5 Things You don’t know about Pain and Naruto fight

Things to know about pain and Naruto fight can be considered one of the best one-to-one fights in the whole Naruto series, so today, we will learn everything about the pain arc.

Let first know who Pain is and why he wants to capture and destroy the hidden leaf village.


Pain Arc

Things to know about Pain and naruto fight
Things to know about Pain and naruto fight

You can call it a pain invasion arc,

The Pain Arc starts from episodes 152 to 159 of Naruto Shippuden but here we will talk about the time when Pain enters Konoha.

Naruto fights Pain in Episode 163 after Naruto makes a stellar entrance to the now destroyed Konoha. The fight ends in Episode 169, officially ending the Pain arc as a whole.

The Pain came in search of naruto, who has 9 tail fox inside him as he has been a jinchuriki since he was born, and Pain, who is the leader of the Akatsuki group.

Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan formed the Akatsuki group to make their village peaceful and help all other villages near them that were destroyed during the ninja war.


Things to know about Pain and naruto fight
Things to know about Pain and naruto fight

Their objective was to stop the revenge and make a peaceful village where all nations work together to make a better world.

After Yahiko died, Nagato changed the viewpoint and moto of Akatsuki, which was to ally the whole village together.

But now Nagato will give Pain to every village to feel the Pain and then also keep on capturing every jinchuriki to gain the ten tail power to rule the whole world.

After Yahiko’s death, they recruited all the high-level criminals into their group and kept on capturing the tail beast one by one, and in the end, it was naruto who had the nine tail beast and Nagato itself gone to capture it.

Naruto vs. Pain

Things to know about Pain and naruto fight
Things to know about Pain and naruto fight

The toads at Mount Myboku prepared for the counterattack after learning about Pain’s onslaught. Shima, who was in Konoha at the time, was told to arrange a reverse summoning to bring Naruto, Fukasaku, Gamabunta, Gamaken, Gamahiro, and Gamakichi to Konoha shortly after the Shinra Tensei destroyed the hamlet.

After using the Naraka Path to rebuild the shattered Asura Path, the Animal Path returned to the town and re-summoned the other methods to fight the jinchuriki.

Naruto saved Tsunade and easily defeated the Asura, Human, Animal, and Naraka Paths utilizing his newly discovered senjutsu techniques and a refined Wind Release: Rasenshuriken before the Deva Path regained the strength to fight independently once again.

Naruto utilized the senjutsu chakra to interrupt the Preta Path’s chakra flow and transform it into a statue of a frog before facing the Deva Path.

The Pain swiftly eliminated the enormous toads and took control, killing Fukasaku. Pain used his chakra disruption blades to pin Naruto to the ground before using another gravity manipulation technique to grasp and hold him.

Before leaving, Naruto questioned Pain about why he had taken such extreme measures. Pain said that since there was too much hatred, the only way to bring about global peace was by using force.

Pain intended to use the tailed animals to create a weapon powerful enough to kill an entire nation, and the terror of that weapon would stop further conflict.

Pain’s ultimate and most often used body, when he was eventually captured and detained by it.

Shikamaru Nara encountered the Yamanaka gang transporting Shizune’s body after escaping the devastation of Konoha. Shikamaru concluded that Pain’s genuine corpse was close to the village, at a high enough position, after being informed of what information she knew.

He could easily control the Six Paths by sending his chakra over a distance great enough to do so.

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Pain’s actual body, Nagato, who was malnourished and had many chakra blades protruding from his back, was shown in his and Konan’s hiding location, a makeshift tree on a high mountain close to the town, while he spoke of his mission for global peace.

After admitting her love for Naruto, Hinata Hyuga hurried to his aid, but she was instantly taken down and seriously injured.

Naruto lost control of his rage and changed into his six-tailed form since he thought Pain had murdered her.

In response, the First Hokage’s necklace attempted to stifle the Nine-Tails’ chakra, but it was taken off and destroyed.

In possession of Naruto’s body, the Nine-Tails battled and overpowered Pain, forcing him to flee the village to get near enough to Nagato to utilize Chibaku Tensei.

Sakura Haruno gave the order for everyone who could assist in treating the wounded and for a team, including herself, to aid the gravely injured Hinata once the Nine-Tails had Naruto under control and Pain out of the village.

While returning from an assignment, Team Guy came across a wounded Gamabunta who alerted them to the threat facing Konoha. Yamato, who was on a quest to find Kabuto Yakushi alongside Sai and Anko Mitarashi, felt that Naruto had freed six of the Nine-Tails and turned around to find and stop Naruto.

Under the immense strain of Nagato, Pain attempted to catch the Nine-Tails by using the Chibaku Tensei to build a massive tiny moon while still being chased by them. In response to Pain’s thoughts of calm at this time, Naruto, who was imprisoned in his subconscious and lost in misery, cried out for assistance.

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In the end, Naruto did not have a strategy to combat the hatred in the world, in contrast to the wicked Pain. Instead, the Nine-Tails urged Naruto to break the seal and wipe out the whole planet by taking advantage of his Pain.

The seal was distorted as a result of this.

The deformed seal allowed the eighth tail to expand and partially break out of the sphere despite the might of the little moon.

The Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, arrived in his head just as he was ready to open the seal and let the Ninth Tail out. Because Minato also thought that the Nine-Tails were compelled to travel to Konoha and that a masked entity inside Akatsuki was responsible for the assault. 

He disclosed to Naruto that he was his father and sealed the Nine-Tails into him. Minato fixed the seal and sent Naruto back to complete his conflict with Pain after allaying Naruto’s concerns that he couldn’t alter the course of the universe.

The chakra of the Nine-Tails was quelled, and Naruto and Pain continued their conflict. Naruto duped the Pain into activating a Shinra Tensei on a large number of shadow clones, allowing Naruto the opportunity to attack him with a Rasengan during the allotted five seconds. After defeating the final body of Pain, Naruto utilized its black receivers to locate and face Nagato.

The Talk with Nagato

Things to know about Pain and naruto fight

When Naruto got to the improvised tree, he questioned Nagato about his hatred of Konoha and what had caused him to be the way he was. Nagato explained two stories since he was still curious about Naruto’s response to his query. The first was how his Rinnegan was activated as a result of his parents’ deaths during the Second Shinobi World War.

The youngster whose body would eventually become the Deva Path started off by telling how he met his companions Konan and Yahiko in the second paragraph. Yahiko had disclosed to the little, improvised family his desire to dominate the globe and put an end to war.

Yahiko stated he would control not only the world but also become a deity, a declaration that inspired Nagato to have the same aspiration.

This declaration came after their dog, Chibi, was murdered by an explosive tag as collateral damage from the Sannin’s battle with Salamander Hanz.

Nagato then described how Yahiko contacted Jiraiya and requested that he teach Konan, Nagato, and himself how to become ninjas. Nagato utilized the Rinnegan to save Yahiko during the training. Jiraiya saw this and warned Nagato about the era of endless conflicts and the messiah.

The Sage of the Six Paths manifested and propagated his religion around the globe, developing it into the ninja method being employed by shinobi today.

Before abandoning the three orphans, Jiraiya trusted the Sage to find the “solution” and bring about global peace since he believed the Sage had been “reborn” as Nagato. Years later, Yahiko led the three as they established a gang in Amegakure to end conflicts and establish global peace.

Hanz was drawn to their popularity and sought Yahiko to join forces with him in bringing about peace amongst the war-torn nations of Earth, Fire, and Wind. But Hanz set up this alliance out of worry that Yahiko’s faction would seize control, and it turned out to be a trap.

He led Danz, Yahiko, and Nagato to a location where several Konoha Anbu Root shinobi were present. After taking Konan hostage, Hanz suggested that Yahiko be killed in order to spare Konan’s life. He commanded Nagato to murder Yahiko and hurled a kunai in his direction.

Nagato hesitated to execute Yahiko despite his willingness to die. As a result, Yahiko used the kunai to cut his own neck while firmly holding Nagato’s hand. Nagato was instructed to continue serving as the “Messiah” by a dying Yahiko.

Yahiko’s passing, according to Nagato, was the second greatest cause of Pain for him.

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After this occurrence, Nagato went wild and countered any attempt by Hanz’s troops to attack him by using Rinnegan’s powers. Nevertheless, when Nagato rescues Konan, Hanz’s Fire Release technique burns his legs.

In the end, he conjured a huge, alive statue for the fight, and it instilled multiple chakra rods into Nagato’s back to use that person’s chakra. Then, as the statue unleashed a soul-stealing dragon to slaughter several of Hanz’s troops, Nagato used the Body Flicker Technique to flee the area before Hanz could be attacked.

Nagato revealed to Naruto that he had taken control of their group and continued Yahiko’s quest to make the world peaceful.

After listening to Nagato’s tale, Naruto considered all that he had learned. Naruto acknowledged that parts of Nagato’s claims were accurate. Still, he added that he would not murder Nagato since Jiraiya had faith in him and that Jiraiya would also have faith in Jiraiya’s beliefs.

In response to Nagato’s query, Naruto produced the book that Jiraiya had written. He began reading from it while informing Nagato that Naruto was the main character. Then, Naruto declared that he would succeed as Hokage and pledged to keep Amegakure peaceful.

Then Nagato said that when he was younger, Naruto was like him. He declared that he would have faith in Naruto and that he was ready to employ a tactic.

Using the method, Nagato released all the souls who had been imprisoned and also utilized his Outer Path to bring back those who had passed away, including Kakashi, Fukasaku, and Shizune.

The Great Toad Sage was seen at Mount Myboku, informing Gamabunta that everyone had been restored and that it surprised him that two of Jiraiya’s students would start the revolution in the Ninja World. After giving Naruto his last will, Nagato died away.

By taking both Nagato and Yahiko’s bodies, Konan chose to quit the Akatsuki and assured Naruto that she would believe in him. She then made a bouquet out of her paper as a peace offering and handed it to Naruto.

Hero of Konoha

Things to know about Pain and naruto fight

The village greets Naruto upon his return, giving him a hero’s welcome.

After building a shrine in the woods in memory of his sensei, Naruto set out to return to Konoha’s destruction. He nearly passed out from tiredness but was saved by a recently awakened Kakashi, who carried Naruto to the village boundary on his back.

His friends and associates met them. But, while the villagers celebrated Naruto, Ebisu and Iruka reflected on how their perception of Naruto had experienced an amazing transformation over the years.

He was formerly viewed as a bother and a monster, but as his deeds were acknowledged, many people began to view him as a great hero.

Getting noticed had finally been Naruto’s greatest dream. It takes place at the Five Kage Summit in the manga. However, it takes place during this arc in the anime. Tsunade used all her chakras to shield the people, leaving her unconscious.

Danz convinced the Fire Daimy to appoint him as the Sixth Hokage in the interim at the council meeting that followed the invasion. He ultimately got the rank, declared Sasuke Uchiha a missing-nin, and gave the order to kill him.

Kumogakure’s Squad Samui came to Konoha with the knowledge that Sasuke’s team had abducted Killer B and was seeking any information Konoha could have on Sasuke.

Tobi stopped Taka while they were traveling to Konoha after he had left Akatsuki after killing the Eight-Tails. Tobi was tasked with assassinating Danz, the next Hokage, at the summit by Tobi, who was furious that Taka had failed to capture the Eight-Tails.

The white half of Zetsu departed to pave the way. Tobi warned Black Zetsu that Sasuke wouldn’t be useful to him if he couldn’t be properly managed and that Pain’s loss was a significant setback to his ambitions. So Tobi decided to start his Eye of the Moon Plan and come out from behind the shadows.

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