Do We Reincarnate into the Same Family? Mind boggling facts to Know!


Do We Reincarnate into the Same Family?

We often get goosebumps while trying to figure out do we reincarnate into the same family.

Well, it is a difficult one to answer. And there have been a lot of debates going on these days on the topic.

So, I am trying to find out the best possible explanation for the same.

Keep reading the blog. It is as interesting as the topic is.

All about Incarnation:

Do We Reincarnate into the Same Family

Let’s understand the concept of incarnation in brief.

Significance of Reincarnation:

Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that says the soul or spirit begins a new life in a new body after death. This new body may be human, animal, or spiritual, depending on the morality of the activities taken in the previous life.

It is your karma that decides your next incarnation into this world.

Interestingly, “reincarnation” means “entering the flesh again” in Latin.

Reincarnation in various religions:

The concept of reincarnation is really old. It has been there for ages.

In the Hindu religion- Many Gods have reincarnated for the sake of humanity. Their famous God, Lord Vishnu, had the Dashavatars, or ten incarnations, and are well known.

The Christian religion believes that Jesus is the divine incarnation. According to some Christians and Muslims, he and other prophets may take on new bodies. However, most Christians think that Jesus will also return at the end of the world.

Reincarnation is well known in Buddhism as well. However, their theory is different. They don’t believe in immortal souls. They believe that there is no everlasting “soul.”

“soul” or “self,” however just a “continuous flow” that joins existence with life.

Do we Reincarnate into the same family:

This has been a burning question for ages. Everyone who believes in reincarnation thinks about it at some point in their lifetime.

Yes. there is a high probability that we reincarnate into the same family. However, this is not always true.

If when you owe something to somebody, you may come to the family to repay.

If you have hurt your family, you may come for the sake of your parents or your loved ones.

Group reincarnation and group karma are the two names used by reincarnation studies to characterize this kind of rebirth. Many people think that the same family will reincarnate together, either as blood relations or by marriage back into the family.

Here, it is to note that a group of some people with the same spiritual energy can be together in their new birth.

If you have a strong urge to come again into the same family, then our beloved God will send you back to the same one. As we all know that the almighty always takes care of our wishes.

However, it is believed that a human will remain human at his next birth. So with others like animal remain animal and so on. But if you have done many sins, you have to take birth in the other species.

To understand in a better way, in detail, we must understand the points on which our reincarnation depends.

Why do we reincarnate?

We take rebirths to fulfill our unfulfilled desires, pay our debts, etc.

Have a look at some details:

To reap the rewards of one’s karmas.

Many religions believe that what we sow in the present birth, we will reap in our next birth. The idea behind it is karma.

So concentrate on what you are doing. Stay watchful.

To fulfill your unanswered desires:

A person’s desire to experience more material pleasures grows stronger after indulging in them. If you have some such desires with your family members, you are more likely to be born into the same family.

To repay your debt:

It is assumed that if you have taken money from someone, you will come to repay it. You may appear as a relative, friend, or anyone else.

If you have taken a loan from your family member, you will come to the same family in any form. To attain higher consciousness:

This concept believes that a person is here in this world to attain spirituality. However, we tend to forget our real goals due to our attraction to the materialistic world. So, when we reincarnate, we try to achieve it with God’s guidance.

When would we choose to reincarnate into the same family?

Some experts believe that when a spirit decides it wants to come back, it will frequently sit down and discuss its past lives and ideal future lives with its spirit teacher.

In addition, a spirit’s instructor and guides will assist in guiding it to the location where it can fully complete its journey. Every time you leave Earth, you always come back to it later.

However, in the Hindu religion, there is a concept where the soul does not return. This is called ‘Moksha,’ which is the Ultimate spirituality. The soul is said to become one with God.

We can choose to reincarnate into the same family for various reasons.

Sometimes it has to do with unfinished business, unresolved problems, or unpaid karmic debts.
Sometimes we decide to reincarnate into the same family because we wish to support their spiritual development.

Additionally, there are instances when we sense an intense bond with our soul family and long to live among them.

Most likely, a soul can become reborn in a different family. Be it a Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, etc.

According to Dalai Lama XIV

We are born and reborn countless times, and it is possible that each being has been our parent at one time or another. Therefore, it is likely that all beings in this universe have familial connections.”

What does the family reincarnation look like?

How to understand that you are experiencing the rebirth of someone deceased.

Well, our duties and relations change when we are reborn in the same family. Like a father can take rebirth as a son.

Following are the signs that tell you about someone reborn in your family.

Pregnancy in the family after someone passes away:

Getting pregnant after a family member passes away is a great sign of reincarnation.

After their physical bodies pass away, souls frequently return immediately to take care of unfinished business.

After a family member learns she is pregnant, it may happen that the family has just lost a dear one. In a family that practices group reincarnation, this event occurs frequently.

Physical attributes or habits of a child in a family:

We often develop certain habits of our own. For example, if you find a child in your family has some habits of someone deceased, it is a strong sign of reincarnation in the family.

Past life recalls:

It is an incarnation if a family member exhibits some memories of his past life related to her family.

Siblings dynamics:

In some instances, the spirit of a deceased sibling decides to return to their parents and immediately manifests as a new sibling in the same family. These siblings frequently share dynamics with the first set.

Indeed a sign that the deceased one has taken birth again.

Last thoughts:

If you could see your past lives, you would understand that you are the mastermind behind your destiny, that nothing happens by accident, and that the wonderful and bad things in your life are all your fault.

We can reincarnate into our family, but we must choose this for ourselves. Be it our love and affection or some unfulfilled wish, and we will be born into the same family by having different roles.

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