What is Smart Square? A Detailed Guide to Smart Square Login 2023

The Smart square mercy portal is an intriguing and useful portal that aids in lowering the cost of hospital healthcare services. Administrators of hospitals and clinics can take advantage of this technology’s free services. Unfortunately, many multi-specialty hospitals fail to update their patients’ records due to excessive workloads or busy schedules. If you have yet to try this service, learn to log in with smart square mercy to keep records.

Find out more about smart squares in this article. This guide will guide you on registering for this online portal, resetting your password, troubleshooting, and more.

SSM Health launched the online portal known as SSM Smart, a non-profit organization run by Catholics. This SSM health works in places like Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. Twenty-three hospitals currently employ 290 physicians. Guide to the SSM smart square login portal in detail. Can you link the SSM health website to your computer?


Explanation About Smart Square Login 

Smart Square mercy is the best of the many online health insurance company available to healthcare employees. In addition to keeping records of their patients, hospital employees can also keep records of their work schedules and absences. You must first use the smart-square.com login to access this portal in order to use it.

Using a smart square, you can make impartial and fair schedules. Developing these schedules by implementing industry rules that guarantee equality and align resources with patient needs is possible.

Because this software will assist in forecasting requirements, it creates hands-on and planned staffing plans that are necessary for staying ahead of the competition. The SSM smart square login web portal will allow healthcare professionals and SSM healthcare users to schedule appointments. Smart square to make the workers feel more intelligent and at ease.

Perks of Accessing Smart Square Login

Advantages include personnel and deployment management, planning, intelligent square scheduling, and essential operations that aid in business upkeep:

  1. Planning your work schedule, vacationing, and taking time off are all beneficial.
  2. Through their Mercy portal account, medical professionals in the United States can connect to board programming and save their information for later use.
  3. Make pay stubs, check attendance, and other things.
  4. Access to all recordings is complete.
  5. Appointment scheduling and online bill payment are among the features offered by this gateway.
  6. Users can also access personal information and medical records.
  7. Rather than having separate files for each medical facility, it is safer to have all pertinent information in a single straightforward file.
  8. The Mercy gateway also lets people talk to their coworkers and exchange ideas.

How to Sign Up to the SSM Smart square:

The user should follow the steps below to register for the portal:

  • To begin, go to https://www.ssmhealth.com/resources/about and click on the link.
  • You have to enter the following information on the new page.
  • Enter the person’s middle name, last name, and address, including state and city. 
  • Enter their four-digit Social Security number. 
  • Next, enter their date of birth and select the gender option. 
  • Finally, enter their email address and verify their mobile phone number.
  • After that, press the I’m not a robot button.
  • Click the submit button at the end.
  • The information will be sent to the user’s registered email address.

How Does the Login Portal for Smart Square Mercy Work?

How Does the Login Portal for Smart Square Mercy Work

Before you can log in to the Smart Square Mercy portal, you must verify a few things. First, you will need some fundamental requirements to log in to the portal, which I have listed below.

  • Any electronic device, like a tablet, mobile phone, or computer, is required.
  • To log in, use your smart square mercy account credentials.
  • A fast internet connection.

For the mercy smart square, follow the steps below after checking the fundamentals.

  1. Open the browser on your device, and then look for the portal on the official smart square mercy website.
  2. Complete the credentials and other necessary information.
  3. Finally, to log in, click the login button.

Access Smart Square SSM on a Mobile Device 

Access Smart Square SSM on a Mobile Device

Using a mobile device to access Smart Square is quicker and less time-consuming. It is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. Let’s see how it works:

For iPhone Users

  • When you open it in your mobile browser, a menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Scroll to the right to find the “Add to Home Screen” button (the plus sign-shaped box). 
  • On the next screen, press “Add.”

For Android Users

  • It’s even simpler to add a shortcut to your Android device. 
  • Open Smart Square SSM in a mobile browser.
  • Make a bookmark by tapping the icon. To the right of the URL bar is this icon, which looks like a star or three horizontal lines displayed on top of each other in Chrome. 
  • You will be prompted to give the bookmark a name and specify a location to save it in an information box.
  • Select a menu option by tapping it. It is accessible through the “More” option.
  • Click “Home Screen.” Your brand-new bookmark should now appear on the home screen.

Use Smart Square with pleasure!

Note: Since each company has its unique website link, please contact your Smart Square System Administrator if you are unsure of the SSM Smart Square link.

Last Words

This post covers every aspect of the smart square mercy login. Mercy Smart Square is made to book hospital appointments and keep track of your patient’s records. This platform is affordable and simple to use. I have provided simple login instructions in case you have never used them before.

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