If you love to see powerful anime villains, you are welcome to see the 22 strongest Villains in anime History of all time.

There will be many most powerful anime villains on this list, and I hope you will love this list.

Zeke Yeager (Attack on Titan)

22 Strongest villains in Anime History!

It was difficult to hate anybody more than Annie, Bertholdt, and Reiner, the three members of the Survey Corps unit who were the Titans in charge of all the destruction, when Attack on Titan initially aired. Until Zeke Yeager and the Beast Titan show up, that is.

This confident and intelligent young guy is in charge of a lot of what happens during the episode, in addition to the fact that he has a smug design.

He devises most of the plots that result in the deaths of the individuals in Paradis who are important to us, in addition to turning his parents in as restorationists.

One of the most devious people on this list, the sheer power that the Beast Titan holds in the series is nothing to scoff at. Even though he is already rather large, this takes attention away from the behemoth’s obvious tactical advantage.

Almost the whole Survey Corps was wiped off by the rocks he passed through alone in the third season’s conclusion, killing supporting figures like Klaus, Marlene, and Marlo. His involvement in the murder of Erwin Smith, the regiment’s leader, and a popular favorite, is his most repugnant deed.

Shogo Makishima (Psycho-Pass)

22 Strongest villains in Anime History!
22 Strongest villains in Anime History!

In a dystopian future where crimes are determined before they’re remitted, Shogo Makishima poses the ultimate threat.

An anomaly is that the system can’t decant Makishima can commit crimes without detection. This includes theft, conspiring to attack someone, and even cold-blooded murder.

He’s not. He’s about using this to his advantage, either. Curious about why he is this way and determined to bring down the Sybil System, he tests the limits of his “gift,” starting events that throw the world around him into chaos.

For this reason, he temporarily brings down the digital law enforcement programs, driving all of Japan into a state of frenzy and panic as crimes are committed by anyone and everyone with little to no consequence.

It’s the devils. Still, it becomes unnerving when the core drive of his actions – freeing people up to make their own decisions again, without surveillance – becomes clear and, most terrifyingly, logical.

He’s an anime villain who found the worst way possible to try and improve the world, and for all the pain and chaos he causes, there’s the lingering question left behind.

Marshall D From One Piece

22 Strongest villains in Anime History!
22 Strongest villains in Anime History!

Let’s start with our first villain, a powerful antagonist with great physical strength.

Blackbeard from One Piece more than measures up to his real-life counterpart. Although Marshall D. Teach started as a lowly pirate with the Whitebeards, his drive and brutality propelled him to greater heights.

He’s the only character in One Piece with two Devil Fruits and different Devil Fruit Powers. Blackbeard has the Dark Dark Fruit, which lets him control crushing darkness, and the Tremor Tremor Fruit, which creates earthquakes. If anyone can challenge Luffy for King of the Pirates, it’s Blackbeard.

Ryomen Sukuna From Jujutsu Kaisen

22 Strongest villains in Anime History!
22 Strongest villains in Anime History!

Ryomen Sukuna is the strongest cursed spirit ever to exist in the realm of Jujutsu Kaisen; however, before his death, he was also a Jujutsu Sorcerer protecting human lives by staking his own but not anymore. During his prime, Sukuna executed thousands of curses & humans vice-versa, but his rampage didn’t.

Even after his exorcism, he used Yuji as a vessel and continued his death troll to increase further. Except for Gojo Satoru, everyone else in the series fears the presence of Sukuna, which pretty much hints at his true powers. Sukuna can be considered one of the coolest anime villains, and because of Yuji, he has also gained a lot of popularity.

Boros From One Punch Man

22 Strongest villains in Anime History!
22 Strongest villains in Anime History!

It’s hard to compare the strength of One Punch Man Villains to other anime villains because of Saitama’s limitless might. Boros, however, is the strongest One Punch Man antagonist and is still the only One Punch Man adversary to have come close to challenging Saitama’s strength.

Boros struck Saitama through many pillars during the pair’s fight, resulting in a large dust explosion. The villain can regenerate rapidly after being destroyed by Continuous Normal blows, which is more astounding than his ability to resist a straight strike from Saitama Burst form.

He is one of the most powerful anime villains of all time in anime history.

Madara Uchiha From Naruto

22 Strongest villains in Anime History!
22 Strongest villains in Anime History!

Madara is one of the all-time greatest Shinobi and the strongest Uchiha Clan member. With Konoha’sKonoha’s having massive amounts of chakra from birth, right up even for an Uchiha, his potential was obvious from the start, and while he has undoubtedly become stronger with age. Unfortunately, many around him were quick to recognize his evil character.

Many think Madara is unbeatable because she has misled death several times. But this isn’t the case. Still, because of his incredible physical prowess and lethal skill, he ranks among the most formidable antagonists in all anime, not just in Naruto.

He is one of the top most powerful villains you will see even in upcoming anime series.

Griffith From Berserk

Griffith initially served as the group’s “Hawks” band. He was “generous and modest, with aspirations to establish a peaceful kingdom. However, he was imprisoned and tortured by the King of Midland, making him sacrifice everyone after being rescued by the Guts. He became the first with “Haou no “Tamago,” Five g “generations of the demon king.

After a certain Last Supper enactment, the good guy personality faded away. He became ruthless, cruel, unforgiving, and relentless. Griffith is a typical example of a good person turned villain. He’s oneHe’sme character you will allow.

Johan Liebert From Monster

Johan Liebert is a terrifying anime villain. He looks well-mannered and compassionate on the outside but, in reality, wants chaos. John grew up seeing many people die, making him the monster.

His seemingly flawless nature and favorable traits make it easier for him to make friends and manipulate them into his bidding. John is a perfect example of nihilism because he does not regard life.

The worst trait of Johan is that he makes his victims suffer rather than kill them. After passing through immense pain and suffering, the victims eventually kill themselves.

If you are an ardent fan of anime serials, the thought of the name – Johan- should send chills down your spine. He is, by far, one of the best anime villains of all time.

Light Yagami From Death Note

Growing up in Japan with his family, Light is a hardworking, skilled planner and talented individual. He was highly intelligent and regularly received praises from his adults. That later got the better of him, affecting his personality. After obtaining the notebook, Light became cold, cruel, and ruthless.

He would use all means to reach his goals, even if it meant putting his family in danger. His level of cruelty varies depending on the situation. Light acts without hesitation.

This manifests in how he killed the FBI agent trailing him. Light is a sensational character that will blow your mind.

Dio Brando From Jojo’s bizarre adventure

Dio is Jojo’s Jojo’s character because he features in almost all the major tragedies of the series. He is a vampire who lusts for power, which drives him to do everything he can to become the most powerful being.

Growing up in miserable conditions and enduring his abusive father, Dio became obsessed with becoming Earth’s Earth’swerful and richest being.

He became manipulative and violent while disregarding morality in his quest to realize his dreams. He used others to fulfill his insatiable hunger for power and dominion.

Whenever you see Dio Brando on your screen, know that something terrible is about to go down.

Frieza From Dragon Ball Z

As the emperor of Universe 7, Frieza was ruthless and misused his power. Even though he handles most situations systematically, Frieza is more brutal than you can imagine.

He mocks his foes, makes twisted jokes, and uses dark humor before killing them. He is the most feared villain because he does not deny his brutality.

Frieza is unwilling to make amends for his mistakes, as seen when he gets angry at the idea of undoing his cruel deeds. The fear for Frieza stems from his powerful, controlling, and brutal nature. No victim ever escapes his wrath.

Meruem From Hunter x Hunter

Meruem is the Chimera Ant king who was responsible for countless deaths. He was arrogant, cruel, and violent from birth. At birth, Mereuem forcibly ripped himself out of his sack, causing excruciating pain and severe internal injuries to Queen Ant. He is the main antagonist of the series.

Despite that, he did not care about her but rather himself. He believed that all humans would succumb to fear or desire, which made him a threat to the existence of humankind.

He has unlimited strength, speed, and agility and has a crazy pain tolerance to the point of feeling nothing — he pulled off his arm with no reaction.

However, his cruel nature changed after he met Komugi. Meruem changed into a less violent individual, and his perspective changed drastically. Despite his change, Meruem was still one of the best anime villains.

Donquixote Doflamingo From One Piece

Doflamingo was extremely arrogant and was always a threat whenever he went, making him the most vicious antagonist in One Piece. After taking over Dressrosa from King Riku, he became ruthless, ruling for a long time. Furthermore, he did not hesitate to betray and kill his father and younger brother.

Doflamingo has always been the best villain with an interesting character, power, and narrative influence. He is an incredibly powerful warlord with a disturbing background, making him a favorite villain among many anime lovers. You are missing big if you have never watched him in his element.

Hisoka Morrow From Hunter x Hunter

In Hunter x Hunter, Hisoka Morrow is a selfish character who finds a thrill in mercilessly killing powerful fighters. He is a murderous sociopath who does what suits his fancy and kills indiscriminately.

He does not hesitate to kill even those who are valuable to him. As long as an individual does not meet his standards or get in his way, he kills them. This also includes those he finds not useful in his future endeavors.

The unpredictable nature of Hisoka makes him a great villain. He is an exciting villain since you cannot predict his moves.

Vicious From Cowboy Bebop

Vicious was among the Red Dragon’s members, making his superiors fear him. In Cowboy Bebop, Vicious, as his name goes, was a vicious, cold, bloodthirsty character with no regard for life. He is an ambitious antagonist, willing to achieve all his desires by all means.

His brutal nature was evident when he sacrificed his subordinates. Vicious used his experience in war to viciously kill others. He created endless chaos, which he seemingly thrived in until he met his bloody end at the hands of Spike.

Kyubey From Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Kyubey is a small cat-like creature with no personal understanding of human emotions. As an Incubator, Kyubey is inhumane in that it turns young girls into Magical creatures with the ability to produce energy and prevent the Heat Death of the universe. This approach makes the girls emotionless and cruel creatures.

If messed with, Kyubey stores the girls a small gem that kills the girls and their magic. To humans, Kyubey is horrendously evil. However, since it is emotionless, it can’t distinguish right from wrong acts. Everything about Kyubey is thrilling. From the concept of Magical Girls to their behaviors and ruthlessness.

All For One From My Hero Academia

All for One is a famous face when villains are mentioned. He believes in hatred being a source of power and despises his rivals. He has immense hatred for anyone who messes with his plans. For instance, he ruined and crippled All-Mighty.

He has greed for power, which makes him have the ambition of getting rid of All for One to become more powerful to conquer the whole world.

He uses his immense power and confidence to take over Tomura Shigaraki and reshape it to his liking. Despite his cruel nature, All for One maintains his calm even when imprisoned and tortured. He is one villain who is full of exciting surprises.

King Bradley From Fullmetal Alchemist

King Bradley, the leader of Amstris, was a fearsome character who thrived in inhumane acts. The film portrays Bradley as a misleading character whose true nature is only revealed when angry. He congratulated Colonel Roy Mustang for killing Isaac when he was responsible for his death.

His anger issues are seen at Maes Hughes’ funeral, where his hands trembled. King Bradley is also a relentless and ruthless fighter, never hesitating to finish his opponents.

His wrath and inner fury made him one of the best anime villains. Bradley is one character you will fall in love with if you are a fan of anime villains. At this point, he could fly and exist beyond the Physical World.

Lelouch Lamperouge From Code Geass

Lelouch is one of the anime villains in the Code Geass series. He is a brilliant character who portrays himself as friendly and likable to hide his true nature.

Lelouch is a selfish, ruthless, and cold character who cares only about his well-being. In battle, he is willing to sacrifice civilians and soldiers to accomplish his desires. That was seen when Lelouch collapsed a large portion of Tokyo, killing civilians and military personnel to achieve his objective.

He is so self-centered that he strives to remake the world to his liking. Using his Geass, he manipulates others by commanding them to do his bidding. His methods are extreme, making him a mind-blowing villain.

If you are looking for a bloodthirsty villain with no regard for human life, Lelouch Lamperouge is one character you should be following closely.

Sosuke Aizen From Bleach

Sosuke Aizen is a popular face among anime enthusiasts for causing endless chaos. At first, Aizen is a kind, soft-spoken and well-respected character. He was a force worth reckoning without signs of alarm or distress.

However, all the pretense was to hide his dangerously manipulative nature. He was that silent killer who eats you from within with his hidden vicious intentions.

He was an intelligent and master planner, which made him defeat others effortlessly. His uncaring nature infuriated those around him. After plotting to overthrow the King of Soul Society, his people see him as a traitor.

Sosuke will be your favorite villain as he is a super-genius who orchestrated the whole plot of the Bleach anime. But there is a question that is he one of the bad guys?

Muzan Kibutsuji From Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

Muzan Kibutsuji is an emotionless, cold-hearted, and intimidating Demon King. He is so ruthless that he has no regard for human life. He callously kills two drunk men for being rude and their helpless female partner for no reason. Muzan does not value his subordinates either; he mercilessly murders them whenever he wishes.

What makes him a great villain is that his inflated ego does not allow him to accept correction from anyone. He only believes that others are his servants rather than guide him. With a demonic character portrayed this well, Muzan Kibutsuji is a thrilling villain.

Kaguya Otsutsuki From Naruto Shippuden

Kaguya is incredibly strong since she can instantly shift herself and others into a different realm. She may also use her hair as a weapon to assault or subdue foes. She might not have much physical strength on the show, but she can fire bones out of her hands that can reduce them to ash if they contact an opponent.

Kaguya is also powerful enough to conjure a huge, vast Truth-Seeking Ball, which bestows all-natural releases. Which Madara, Obito, and Naruto acquired. She is the strongest Naruto character as a result.

The ability to initially construct a new dimension while using the Six Paths. Everyone who comes into contact with its rapidly growing size is simultaneously disintegrated.

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