25+ SHORT ANIME SERIES that worth your TIME

Don’t you like anime that have so many seasons and episodes or many seasons and want to watch a 25+ short anime series? Then this list is for you.

If you are new to anime, then watching short anime series is best for you because that will not bore you from their building-up story.



The following is a brief anime story. In a civilized community of anthropomorphic animals, there is an unpleasant conflict between predators and farmers. This mutual animosity reaches a pinnacle at Cherryton Academy with the death of Tem. An alpaca in the acting club, in a predation event. 

He continues to disguise his frightening features in the early aftermath of the catastrophe. Much to the disgust of Louis, a red deer and the tyrannical star actor of the theatre club.

Louis assigns Legoshi to lookout duty as he sneaks into the theatre to train Tem’s substitute for an upcoming production. 

He has feelings for Haru, and it’s growing day by day, and because of that, her nature stopped him as wold and more into loving her. The circumstances surrounding his friend’s death and the world’s undercurrent of violence.

Prison School

25+ short anime series

Prison school is one of the most entertaining short anime series, and if you like hentai and 18+, you will love it even more.

The setting for this short anime is on the outskirts of Tokyo. Hachimitsu Private Academy is a distinguished all-girls boarding school with a reputation for producing well-behaved students.

Thanks to a reform of the school’s most famous policy, this is set to change. Which now allows males to enroll. There is a crazy rule about the girls and boys ratio for enrolling in the school where only five boys are allow in school. Which makes the sex ratio to one guy for 200 girls. I know you will think this is good but trust me, it’s not.

After the infamous Underground Student Council thoroughly crushes their strategy. The motley crew’s freedom is immediately snatch from them. And they are throwing inside the school’s prison for a month as punishment.

The men’s dreadful life in Prison School begins here. With a justifiable struggle that will ultimately put their friendships and warped brotherhood to the test.

Elfen Lied

The following is a brief anime story. Lucy is basically an android create to be a secret weapon with extraordinary energy to kill anyone by its kinetic power. 

Her captor’s oppression and anguish twist Lucy. And when she is given a chance to go, she unleashes a torrent of carnage.

During her breakout, she suffered a severe brain injury, leaving her with a split personality. One with a kid’s mind and limited language abilities, and the other with the mentality of an adult.

In this condition of disarray, she encounters Kouta and his cousin Yuka. Two college students who unintentionally take in an injured fugitive, unaware of her murderous plans.

House of Five Leaves

Masterless samurai Akitsu Masanosuke, a talented and devoted swordsman, is the protagonist of this short animation. Despite this, his naive, reserved nature has caused him to be fired by the lords who have engaged him on several occasions.

Despite being troubled by the gang’s nefarious deeds, Masa begins to think that Yaichi’s goals are not what they appear to be.

His doubts, the more he learns about the Five Leaves, the more he is drawn to these cunning, interesting outlaws.


When you see Yuu Otosaka, you will feel that he is a calm and mature charming guy. 

Yuu has been utilizing this method for years to get the best marks. Allowing him to attend a prominent high school. When Nao Tomori notices Yuu abusing his supernatural ability.

She enrolls him and his sister Ayumi at Hoshinoumi Academy, a school for children with supernatural abilities.

The school’s student council, led by Nao, is tasked with identifying students who are secretly abusing their advantages. 

The two of them face difficult challenges that lead him to the shocking discovery. That his own seemingly lacking competence may be significantly more powerful than he ever imagined.

Charlotte is a new story by Jun Maeda, the creator of Angel Beats and Clannad. Who dives into these teenagers’ supernatural lives and the price they must pay for their uniqueness.

Darwin’s Game

The following is a short anime narrative. Sudou Kaname gets invited to play out Darwin’s Game’s new strange mobile app game without knowing it.

However, when he discovers that there is no way out of the game, he understands he’s in for more than he bargained.

Death Parade

At the beginning of this short anime, There is no heaven or hell after death; instead, a barrier separates reincarnation from oblivion. The attendants will challenge two recently deceased people to a random game to determine whether they would rise into reincarnation or fall into nothingness.

There will be many games to be played so the person can have their true nature for the game and make it better for their reincarnation into real life again, or if they not, they die.

In Quindecim, Decim, the arbiter of the afterlife, awaits you! Death Parade, the initial one-shot, was made to teach new animators.

More people are judged—until Decim is forced to reconsider his own judgments by a strange, black-haired guest.

Plastic Neesan

Despite her diminutive stature, Iron Genma, a third-year high school student, is refer to as “Elder Sister” in this short animation. This rowdy adolescent is the head of her school’s Model Club. Which creates plastic models of various objects and structures, such as vehicles, boats, and even robots.

The small group, including her two underclassmen. The angry Hazuki “Okappa” Okamoto and the sensible Makina “Makimaki” Sakamaki, strives to fulfill their club responsibilities but is frequently divert a variety of diversions.

These three schoolgirls get themselves into all kinds of weird. And downright outrageous situations, from club fights to lessons on how to confess to your crush!

No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Unpopular is one of the exciting anime

Tomoko Kuroki, who is ready to go to her first year of high school. Thinks now it’s the time to be ready for high school and she thinks it will be easy to handle. But life is never easy for someone who has changed so many schools and dating every month another guy on a virtual platform.

In reality, Tomoko is an introverted and nervous young girl who is completely unconscious!

With the support of her best friend, Yuu Naruse, and her brother Tomoki’s encouragement and sympathy, Tomoko tries to navigate the odd world of high school life.

The plot is about a girl who cannot go out and party like other girls. More of she is an introvert, but she decided to change it to live a happy life.

Interspecies Reviewers

Ishuzoku Reviewers is something you should watch if you are 18+ and like some S*x Anime or theme.

Featuring the antics of a party of fantasy adventurers. As they search the globe for monster girls to enjoy at a brothel.

Grand Blue

The following is a brief anime story. Iori Kitahara is excited to begin college on the Izu Peninsula. Where he will live in a room above his uncle’s dive shop, “Grand Blue.”

However, when he meets the local Diving Club, a group of buff men who spend more time drinking, partying. And stripping naked than diving, he is taken aback.

Despite his best efforts to keep away from the gang, Iori becomes interested in their antics as his cousins try to show him the delights of diving into the ocean and sea.



Misaki, a renowned Yomiyama North Middle School class 3-3 student, died during the 1972 school year. As a result of the dark mysteries that lurk beneath Yomiyama’s surface. The town has been shroud in a horrible atmosphere since then.

After 26 years, 15-year-old Kouichi Sakakibara moves to Yomiyama North’s class 3-3. And sees that the entire class appears to be in a strange, gloomy mood.

If you see a girl who has an eye patch. You will wonder who she is, but many just don’t want to be near her. So that’s Mei Misaki for you, but she is a great person.

Kouichi rejects everyone’s warnings, even Mei’s, and continues to grow closer to her. And the truth about the horrific phenomenon plaguing Yomiyama North’s classes 3-3.


This short anime begins in Chicago in the early 1930s. The legendary Flying Pussyfoot transcontinental train is about to embark on a journey that will leave a trail of blood across the United States. 

Furthermore, a feud between mafia organizations is heating up. The price of immortality was soon to be discover by alchemists on board the Advena Avis in 1711. 

Baccano is not some ordinary anime. It is based on an award-winning night novel whose title is the same as the title of anime. The story contains mainly alchemy and how to use it to survive in the world where most of you want dead.

The kindhearted would-be thieves, Isaac and Miria, tie these events together by connecting varied people with their own secret aims. And intentions and creating lasting relationships and repercussions for everyone involved.


This short animation begins with Once upon a time, and the demon ruler Rchimedes terrorized. The planet until the mythical hero Creation finally defeated him and imprisoned him away. 

However, a mysterious rift has appeared between the demon and human realms, allowing innumerable demons to re-enter the mortal realm after concluding that Archimedes will return to wreak havoc soon. A human monarch gathers all 75 probable descendants of the mythical hero.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to locate his faithful descendants after so many years. Alba Frühling, an amateur adventurer, is one of the lionhearted prospects. However, his abilities aren’t particularly impressive. He is with the brilliant soldier Ross, who aids the little hero anytime he is in need, or so he is suppose to.

Ross is cynical and nasty, and he delights in Alba’s misery, despite his competence as a warrior. Senyuu. is a comic adventure that follows the unlikely couple as they try to conquer the demon ruler, encountering a variety of odd characters along the way.

Ping Pong the Animation

The time has come for the hero to arrive. I’ll come to you if you repeat these lines in your mind…” When Makoto Tsukimoto is dealing with the stress of hard ping pong tournaments and other life challenges, he uses this slogan as a source of inspiration.

Makoto is not fighting alone; he and his friends, Yukata Hoshino, sometimes known as Smile, and Peco, have spent almost every day of their life playing ping pong together.

Despite this, the two have always remained close, with a friendship forged via their shared passion for the sport. An inter-high table tennis tournament is one of the major highs in high school because it’s a path to go for nationals. Only the elite survive the rigors of hard training and competition.

Ping Pong The Animation, by Masaaki Yuasa, the avant-garde director of Tatami Galaxy, tells a story of ambition with its fair share of setbacks. Peco and Smile will face the odds together, no matter what they are.

The Devil is a Part-Timer

The Demon Lord Satan, accompanied by his huge demon hordes, begins to conquer the continent of Ente Isla, terrifying mortals. However, Satan’s plans to take over the continent are thwart by the hero Emilia, leading Satan to flee via a dimensional portal and settle in the human realm.

The devil is living in modern-day Tokyo with his loyal general Alsiel, pledging to return to Ente Isla and complete his dominion—if they can get there! Satan tries to hide as Sadao Maou, a human who works at MgRonald’s, a local fast-food restaurant, to make ends meet in a world without magic.

He immediately realizes that controlling Ente Isla isn’t enough, and he vows to climb the corporate ladder and become Earth’s dictator, one satisfied consumer at a time.

Maou did everything to survive in the modern era and wanted to do the best in everything he could do, and he even tried his best on his part-time job at MgRonald’s, which was an amusing way to describe Mcdonald’s copy.

The Master of Killing Time An Short anime

Seki-Kun continues to ignore class and instead develops elaborate small distractions, such as a detailed golf course with a hole cut out of his desk, or a dramatic war fought entirely with paper shogi pieces.

Yokoi finds herself reluctantly becoming fascinated by his games, despite the fact that they always seem to land HER in trouble with the teacher!

Be ready for funny anime- I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying. 

The story revolves around Hajime Tsunashi, a hardcore otaku who stays at home and makes a living from his blog, and his wife Kaoru, a hardworking office worker who, in comparison, is relatively conventional, albeit a crazy drinker, have managed to fall in love despite their extreme differences.

How old were you? When you find out that marriage or being a couple is not just about marriage or having the first kiss, but for Hajime, Tsunashi thinks it was just about that only, but then he and his wife found out it’s not just about its more than that.

Because of their unique personalities and the strange people around them, Hajime and Kaoru find themselves in a number of strange and ridiculous situations.

Deadman Wonderland

The following is a short anime narrative. Ganta Igarashi and his classmates appeared to be having a routine day as they prepared for a class field trip to Deadman Wonderland. In this prison entertainment park, inmates execute dangerous activities for the amusement of bystanders.

Ganta’s existence, however, is entirely flip upside down when a strange guy in red kills his entire class. Ganta is sent to the identical jail he was intended to visit after being falsely accused of the crime and sentenced to death. But Ganta’s misery is just getting started.

The young protagonist is thrust into a world of vicious prisoners and unusual abilities, where the toxic collar around his neck must be continually feared. Which can only be slow by winning the prison’s deathly games.

  • Ganta must risk his life to survive in a brutal world where it’s difficult to know who’s a friend and who’s foe, all while trying to track down the enigmatic “Red Man” and clear his name in Deadman Wonderland. What’s up, Sakamoto? (Didn’t You Hear What I’m Saying? Sakamoto is my name.)

In this short anime narrative, Sakamoto, who is exceptionally attractive and plainly faultless, is described as intelligent, sophisticated, and sublime.

His looks, intelligence, and charm have the girls swooning and the males simmering with jealousy despite the fact that it is only his first day of high school.

No one seems to be able to stop him, as every attempt to trip him up is soon thwarted. His wits are unrivaled, and his sangfroid is unbreakable.

Will any of Sakamoto’s classmates, much less his teachers, be able to equal his accomplishments? They have a slim chance of succeeding, but they could learn something along the way.


The following is a brief anime story. Satoru Fujinuma has the power to clock back the time whenever a disaster happens, and she can back the time with her power. By harnessing these powerful yet mysterious events. Which he refers to as “Revival,” the disgruntled 29-year-old manga artist has saved several lives.

Satoru is sent back to 1988, 18 years ago, when he was wrongfully accused of killing a family member.

Finally, he realizes that the murder may be related to the kidnapping and murder of one of his classmates as a youngster, Kayo Hinazuki, the strange and secluded.

In Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, Satoru’s goal is to uncover the truth about what occurred 18 years ago and prevent his classmate’s death while also protecting the people he cares about now.

Devilman Crybaby

In this short animation, Ryou Asuka, Akira Fudo’s best friend, informs him that the demons will resurrect and conquer the Earth from humanity.

Ryou advises fusing with a demon because humans have little chance against the demons’ extraordinary might.

Zankyou no Terror – Terror in Resonance

After the nuclear power plant got destroy in the terrorist attack in japan, the VON sign was paint in red. Other than that, you can’t find anything else there.

The wider public is unaware—until a strange film appears on the internet six months later. Two adolescent boys knew only as “Sphinx” approach the police in the film, threatening to cause mayhem across Tokyo.

Detective Kenjirou Shibazaki, unable to stop the quick spread of panic throughout the city and hungry for any leads in their investigation. Tries to appropriately battle these terrorists in the thick of it all.

Zankyou no Terror tells the narrative of Nine and Twelve, the two young men who are behind Sphinx’s masked figures. They shouldn’t exist, yet they do, live in a world of lies and secrets while wreaking havoc on the city in the hopes of hiding their own terrible truth.

The Promised Neverland

The following is a short anime narrative. A huge family of orphans lives at the Grace Field House, which is encircle by a forest and has a guard entrance. Isabella, their “Mama,” is concerned about them.

The kids may do anything they want with their time as long as they don’t leave the orphanage, which generally involves playing outside.

A youngster is adopted every several months and brought to life with their growing family, never to be seen or heard from again.

On the other hand, the three oldest siblings are suspicious of what is happening at the orphanage. They’re about to find out about the awful fate that awaits the children of Grace Field, especially Mama’s twisted personality.



Do let me know your view about this list and which is your favourite short anime series?

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