40+ PURPLE Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

This list is for all the people who love purple-haired anime girls, and you are going to see some best girls with purple hair.

Purple hair is really given a bright personality to a young woman.

You will see many types of purple-hair anime girls on this list like- long purple hair, beautiful girls with short lavender hair, and chubby girls with purple hair.


1-Yuuko ” dusk maiden” From Tasogare Otome x

She is sweet, tall, and has long purple hair.

She is a teenager, but she looks much more mature than teenage girls, She wears an old uniform, but the most surprising thing is that she is dead long ago.

She is one of the best purple hair anime girls on this list and the only spirited anime girl.

You will enjoy watching this anime series, A little girl who was abandoned and allowed to die alone in the ancient Seikyou Private Academy building. She has no recall of how she died, and she and Teiichi Niiya are presently hunting for clues.

Apart from Teiichi and Kirie Kanoe, a blood related who can see her, she is generally invisible to the people at the school.

2-Renge Miyouchi – Non Non Biyori

Renge has a unique purpose for the yellow ribbons she wears in her purple hair. Dagashiya received these ribbons as a child.

This lovely lady has a peculiar yet distinctive name system for those around her. She’s a kind person.

I guess we all heard the song kabure kabure song and she is the one and everyone in the anime community.

3-Ultear Milkovich – Fairy Tail

Ultear’s eyes are brown. Her dark violet hair is fastened with a white hairband, and she has a light complexion.

She is a member of Grimoire Heart and an ambitious woman.

Ultear had been the victim of falsehoods for years, believing that her mother had abandoned her while she was still a child.

This fueled the young woman’s desire for vengeance, especially when she observed her mother enjoying herself with her new students.

4-Azusa Hamaoka

PURPLE haired anime girls

Anime: Grand Blue

She is a bold girl and does not shy away from boys who have so much muscle all the nudity they show in the anime is so normal to her, and she knows how to deal with it in her own way.

She just likes life, socializes with everyone, and isn’t scared to have a few drinks, dress provocatively, or go completely nude.

She’s also extremely clever and bisexual, on top of it all. So it’s possible that we’ll all fall for her.

I wish anime characters come to real life, and then I would ask her out for a date.

5-Dorothy Unsworth From Black clover

PURPLE haired anime girls

She is one of the most underrated characters in the black clover as a commander of her squad because we have not seen much from her, but she has one of the best magic.

Like her constant urge to click the snooze button, her abilities signify her insatiable need to hit the snooze button. She can take you to her own dimension, which is a kind of dreamland where she can do anything she wishes to, and you just can’t get out of it unless you have super psychological solid power.

She does her job very quickly, beating the shit out of enemies without any sweat and sleeping always and making others sleep and catch them easily.


PURPLE haired anime girls

Anime: Assassination Classroom

IIf sci-fi programs have taught me anything, and it’s that machines are far superior to humans when it comes to murder.

That was the situation for Ritsu at first. So be it; she was a massive piece of metal with a pretty lilac-haired screen saver, and she was still the most dangerous opponent.

Later, she would take on a more human shape and attitude and be heavily nerfed. As a result, she stayed around to help the remainder of the class.

7-Cornelia li Britannia From Code Geass

PURPLE haired anime girls

Do you love hard-working women? Who doesn’t go easy on people and an army person, who will fight with everything they got an expert on so many things?

Cornelia is most obviously the latter since she appears to be the ideal soldier and leader at first.

She has led her army to countless triumphs with her unwavering love and allegiance to Britannia, giving her the nickname “Goddess of Victory.”

She is in anime fans’ hearts and an aggressive character.

However, with the assistance of the actual saint Euphemia, she begins to reconsider her former views.

8-Kirie Motoba

PURPLE haired anime girls

Anime: Himouto! Umaru-chan

Okay, I understand Kirie may be a bit cruel to her sibling. Okay, she may appear out of nowhere since she possesses stalking talents comparable to those of a ninja. Look at those unkempt bangs and ponytails, for example. She has the cutest little dork face!

She isn’t particularly extroverted, so she won’t even dare to speak to you if you aren’t a youngster.

9-Akane Shinjo

Anime: SSSS.Gridman

You don’t want to irritate this mother, Jesus’ beautiful baby. In fact, it’s best just to remain away from her at all times.

Because, despite her looking like a kind, shy girl, she has a shorter temper than Bakugo. Are you the one who knocked her meal over? As you flee for your life, have fun dealing with this dragon-like kaiju.

She can transform into a kaiju and just rip all the people or enemies of her into small pieces, so don’t go for her innocent face because she is dangerous. She is, however, cute and has purple hair. Therefore she is included on our list. I am a straightforward individual.


PURPLE haired anime girls

Anime: Akame ga Kill

She is the most empathetic of our assassins, offering her nakamas a shoulder to weep on and other such things.

She has a split personality.

But man, when it comes to murdering people, she is unflinching. Then you hand her these huge scissors that can cut through anything, which is pretty terrifying.

She’s also clumsy. Thus, she exemplifies the phrase “don’t run with a scissor.” Don’t go near her if she has any sharp tools because it will be your loss.


Anime: Soul Eater

She has enough power to be mistaken for a full-fledged witch even though she is a cat.

Fortunately, she seemed to be satisfied with taking bubble baths and roaming around naked rather than pursuing anybody.

She enjoys herself. It can be risky and a little ridiculous at times, so it’s a good thing she’s not the main enemy.

To properly off her, they’d have to murder her nine times. Imagine how long that last battle would last!

12-Rize Tedeza

Anime: Is the Order a Rabbit?

Rize is clearly a determined guy. She looks to be far more cognitively mature than her friends, which explains why she regularly plays the role of the guru.

Her maturity stems from the fact that she doesn’t mince words. She is forthright and might come across as obnoxious at times.

Oh, and she’s definitely putting off some serious heat at any given time. So, to be more precise, she doesn’t beat about the bush.

13-Anko Mitarashi

PURPLE haired anime girls

Anime: Naruto

Anko was undoubtedly S class in character tiers when it came to female Naruto characters. For sure, every naruto fan, when I saw her first time, had one thought, wow, she is hot and badass. She is hot and one of my favorite Naruto characters, but I’m just talking about the naruto series, not Shippuden. It was an action-packed idea through and through.

When she met head to head with Itachi, she knew what could be the outcome, so that was why Therefore she was already a step ahead of her opponents.

She has snake powers like Orochimaru.

When she first appeared, she tossed a kunai at Naruto and then proceeded to lick the blood of the blade. Then came “Naruto junior x technology – the anime,” and our girl completely fell out of favor.

We are not fat-shaming here; we like our more prominent anime friends, but she is no longer a badass.

14-Chihiro Shindou

Anime: Ef a Tale of Memories

When you see a tiny girl in anime with an eyepatch, you know she’ll be the cutest and unluckiest person or a psychopath.

Chihiro suffers from retrograde amnesia as a result of an injury. That is, at the end of each day, she can only recall events from the preceding thirteen hours.

She became a lot more bashful as a result of her illness. But she also developed a passion for reading and writing. She’s really adorable.


Anime: Ranma ½

“Keep your friends near, but your enemies closer,” as the saying goes. I believe they should have said that you should not fall in love with your adversaries at any stage.

Shampoo’s personality shines most when it comes to Ranma. He first receives the tsundere treatment since this woman is no stranger to violence.

But, over time, she softens. Everyone who tries to lay a finger on him or capture sentiments will catch her hands now that she has softened toward him.

16-Kae Serinuma

Anime: Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

You hear about how a girl dropped weight for a male due to bullying and societal pressure all the time, but you seldom hear about a full-body makeover caused by mourning an anime character.

That’s how Kae went from being an overweight girl that no one noticed to the school’s hottie.

But don’t be fooled by her sudden beauty. She gains a super Saiyan powerup if she mentions anything anime-related. As a result, her heart continues to pump otaku blood through her veins.

17-Maya Natsume

Anime: Tenjou Tenge

She is not your homeroom teacher who is normal and nice to you. But, well, it appears that most martial arts instructors aren’t.

Maya has a habit of training her employees in unusual and indirect methods. But, almost as if she’s one step ahead of everyone else, everything typically works out in the end.

She frequently stays in her infant form to conserve chi, so you forget she’s a stunning lady who will undoubtedly develop back problems in the future.

Her family situation is also a complete disaster. But, hey, that doesn’t seem to bother her as a sensei.

18-Izuna Hatsuse From No Game No Life

She is so cute and not just an ordinary slim girl, and she has one of the best personalities. Even when she’s not attempting to win a game by charging at you like a terrible beast, she’s adorable-desu.

When paired with Sora and Shiro, they appear to be the strangest three musketeers, who are concurrently an absolute power(mad) house-desu. And, in case anyone didn’t notice, she tries to be nicer by using the phrase desu a lot.

19-Izumi Kyouka From Bungou stray dogs

For the most part, Izumi fits the archetype of the typical juvenile assassin. Being duped, doubting her own value, willing to die for a goal, never being taught how to address any problem without committing genocide, and so on.

Even when some of her previous habits resurface, she proves to be an invaluable member of the team. She kept on changing hair colors from time to time from a young age.

It also helps that she has such a loving personality, and seeing her for the first time receive care and attention always makes the old ticker warm up.

20-Moriko Morioka From Netoju

She made a debut in gaming after working very hard in a boring corporate job. After eleven years of working in a corporate job that she didn’t love, she decided to leave and devote her life to the all-powerful might of MMORPGs.

She chooses to make some new acquaintances and enters the virtual world.

Furthermore, keep in mind that we’re talking about a fully developed lady. She’ll have to find a method to maintain her lifestyle while also including some rom-com action.

21-Jirou Kyouka

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia

Because she’s virtually just an extra in the first twelve episodes, I was starting to lose faith in her.

However, Jirou finally gets some screen time thanks to class 1A’s musical performance!

And it’s put to good use. As a result, we discover that she has a natural talent for both performing and teaching music.

We can only hope that she will get more fighting experience in future seasons and demonstrate her particular eccentricity. She’s far too cool a character to be left on the sidelines.

22-Toko Fukawa From Danganronpa

Toko is certainly not for everyone. Unlike other princess-like characters on this list, Toko hasn’t been given the best hand in life and has suffered as a result.

She seemed unconcerned by her lack of social skills, preferring instead to isolate herself from others, perceiving herself as an outcast. She is terrified of the dark, baths, and ghosts, and she has a distorted view of sexuality.

Later on, after finally meeting a genuine friend, she improves. From there, we may expect significant growth.

23-Kamishiro Rize From Tokyo Ghoul

Spoiler warning!

This character went through three distinct phases: an attractive female who was attracted to our MC, a harsh ghoul whose name echoes with horror, and finally, a sadistic ghoul whose name echoes with horror.

That final part lasted the longest since she acted as a contrast to our protagonist. Two things are certain: the power she bestowed on Kaneki was absurd and always corresponded to the manga’s plot.

24-Kagami Hiiragi

Anime: Lucky Star

Okay, I’m going to make a combination platter now since I couldn’t bear leaving any of the Hiiragi sisters out. So in every sense, Kagami is the tsundere of the gang.

She is easily annoyed, especially when she needs to assist her sister with minor tasks.

But, like any tsundere, she genuinely cares about her family. Will she actually mean it? I’m not sure, guy, and tsundere is something I’m not familiar with.

25-Tsukasa Hiiragi From Lucky star

Sue me if I like Tsukasa a bit more. In contrast to her sister’s harsh exterior, Tsukasa is very plain and freely affectionate.

She doesn’t appear to get angry and always exudes a calm atmosphere. But, of course, this is in stark contrast to her sister’s behavior.

Tsukasa’s airheadedness has its drawbacks since she frequently needs assistance to do simple tasks like sending an SMS.

She can, however, prepare a meal. She is one of the youngest anime girls with purple hair on this anime list.

26-Road Kamelot

Anime: D.Gray-man

In theory, Road is a fantastic character. She adores her family and is always consoling and kind toward them.

Despite being in her mid-thirties, she’s still a little childlike, and she’s always looking for someone to entertain her. But, in a way, that’s cute.

World god, long purple hair, long hair, cat form, human form, purple hair

But then there’s her superior attitude toward regular people and her sadistic behavior toward individuals she despises. Those who intend to damage her family, for example.

After nailing someone’s hands to a clock, anyone would lose their cuteness. But she did score some badass points, so it’s all good.

27-Aoi Yamada

Anime: Working!!

Where do you even begin with Yamada, assuming that’s their true name? Initially, she was only a charming character who appeared to have a terrible history in the later episodes of the series.

However, when you discover she has a proclivity for lying, things start to become a little more interesting. I’m not sure. She is a class-A manipulator who doesn’t mind stealing from the eatery.

She also makes the show’s dynamic a whole lot more fascinating. Therefore, she gets my seal of approval.

28-Kurumi Ebisuzawa

Anime: Gakkou Gurashi!

Kurumi is one of the few people I’ve encountered that is solidly in badass areas without crossing over into psychopath land.

Considering that this is a zombie show, you’d anticipate seeing the ruthless assassin and the emotional guy who can’t pull the trigger to turn up.

Kurumi isn’t a pushover by any means. She is, in reality, the group’s strongest and most capable member.

Even yet, if she notices a sliver of humanity in a zombie, she pauses and is thrown off. So let’s not even get started on her mental condition at night. That’s another thing altogether.

29-Konno Yuuki

Fight scene of Konno Yuuki in SAO

Anime: Sword Art Online

The next section contains some spoilers. Yuuki is a character from the “legends never die” genre.

Despite having a fatal condition, she refused to surrender to life and was an incredible badass in the virtual world.

She won numerous duels, including one against God himself, Kirito, and established a reputation as a formidable duelist.

But what is the most amazing part of her personality? Her mental toughness, since she not only lived life to the fullest (despite her short time), but she also assisted many others who were in similar situations.

30-Kotomi Ichinose

Anime girl in school hallway Kotomi Ichinose

Anime: Clannad

Kotomi may be summarised as a bookish dandere who is kept back by her history.

Her love of reading is apparent, as she spends most of her time at the library. She isn’t even restricted to her own tongue.

She’s generally in the top 10 in any given subject and has that clever person aura.

She is, however, quite timid and needs someone to spot her in any social scenario.

In terms of her past, I won’t say much about it since it’s a very heartbreaking story. Especially with the souvenir, she receives at the end.

31-Hifumi Takimoto From New Game

Hifumi Takimoto in New Game! anime

She is a waifu material, and the moment you talk to her, you will love her. Therefore, she doesn’t especially enjoy establishing eye contact or conversing with people in person.

Give this chick a keyboard, and she’ll type herself into oblivion. She also uses a significant amount of emoticons. Therefore it’s reasonable to conclude she’s a social media personality.

Her intuition and people-reading abilities are also on the spot. Thus, she fits into the “those who rarely talk are amazing listeners” group.

She is one of the cutest purple-haired anime girls for whom you can catch feelings.

32-Misato Katsuragi

Misato Katsuragi in Evangelion anime

Anime: Evangelion

Evangelion characters, I swear, are the most difficult to depict. You’ll never be able to condense them into a few phrases.

The easiest way to define Misato without going into her past is that she’s the show’s laid-back, friendly-yet-distant grownup.

Shinji and Asuka are allowed to live with her. But he’s also a slob, a softcore drinker, and a culinary critic’s worst nightmare. That is, however, her “normal” demeanor.

She’s highly dependable and calm on the job, managing much of the tedious bureaucracy and serving as a field commander.

Her relationships are usually brief, but her necklace has a fascinating backstory.

33-Yuki Nagato From The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

Yuki Nagato reading a book

Yuki is about as kuudere as kuudere gets. haruhi suzumiya yuki nagato.

She seldom exhibits emotion as she ends up in the SOS brigade, watching Haruhi and sending them back to the Data Integrated Thought Entity.

Slight spoilers ahead: in the second season, she was the only one who was able to maintain her memories despite the unending time loops, and angel beats. She is still rational, demonstrating how distant she is from mankind. Magic council.

Despite this, she feels like a vital member of the group.

I’m not certain why except the SOS team would not be the same without the small girl calmly reading a good book in the background.

34-Touka Kirishima From Tokyo Ghoul

Touka Kirishima in Tokyo Ghoul anime

She really gets your adrenaline racing right away because she’s presented as a formidable warrior.

When she came face to face with an elderly tissue sniffer, she sensed her strength and general presence.

She seemed to make my heartbeat more than anything later in the show as Kaneki’s love interest.

Her natural form is like a savage girl.

During their first scene, first at re cafe and then on the big day, she lost her strength as a powerhouse later on. However, I definitely struck relationship gold.

35-Motoko Kusanagi

Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell anime

Anime: Ghost in the Shell

Kusanagi is the powerful, independent female heroine that many anime fans yearn for.

She doesn’t seem to rely on people all that much, especially in the anime’s first season, and appears to be considerably more than merely trustworthy.

She is a strong leader. And have their own life she cares about.

Motoko begins as a “by the book” sort of leader since she prized efficiency above everything else, even with the Tachikomas. And they questioned if wakefulness was the best state for their jobs.

If you haven’t watched SAC, you should definitely do so.

36-Hitagi Senjougahara

Hitagi Senjougahara in Bakemonogatari anime

Anime: Bakemonogatari

Senjougahara is the girl for you if you enjoy living in the fast lane.

She pushed a stapler into Araragi’s mouth the first time she met him.

She’s absolutely bae as a girlfriend, but with a lot of warning labels attached.

On the one hand, she has demonstrated a great deal of empathy for Araragi, and her skill set is remarkable, particularly if interrogations are required.

On the other hand, she is prone to jealousy, which can be fatal regardless of the number of vampires in your body. She also seemed to take pleasure in watching her lover squirm.

This is it, and guys hope you love this article about purple-haired anime girls and hope you will find a girl online who has purple hair.

37-Yoruichi Shihōin

Yoruichi Shihōin in Bleach anime

Anime: Bleach

Yoruichi has a strong Blair feel about him. She does, after all, like to spend much of her time in her cat shape. And she generally transforms back simply to watch how others respond to her.

She also gets additional points for surprising people, as most people believe she’s a man due to her manly vocabulary and, strangely, non-feline voice.

She won countless duels even if it was hand-to-hand combat with other girls.

She’s also quite fine with being naked in public because she’s always naked as a cat. Finally, she is a really relaxed person. However, it is also exceedingly strong.

38-Sumire Kakei From Boruto- The Next Genration

Sumire Kakei in Boruto anime

She appears to be mature, well-liked, and clever, yet she must be concealing something.

However, she sticks to the formula and returns talk-no-Jutsu to the holy Road of the “believe it” ninja way.

She becomes a little blander in terms of storyline after that, but she becomes far more vital on the battlefield, as Nue is as adorable as he is lethal.

Plus, KIBA, it’s been a long time since the cosmos had a solid human-animal team.

39-Faye Valentine

Anime: Cowboy Bebop

Faye is a lone wolf that doesn’t care about feelings and just cares about catching hands. Particularly early in the show.

Modern age anime girls with purple hair or any kind of girl are way off if you compare to Faye valentine.

She appears to operate on the idea of “leave before you’re abandoned” and rarely stays for long.

She’s also a hedonist, gambling, drinking, smoking, and getting into fights when she feels like it, practically everything your parents taught you not to do.

Having these attributes from the start just adds to her appeal as her character grows.

Because, let’s face it, witnessing a 100 percent lone wolf finally discover their own pack is a sight to behold.

40-Hotaru Shidare From Dagashi Kashi

It’s an understatement to say Hotaru has a sweet taste. She’s got a full set of sugary candy crush grills. Hotaru acquired her sweet tooth from her parents, who worked in the confectionery industry.

This is effective in two ways. First, she wants to see her firm succeed, and we can see her seeking to hire Kokonotsu’s father on a regular basis.

She is a workaholic person. She’s always seen putting something tasty in her mouth.

41-Minene Uryuu

Shocked anime girl with purple hair Minene Uryuu

Anime: Mirai Nikki

I was honestly cheering for a terrorist in this program. You can tell there’s a lot of trauma involved just by looking at what show she’s from.

And Minene appears to be completely insane, especially when she initially appears on the scene.

She is well-versed in weaponry, explosives, and everything else that might make you disappear.

She also possesses an Escape Diary, allowing her to Houdini her way out of most situations. And she’s been in a lot of sticky situations.

Unfortunately, her past is the one prison she can’t seem to break free from, as flashbacks torment her throughout the program.

42-Saeko Busujima From Highschool of the dead

Anime girl drawing sword for battle Saeko Busujima

If there is any Apocalypse related to zombies, then you should have a friend like Saeko because she knows how to cut zombies down. Unlike the majority of these characters, Saeko may simply take a blunt instrument, a wooden sword, or even a genuine sword.

Alternatively, she may simply go in unarmed and kick the living (or should I say dying) crap out of everyone who gets in her way.

On the other hand, don’t expect pity if you’re on the receiving end of the bloodied stick unless you’re a cat or a youngster, of course. But, even back then, I mean.

43-Akatsuki From Log Horizon

Akatsuki eating in outdoor cafe

More people in this youngster’s life who think in “don’t judge a person by its cover” are needed in her life.

She does, after all, have Shiroe. But, on the other hand, everyone else appears to think she’s a naive youngster due to her small stature and adorable looks. So it’s no surprise that her first online alter ego was a tall, mysterious man.

Naturally, this shattered her self-esteem. And, even though she’s a formidable shadow crawling assassin, she continually doubts herself and her talents.

Even in love and relationships, she feels that she falls short of a genuine middle schooler, no pun intended!


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