Prison School Season 2- Release Date, and much more to know!

Anticipation for the release of Prison School Season 2 is increasing amongst the fans! Let’s check what the latest updates regarding it are.

Prison School is a Japanese anime series adaptation of the manga series by Akira Hiramoto. After the release of the manga series and witnessing its success, J.C Staff studio decided to adapt it into anime.

Like this, Prison School season 1 was released back in July 2015. The 12th and the last episode aired in September 2015. An OVA episode followed in March 2016 under the title- Prison School: Mad Max to keep the hope alive.

After that, there are insignificant updates for the release of the second part. Fans have been waiting for the director- Tsutomu Mizushima, to declare season 2 officially. Let’s hope that day arrives soon.


Prison School Season 2 Release Date approaching?

Here is a reply from the director of this anime series, which makes season 2 brighter!

I know all amongst the readers might not understand the Japanese language of this tweet. Don’t worry, we have an English translation as well!

Tsutomu Mizushima replies:

“Thank you for watching Shirobako! I don’t know the second term. I want to do it!”

This tweet shows that the director is ready to work on the second part. But what’s taking so long in the release of season 2. Let’s see what happens next. Is the creators’ team already working on this project?

Prison School Season 2 Release date [Expected!]

There is no expiry date to keep expectations. But there should be limitations, or else you will hurt yourself!

HAHA, it was just extra guidance, but somewhat relevant with Prison School Season 2 release date.

The best-expected release date can be somewhere by the end of 2022 or in 2023. But if 2023 passes by and there comes no news- let go of your hope for the second part.

But this pitch has a low chance as the chances of the release of season 2 are high. So, let’s hope for the best, and season 2 makes its way towards us in the near future.

Factors Favoring for the release of Season 2

As you might be aware of the fact that the audience and the critics have received this anime well. Even the first season made a lot of profit for the creators. 

In addition to it, even the manga copies sold well. Around 13 million copies are sold to date. These facts are purely favoring that the show is hit amongst the audience, and they are still waiting for season 2.

Oh no! We forgot to add the main favoring fact for season 2! Here it is!

Prison School Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger. And J.C. Staff is known for renewing its popular series. So, let’s hope that fans receive their answers in the upcoming season soon!

Is there enough source material for Prison School Season 2?

Of course, yes! 

To date, the writer of the manga series has published 28 volumes of the manga series. Out of which, only 9 volumes are used in the first season. 

Hence, more than enough source material is available for the release of season 2. Simultaneously, if things go well and season 2 turns into a hit show, fans can expect further seasons.

Looking at the bright part of the series, the second part might also follow its brightness. So, we have to wait for the official declaration of the second season.

Prison School Storyline

Prison School Season 2

The story of this anime series revolves around an all-girls boarding school, Hachimitsu Private Academy. It is known for its superior education and discipline. After the policy of the school was revised, the boys were allowed to enroll as well.

In the first semester, five boys were accepted. It ended up like a girl to boy ratio of 200:1. The boys try to harass girls in all manners, but their efforts were in vain. The reason behind it was the strong Underground Student Council (USC).

As the crime rate starts to increase in girls bathing areas, the culprits receive an ultimatum of imprisonment. 

They are imprisoned in the Prison Block. Either they have to stay there for a month or accept the school’s rustication. As the series furthers, the adventures grow, and it also makes the series more interesting.

If you have not watched it, you can watch it on Netflix. The English dubbed episodes of this series are available on AnimeSuge for FREE!!!

Expected Characters of Prison School Season 2

Many characters are attracting the audience with their character. But here are the main characters that might appear in the second part as well.

– Hana Midorikawa

– Mari Kurihara

– Meiko Shiraki

– Reiji Ando

– Joji Nezu

– Takehito Morokuzu

– Shingo Wakamoto

– Kiyoshi Fujino

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