This list will make you use all your tissues and make you feel broken. Because this is list is the saddest anime that will make you cry.
But the thing is, this list also has many great anime which you should watch.




Do you have chocolate with you with a tissue box? If not, please grab it first before you watch. I want to eat your pancreas because the movie is not about eating the pancreas.

This movie will be going to eat your heart. Yes, the anime is that sad romantic anime that you will be going to empty your tissue box at the end of the movie.

The movie I want to eat your pancreas is not what some real pancreas is eating in anime. But one of the best romantic anime movies. It’s not the love-dovey one where the couples keep saying love you and doing the stuff. But this anime love story is much more than a couple things. It’s more about knowing each other and making each other better. 

The male main character named Haruki is a protagonist and does not interact or have any friend. Because of his assumptions that at the end.

He will get hurt if he let anyone come close to him or have any relation with anyone.

The other main character is a female named Sakura who is just opposite of him. And she is very jolly, has many friends. And lives her life to the fullest without thinking too much about the future or caution.

One day Haruki visited the hospital for a health issue. And then he found a diary on the chair as he only does reading. So he happened to pick it up and read it, in that he found out that the girl was going through pancreas disease.

It happens to be Sakura’s diary, and then Sakura asks him not to tell anyone. Because if she tell this to people, they will treat them differently.

She did not want that kind of thing to happen with her. Because she wanted to stay as she is right now, so Haruki said ok. Still, then Sakura started taking an interest in Haruki and wanted him to be a better person.

Who could have friends and talk to people in class or society. So she started to take him out for food. Slowly, the bond between them started to take a good turn. Still, after some time, things happen, and I don’t want to spoil it. So you better watch it because yes, it is sad anime.

But one of the best romantic anime I ever saw while crying to my fullest and watching it a few times. Every time I cried so this was one of the saddest anime I ever saw in my life.

The saddest anime



A silent voice is really a great movie to know about how to deal and survive in the world without saying a word or how beautiful the feeling is without words and the sadness and suffering some special kids have.

The plot starts with a guy who is the main character of the anime shoya, a high school kid trying to commit suicide because of his past and the present suffering with his daily life and the regret he has with himself for a very long time.

The time he put the ropes around his neck. His whole life flashback in front of his eyes, and then he dropped the idea because of his family. Who loved him so much since the start. And then the story took us to his himself when he was in 6th grade where all things started.

When he was in 6th grade, A new student Shoko Nishimiya joins his class, but she was special as she was deaf.

After settling down in class, she tried to be with others and become friends with them. Still, other kids found it hard to communicate with her, so she was left alone. But then shoyo started bulling her, taking her hearing device, which helped her to listen.

He started breaking it, and then one-day principal found out the bullying scenario and then asked the class who did. Then all class who were enjoying the bullying blamed everything on shoyo and cut them off from him and started bulling him, and because of the bullying, Shoko changed her school.

Because the ear device was costly, shoyo’s sister, who took care of him, had to take out all her saving. Her gold earning to pay the money for his fault and after shoyo saw her sister crying he started to stay away from everyone and all the faces became X sign for him so he can’t see anyone face.

After a few years, Shoyo met Shoko in the tuition center. When shoyo started talking to her in sign language, Shoko was surprised after Shoyo said sorry for bullying her in the past and was very sorry for everything he did.

Then after a few attempts, they both became friends and met each other at the riverside where they decided to feed bread to fish. Then shoyo gave the diary of Shoko, but accidentally that book fell in the river, and Shoko jumped in the river to save it. And shoyo ko jumped for her to save her then Shoko’s sister, who had a boy outfit, took their picture, and shoyo got suspended in school for a few days because the pond was restricted.

After that story takes a lot of twists and turns that you should watch and see by yourself, but trust me, it will be awesome the story and the ending that you will keep on crying. saddest anime


your lie in april

Your lie in April holds a special place on this list and is one of the best anime I have ever watched now and the saddest anime also. As you can check my other blog about the best romantic movie, your lie in April tops the chart.

The anime starts with the kid Arima Kosei, who plays piano, and people call him a child prodigy because wherever he goes, he wins 1st prize no matter who the judge is.

He always gets perfect scores, but after his mother dies, he cannot listen to any tunes or notes whenever he tries to play, so after some time of trying, he left the piano and started doing his normal daily things.

After watching your lie in April, you are surely going to be in love with the piano and the sound of it because that is what this anime is really about speaking with music, not just by words.

The anime itself is a piece of art because the music and animation complement each other to take you into another world where you want to sit around with a calm mind and feel every piano note.

The anime is not just about the music but about the sad stories, how life can be cruel to you, what friends are for and what love really means, but the saddest part of this anime is the feeling of losing something you always loved.

The story will not let you feel bored, but the ending makes you cry harder than you ever had. No matter how tough you think you are emotionally strong, this is going to make you cry out from your heart and feel really sorry for Arima. 

Arima Kosei met Kaori Miyazono in the park, but it was not a great first meeting between those two as Kaori thought Arima was peeking into her skirt, which is not a great thing to do, but he was not watching her skirt.

Karori happens to be a friend of Tsubaki, an arima friend since childhood, and has been in love with him since childhood.

After arima listened to Kaori’s violin, he wanted to play piano with her because of her free-spirited violin sound, which does not depend on scores or result from it was straight from the heart. 

Then both Kaori and arima decided to tag along to perform in the gala, so both started to prepare for their song. 

Then arima started to feel for Kaori, who said she liked arima’s best friend, Ryota. Still, the day when there was a gala, Kaori got hospitalized, and then arima and his friends were able to find out that Kaori didn’t have much life to live, but because of her, arima started to play the piano again. This time he was not playing just for scores. He was playing for his feelings.

The music will surprise you and the whole story, and at the end of the story, you will feel so sorry for arima and want him to be happy but you hey you, yes you are crying I know, but that’s how life is and will be for people.

One of the saddest anime

4-Assassination Classroom

Assassination classroom is one of the underrated anime series, but trust me, you will love it so much and cry in the last episode.

This Anime will teach you many things. It’s not just about assassination or killing. It’s about life and how life can be for you when you least expect it.

The anime story is not big but short and emotional when watching the whole anime series.

Koro-sensei threatens the japan government. That he will destroy the Earth if these children whom he teaches cannot kill him in a year.

The story revolves around the children’s development. And how Koro-sensei helps all those to overcome their fear and weakness by working hard daily and by the right method. 

After you watch the whole anime series, you will agree that listing the anime was the right choice. 


Anohana is one of the most heartbreaking series we have all seen until now because of the miserable story of a girl who wanted to be with her childhood friends and have fun.

The story starts with a very tragic accident with one of the young friend’s members ending up dying by a tragic accident. And because of that all the other friends felt so bad and stopped going together and at the end. They all separated in their own ways.

After a few years, menma’s spirit, who died in the accident, appears in front of jintan, one of the male friends in her group. And tells him that he still has not gotten free from her body and wants to be a free spirit. After knowing this, jintan called their friends and asked them to meet. They all met and started their journey to find a way to free the menma’s spirit.

In the end, they successfully free her spirit, and all came back together as a group.

The story is really sad, which made me cry and will make you also cry in the end and make it one of the saddest anime.


Fifteen youngsters are attending summer camp together throughout their summer break. They decide to investigate a sea tunnel one day after meeting a strange man named Kokopelli.

Who has high-tech gadgets is surrounded by high-tech gadgets. He said he was making a very real game and wanted to test the game. And after he found these young groups.

He asked them to test his game and made a contract. Each youngster signs a contract, but instead of playing a game. They control a massive mech that defends Earth from 15 possible alien assaults.

When it comes to mecha and grief. Many films go on the side of exaggeration in order to emphasize how dreadful war is.

Bokurano takes the solid attitude of evidently loathing all of its characters, if not all of humanity, therefore torturing everyone, depicting them in a horrible light, and captures the intrinsic depravity of children in a stressful and stressful and painful environment.


Wolf Children is an anime movie that you can even watch with your family because you will need support while watching this movie.

After all, this is about family and how hard its to survive in this cruel world where you only seek a happy family. Not to mention how beautifully animated it is, which is a huge advantage.

This anime was extremely appealing to me since there was no extra drama or tension. Everything feels natural and genuine, which is its greatest strength. It’s a lovely story about parenthood and learning to let go.

You will love your mother even more now after watching this movie because you will know what mummy love is and how far a mom can go in any situation. 

Your mom will always be at your side, not just in anime. But in real life, because this anime shows the importance and love of a mother, which is pure. one of the saddest anime


The grave of fireflies is autobiographic which is based on a real story. If you are not crying after finishing it. You can keep asking your crush out. Because even if she rejects you, you will not feel any pain or heartbreak. After all, you are stone heart person if you have not cried after watching this movie.

It’s a strong anti-war film that aims to shatter its audience and showed the effect of world war. . 

The plot revolves around the lives of a little sister and brother. Who are separated from their parents due to American firebombing during World War II.

As we watch the film, we see how the human spirit may shatter and fail in the face of unspeakable brutality and tragedy.

Grave of fireflies is not just about the war and the things that happen, but it also shows the saddest moments you can imagine and which can take you into depression. Because it is one of the saddest anime.

Many fans and even critics feel that this beautiful yet tragic anime irrevocably impacted the animation scene.

The war movies are mostly very heartbreaking and sad not just because people die. It’s because of how people die just for the sake of money and land or power.

Grave of the fireflies has the most heartbreaking ending. Which will not let you stop or hold your tears back. And you are just going to cry and cry out loud.

This anime really changed the view of people. Who used to think anime is just a cartoon that gives you only smiles and happiness without any story.


Monster is one of the best thrilling anime. If you are still thinking that death note has been the best anime series ever. Then this anime is the one you should watch.

Monster is the best real-life adaption anime I ever saw its more like the movies. Which are based on real incidents or story and easily.

Any director will love to make a live-action adaption for this series into a movie.

The story starts with the famous Dr. Kenzo Tenma, who is a well-known doctor in the whole country.

Still, after some incident happened with children, Dr. Kenzo Tenma had to run for his life to save himself from the politician power. Who wanted him dead for some reason and made him the suspect for killing children.

You should not take away your eyes for one second if you watch the Monster series. Because every moment will surprise you. You feel emotional after watching the series at the end of the story. Because the anime shows how politicians can destroy a hardworking person’s life.

9-hotarubi no mori e

This film is about a love tale between a gin and a girl: Hotaru, a six-year-old child who went missing in the bush. Hotaru was saved in this tragic anime film by a human-like monster wearing a mask named Gin.

The Gin informed her that he would vanish if any human touched him. Hotaru continues to meet with him until they are only able to meet in the summer. Years passed with their growing affection but no ability to touch one other.

The sorrowful anime film depicts the romance and pain of separation while being so close but so far apart.

The Gin whisks her away on a date to the forest, where spirits were hosting a party. A small youngster infiltrates the gathering and ingests Gin. They hug and express their love before Gin goes missing.

10- 5 centimeter apart

This anime is by Makoto Shinkai, and I know you already like it. That’s what Shinkai brings, and that’s how big a reputation he had when he realized any film teaser just hit the top chart followed by a movie.

5 centimeters apart has four stories of different people with different areas and age groups.

The movie has all sadness, love, complexity, and heartbreak.

All four stories are really beautifully written and have everything u wish from a movie.

That’s all for my list for the saddest anime, if you have any more suggestion write down in comments to let us know your favourite anime and also which other anime should be on this list.


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