Sims 4 traits mods – 35+ MODS

This list is all about sims 4 traits mods and all other custom traits mods in which you will see custom content traits pack personality traits pack.

Sims has been one of the most real-life games, and you can do anything in sims that you do in real life, from playing video games to improving your gaming skill and selecting lifestyle traits and insecure traits.


40 Sims 4 ‘Shutterbug’ Trait By MarlynSims

I’ll start this massive list with one of my all-time favourite Sims 4 attributes, MarlynSims’ Shutterbug character feature. This fantastic Mod outperforms all other similar qualities I’ve ever tested.

Sims with the Shutterbug trait, for example, are photography junkies. They are constantly taking pictures and are emotionally connected to their images. They also want to learn as much as they can about photography.

That’s not all, though. With this Sims trait, you can learn photography and earn money from it. So when they’re doing photography, they’ll get buffs as well.

Beach Lover Trait By KiaraSims4Mods

The Beach Lover Trait by KiaraSims4Mods is by far the most straightforward trait mod I’ve seen on this list. Sims with this Trait, as you can see from the image, adore the beach and the water and prefer to dwell in tropical areas.

New social interactions, such as talking about the beach and talking about beach vistas, are also included in this Mod. New buffs are associated with beach visits, sunbathing, ocean diving, and other similar activities.

This is a character quality that a lot of individuals have in real life, so it’s great that it’s now available in The Sims 4.

Pastry Lover Trait By Caradriel

In real life, half of my pals are pastry connoisseurs. They like baking and are always learning new recipes from across the world. However, we don’t have a comparable character characteristic in The Sims 4. That is why I propose Caradriel’s Pastry Lover Trait!

Sims that enjoy cooking and eating pastries are known as Pastry Lovers. This Trait includes a number of activities, such as watching Cakeflix and competing in a TV Baking Show. By asking other Sims about their favourite cakes, you’ll be able to initiate new social contacts.

Overall, it’s a fantastic mod that you should check out!

Sims 4 Hates Outdoors Trait By MarlynSims

Introverts and city souls unite: there’s a Sims 4 character characteristic that makes your Sim despise being outside. We don’t have any other attributes like this in the game; thus, holding the “Hates Outdoors” Trait is a fantastic way to add depth to TS4.

It’s simple: Sims with this Trait despise spending time in nature. They’ll never start one, and while they’re outside, they’ll acquire a +2 unsettling moodlet dubbed ‘Plagued by Nature.’

As a result, Sims with this Trait will take a little longer to level up archaeology and all other outdoor abilities. But trust me, once you install it, it’s a lot of fun!

New Spa Day Traits By Kuttoe

You’ll like these fantastic new features if you own The Sims 4’s Spa Day game expansion. Because it is so well-developed, I still retain this Mod in my game files. Unfortunately, it is frequently updated and still works fine.

The two new traits in this collection are Health Nut and Lavish. Health Nuts are Sims who are interested in yoga, health, and fitness. Lavish Sims love to be pampered all day since they detest cooking and cleaning.

Both attributes are a lot of fun to use in-game and provide some unique and amusing interactions. For example, it deserves a 10 out of ten rating from all Spa Days fans.

Sims 4 Feminist Trait Mod By MarlynSims

When I claim that the Sims 4 attributes system is quite limited, I’m also indicating that you’ll never be able to construct your ideal Sim with simply the base game. And custom modifications like MarlynSims’ Feminist Trait simply illustrate my point.

The Feminist Trait transforms your Sim into an advocate for women’s rights and a believer in inequality. The Trait includes 7 special interactions as well as 13 additional boosts. The Trait belongs to the area of Lifestyle.

Overall, this is a fantastic characteristic mod that adds a lot of variety to your game. It will undoubtedly appeal to feminists, but I encourage everyone to give it a try!

Farmer Trait By Kiara Sims 4 Mods

In Sims 4, we haven’t seen many farm-related qualities or activities. For example, although the Cottage Living DLC provides a similar lifestyle, it lacks the farmer attribute. So the only way to get this Trait in the game is to use Kiara’s Farmer mod!

What I like best about this Trait is how beautifully it works in Sims 4. So farmer Sims like to live on a farm, look after animals, and grow and gather plants for a living. There will also be new buffs, whims, and 

Child Exclusive Traits By Triplis

This trait pack is the first item you should install if you want to improve the characteristics of your children in The Sims 4! It’s a fantastic mod that is often updated and performs well in-game.

Here are eight distinct character qualities for youngsters. Each Trait is well-designed and contains a great deal of information. Some qualities, for example, receive the Confident random moodlet, while others receive the Inspired moodlet. However, each of the eight qualities has its own set of interactions.

Here are the traits in this pack:

  • Bolt Trait
  • Fretful Trait
  • Gigglemeister Trait
  • Rocket Trait
  • Sensitive Trait
  • Sweetie Trait
  • Seluth Trait
  • Tattletale Trait

University Trait Pack By PimpMySims4

The University Trait pack is essential if you’re playing The Sims 4 with the Discover University expansion pack. It can improve your in-game university experience by introducing better, more relevant attributes to students.

 Each of these features is done so beautifully that it almost turns the Sim into a distinct persona.

In summary, coffee junkies become uncomfortable if they haven’t had coffee in 12 hours, but sorority girls develop bonds quickly. Frat lads like socializing and partying, whilst studious Sims prefer to study. Sims who are cognitively challenged are unique.

Zodiac Trait Pack By SkillfulSimmer340

Those who have previously heard or experienced the Zodiac Trait bundle may wonder why it isn’t higher on this list. This is one of the greatest Sims 4 trait modifications, although there are so many!

This Mod adds 12 new qualities based on the 12 real-world zodiac signs. Each sign has a distinct feature that affects gameplay in a different way. In addition, each sign/trait has its own set of whims, skill shifts, and relationship shifts.

It implies that a Leo Sim will behave very differently from an Aries Sim. For example, Leo Sims are better at building connections, whereas Aries Sims are better at levelling Charisma.

Teen Lifestyle Game Trait 

The Teen Lifestyle Trait is one of the most useful Sims 4 addons I’ve ever used. It isn’t only a qualities pack, as the name implies. Instead, it’s a whole slew of teen-centric enhancements that work well in the game.

This Mod adds four new teen goals, two new occupations, and one new lot characteristic. But most importantly, you’ll have access to eight new character qualities. And each Trait has its own set of social interactions, which are all fantastic!

Band nerd, bully, jock, nerd, prankster, emo, you can get all these styles while using this Trait.

Eternal Youth And Immortal Trait

Who wants to live indefinitely? You may now cross the ageing issue off your to-do list and focus on the endless pleasures of life. Every expansion pack is available, and you may go through any plot you can think of. Your Sim will remain young and unaffected by death if you follow the guidelines.

Eternal Youth and Immortal are two qualities that come with this set. The first, Eternal Youth, only prevents death through the passage of time. If you damage yourself severely, the Grim Reaper will gladly pay you a visit, so keep that in mind.

On the other side, the Immortal Trait grants you entire immunity to the Grim Reaper. He won’t be able to capture your soul as a result of this. But, on the other hand, immortality does not stop the ageing process, so you will continue to age but will not be able to die of natural causes.

Make sure you gain both qualities if you want your Sim to be immortal and never age.

Add More CAS Traits Mod

Here’s the big answer to the three-character-traits-only conundrum! This fantastic Mod allows you to add as many attributes as you want to your character, both in the game and on the CAS menu.

In Sims 4, you may make your Sims more complicated and lifelike by adding extra attributes. The Mod is highly popular in the community, and every dedicated simmer has tried it out at least once.

Embyr311, the inventor of this excellent utility, can be found at ModTheSims, where you can learn more about him. For example, “Add More CAS Traits Mod” is updated on a regular basis and is compatible with both PC and Mac.

However, a few prerequisites must be met before you may use the Mod. First, follow our direct link to the official publishing page to learn more.

Awakened Mind Trait: Super Sim

This trait makes your sims super slim. This Mod will instantly improve your Sim’s performance in all areas of the game. You will be the master of all your skills, ambitions, and social settings!

The Awakened Mind is a Sims attribute that improves them in every manner conceivable.

First and foremost, because of their superior intellect, they would be able to learn everything faster. Second, unlike a typical Sim, they won’t require as much sleep (if any sleep at all). Finally, at a social event, your Sims will never feel embarrassed. So there you have it: a fantastic Sim’s recipe!

Baby Maker Trait For The Sims 4

You must also be a baby machine to be the ideal love machine!

This characteristic Mod will make your Sims into true sweethearts when it comes to having children. Sims with this Trait are obsessed with having more children, and they won’t stop until the entire house is crammed with them.

Since The Sims 4’s debut, many gamers have remarked that there isn’t a characteristic that offers the true desire for children. People desire to have children in the real world, so why not our Sims?

Your Sim will become personable and trustworthy as a result of the Baby Machine characteristic. They will also be well-suited to caring for youngsters because this is a talent that comes easily to them!

Hide Or Reveal Pet Quirks

Among the various Sims 4 trait modifications, we discovered something for your pets! As you may be aware, dogs have “hidden” characteristics that provide no useful information. And you won’t be able to learn anything else about them!

This quality of life mod, on the other hand, alters these pet peculiarities. It includes relevant photos and names, as well as descriptions and explanations. You may keep track of them in a list, learn about them, and become more organized and educated.

You can conceal these pet peculiarities entirely. You can only see the CAS qualities and nothing else this way.

More CAS Traits For Sims 4 Trait And Pets

If there’s one thing we adore about The Sims 4, it’s the inventiveness and passion of the modders! This Sims 4 characteristic mod pack, for example, will provide you with everything you need to improve your gameplay. Traits for your Sims and pets that are more realistic.

Your Sims may be materialistic, greedy, obsessed, or just perfectionists with this download. And their conduct will reflect these characteristics.

You may combine as many of the available features as you wish to make the ideal dog or cat, just like with pets. Everything you desire in a territorial, aloof, playful prowler!

This fantastic Mod was created by Chingyu1023 and is available at ModtheSims! It’s jam-packed with character possibilities for your Sims and pets, allowing you to get even more out of the game!

More CAS Traits For Kids

This set of attributes for your children is also a nice bonus. Something about the children’s characteristics in The Sims 4 appeals to us. We can utilize more of them now, owing to this Mod. So, on top of that, The Sims 4 will provide you with new and unique qualities!

There are a plethora of intriguing options to choose from, and we recommend that you try them all. We first learned about the CC on ModTheSims, and you can learn more about it there as well. For further information, follow the links below.

Random Sims 4 Traits & Aspirations Mod

If you enjoy life’s uncertainty, we have the right Mod for you!

Your new Sims will no longer inherit all of their parents’ qualities, but only one or two. The remainder of the characteristics will be given to your offspring at random as they get older. As a result, Graycurse has enabled a truly cool addition to the game.

The way the item mod works is by totally removing the birthday speech. Instead, when your children grow into young adults, they will acquire a variety of qualities. Additionally, ambitions will be chosen at random for them, although they will, of course, fit the qualities.

This is a fantastic mod that you should check out!

Reveal The Left Or Right Handedness Traits

It’s not critical to know whether your child is left or right-handed. But, don’t we want to know this information? Among all the Sims 4 trait modifications, this is one of my favourites. It tells us whether our child will be left-handed or right-handed!

There are numerous additional choices available with this Mod. You may, for example, create it such that all of your offspring are left-handed or right-handed. You may even have them use both hands at the same time if you wish.

Unlocked Lot sims Traits

Do you have any unlocked lot traits? Yes, you read that correctly. Here are the ten features for your house that you may use right away!

Okay, a lot of simmers have issues with not being able to use all of the qualities right away. This implies individuals must first live in a house and gradually unlock the characteristics that define their dream home. This is a complete no-no!

The “Unlocked Lot Traits” mod, on the other hand, eliminates that restriction entirely. For example, you may now create a house with any combination of qualities, including Sunny Aspect, Party Place, and Penny Pixies!

Woohoo Lover sims trait

You’ve seen a wide range of characteristics, but the Woohoo lover is unique. Its name says it all — this is a characteristic for a Sim that enjoys Woohooing with everyone! The Trait, on the other hand, is ideal for couples and Sims in relationships.

The Woohoo lover trait simply increases your Sims’ desire to woohoo. As a result, these Sims will be more flirtatious and spend more time attempting to be “presentable.” They will also participate in Woohoo or, at the very least romantic kissing far more frequently than previously.

Also, kudos to KiaraSims4Mods, the fantastic creator.

The Siren Trait: Reloaded

Look no further if you’re seeking the greatest siren trait mod for The Sims 4! We present to you “The Siren Characteristic: Reloaded” — a comprehensive trait for lovers of sirens!

There are a few key features included in this Mod.

For starters, because mermaids are mythological fantasy creatures, they may easily attract other Sims. Second, they acquire 1.5x quicker in terms of singing, Charisma, and mischief. Finally, siren Sims are fantastic at love affairs and relationships!

The main drawback is that social need decays at the same 1.5x pace as physical need. Regardless, it’s a fantastic mod!

Pyromaniac Trait By Nl_alexxxThe pyromaniac trait is the final Trait we’d like to highlight. We realize that this isn’t one of The Sims 4’s most popular or influential trait modifications. Playing the game with a pyromaniac Sim, on the other hand, is a lot of fun (pun intended)!

Sims that have this Trait may readily start fires. They have a natural liking for combustions. Therefore they may constantly set anything on fire. Pyromaniac Sims, on the other hand, are resistant to fire! As a result, they are a continual menace to everyone but themselves!

Nl alexxx made the formal announcement on ModTheSims. Here’s the direct URL to the page.

Insomnia Trait Mod By Didelphimorphia

Insomnia, contrary to common opinion, is a significant medical problem that affects many people. However, nothing comparable has been seen or mentioned in The Sims 4. Of course, until the Insomnia characteristic mod!

This Sims 4 characteristic patch is a fantastic method to add a believable ailment to the game. If you’re unfamiliar with the insomnia attribute, it prevents your Sim from falling asleep. As a result, they will need to stay awake at night and do something productive.

Prepare to spend the night with your Sim as they fight to meet their wants while remaining happy. The Mod increases your skill growth by 1.25 times, which you may exploit to your advantage.

There’s a lot more to learn about his Trait, so we recommend reading everything there is to know about it. You can also download it and follow its beautiful developer Didelphimorphia.

Introvert Sims 4 Trait Mod

In The Sims 4, you may also choose to be a real introvert. Who wants to spend their days in the company of other Sims? Isn’t it preferable to hide in your own little corner of the world and live your life as you wish?

There are a lot of advantages to this Mod.

Introverted Sims, for example, can master skills more quickly. Furthermore, their social need and enjoyment metres deplete considerably slower. However, the downside is that these Sims are also less adept at forming connections. So, in order to make a relationship work, you’ll have to put in some additional effort!

Alcoholic Sims 4 Trait Mod

This fantastic Alcoholic characteristic mod comes from TheSimsCatalog. It turns our Sims into habitual alcoholics. It makes people want to drink delicious booze all day and all night to bury their sorrows.

It is really awesome to have an Alcoholic trait because it is one of the most popular Sims 4 qualities modifications available online. It’s really amazing that we can recognize alcoholism in the game and take adequate care of the Sims that actually have it. Do check out this mode because it makes the game more realistic and enjoyable to play.

The creator of this Trait is TheGraveThief.

New Hobby Traits By Kutto

Hobbies take up a large amount of our time. They also have an impact on how we see the world and how we think about it. As a result, we believe they’re vital in The Sims 4. As a consequence, I strongly advise you to get Kutto’s New Hobby Traits patch.

In short, The Sims 4 introduces eight whole new hobbies. Some of their traits are artisan, competitor, horticulturist, movie buff, scribe, technophobe, worldy, and thinker.

And they’re all unique in their own way. For example, Artisan Sims-like creating things, but Movie Buff Sims prefer to sit about and watch movies.

All of these pastimes are really realistic, and they all work well in-game. That’s why one of our favourite Sims 4 trait modifications is “New Hobby Traits”!

Feminine And Manly Traits

We must accept that The Sims is not always gender-neutral when it comes to gender. You ever wanted to act like the guy or have traits like a guy, and then you should use this mode the traits, wants, or aims you give her. The guys are in the same boat as the women.

Use this trait Feminine and Manly Traits Mod. This expansion will bring your Sims to life and give them more personality dimensions.

Your female Sims might have a feminine characteristic, whereas your male Sims can have a masculine trait.

 However, both of these features have their own set of advantages; therefore, we strongly encourage you to try them out!

New Emotional sims Traits By Kutto

The Sims 4 might seem a touch too infantile when it comes to emotions at times. Sure, our Sims have the most basic emotional reactions, but that’s about all. However, you’re looking at something completely different with the “New Emotional Traits” Mod!

When you buy this combination pack, what precisely do you get? As a result, you receive nine additional attributes that correspond to a particular emotion.

The distinct sorts of persons include Calm, Insecure, Oblivious, Restless, Stoic, Arrogant, Daydreamer, Perky, and Egghead. And you’re probably well aware of how each of these factors may affect your Sim’s behaviour.

The good news is that this addon is available in nine other languages, including German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, French, and Italian.

Two-Faced sims Trait

Yes, this Trait will transform your Sim into an undeserving liar who gets his way all of the time. Sims with this Trait developmental talents more quickly and are generally more socially adept. As a result, they’re the perfect adversaries!

Furthermore, skills such as charm and mischief will be gained far more quickly. As a result, you’ll be able to go ahead by cheating and lying.

We learn from life that not everyone is pleasant. This is one of the most lifelike Sims 4 characteristic mods, and we strongly suggest it.

Sklyinn’s Anxiety Trait

Anxiety is highly common in today’s environment. It affects teenagers, adults, and the elderly, and it is a significant element of our modern culture. So, if you want to play The Sims 4 in a realistic manner, we strongly urge you to download Sklyinn’s Anxiety Trait patch.

You’ll be able to select the GAD characteristic in-game, which stands for “Generalized Anxiety Disorder.” Sims with this ailment will obsess over little details. And becomes agitated when something is going to happen. As a result, this Trait has a complex system of buffs and advantages.

Simsbunny19, the game’s author, has done an excellent job of incorporating this behaviour into the game. As a result, I’m promoting it to everyone.

Boyfriend & Girlfriend Material Sims trait

In our opinion, we often make jokes about whether someone is boyfriend or girlfriend material that they are ready for a mature and healthy relationship.

The Boyfriend & Girlfriend Material mod is the most effective approach to add these characteristics to The Sims 4!

Material for a boyfriend or girlfriend Sims has a better understanding of how to make their relationships happy. They are more amiable, conversational, and eager to stick together during difficult times.

With the charm talent, you can build connections in the Sims universe.

They gain abilities quicker, have more fun with the opposite sex, and their hygiene decays slower as a result. Furthermore, their relationships grow 15 per cent quicker and fade 10 per cent slower!

Depressed Trait By Saphryn

Unfortunately, depression is a common ailment in today’s environment. While we consider how to address this issue in our society, we may play with it in The Sims 4. Yes, the Depressed Characteristic Mod is another incredibly realistic trait worth trying.

With this Mod, you’ll get a couple of various moodlets.

“Feeling Depressed,” for example, has a 65 per cent risk of triggering and is associated with melancholy. However, your Sim can have “Feeling Awkward” and “Feeling Drained” feelings. Positive moodlets, such as “Feeling Energized” and “Feeling Inspired,” appear when your Sim is joyful.

Sims 4 Autism Trait Mod By Lindsay

Autism is the next item on the list. Sims with the Autism attribute, much as in the real world, struggle with social skills and are frequently uncomfortable in social situations. They will only discuss particular things and will not engage in any activities with which they are uncomfortable.

It’s a basic tweak, but it’s quite effective. I can confidently state that this Mod performs admirably in-game. The author has done an outstanding job.

ADHD Sims 4 Trait 2.0 

Everyone should be aware of the ADHD condition. One of those personality qualities may be highly common in real life, yet it is still absent in The Sims 4.

So, we came across this fantastic Mod, created by o0ohaleyo0o and first published at ModTheSims.

It’s enough to know that if you choose to play with this Trait, ADHD will manifest itself in every facet of your Sim’s life.

As a result, the illness will have an impact on requirements, talents, vocations, and even homework. Therefore, your ability to be creative will rise, as will your desire to be naughty.

Sims 4 Shyness Trait By MissBee

Shyness, unlike more serious illnesses, affects everyone to some extent. 

Sims, I’ve discovered, aren’t really timid and aren’t particularly ashamed by their conduct. And this is absurd since it is not at all practical.

All of that changes with the Shyness Trait mod by the well-known MissBee. It provides a personality attribute that makes our Sims bashful. 

If your sims are shy, then use this to tell his own feeling to close people. Instead, these Sims will be content with only their closest companions.

Sims 4 Gamer Trait

The gamer profession has grown in prominence with each passing year. For many people, video games are the way of the future. So we play The Sims 4, which qualifies us as gamers. And what are the activities of gamers? They, of course, play video games!

Our Sims have a natural liking for video games, thanks to the gamer trait in The Sims 4. They will frequently wish to pursue gaming jobs and compete with other players.

Sims with this Trait, on the other hand, make superb hackers and programmers. They prefer to spend their time in front of the computer and consider social gatherings to be a hassle.

Sims 4 Author Trait

The “Author Trait” mod comes in second place. This is a basic attribute that benefits Sims, who desire to pursue a profession as a writer. It will increase your innate need to build worlds, seek answers, and fantasize!

Sims with this Trait are frequently daydreamers who are prone to sudden bursts of creativity!

To be honest, this Trait has no significant influence on gameplay. Instead, it’s just another flavour that adds to the writer’s professional path before they ever decide on one. I think you will as well. More information on the Author Trait mod may be found at the link below.

Kawaiistacie Sims 4 Traits Bundle 40+ Trait Mods!

Kawaiistacie provides a set of attributes that are ideal for the game. This package has 42 excellent qualities and is well-known among Sims 4 players.

Kawaiistacie, on the other hand, had just limited access to the Mod. She was irritated by the community, believing that people were overbearing and unappreciative of her efforts. So why should you believe it? Here’s where you can read her first statement!

The characteristics Mod is still available for download on Kawaiistacie’s Patreon page. However, this also implies that you will be required to pay for the bundle.

Is it worth it to have these characteristics? Definitely! Plus, you’ll be assisting one of the top Sims 4 mod and CC producers.

The following traits are included in Kawaiistacie’s trait bundle:
  • Angler Trait
  • Artist Trait
  • Bad cook Trait
  • Charming Trait
  • Dancer Trait
  • Early bird Trait
  • Fun-loving Trait
  • Funny Trait
  • Gamer Trait
  • Green thumb Trait
  • Handy Trait
  • Heavy Drinker Trait
  • Introvert Trait
  • Light eater Trait
  • Light Sleeper Trait
  • Lovable Trait
  • Mischievous Trait
  • Mixologist Trait
  • Musician Trait
  • Natural Cook Trait
  • Night owl Trait
  • Piggy Trait
  • Popular Trait
  • Programmer Trait
  • Scientist and Thick. Trait
  • Singe Trait
  • Sleeper Trait
  • Slow learner Trait
  • Smelly Trait
  • Sporty Trait
  • Sweet Talker Trait
  • Talented Trait
  • Talkative Trait
  • Thin Trait
  • Tone-deaf Trait
  • Uncreative Trait
  • Unforgettable Trait
  • Unpopular Trait
  • Untalented Trait
  • Writer Trait
  • Ugly Trait

It’s almost as though the colour orange is the official colour of the Bleach anime. Rangiku Matsumoto was one of them and the 10th division’s lieutenant.

How Do You Install Sims 4 Trait?

Check out the Mods and CC guide. There you w ll find all kinds of information regarding both and lists of extensions that will improve your gameplay. You will find all there from realis ic mods for your Sim to build-mode tools and camera settings!

Follow the instruction below:-

First and foremost. You must first download the characteristic m d that you desire to have from the internet. Don’t be concerned. All of the trait modifications on our list will have direct links to them. 

The first thing to do after downloading the pack is to do the unpacking.

If you’re using Windows 10, simply right-click the trait mod file you downloaded and unpack it wherever you wish to have it. 

Copy-paste the extracted files into the Mods folder in your Sims 4 game inventory.

The usual destination is Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.

Last but not least, you must enter the game and activate Mods and Custom Content. This option may be found in your game’s settings. Simply choose the feature, and your trait modifications will be available.


What happens in autism trait

The child has a hard time dealing with friends and family.

Is there any gamer trait in Sims 4?

Yes, you can find it in this list.

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