7 Reasons Why Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships

7 Reasons Why Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships

On the journey of spiritual awakening, you may encounter many hurdles and difficulties. Indeed, the path to Spirituality is not easy. Sometimes difficulties affect your personal life so brutally that you will question why you want to be spiritually awakened. Can Spirituality spoil your relationships? What are the reasons Why Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?

 Let us find out the answer and the reasons.

 Spirituality- when this word strikes our mind, we think about positivity, an amazing fresh aura, and a world that looks different from a spiritual perspective. You have to keep yourself positive and use various positive daily reminders.

In short, we find that Spirituality means all positive. However, the path to spiritual awakening doesn’t agree with us. It is not like we see or feel.

Even sometimes, a person on his journey to Spirituality must go through so many leaps and bounds. Many of the spiritual aspirants give up in between.

Indeed, the Spiritual awakening of one can be depressing for others when it comes to relationships. For example, you could say that it may also be the reason for your breakup.

If you are going through such a case, read the article as I am trying to highlight the various reasons why Spirituality can break your relationships.


Reasons Why Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?

 Before discussing the reasons, let me give you a brief on Spirituality.

What is Spiritual Awakening?

Spirituality means to find the real you and to discard who you are not. It is the connection between you and the universe. It is a connection between you and the divine world.

Let’s understand spiritual awakening by the quote of Roy T. Bennett

“More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.”

 Sounds wonderful. Isn’t it?

Indeed it is. Spiritual awakening is nothing less than a wonder. It makes everything so beautiful and full of peace. You will feel your direct connection to God.

A person has to go through many phases of a spiritual journey. Each carries some set o obstacles.

Our relationships mean a lot to us. This is the thing we certainly don’t want to give up on.

Let’s see why such a beautiful thing’ spirituality’ can end your relationships.

Reasons for breakups:

Well, when you are on your spiritual awakening, your perspective to see the world changes, and so is the way your relationship.

It is seen that it is a very painful shift and causes serious rifts between you and your loved ones.

Here I have listed a few reasons that may be responsible for your breakups.

Check these out, and stay careful!

You start seeing the reality:

When you find yourself spiritually awakened, everything around you starts to change, and your self-image starts to break down.

People, in general, live in a denial state. We usually accept things as they seem to us.

However, when you stir in a profound sense, you start to see things as they are, both in yourself, others, and in your general surroundings.

Abruptly, what you used to ignore or didn’t accept before has become self-evident, and everything becomes clear in your mind.

You start accepting that every relationship is there with you for a cause. Only the spiritual world connects you without any reason.

You start finding the Spirituality in everything you have, even in your partner. This sometimes becomes boring for the other person.

These things start interfering with the bond you share with the person.

Change in priorities:

When you become spiritually awake, your entire view of the world changes. What was significant to you might not be so now, and vice versa.

 You don’t give priority to money, worldly things, or status. Instead, you become more compassionate and give priority to love and happiness. You always try to help others.

 And this can lead to a great deal of conflict and tension.


Because worldly things like money, and status that no longer mean to you, still have importance for your partner.

Change in beliefs

With the spiritual awakening, your belief change.

Simply put, it is the same as you have just seen the real world with your eyes open. You will find your shift from religious beliefs, political views, love, money, etc.

 The things that you used to find interesting earlier no longer mean to you.

Not everyone will agree with your new ideals, and this could place a strain on your relationships.

Loss of connection with your partner:

You were together with your partner because of the bond you shared.

However, with spiritual enlightenment, this bond often starts loosening.

 Now, you start enjoying practicing spiritual things more than the time both of you used to spend together. 

 You’re no longer having fun being around your loved one.

 As sad as it may sound, this “loss of connection” could permanently harm your bond.

You become lonely:

Isolation when you are in a relationship!

Sounds strange! Isn’t it?

Well, it happens. When you’re spiritually awakened, you start looking for like-minded people. And because your partner is still an ordinary person, you don’t feel attracted to them.

In the worst case, you don’t want to spend time with them. Moreover, you start searching for the same-minded person.

This is a serious cause.

An increase in misunderstandings leads to frustration:

As I have told you, your views, perceptions, and priorities change as you attain the spiritual awakening,

This led to confusion and misunderstanding between you and your partner. You often get misunderstood by your other family members as they cannot see things how you notice them.

This would result in frustration on both sides, and the conflict would rise.

You feel drained from your partner’s energy:

Do you feel exhausted with your partner?

This is because you are not the same person you used to be before this awakening stage. Your contemplations, sentiments, and handling of everyone around you have changed.

It’s a miserable truth to confront. However, your spirit begins to look for individuals with energies that match yours.

And that’s why you don’t feel good with your lover anymore.

These are the reasons that would end in your break up.

What should you do when your relationships are not working due to your spiritual journey?

After discussing the cause, I would also like to give some solutions.

Give some time:

Both of you have entered into a new phase. You are spiritually awakened while your partner sees you in such a state for the first time.

So, give me some time. Things will adjust accordingly.

Let go of toxic relationships :

You can never attain peace till you are with some good people if you find that you’re in a toxic relationship where everything is going wrong.

Just let go.

Communication is the key:

Any relationship can work if there is healthy communication.

Talk to your partner more often. Please share what you are feeling and listen to what they feel during the transition phase.

This could work like magic!

Trust your spiritual journey:

Whatever the situation is, just trust the process you’re having.

Those who love you will adjust slowly. But it would be best to never give up on your spiritual journey.

Bottom Line: Reasons Why Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships

Indeed, a break in a relationship hurts. But, when you are nearly in the awakening state, the transition shift may lead to conflicts.

It isn’t easy to adjust so soon.

So, wait for the right time and don’t stop communicating with your loved one.

Soon, you will find the good time is back! And this time, it will be permanently!

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