests.

The introduction of Orochimaru ultimately led to a break in the plot, but the concept persisted. His combat technique necessitates diversions in order for him to employ his shadow possession successfully.

Now, let’s end this by telling you that, after all, Shikamaru Nara really one of the most intelligent shinobi we saw in naruto, and he went so far for naruto in boruto too.

But he is way more practical than naruto is for the sake of his village, and he is always able to gather information. Still, recently we saw in the boruto manga that Shikamaru Nara really impressed one of the most formidable enemies.

So we can say that he is also one of the fan-favorite characters in the naruto universe.

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