Rick and Morty Season 5: Arriving Soon? – Recent Updates

Rick and Morty Season 5 is one of the most sought-after animation series these days. If you’re one of Rick and Morty’s fans, here’s everything you need to know about Rick and Morty Season 5!

Not only Rick and Morty is one of the most popular animes out there; it also inspires all sorts of memes and chattering throughout its four seasons so far.

The fans have to wait for nearly two years to see the fourth season of Rick and Morty. Now, with the fast-paced production going on, it doesn’t seem that we have to wait much longer to get Rick and Morty season 5. Here, in this article, we’ve included everything you need to know about this fascinating anime!

The creators of Rick and Morty are Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. The series has won a Primetime Emmy Award with its vivid animation, surreal narrative, and excellent voice overs.


What is Rick and Morty All About!

Basically, it is an adult animated sci-fi situational comedy that reflects the misfortunes of the duo of the grandfather and grandson, Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith.

Rick is an idiosyncratic teleporting scientist who encounters some of the weirdest and most indifferent things across the multiverse, along with his caring and gawky grandson.

At the opening of the set, Rick appears after a long break. He tries to connect with his daughter, Beth but has more success with her son, Morty, who accompanies him on experiments that take them all over the multiverse.

The escapades of Rick and Morty, however, take place beyond an endless number of realities, with the characters moving to other planets and dimensions by gateways and Rick’s flying car.

You can also call this show a science fiction program. Rick is a scientist who has built a technology that can bring him and his associates throughout and beyond the universe.

He and Morty always meet aliens and extra-dimensional creatures. In “Pickle Rick,” he transforms himself into a pickle so that he doesn’t need to take part in family counseling.

Overview of Rick and Morty Season 1-4

Rick and Morty’s adventures began in May 2012, when Adult Swim revealed its development from Harmon and Roiland.

It was finally picked up to anime series in October 2012 as one of the network’s first primetime originals. The first season arrived in December 2013 and ended in April 2014.

According to what Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland stated in a press release, they noted that the show outperformed the direct competition in its time slot. So, they decided to renew the series for a sequel of Rick and Morty in February 2014. The second season was telecasted on Sundays at 11:30 pm ET/PT, from July to October 2015.

Adult Swim decided to make another season in August 2015, soon after the grand success of the second season. The two co-makers and executive producers revealed their joy at the popularity of the anime.

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The third season was aired unannounced as part of a prank on April 1, 2017. The leftover episodes started broadcasting weekly about four months later.

Following the end of Rick and Morty season 3, Harmon had shown his desire for the fourth season to have more than ten episodes. After continued agreement discussions, Adult Swim declared a long-term deal with the makers in May 2018. They ordered 70 new episodes over an endless number of seasons.

In May 2019, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland declared Rick and Morty season 4 to premiere in November 2019. The fourth season had ten episodes divided across two parts. The first five episodes started airing on November 10, 2019, while the rest of the episodes began broadcasting on May 3, 2020.

As Adult Swim had a contract of 70 episodes, the fans wonder when they will get to see Rick and Morty season 5.

Possibilities of Rick and Morty Season 5?

Creator Dan Harmon and producer/composer Scott Marder appeared at the virtual 2020 festival of the Rick and Morty Global Celebration Panel. Here, they spoke about how the forthcoming episodes would be less self-contained events and more of a progressive story, just like the third season.

The future release schedule of Rick and Morty would be much more consistent given the fact that the producers ordered 60 more episodes in May 2018. Regarding the prolonged release of season three and four, the co-creator Dan Harmon said in a July 2019 interview that,

“I don’t know how fast we can do it, but I know it will never be this long again.”

His colleague and co-creator Justin Roiland stated that the production crew was “rolling right into the next batch,” suggesting that work on the fifth season started before the airing of Rick and Morty season 4.

“There’s an epic canon in season five coming,” Marder teased. “Fans are gonna like get knocked over by the canon we’re about to hit them with… All the stuff we’re doing is so awesome.”

Rick and Morty Season 5: Release Date

The final episode of the fourth season premiered on May 31, 2020. Does that signify that the fans will have to wait until the next year for Rick and Morty Season 5?

Apparently not.

Talking in a virtual PaleyFest NY in October 2020, Dan Harmon said that the team’s productivity has only developed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

At Paleyfest NY 2020 panel (by Syfy Wire), Harmon said that the scriptwriting is going on schedule. They’re almost ready with the script for season 6. He said,

“We are very late writing season 6. I’m looking at finales for both seasons and then also refining the finale of one and then the premiere of the other.”

While it’s not exactly a trailer itself, Adult Swim issued a “FIRST LOOK” animatic during Adult Swim Con in July 2020. Still, the creators or the studio has not officially announced the exact release date for Rick And Morty Season 5.

Regarding the setbacks in production and difficulties that arise with studio work done from home, it is fair to assume Rick and Morty season 5 to arrive sometime in mid-2021.

How Will Rick and Morty Season 5 Look Like?

It seems that Space Beth might be the primary focus in the fifth season, or she’s got hardly anything to do with the main narrative, and she’s so insignificant that she’s one of the few things they can just talk about.

One of the secrets we know the viewers will notice occur at some point is Clone Beth. As we don’t know if the sister we’ve known since the opening is truly theirs.

Speaking to ComicBook.com, Harmon stated, “She’s Schrodinger’s Beth right now. The truth that she may or may not be a clone is actually an important matter. It’s the great revelation about Rick’s commitment to non-commitment and how abusive that can be as a parent.”

We can’t guess much about Rick and Morty’s future adventures, but at least Roiland always tries to keep the series fresh and not cover old ground.

To EW, Roiland said that one idea they tend to use is to keep moving ahead with new concepts, new worlds, and not look behind as often as other series do, just in awe of that getting off as hypocritical fan service.

That said, we know from the initial footage that Morty’s ‘will-they-won’t-they’ flirting with Jessica might continue as Jessica invites Morty to her home to watch a film as he and Rick dive into the ocean of an alien planet.

Nevertheless, Harmon has also joked at a virtual PaleyFest NY 2020 panel that there’s an event in season five where Morty establishes a relationship with another female character that’s not Jessica.

We also know that we’ll see Rick’s long-forgotten and unimpressive nemesis, Mr. Nimbus. Seemingly voiced by David Cross, it may be the next cameo arriving in the comedy cartoon.

Closing Thoughts

At the moment, we don’t have a release date for Rick and Morty season 5. However, the producers have expressed the wait between seasons won’t be as long as former seasons. To date, each season of Rick and Morty consisted of ten episodes, and we assume that season 5 won’t be any different.

With a 60 episodes deal, the fans raise the question that will there be season 6? Well, for that, we just have to wait and watch! Till then, stay tuned to TheBestOfOtaku for the latest updates regarding your favorite anime.

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