This is a list of the 32 Weakest to the Strongest characters in Naruto. You are going to love this but let me tell you first, and I ranked them all around to the naruto series, not boruto.

If you have another suggestion, you can comment down.

32-Sakura Haruno

Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto
Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

She is one of the most anime characters in the whole anime world, but after learning medical ninjutsu, she became one of the world’s strongest kunoichi after lady Tsunade.

But still, I feel she is way behind Naruto Uzumaki and Uchiha Sasuke, her teammate. Still, everyone hates her because of her personality, which may be shown in most girls in this generation.

That kind of girl who only loves someone so much and goes after guys who looks cool and smart even if they use them and disrespect them.

So Sasuke was like that for her, but Naruto, one of the pure soul characters, did everything to make her smile and feel happy still. Sakura Haruno didn’t choose him.

She is the only female ninja of Team Seven. And only in Naruto Shippuden was she able to become stronger because only a handful of ninjas became perfect with medical ninjutsu.

31-Shikamaru Nara

Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto
Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

Shikamaru is one of the smartest characters in the naruto series, and that is what the Nara clan has been, producing some incredible smartest characters like Shikamaru and his father. Both are one of the smartest battle strategists in the ninja world.

In the fourth great ninja war, they were the main tactician of war, and Allied Shinobi were able to work together and effectively.

After his father died, he took charge to be a shinobi world war strategist.

Shikamaru is also one of the favorite characters of fans in the naruto series because he is the closest mate or, you can say, friend.

Shikamaru also does possess the shadow possession jutsu, which can control anyone’s body if their possession comes with their shadow.


Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto
Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

Many may not consider him one of the strongest Naruto characters, but I feel he did well in the Naruto series.

From being a Jinchuriki, he was hated by many, just like naruto, He also tried to have friends, but because of his Jinchuriki powers, everyone in the village wanted him dead. Also, some of his closest people tried to kill him.

But after battling naruto in the naruto series, Gara’s heart changed into a great and pure soul shinobi and made naruto his first friend. Besides being a Jinchuriki, Gara had the best defensive style techniques, and at a very young age, he became the leader of his village as a kazekage of hidden sand. Being the most skilled and powerful sand ninja, everyone respects him.

His sand abilities make him strong, and if guy sensei had not interfered during the fighting between him and Lee kept going and he would have killed lee.

The fight between Lee and Gara in chunin exams still holds top fight spots.

29-Hoshigaki Kisame

Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto
Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

When it comes to battle or tasks, Kisame may appear to be a brute compared to Itachi, yet he is a cunning individual. He is a master of the Water-Style genjutsu, with the ability to create a big lake on land, large shark-shaped water bombs to attack the opponent, and a massive dome of water to encircle his adversaries.

He wields Samehada, a sentient sword that not only cuts but also “shaves” due to its jagged edges. It can also absorb Chakra from others and store it in Kisame’s massive reservoir. Kisame was named The Tailed Beast Without a Tail because of his intrinsic abundance of huge Chakra.

No one, not even Guy, has ever been able to overcome him, which just adds to his badassery. He killed himself and his companions by calling sharks and sealing them inside a water bubble.

This was done to prevent military information from leaking within the turtle island Naruto, and Killer B was on. He did, however, demonstrate superhuman power by shredding his bindings before killing himself.

28-A (Fourth Raikage)

Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto
Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

While having a compatible partner who will be termed B, A is the Raikage’s tag team moniker, a tradition in the Hidden Cloud Village. Due to his physical strength and size, which gives him the appearance of a big wrestler, A is one of the most powerful characters in the Naruto series.

A combat style is based on wrestling movements, including the Lariat, one of his hallmark techniques. But that’s not all; A has an abundant supply of Chakra, allowing him to fully utilize his Lightning Style ninjutsu.

A’s Nature Release focuses on creating very durable armor by enveloping himself in lightning. The armor is so strong that it just takes the Amaterasu’s never-ending fire to decapitate his arm. In the same way that Kakashi sharpens his own hands with Raikiri, his Lightning Release Armor enhances his speed to lightning speed and sharpens his own hands.

When his hair gets slightly spiky, indicating that his Lighting Release’s power has grown, you’ll know things are getting serious!


Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto
Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

Tsunade’s Strength Of A Hundred Seal, a diamond-shaped seal on her forehead, is legendary. Her seal represents the peak of chakra control since it concentrates all of her chakras in a single location for several years. This collected Chakra is then sealed, allowing her to release all of it, or at least a portion of it, along with her chakra reserves, at any moment.

Consequently, Tsunade may concentrate all of her power in her hands to deliver a punch that can inflict immense harm on a person or a large area around her. It also helps her keep a Transformation Technique that keeps her looking young (and curvy) enough to hide her age.

The Fifth Hokage is a skilled medical ninja specializing in all medical ninjutsu, making her incredibly knowledgable and capable of saving Chouji from death in Part 1.

She also possesses Uzumaki lineage through her grandmother, which might explain how she was able to withstand Madara splitting her upper and lower bodies while summoning her slug Katsuyu to rebuild her body simultaneously.


Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto
Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

Onoki is the Hidden Stone Village’s Third Tsuchikage. He is an expert in Earth Style genjutsu and can use it to create a variety of earthen weapons and monsters. Onoki can summon sentient rock golems to assist him in battle and conjure fists to increase his power, which is sufficient despite his age.

He also employs a special Earth Style genjutsu that allows him to increase or decrease the weight of objects and creatures. Gramps applies it to himself or his buddies to become light enough to fly. He employed this strategy to lessen the impact of Madara’s meteor on the Alliance.

Onoki can blend Earth and Fire Releases thanks to his Kekkei Genkai, allowing him to use the Lava Release (as shown in a Naruto novel) and Kekkei Tota to mix Earth Release with Fire and Wind to produce the Dust Release. Onoki’s most powerful genjutsu allows him to imprison his opponents in a cube or 3-D shape and then demolish them with a blinding light.

25-Gengetsu Hozuki

Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto
Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

Gengetsu, the Hidden Mist Village’s Second Mizukage, was assassinated by Mu and died simultaneously. He has the appearance of a Japanese gang boss, which makes him ideal for leading a hamlet with a violent history.

His Launch Release allows him to flame a fired bullet, while his Water Release allows him to transform into liquid (a hallmark skill of his clan) and produce fast-moving bubbles that can harm adversaries. He can also use water and oil to create a clone of himself.

The clone then fills with steam and bursts, causing widespread destruction. Then, utilizing the water vapor released into the air to build the clone, it makes hail, resulting in an eternal circle of explosions.

Finally, he can summon a large clam that forms a mist, which he may use in conjunction with his Yin Release to create mirages using genjutsu.


Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

Mu is the master of Onoki and the Second Tsuchikage. This crafty man has the same ominous appearance as his powers and attributes. Because of his capacity to never leave any physical form or chakra trace, he is known as the Non-Person.

It’s all down to his ability to blend into the background. He is also one of history’s most powerful sensor ninjas, capable of detecting unique chakra signals even in densely populated areas and utilizing this information to avoid impossible attacks.

Mu may also split into two to get out of certain circumstances, although this reduces his potency by half. He can also employ Dust Release at the same level as Onoki, allowing him to fly by reducing his weight.

23-Hiruzen Sarutobi 

Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

The Leaf Village’s Third Hokage is Hiruzen Sarutobi. He is known as The Professor owing to his vast understanding of genjutsu. He is a master of taijutsu and weaponry and is one of the few characters that can employ all five nature releases.

Sarutobi can call Enma, who can transform into a diamond-hard pole that he may utilize for various strikes.

He’s also one of the few who can utilize the Shinigami’s Dead Demon Consuming Seal, which summons the Shinigami and seals his opponents and himself within the Shinigami’s belly.

22-Kakashi Hatak

Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

Kakashi is the Leaf Village’s Copy Ninja, the Sixth Hokage, and the head of Team 7, thanks to the Sharingan he obtained from Obito. This gives him all of the Sharingan’s skills, including the ability to read Chakra and increased eyesight for reading quick motions and hand seals.

Kakashi is a highly skilled ninja with exceptional knowledge and combat ability that is well-known worldwide. I thought Kakashi was not that strong initially, but he is the most skilled and famous hidden village and was one of the youngest Anbu black ops ninjas.

His rapid ascension further demonstrates Kakashi’s abilities through the ranks of Jonin and ANBU at such a young age. His leadership skills and good character, which made him a terrific friend and teacher, were essential in beating Kaguya.

Despite his mediocre chakra reserves, he possesses the intelligence to attack at the proper time. The Raikiri is his hallmark genjutsu, which uses Lightning Release to make his hand as sharp as a razor. He also knows how to do taijutsu and use weapons like swords.

In addition to all of this, he learned how to use his Mangekyo Sharingan. Which allows him to move goods and people into the Kamui pocket realm. He mastered its short-ranged version to allow assaults to flow past him. When Obito lets Kakashi borrow his eyes to fight Kaguya, he immediately learns how to utilize Susanoo!

21-A (Third Raikage)

Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

Because of its extreme endurance, the Third Raikage is regarded as The Strongest Shield in his town. If the Fourth Raikage had the appearance of a wrestler, this one had the appearance of a huge berserker. He possesses immense raw power, allowing him to battle the Eight-Tailed Beast one-on-one. He establishes a rule for when it resurfaces rather than allowing his troops to do so.

His Lightning Release Armor, which is significantly more powerful than the Fourth Raikage’s, also helps him. The technique’s protection and offensive are so powerful that the only way to injure him is if he pierces his body with a finger sharpened even more by the armor.

20-Shisui Uchiha

30 Strongest Naruto Characters (RANKED)
Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

His backstory quickly made him a fan favorite, even though he died before the series began. Shisui is Itachi Uchiha’s best buddy and has reached the same genjutsu expertise as Itachi.

He is also one of the Uchiha clan’s most accomplished ninjas. He is renowned as Shishui of the Body Flicker because of his ability to leave several after-images of himself.

Shisui is also a Mangekyo Sharingan master, letting him wield the highest level of genjutsu described as Kotoamatsukami. This places a person in a genjutsu so strong that the target feels what is controlled in their brain with the command set on the genjutsu is what he needs.

I think he would be one of the strongest ninjas if he were alive.

If Danzo hadn’t intervened, he would have used it on the entire clan to force them to stop their coup attempt. He also possesses a Susanoo, which gives him enhanced protection and allows him to fire a volley of needles at many opponents at once.


Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

Orochimaru was once viewed as a major villain in the series, with some fans believing he was the series’ main adversary. His ominous look resembles that of a snake. Hence his persona and skills are based on it.

He can summon a snake, has a snake-like tongue, elongates his body to become as long as a snake, assembles his body with snakes, sheds like a snake as a kind of Body Replacement Jutsu, and changes into a snake.

Due to his goal to master all jutsus in the world, Orochimaru is a master of multiple jutsus. As a result, he has severely changed his anatomy to the point that his regular shape is a snake-like monster with scales made up of tiny white snakes rather than his natural form.

Orochimaru is also someone who improved the reanimation jutsu and gave his own life to experiment. He is also one of the feared ninjas and the strongest character.

Orochimaru can also transfer his body to someone else to keep his immortality. However, it appears he has perfected immortality even further after receiving a White Zetsu since the Hashirama cells have given him several new skills, including Wood Release.


Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

Jiraiya, along with Tsunade and Orochimaru, is one of the Legendary Sannin and was a Hokage candidate who refused to accept the position. He is also the Master of Naruto Uzumaki and the Fourth Hokage.

Jiraiya possesses vast chakra reserves, allowing him to summon the most powerful toads, such as Gamabunta. He may not be a Sage Mode master. But he knows how to use it to defeat three of Pain’s Six Paths.

He’s also a ninjutsu master, which he used to stretch his hair to strike or bind foes and defend himself. He is also a user of the Rasengan, having taught Naruto how to wield and grow it. Leading to the creation of several Rasengan versions in the future.

He’s also a sharp warrior and skilled at acquiring intelligence. He’s also revealed to be exceedingly tough. Since he manages to leave a note for Fukusaku to carry to Konoha before being slain by Pain, he even controls naruto whenever he loses control over himself by releasing.

17-Kabuto Yakushi

Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

The Kabuto Yakushi I’m going to talk about is the one that has reached Sage Mode. This form made him a fearsome opponent, and some have even compared him to Orochimaru. Orochimaru is his current form, who has become preoccupied with modifying himself to get multiple jutsus.

Kabuto may use Nature Energy to detect foes more easily and boost his skills.

Kabuto can summon the Sound 4, Kimimaro, and even Orochimaru by manifesting their bodies thanks to DNA manipulation. He’ll be able to employ their distinctive methods this way.

He also developed immunity to the Mangekyo Sharingan’s genjutsu by wearing a protective lid over his eyes, similar to a snake’s.

16-Izuna Uchiha

Strongest to the weakest characters in Naruto

Izuna is Madara’s younger brother and the one who initially discovered and unlocked the Mangekyo Sharingan.

During the Warring States Period, he is reported to have commanded the Uchiha clan alongside his brother. Similar to how Hashirama and Tobirama governed their clan together.

As one of the first users of the Mangekyo Sharingan, Izuna must have shown a lot of potential, making him a great match for the Second Hokage, a master of speed. He has, however, been shown to be powerless in the face of the Flying Thunder God Technique.

15-Killer B

Killer B is the Jinchuuriki of the Eight-Tailed Beast’s Jinchuuriki and a tag team partner of the Fourth Raikage. He is the first human to gain control over his Tailed Beast, which he may have accomplished through his character.

He’s a chill rapper who appears to relax in any situation. This might explain why the Eight-Tailed Beast just gave up and became friends with him.

Killer B is a tremendously powerful character who can also utilize Lightning Release to sharpen his strikes or increase his speed. Through his unconventional method, he is also a master at wielding eight swords at once, allowing him to defeat Sasuke and his crew easily, Kara.

He may appear foolish, yet he is wise enough to flee a conflict if he believes it is becoming too risky for his safety. Finally, he transformed into the second version of his Tailed Beast by donning a Tailed Beast Cloak.

Of course, he may partially or change into the Eight-Tails, which can unleash a devastating Tailed Beast Bomb and immense size and strength. He also aspires to be the world’s greatest rapper, which explains why he always speaks in rhymes, which isn’t that awful.

14-Minato Namikaze

He was the fourth Hokage of hidden leaf village and naruto’s father. He’s renowned as Konoha’s Yellow Flash and earned a worldwide reputation that makes even the most powerful ninja villages dread him. His mastery of Tobirama Senju’s Flying Thunder God Jutsu, which he employs as his main combat technique, demonstrates this.

When facing a single or a large number of adversaries, his reflexes in employing the method that allows him to move normally while teleporting made him a dangerous opponent, he is also reported to have slaughtered tens of thousands of enemies, compelling Onoki to sign a peace treaty with Konoha to terminate the war.

Many renowned ninjas recognized him as a genius from infancy to maturity. Watching his battle sequences, you can tell he’s a genius and a true badass. He also created the Rasengan and is one of the few people. Who has utilized the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to seal the Nine-Tailed Beast within himself and his son?

Unlike most of the individuals on the list. Minato did not originate from a renowned clan nor possessed any Kekkei Genkai jutsus; he was just a phenomenal talent!

13-Tobirama Senju

Tobirama is the Second Hokage, making him one of the most powerful characters in the series. He is also a Senju clan chief and served as Hashirama’s aide when he became the First Hokage. He is said to have devised several jutsus that have proven useful for both good and bad causes.

Tobirama invented the Shadow Clone Jutsu, which Naruto frequently employed in his combat technique. Tobirama also devised the terrible Summoning: Impure World Resurrection, which uses a sacrifice to resurrect the dead. Minato’s primary combat tactic is the Flying Thunder God Technique he devised.

He is also a master of Water-style jutsu, which he uses for offensive and defensive purposes. He also developed a near-infinite explosive tag technique that works nicely with the undead spawned by the Impure World Resurrection.


Because of his talents with the Rinnegan, residents in his village and fans see Pain as a deity. Pain’s primary focus is on the Rinnegan, as seen by how he employs his Six Paths of Pain for seven. The Rinnegan provides a unified vision for all of the Six Paths of Pain while giving each route its distinct power.

The Deva Path can repel and attract everything in its area and form what appears to be a ball that acts as a center of gravity for attracting anything to it.

The Animal Path allows you to summon animals from all across the world. The Human Path can steal souls. The Naraka Path, which Nagato may utilize to resurrect people, can mend the other Six Paths and take souls by designating it the Outer Path.

Nagato’s primary body has also been overwhelmed after absorbing enough Chakra to restore his malnourished state. He can easily execute all six Paths above Pain jutsu with his original body alone, making him very strong.

11-Itachi Uchiha

Because of his excellent looks, aggressive appearance, and how jutsu functions, Itachi Uchiha is one of the series’ fan favorites. To begin with, he possesses the Sharingan, his clan’s characteristic eye. This offers him exceptional eyesight and the ability to conduct genjutsu whenever an adversary establishes eye contact with him.

He can also employ the Mangekyo Sharingan, which gives him access to Tsukiyomi. A strong genjutsu that can make a few seconds feel like hours. He’s also got access to Amaterasu, which allows him to use eternal black flames to burn the opponents he glances at.

Finally, he gets access to Susanoo, a strong weapon, but his version just has two. The first is a mirror shield that reflects all strikes, while the second is the Sword of Totsuka. Which can trap its victim in a realm of drunken dreams (this sword slew Orochimaru and Nagato in a single hit!)

Aside from this, Itachi possesses a complete understanding of the Sharingan, allowing him to use Izanami. This strong genjutsu causes its targets to change their personalities following the caster. He’s also a master in Fire Style jutsu, with a vast range of techniques and shurikenjutsu at his disposal.

Itachi would have made it further into the top ranks if he was not sick all along.

10-Obito Uchiha

Madara allowed Obito to take his name to cast Infinite Tsukuyomi. Hence Obito is the genuine acting leader of Akatsuki. Obito, like Naruto, was originally depicted as a weak ninja in the opening episodes. He gained so much strength as he plummeted into evil owing to Madara’s influence and manipulation.

First, he possesses the Mangekyo Sharingan ability, which allows him to use his one-of-a-kind Kamui ability. As long as foes are around him, time-space ninjutsu causes him to absorb them with his single eye.

He also uses it to move a portion of his body into the pocket realm and seems to “phase” through situations by teleporting a portion of his body into the dimension if he is attacked.

As an Uchiha, he can employ a variety of weapons and Fire-Style Jutsu. It required all of Naruto’s allies to remove the Chakra of the Tailed Beasts from Obito when he became the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki. To get them out of Obito, they needed the assistance of the whole Allied Shinobi Forces.

9-Might Guy

Might Guy is one of the game’s silliest-looking characters, with an outrageous disposition to match. After all, he struck an odd-looking posture while eccentrically welcoming Naruto and Rock Lee’s gang on his initial appearance.

He is Rock Lee’s master and the male sensei of Rock Lee, Neji, and Tenten. In addition, he is Kakashi’s opponent and greatest buddy.

Might Guy possesses a basic understanding of ninjutsu, such as the Summoning Jutsu. But he specialized in taijutsu to the point where, in a one-on-one fight, he was considered a fearsome opponent.

He has monstrous raw strength and speed due to having trained intensely throughout his adult life, which he would then pass on to Lee.

His father also taught him how to open the Eight Gates, which gave him an enormous increase in speed and power. The boost climbs rapidly when additional gates are unlocked, which fits his combat style well.

His assaults were so filled with sheer strength that they may release air pressure thanks to the Seventh and Eight Gates.

Guy entered the Top 10 thanks to his jutsu since he nearly killed Madara when he utilized the Eighth Gate, which provided him a speed that bends the fabric of space itself.

8-Hashirama Senju

Because of his exploits and abilities as the finest ninja, Hashirama Senju is known as the God of Shinobi. He is the First Hokage of the secret village, currently known as hidden leaf village. He is also the world’s most powerful Kage. Originally the head of his clan, he and Madara founded Konoha to end the continuous conflicts of their time.

He’s also recognized for controlling all Tailed Beasts with his special Wood Style Release. Which only he knows how to utilize.

His fighting style is called Wood Release. He can use this to create a forest, which is claimed to have aided in the construction of Konoha’s foundation.

He can use it to summon dragons and golems. But the Shinshu Senju, which built a gigantic humanoid statue with a thousand hands behind it, was his most powerful Wood Style jutsu.

The statue can also battle and defeat Madara, wearing Susanoo armor and the Nine-Tails. He may also use Sage Mode in battle, which adds to his badass features.

7-Indra Otsutsuki

Hagoromo Otsutsuki’s older son is Indra Otsutsuki. He is also recognized as the Uchihas’ ancestor. Indra reborn as Sasuke and Madara. Indra’s total powers are unclear. 

However, he has demonstrated a high level of proficiency with Sharingan and Susanoo. He also can summon Hinokagutsuchi, a larger-scale counterpart of Amaterasu.

6-Ashura Otsutsuki

Hagoromo’s younger and more favored son is Ashura. He became the ancestor of the Senju clan after Naruto as well as Hashirama reincarnated from him.

Little is known about Ashura. However, he has been demonstrated to be capable of employing a technology akin to the Rasengan, which is a sphere containing Rasengans. He can also summon a chakra-like creature in the shape of a 3-headed, 6-armed beast, comparable to the Nine-Tailed Beast Mode.

5-Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke is a member of Team 7 and is considered Naruto’s greatest buddy as well as a rival. Unlike Naruto, who gained power by the determination and love of everyone around him. He rose in power via hatred throughout the series. Nonetheless, it strengthened him to become one of history’s most formidable personalities.

In the early sections of the anime, he was regarded as more badass than Naruto, making fans question why he wasn’t the primary character. He can, after all, breathe fire, attack with lightning on his hands, and utilize the Sharingan. He, like his brother, is a highly skilled ninja in the art of shurikenjutsu.

Sasuke’s usage of the Mangekyo Sharingan also made him very powerful. Since it grants him the ability to use Amaterasu and control its shape and direction, he also gains access to the powerful Susanoo, which Sasuke has perfected through the war.

Sasuke also received the Rinnegan from Hagoromo, which allows him access to the Six Paths’ powers and a one-of-a-kind ability to exchange places with a specific item or person.

He employed Chibaku Tensei to seal the Tailed Beasts and use them to absorb their Chakra while transforming them into Lightning Release in his last battle against Naruto. This, together with his use of Indra’s Arrow, demonstrates Sasuke’s mastery of chakra manipulation.

4-Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha is recognized as one of history’s most formidable villains, not just because of his combat abilities but also because of his well-executed plots.

He is the brains behind Akatsuki’s death as well as Rin’s. These were proofs that he was a powerful opponent inside and outside the fight.

He also has a strong desire to fight, making him a formidable opponent. If you recall, he had a badass entrance in the anime by fighting hundreds of fodder ninjas as a warm-up.

He is a master of the Sharingan and the Mangekyo Sharingan, allowing him to summon a large and incredibly powerful Susanoo.

If you compare anyone with him, he is a formidable opponent with fighting abilities. And he is also the strongest character among all Shinobi in the past or present except Hashirama Senju.

He used the Six Paths Jutsus after becoming the Ten-Tailed Jinchuuriki and attaining the Rinnegan, which allowed him to generate many Chibaku Tensei to make meteorites.

He can also summon a version of himself in an unseen dimension that only another Rinnegan can see with his Rinnegan. Madara also learned to control all natural releases and how to use Infinite Tsukuyomi.

3-Naruto Uzumaki

Nonetheless, Sasuke is outranked by Naruto, not just because Naruto seemed to win the battle. But also because of Naruto’s character and his progression throughout the series. He started as a ninja who sucks a lot and is mocked. Everyone admired a hero because of his training and dedication to becoming Hokage.

Naruto’s combat technique is based on using several shadow clones. A regular person cannot achieve something because their Chakra is evenly distributed amongst the clones. But keep in mind that, besides possessing the Nine-Tails, he also has a large chakra reserve.

His fighting style also emphasizes the use of the Rasengan in various ways. For example, he can make a little or huge version, a planetary version with smaller Rasengans circling it. The Rasenshuriken and a Rasengan blended with millions of tiny wind blades spin around the sphere like a shuriken.

He may also activate Sage Mode by concentrating Natural energy around him, which increases his durability and raw strength. It also caused him to hurl the Rasenshuriken, dangerous to employ in close quarters for the owner.

Aside from that, he gained the Nine-Tailed fox trust, allowing him to manage his Tailed Beast with the same expertise as Killer B. He gains enormous strength, stature, and the ability to utilize Tailed Beast Bombs.

Naruto can employ natural energy to its maximum potential after receiving the power of Hagoromo and a few chakras from all Tailed Beasts. He then used the Tailed Beasts’ strength to make several Tailed Beast versions of the Rasenshuriken to defeat Kaguya before executing their ultimate plan to seal her permanently.

2-Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Hagoromo Otsutsuki is the Sage of The Six Paths. Which was regarded as folklore in the Naruto world before he manifested right before them. He is a very wise person who naturally had the Rinnegan and Chakra.

He taught people Ninshu and a means to use Chakra to communicate thoughts and feelings. However, the principle was weaponized, turning it into ninjutsu. He has immense power among all the shinobi world because you can say that he is the father of Shinobi.

Hagoromo is a very powerful being who can use Chibaku Tense, alongside his brother, to seal their evil mother away. He can also share his Chakra despite being a spirit only, which boosts Naruto and Sasuke’s powers in preparation for the final battle.

Hagoromo was also responsible for splitting the Ten-Tailed Beast into 9 unique beings before he died. He may not have a major fight scene, but these feats were enough to prove that he could outmatch all the other characters at the bottom ranks.

1-Kaguya Otsutsuki

Lastly, the final villain of the Naruto series. Kaguya Having eaten from the forbidden God Tree, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki became the first wielder of Chakra and is widely known as the “Mother of Chakra.”

Her views on attaining power and ruling over the humans made her mad, which caused her two sons to seal her to create the moon. When she returned, she was not killed as it seemed impossible. This is why Sasuke and Naruto had no choice but to seal her.

Kaguya is extremely powerful, as she can transport herself and others into another dimension in just a second. She can also extend her hair to restrain or attack enemies. She might not have any display or raw strength. But she can shoot bones out of her hands that can turn enemies into ash once it hits.

Kaguya is also overpowered enough to create a gigantic Truth-Seeking Ball (a ball that grants all nature releases. Which Naruto, Obito, and Madara gained. That makes her the strongest Naruto character.

When initially gaining Six Paths power) to create a new dimension. At the same time, it disintegrates everyone once they come in contact with its exponentially expanding size. Hope you loved all the strong characters and weak ones, too, in their way.

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