60 Scariest horror anime in 2023 You can’t just watch it ALONE!

This list is for all the horror anime fans, and you will see the scariest horror anime on this list trust me you will love it.

There will be many different sub-type of the Horror anime genre like- supernatural creatures, pure evil, impending apocalypse, mysterious murders, vampire hunter, the manga version, horror element, psychological horror, and body horror.

You will find the best horror anime and terrifying horror anime in which you will find out dark secrets and strange events.


60-Future diary

I know many of you will disagree that I’m listing this anime on this list. But for me, horror is not just about gosht or spirit. It can be the nature of the character, too, and this is when Yuno gasai comes into the limelight.

Yuno gasai is the female main character of the anime and help Yukiteru Amano, who is the male main character of the anime, participate in the game of death, but in the end, we get the twist about Yuno.

At the very end of the story, the story turns into blood-shedding and into a more horrifying theme.

59-Death note

Death note is one of the best anime of all time in any genre. And even non-anime watchers saw it for sure this generation. Every one of us must have heard about this because of the storyline. The character and the thrilling experience is so damn good that it has many live-action films on it.

The story is about a death note found by one of the main characters of the anime Yagami light. A really bright student who hates people around him and thinks human beings are a waste.

After knowing the terms and conditions of using a death note and how to use it. He started thinking and acting like he is the god for every human and started killing all the serial murders and criminals, and everyone thoughts all were mysterious deaths.



Sankarea is a narrative for those who prefer a mix of nature and adventure.

In a moment, you’ll see why I’m saying this. Do you ever think of having even a zombie friend? But what if I tell you in this anime sankarea want to have a girlfriend who is a zombie.

I know it’s strange, but he wanted her. Chihiro’s cat is now found dead after being involved in an accident.

Chihiro creates a reviving potion to resurrect it. In the process, he meets Rae, a girl who wanted to terminate her life due to all of her problems.

Now comes the fun part: Rae takes the potion that was concocted to resurrect Chihiro’s cat by accident.

She turned to become a Zombie instead of dying as a result of it. So let’s just say things changed for the better after that. You’ll recall wandering dead.

57-Kyoufu Shinbun

Many of you know this anime with a different name, horror news. Rei Kigata, one first student at Ishido Middle School, says she has no recollection of ever believing in anything supernatural.

Everything changes when an enigmatic newspaper known only as Horror News is suddenly brought to his room.

The fact that the youngster is sleeping at midnight adds to his anxiousness. Rei checks the paper, curious and nervous, only to find an entry about one of his teachers dying in a vehicle accident

It also cites the boy being present during the entire ordeal. The events of the next day unfold exactly as the paper ‘foretold’ in the anime “Kyoufu Shinbun.” 



Kirie Goshima appears to be a regular individual living in Kurouzu-Cho.

She makes her way to the train station to meet up with her boyfriend.

When she mentions it to Shuuichi, the youngster confirms that his father has been acting strangely lately.

He continues by saying that Kurouzu-Cho is ‘infested with spirals’ and that all he wants to do is leave town with Kirie.

The spiral-shell-snail sequence in the “Uzumaki” anime gradually bends the plot. Inexplicable events occur, causing the town’s population to slide into lunacy.



Monster is a psychological thriller anime that features a slew of mystery deaths as well as a look at how human nature evolves.

The manga adaptations are the best. The “Monster” anime’s original manga source provided viewers lots to look forward to in the series.

Dr Kenzo Tenma’s desire to treat all patients at Eisler Memorial Hospital, regardless of politics, is also shown in the anime.

When fraternal twins Johan and Anna Liebert arrive after a gruesome incident, Kenzo seizes the opportunity to effect change.

Instead of treating the injured mayor, he speaks to the youngsters. As a result of one incident leading to another, the excellent doctor finds himself in the middle of a probe.

The kids have vanished from the hospital, leaving behind a trail of blood. The doctor is back on the trail of mystery and dread after a decade, this time courtesy to a man named Adolf Junkers.

It led him to the conclusion that the children were part of a covert government military programme that used psychological reprogramming and biotechnology to create monsters.’

In this anime, eugenics, horrifying experimentation, and terrifying conspiracies abound. 

53-Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror

Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror

As the title suggests, it’s a true classic that deserves to be featured on this list of horror anime.

This includes three classic Japanese horror stories. The storey of “Yotsuya Kaidan” depicts a woman who is deceived by her husband, prompting her to seek vengeance, and death has no effect on her fury.

The fable Tenshu Monogatari tells about a forbidden love between a man and a deity.

Fans of ‘Pet Cemetery’ should take note that the final storey in this lineup is “Bakeneko,” which pits a cat monster against a household that goes to extremes.

52-Gregory Horror Show

Gregory Horror Show

The first season of the anime “Gregory Horror Show” has 25 stories about a businessman who rides the train home from work and ends up at a hotel.

This hotel’s proprietor is odd. Gregory is the name given to an elderly mouse.

Strange things happen when the man accepts the mouse’s invitation to remain, culminating in a desperate struggle to flee the hotel, which has turned into a horror jail.

Under the umbrella of this anime, there are several instalments, all of which are worth viewing.



In the anime “Another,” Japanese supernaturalism reigns supreme. Koichi Sakakibara, a middle-schooler, is lured into a terrifying series of events.

Mei Misaki, a peculiar girl, is the one who drags him into situations that assure the senseless deaths of his classmates.

The horrific events that unfold in this gripping anime. Which consists of twelve episodes and an OVA, unite random individuals and students alike.

50-Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

In this series, fantasy and horror come together nicely in the form of Diclonius. A new type of mutation in the human world.

Their evil abilities include invisible telekinetic arms known as ‘Vectors,’ as well as horns to differentiate them from ordinary people with whom they have some physical characteristics.

Lucy is a mutant who manages to get from the secure facility where she was being housed and studied.

She sustains a head injury during her flight to freedom, resulting in the emergence of a dual personality.

Kouta and his cousin Yuka are ordinary folks who come across Lucy and adopt her.

The ‘Special Assault Team,’ who believe Lucy is their property, attempt to retrieve her from the lads in a variety of methods.

To assure a successful retrieval, other Diclonius entities are sent alongside them. In the anime “Elfen Lied,” brutal and intriguing scenes quickly develop.

49-The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

It depicts the children’s attempt to flee ‘Grace Field House. The second season deviates little from the source material, yet it remains true to the spirit of the plot.

In the anime “The Promised Neverland,” an orphan called Emma lives in Grace Field House. A large structure that has been converted into an orphanage.

Isabella, their mother,’ looks after their education, recreation, and other needs. Except for outside the House’s gate/perimeter, the youngsters are free to wander wherever they like.

Emma and her close friend Norman chase her down in order to present a toy that Conny had supposedly forgotten.

When Conny is discovered dead, the horrible Truth emerges. Emma soon discovers that the House’s children are being reared as cattle to feed demons.

The older children band together and plot an escape because they are in immediate danger.

In this terrifying series, there are plenty of dark and evil encounters. Peter Ratri, the man in charge of these ‘Farms,’ must be brought to justice.

And the demon-queen Legravalima, who is at the helm of it all, must be defeated. 

48-Petshop Of Horrors

In Chinatown, a man named ‘Count D’ owns a pet store. It’s already got a creepy ring to it. He caters to prospective pet owners looking for something unique and tough to come by.

With each deal, he establishes a set of regulations. Those that follow the rules don’t seem to notice anything unusual.

Whether purposefully or unintentionally, those who break them learn that they weren’t as fortunate as they thought.

As the number of inexplicable deaths climbs, homicide detective Leon Orcot rises to the challenge.

47-H. P. Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror And Other Stories

The author’s works are so remarkable that many writers and watchers just got inspired by how can a person write stories like this.

He also appears to have adapted it into an anime series. Three of his many legendary stories are adapted into horror-anime grandeur in this series.

The animation might be strange at times, which is understandable given the subject.

46-Devilman Crybaby

When Akira Fudo is informed of a global plot to keep the presence of demons hidden from the public eye, the storey quickly becomes terrifying.

In the anime Devilman Crybaby, Ryo Asuka, Akira’s boyhood friend. Makes the discovery based on firsthand experience and exposure to awful truths.

Akira soon discovers that there is more going on than meets the eye as he witnesses an underground nightclub brawl.

Murders, demons, and state secrets all play a part in this spectacle, which eventually envelops Tokyo in hellish pandemonium.

Ryo has a dark truth to confess to his best buddy Akira, who has assumed the role of ‘Devilman’ in order to combat the expanding demon threat.

This drama is thrilling in every way, with plenty of magnificent Heaven-Hell-related concepts to see, not to mention fantastic character journeys.



Hellsing, a manga turned anime series, debuted in 2001 and has since become the most classic horror anime series in history.

The ‘Royal Order of Protestant Knights’ has spawned the titular organization. Originally, the Order was led by the famous ‘Abraham Van Helsing.’

The anti-vampire narrative in this book is as violent as it is complex, pitting the organization’s heirs, members. And friends against hordes of the undead that strive to retake England in the past.

Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing and Alucard, a fierce vampire and ally, join the fight.

At this time, the young woman has witnessed far too much darkness to give up the struggle. The machinations and ambitions of Nazi Germany come to light. Altering this superb plotline and adding to the show’s vampiric perils.

This series is filled with betrayals, atrocities, and action-packed thrills. 

44-Parasyte: The Maxim

The anime “Parasyte: The Maxim” follows Shinichi Izumi, a high school student with a parasitic alien organism residing in one of his hands.

Other aliens have effectively taken control of their hosts’ entire brains. This puts “Migi,” a hand-alien, in an unusual but dangerous scenario.

It must defend Shinichi, its host, against other aliens who feel he must be destroyed before the rest of the planet learns about this Achilles’ Heel.

The shape-shifting human-eating aliens are on a mission to conquer and will go to any length to achieve their goal.

Shinichi believes that by seizing control of their bodies, the alien parasite Migi may help him end the tyranny of the extraterrestrial race intent on annihilating Humanity.

43-Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland

A jail that is utilized for entertainment, with the ‘performers’ being the inmates… So far, everything has been wild.

This anime adaptation of a manga is a horror fan’s dream come true. Plenty of carefully placed backstories advances the storyline in the anime “Deadman Wonderland.”

The primary character is Ganta Igarashi, a student who takes his class on a tour of the prison only to watch the ‘Red Man’ massacring everyone who comes to his aid.

A red crystal placed on the boy’s chest by the perpetrator places blames on him.

Ganta is held in the same prison, where he must find a means to survive by playing the ‘games.’

Meanwhile, he must track down the Red Man, acquire answers to his questions, and, hopefully, discover a way to utilize the killer to prove his innocence.

There are horrific challenges in this morbidly exquisite spectacle, a fatalistic prisoner collar, supernaturalism, gladiatorial gang wars, and bloody horrors aplenty.

42-Tokyo Ghoul

The anime version of this manga translation was a great smash among horror anime fans when it initially aired in 2014.

Ghouls feed on human flesh to keep alive, which is why they belong in the horror genre.

Ken Kaneki is a regular guy who is looking for love with a girl named Rize Kamishiro.

As time passes, he discovers that Rize is a ghoul, one of the tens of thousands who have taken up residence in his city’s shadows.

He just escapes a confrontation with the femme fatale. Worse, when Ken wakes up, he realizes that he has turned into a half-ghoul after one of Rize’s organs was ‘donated’ to save his life.

In the anime “Tokyo Ghoul,” Ken now has to learn to manage his two lives.

Other ghouls teach him their gruesome ways at a café named ‘Anteiku.’ Ken is an outcast among ghouls and human people.

He is tortured by guilt about keeping his new self hidden from his best friend, Hideyoshi Nagachika.

There is also a prequel series and a sequel to the show, both having their own casts of people and plotlines.

41-Ajin: Demi-Human

Ajin: Demi-Human

The anime adaptation of this amazing manga was published in 2016 and lives up to the disturbing implications of the original source material.

Nagai Kei had a near-fatal accident in the anime “Ajin: Demi-Human. Yet it is this tragedy that allows him to find that he is an “Ajin.”

Nagai also learns a sinister ability to summon Black ghosts. The plot of the show is enhanced by these combat-crazed beings and other Ajin, who carry it to dark storytelling depths.

Governments and ordinary citizens are constantly fighting themselves against the increasing Ajin danger. Neither side is fully blameless, which adds to the tangle of emotions and reactions that runs through this terrifying series.

Fans have learned to expect experimentation, merciless torture of Ajin, and bloody killings from this fantastic drama.

40-Shinsekai Yori

Shinsekai Yori

Anime aficionados, let’s speak about some psychic stuff. The next work on our list is Shinsekai Yori, a scary work. Saki Watanabe’s life is the focus of the series.

Other people possess psychic abilities and those who do attend the Sage Academy.

Saki is exposed to various perspectives as she makes new acquaintances. However, her companions quickly discover that this world is not as idyllic as it appears.

As a result, they all endeavour to discover the Truth about this place, and what they discover is truly terrifying.

The anime is ideal for everyone who enjoys a storey with elements of mystery and education.  



Although the show was set in 2005, the chills and creeps it provides are still applicable today.

It exploits an American airbase on Okinawa Island called Kadena to create the stage for a series of unsettling incidents.

Saya Otonashi was adopted as a child. She has several amnesiac episodes that are not helpful to her.

When a hematophagous bat creature assaults Saya called a Chiropteran. She rapidly realizes that her blood has a ‘certain something’ that destroys the monsters.

In the anime “Blood+, Saya joins forces with Haji and her trusty katana to become a strong force for good.

On the one hand, she is fighting Chiropterans, while on the other. She is plotting to discover her true identity, which sets her firmly in the mid-nineteenth century.

38-Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

When a virus, not the one that triggered the never-ending epidemic. Turns people into undead zombies known as ‘Kabane,’ the tale begins in earnest.

The anime “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” introduces viewers to the renowned “Industrial Revolution.”

The only way for those who survived the disease to outlive those who died is to take an iron-layered golden heart from its victims’ bodies.

If done right, even decapitation can be effective. In this battle for survival, steam-powered weapons and melee weapons appear to be of little use.

People seek refuge in fortress-cities while the unearthly fight continues. Steam-powered trains are used to transport supplies.



What began as a fantastic Japanese novel became an anime series with twenty-two episodes and two OVAs.

The storey takes place in the town of Sotoba in 1994. The townspeople are plagued by unexplained fatalities that occur ‘coincidentally’ around the time a new family settles into the Kanemasa home.

The strange disappearances began with Megumi Shimizu’s visit to the family’s hilltop residence.

She is subsequently discovered dead in the jungle and very nasty. Toshio Ozaki, the village’s only doctor, blames her death and others like it on a possible epidemic.

The Truth is revealed, and everyone quickly discovers that the killings are being perpetrated by ‘Shiki,’ or vampires.



You die and enter the hereafter, where you find yourself in an unusual situation, with an even stranger black sphere sharing your space.

Futurism, aliens, and a plethora of weapons abound in the original manga. Its anime rendition isn’t too dissimilar.

In the “Gantz” anime, the main characters are left fighting robot creatures and green aliens in an after-death survival campaign.

Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato, two high school students, save an intoxicated homeless man from a potentially fatal train collision.

 They both perish in the process and are whisked away to an eternity full of nerve-wracking challenges.

Masaru and Kei are approached by a man named Joichiro Nishi, who teaches them about their new condition of being.

A gigantic sphere named ‘Gantz’ is in the chamber they find themselves in, and it is from this sphere that the programme gets its name.

After a series of events, the two of them find themselves immersed in a world of violent and weird point-based alien-killing game-like scenarios.

This series is not for the faint of heart, as it contains brutal and violent topics. In this great anime noted for its extraordinarily bold storytelling, gloomy circumstances and even deeper life concepts play significant parts.

35-Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain

This is a conventional horror anime with a little girl as the protagonist. Serial Experiments Lain is an interesting look at experimental anime’s aesthetic and storytelling.

The anime revolves around Lain Iwakura, a Japanese girl in middle school. In the future, an Internet-like platform called ‘Wired’ will play a powerful and terrifying role in the series.

Although the girl is dealing with her own personal troubles, the school where she is enrolled appears to have received a message from a deceased pupil. Chisa Yomoda appears to be trapped inside a Wired-powered VR game.

It focuses on a number of frightening and timely topics and themes about where we’re going as a species and civilization in terms of our technological ambitions.



This anime has the ability to send shivers down your spine. This is because it opposes the world’s most coveted power, eternity!

Rin Asougi is an eternal detective with a long list of detractors in the series. And these folks aren’t simply interested in seeing her in suffering.

When Rin meets a man named Kouki though, things begin to change. Rin will also be able to get closer to her true foe, thanks to Kouki.

 The adversary who was constantly the source of her misery. Mnemosyne is a short and lovely horror anime that everyone should see at least once.

33-Highschool Of The Dead

Highschool of the Dead

Another popular manga adaptation, the anime “Highschool of the Dead,” depicts a pandemic that turns everyone into zombies but not the one that started in Wuhan J.

Several high school students and the school nurse strive to make it through the aftermath of the ‘Outbreak.’ The Zombies’ Apocalypse.

The story’s many actual and imagined horrors are heightened by the fact that society is disintegrating around them. Morality is put to the test, or rather, exposed for what it has always been in human civilization: fiction.

The series’ true horror appears to be the pregnant subtext, which implies that humans are worse than mindless, hungry zombies.

However, the show’s major heroes redeem Humanity by demonstrating the power of solidarity and optimism.

32-Happy Sugar Life

Happy Sugar Life

After reading the title, you might be thinking that this can’t possibly be a horror anime. What could be more terrifying than that? So, let me give you the plot summary.

The story follows Satou, a young woman who falls in love with Shio, another young woman. This appears to be a straightforward Girls’ Love storey on the surface. That is correct.

On the other hand, the execution lends the horror factor to this storey. Just wait till you witness how far Satou will go to defend her loved one. I’ll warn you, and it’s not going to be as lovely as you imagine.

31-Blood C

Blood C

Saya Kisaragi holds the esteemed rank of a shrine maiden. With her father’s blessing, this adept swordswoman roves about eliminating ‘Elder Bairns’ in the anime “Blood C.”

These Bairns are animals that are constantly on the lookout for human blood. And they may ‘inhabit’ items while doing so.

The narrative changes Saya’s arc into one of frantic intensity when practically everyone she loves falls victim to these animals.

She discovers a terrifying secret about herself, which further complicates her plans to rid the world of Bairns.

The animals are not as dumb as they appear, and they have their own reasons for hunting humanity.

There’s a ‘Shrovetide Covenant’ at work here. Dark and horrifying truths combine flawlessly with an intriguing plotline in this astonishing series.



The storey follows Utsutsu and Yume, two siblings who were abandoned by their parents and forced to fend for themselves. They come to find red butterflies during their ordeal, which give them a fresh lease on life.

People are turning into flesh-eating monsters as a result of a virus known as Pupa.

Yume has fully transformed into a Monster, but Utsutsu has only partially transformed. Now Utsutsu must do everything he can to prevent Yume from going on a killing spree and killing everyone she sees.

29-Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia

Teiichi Niiya had no idea that when he joined the Seikyou Private Academy, he would be forced into the midst of a dark and perilous set of events.

The boy becomes lost in the maze-like halls of the academy in the anime “Dusk Maiden of Amnesia.”

Teiichi dons the hat of the detective after seven strange mysteries at the new school, all in the hopes of assisting Yuuko in her transition from the Earth-plane.

Other ‘troubled’ people emerge, contributing to this amazing anime series’s subtle horror and forward-thinking atmosphere.

28-Psychic Detective Yakumo

Psychic Detective Yakumo

What began as mystery books were converted into manga, which was then adapted into an anime in 2010.

In the “Psychic Detective Yakumo” show, key characters, including Haruka Ozawa and Yakumo Saito. As well as a few other significant characters, take centre stage.

He is a really smart and well-known person, and since he was born with a red left eye, he sees spirits and ghosts.

Yakumo’s intentions are good, which means he solely utilizes his abilities to assist spirits in finding peace and moving on.

He and Haruka Ozawa are presented with a demon possession scenario. Prompting the two of them to seek out and extensively explore more comparable incidences and happenings.



This anime may not appear to be frightening at first, but as you start watching it, you’ll understand why it made our list.

The story follows the lives of Yuki Takeya. A girl who is obsessed with her school to the point of madness.

Things start to get interesting, though, when you find that the all-amazing school Yuki is so proud of might not even exist.

All of the joy she is displaying in her school life could be a ruse, and the whole thing could be a nightmare. But is this truly the case? There’s just one way to know for sure!



The “Tokko” series, which aired in 2006 and was based on manga, offers a unique viewpoint on the horror anime genre.

Ranmaru Shindo, the protagonist, joins the ‘Tokko’ investigative organization, specifically its ‘Special Mobile Investigation Force.’

When a girl who frequently appears in his dreams appears in front of his eyes in real life. Ranmaru is naturally curious.

Ranmaru’s parents were brutally murdered. Which is a personal problem that he wants to settle – and the reason he joined the Tokko in the first place.

He finds some unpleasant secrets with the help of the girl Sakura Rokujo, which do not sit well with his soul.



Despite the fact that it is new to the market, it has garnered a lot of interest from enthusiasts all around the world.

Mieruko-chan is my name. The storey follows Miko Yotsuya, a young girl who has been afflicted with the power to see ghosts.

And these ominous Ghosts aren’t about to let her go without a fight. She can see them all, and believe me when I say they’re all nasty.

On the other hand, she chooses to ignore their existence and go about her schoolwork. However, it takes a lot of fortitude to ignore true spirits. 

As a result, Miko’s journey will be extremely unpleasant. When anime have comedy and terror together, It comes out great. That’s why it drew such a large amount of attention so rapidly.

24-Corpse Party

Corpse Party

The talking about this anime started really well after it got air in 2013. Everyone was talking about it. They soon understood the difference between the two shows, though.

The series follows nine kids as they execute a rite to pray for a deceased buddy.

All of these pupils must now find a way to survive and thrive in this new world of misery and sorrow. It will not be easy, though, because deaths and gruesome murders are as numerous as ever.

23-Corpse Princess

The anime adaptation of this anime, a super-hit manga, premiered in 2008 and followed in the footsteps of its creator.

The titular ‘Corpse Princess’ is Makina Hoshimura. This zombie girl seeks 108 other undead and hunts them out in order to gain admittance into paradise, especially the Shikabane (plural) known as ‘Seven Stars.’

A hidden society of Buddhist monks (the Kgon Sect), led by Keisei Tagami, assists her in what they regard as a worthy endeavour.

Her ability to handle two MAC-11 submachine guns adds to her attractiveness as a horror series character.



Even though ‘Nanaki Village’ is an urban legend. That doesn’t stop a group of people from boarding a bus to go find it.

This location is described as a utopia. And every one of the odd characters who have decided to visit it wishes to claim a piece of that life.

The “Mayoiga” anime begins modestly, yet the storey quickly devolves into metaphysical depths.

The travellers discuss why the police have been unable to pinpoint the actual site of Nanaki Village. Let alone why it does not appear on any map.

After a series of mishaps, the gang arrives at the ‘enchanted’ spot only to discover that it has fallen into ruin and needs repair.

There are also bloody marks in the woodland by what appears to be a claw. The residents succumb to mistrust and anxiety as they realize Nanaki Village may be the polar opposite of what its tale promised.



It deservedly earned its spot in the domain of anime in 2007 as a bestselling manga series. It’s not commonplace to find philosophical parallels between death and un-death in the “Zombie-Loan” anime’s narrative.

The primary character Michiru Kita, who has ‘Shinigami Eyes,’ is a symbol of how near someone is to die.

The series’ distinctive animation approach is further enhanced with a colour-changing ring. When the girl observes Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana resisting death, she realizes they’ve set up a ‘Zombie-Loan.’

As a result, the guys are obligated to hunt down any undead in order to return their debt. There is plenty of action, deal-making, discussions, and morality counters in this intriguing yet terrifying anime.

20-Angels Of Death

Angels of Death

This popular manga-adapted anime, also known as ‘Satsuriku no Tenshi,’ contains important horror and paranormal elements in its rich plot.

When Rachel, a teenage girl, wakes up with no idea where she is or who she is. The storey picks up with her attempting to flee the odd building in which she finds herself.

Before long, she realizes that a number of people and things are attempting to kill her before she can complete her escape.

She meets one such murderous soul in Zack. Who tries to kill her at first but later joins her in plotting a joint escape. “Angels of Death,” a fast-paced anime, masterfully blends horror and action.



When a man tries to exploit bogus paranormal occurrences to improve his video blog, he gets more than he bargained for when an actual monster culls his team.

A sandworm-creature attacks students in their own school in another place in the “Kagewani” anime.

Sousuke Banba uses his investigation talents to figure out what’s going on with these strange supernatural sightings and events.

He just has the word ‘Kagewani’ to go on. He gathers information to discover a solution to put an end to the monster threat.

Sousuke soon starts making connections with Sarugaku. A pharmaceutical corporation whose enquiries into his work indicate something more sinister at work.

 Sousuke soon starts making connections with Sarugaku. A pharmaceutical corporation whose enquiries into his work indicate something more sinister at work. This series successfully blends mystery with the paranormal.

18-King’s Game

King’s Game

When Kanazawa Nobuaki gets transferred to a new school that is far away from his old one. All he can worry about is preventing the incident that occurred at his old one from spreading to his new one.

Kanazawa had no choice but to get closer to his classmates and others at a sports day inter-class relay race.

In school, everyone got a text SMS text, and that text was sent by a person named king, who is unknown to everyone.

While everyone else thinks it’s a joke, only Kanazawa notices that history is repeating itself.


Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be dealing with Dorohedoro right now.

And you will, once you comprehend the premise of the show. The story is set in the realm of “Hole. Where brutality, cruelty, and death are as common as breathing.

This is the world where Magic users experiment on ordinary monsters, and let’s just say they don’t show mercy.

Kaiman has appeared in this surreal and horrible world, and no one knows he knows is that he is now a monster on a quest to learn more about himself. 

16-High-Rise Invasion

High-Rise Invasion

This anime, originally titled ‘Tenkuu Shinpan,’ has some very terrifying themes. Yuri Honjou comes upon an assailant who has just finished chopping a man’s head open with an axe.

When this happens, she is in an abandoned structure. Her attempts to flee are thwarted when she discovers that every door is, inexplicably, locked. When the adolescent finally reaches the roof, she finds nothing but a lifeless landscape for kilometres.

Yuri succumbs to despair, terrified and encircled by unending views of high-rise structures. She quickly discovers that her brother is also involved in this strange situation. Which fuels her desire to find him.

Unfortunately, in the anime “High-Rise Invasion,” she is opposed by a swarm of masked killers. Each looking for new methods to satisfy their terrible desires.



Ladies and gentlemen, another fantastic psychological thriller! Paprika’s nerves are hurting her this time.

The narrative is about your passion and love for certain things. The story follows Atsuko and Kosaku, a couple who want to invent a device that can understand people’s desires Atsuko and Kosaku, being the hopefuls that they are, were successful. But fate has other ideas, as they soon realize that their invention has been stolen.

With the possibility of wrong hands controlling people’s minds, Atsuko and Kosaku must do everything they can to discover the perpetrators before it’s too late. So let’s see what happens. This film is incredibly well-made. Watch it if you like horror anime.

14-Ito Junji Collection

If you like to see people dead or how they die and not fear seeing death by ghosts, you should watch it. No one can stop them because no one knows anything about these animals. The anime “Ito Junji Collection” characters can only hope to stay alive by doing their best.

The show lives up to its name, featuring a wide range of stories exposing the audience to horrific situations.

Among the tales mentioned is a slug that develops inside a girl’s mouth, a spirit at a misty crossroads offering cursed nature advice, nightmares that last decades and take the sufferer pretty deep, and a jade carving whose curse burns holes in the flesh of its victims.


Minamoto no Yoshitsune, aka “Kurou,” is the protagonist of “Kurozuka,” a supernatural romance novel, manga, and anime.

This man lives in the 12th century and recently lost a fight with Minamoto no Yoritomo, Japan’s first Shogun ruler, who is also his brother. 

While history records that the man committed suicide, the fact is that he met a woman who is as enigmatic as she is lovely.

Kuromitsu lives in her mountain house and eventually falls in love with Kurou.

Kurou has been rendered immortal by her, allowing him to see Japan’s steady evolution towards its contemporary destiny for over a thousand years. The show has a good mix of adventure, action, fantasy, and horror, and it’s well worth watching.

12-Terra Formars

Terra Formars

Like Elon Musk and others, the “Terra Formars” anime has 21st-century characters that want to inhabit Mars.

Surprisingly, but not remarkably, the show’s core characters dispatched algae and roaches first to see if they might establish themselves on Mars.

The story later transports viewers to the 26th century, when the roaches have demonstrated their incredible capacity to survive on Mars for a long time.

The humanoid ‘new roach’ species on Mars has adapted and evolved into weird creatures known as ‘Terraformars,’ and they are astonishingly intelligent.

Around the same time, Earth is infected with the ‘Alien Engine Virus,’ a bizarre artistic equivalent to the covid-19 virus, which is currently mutating as if it is being paid to.

They claim that the treatment (for the virus in the series J) is most likely to be found on Mars, where the infection is thought to have originated in the first place. The ‘Annex I team’ is despatched to Mars.

Humans have been genetically improving by employing powerful animal genes.

11-Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

When they grieve in Higurashi, they discuss a youngster named Maebara Keiichi who has lately migrated to a secluded town.

My man meets new friends rapidly and gets along well with them. Holiday seasons in communities provide an opportunity for people to gather and prepare. This holiday season, though, was different for Keiichi.

This was due to the fact that he was about to go through a real-life nightmare. Both you and I will remember this nightmare for the rest of our lives. This will be both entertaining and horrifying at the same time. Prepare to be informed.

10-Tokyo Majin

Tokyo Majin

When Tatsuma Hiyuu transfers to Magami Academy, he feels like a fish out of water. Because of his martial arts prowess and ‘outsider’ status, he only has one friend: Kyouichi Houraiji, the class delinquent.

The five of them learn that the ‘Ryumyaku’ Dragon Pulse / Dragon Stream / Dragon Vein has been seriously disturbed when they encounter Hisui Kisaragi, who operates his family’s antique business and is the Kisaragi Clan’s young heir.

Each of the five protagonists was awakened by mystical power. They resolve to put their newfound abilities to use against the Oni (demons) who have been devouring Tokyo lately.

The Ryumyaku was roused by force, implying that Dark Arts were used to help the five protagonists attain their abilities.

The main characters in the anime “Tokyo Majin” must discover the Truth before whoever is working in the shadows achieves their objectives.

Along the road, the five must deal with the ‘Stars of Fate,’ who may reveal they’re true fates.

9-Boogiepop Phantom

Boogiepop Phantom

When a city is plagued with gruesome murders, the situation can become understandably tense. Rumours of one such event resurface after a long period, making the characters in the “Boogiepop Phantom” anime apprehensive and suspicious.

Boogiepop is the assassin in question — meet her on a dark night, and you’ll be taken, or so the myth goes.

Urban legends like Boogiepop appear to have no place in today’s environment.

People make jokes about her stories. Despite there is accumulating evidence that something is awry in the city, it bears all the symptoms of Boogiepop tyranny.


The ‘Sibyl System’ is in place, intending to determine each citizen’s threat level.

It invades everyone’s privacy and reads people’s minds to find out if they have any criminal intent lurking within them.

Everyone is given a ‘Psycho-Pass,’ which keeps track of such information and may be accessed by those in charge at any time.

The ‘Inspectors’ are in charge of lethal law enforcement and enslavement. Then there are the ‘Enforcers,’ who are basically latent criminals who have been permitted certain freedom and exemptions in exchange for doing dirty work for the Inspectors.

When Akane Tsunemori, who is honest, just, and ambitious, begins working for Shinya Kougami, a senior Enforcer, she learns about the darker side of the System.

 Knowing there may be no way to change or improve the Sibyl System, she begins to battle her own morals and beliefs, which she has held in high regard her whole life.

The excellent “Psycho-Pass” anime contains a plethora of Orwellian horror themes founded on a realism basis.

7-Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt

Taniyama When Mai and her friends get together at school, they like to tell ghost stories. An abandoned building on their campus has long been the subject of ghost stories and supernatural rumours.

When they begin discussing the location in the “Ghost Hunt” anime, they are immediately interrupted by Shibuya Kazuya, a teenage guy. The ‘Shibuya Psychic Research Company’ president is this young man.

The school principal himself summoned him to investigate and refute the abandoned structure’s weird legends. Mai later passes by the same building, notices a camera inside, and investigates.

Shibuya’s helper was filming when the camera smashed in the midst of the melee, injuring the assistant.

Shibuya has no choice but to make Mai suffer for her mistake in the future by taking over the assistant’s studies. She quickly becomes engrossed in a world of ghost hunting and occult mysteries.


Guts are one of horror anime’s most memorable characters, doomed to be a demon’s prey until the day he dies.

He struggles against insurmountable difficulties to stay alive, even against his own fate. Hundreds of strange beings pursue him, all with the same goal in mind: to be the first to kill him.

Guts defeat them in the “Berserk” anime via pure willpower and bravery. One man was the one who put him in this life-threatening situation.

As a result, Guts searches him down, armed with the Dragon Slayer blade, in order to exact his vengeance and, hopefully, put an end to the cycle of horror and death.

Guts find allies along the way, including Isidro, an eager swordsman trainee thief, and Puck, a little elf.

They band together to combat demonic threats and aid Guts in his quest for a definitive end to this spectral saga.

5-Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue is really a perfect horrific + thrilling and with a beautiful storyline, and that’s why still in this era, it considers as one of the top movies.

This Anime is the psychological terror that we name it. Mami, a member of the CHAM idol group, is the protagonist of the series.

However, her acting profession forces her to leave the ensemble and perform in this new sphere.

Overall, she receives quite sound advice, and life returns to normal.

However, she soon notices strange and unusual things happening all around her. A lot of new things are coming up against Mami, from a stalker to fake websites, and it doesn’t look good for her.

This film is frightening and screws with your mind and comprehension; therefore, it is well worth your time and money.

4-Danganronpa The Animation

Danganronpa The Animation

Only the best of the best are admitted to Hope’s Peak Academy. Each student is assigned a title based on their individual talents and abilities.

This year, fifteen new students, including Makoto Naegi, have joined the alumni.

For entering by pure luck, he is dubbed ‘Super High School-Level Luck.’ What begins as joy and excitement at being a part of this prestigious academy quickly turns to dread.

Principal Monokuma confronts the incoming pupils, seals them within the school, and orders them to assassinate one of their own without informing anyone else.

The clumsy killer faces the death penalty if the crime is discovered. The goal of this macabre match is to eliminate everyone but one graduate.

3-Requiem From The Darkness

Requiem from the Darkness

Yamaoka Momosuke has grown tired of creating children’s riddles. Hyakumonogatari, or “One Hundred Tales,” is the title of his new book. During his studies, he comes upon a mysterious trio known only as ‘Ongyou.’

These three people are investigators attempting to uncover the reality behind numerous myths.

Yamaoka is left battling an inner battle every time he confronts the Ongyou, where his morals are put to the test by the keen blades of Truth. After all, he sees things that are ostensibly forbidden.

2-Jigoku Shoujo – Hell girl

Many of you are familiar with anime. Oh, hell, girl. ‘Hell Correspondence’ is a bizarre website that is only accessible at night and only to a small group of people.

You simply input the name of the individual against whom you have a burning grudge, and you may feel assured that they will be brought to Hell right away.

Whoever makes it to Hell this way, according to Ai Enma, may or may not be guilty of what others think of them.

She is unconcerned. Hell Girl’s mission is to punish everyone she comes across. Three straw puppets accompany this strange lady in her heinous ambitions.

In the anime “Jigoku Shoujo,” one major caveat sticks out. When they die, whoever wrote the name that condemned someone to Hell will spend an eternity in the flaming pits. Overall, one of the best Japanese ghost stories is Hell Girl.

1-Ghost Stories

The story is about a haunted schoolhouse that was full of ghosts, but a school student killed all the ghosts in the town, but after some years, the ghosts come back to school.

Satsuki and Keiichirou Miyanoshita are two siblings who are grieving the death of their mother. They discover that the local school to which they have been assigned is an old edifice that is rumoured to be haunted after migrating to their mother’s hometown.

Despite dismissing it at first as a rumour, the two quickly realize that ghosts indeed exist and that they are after them.

Gakkou no Kaidan depicts the terrifying storey of these boys and their newfound pals as they attempt to survive the school’s ghosts with the help of their pet cat.


What are the top 3 Horror Anime?

1-Hell girl
2-Ito Junji Collection
3-Corpse Princess

What is Horror Anime?

The Anime which have ghost or spirit or killing theme is Horror animes

Is Hellkings A good classic Anime?

Yes, it is one of the best.



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