Tasks You Never Think to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are virtual company savers in one way or the other. Of course, you don’t see them, but that doesn’t stop them from providing excellent service to businesses and entrepreneurs behind the scenes. There is a long list of what virtual assistants can do, and we’ll give you some. This list contains a series of tasks you would never have thought to outsource to a virtual assistant, but you can. 

A virtual assistant is especially useful if you’re a small business owner with no downtime concerns, employee-related expenses, or separate office space. 

Unusual tasks like requesting a virtual assistant to buy Litecoin or another cryptocurrency and other things to save you time. You can outsource these tasks to a virtual assistant who will help shave off hours from your workweek.

A virtual assistant becomes a reliable asset to your organization and an integral part of it. Then you’ll realize and appreciate what treasure you’ve had all this while. Below are some tasks you’d never have considered outsourcing to a virtual assistant.


General Assistance on Mundane Administrative Tasks

You can hire a virtual assistant to assist in mundane administrative tasks like handling customer inquiries and FAQs. They can also do administrative tasks such as invoicing and email management, thus giving you more time to focus on other essential activities.

As a business owner, labor costs aren’t the only costs you need to worry about; administrative support costs are just as burdensome. Virtual assistants come in handy as a marketer, account managers, project managers, and any other type of managers you need.

Virtual assistant services are similar to that of a personal assistant; the difference is that virtual assistants work remotely. They work remotely and remove the financial burden of renting and buying office equipment. Unusual tasks like requesting a virtual assistant to use usdt wallet or another currency and other things to save you time. You can outsource these tasks to a virtual assistant who will help shave off hours from your workweek.

The mundane administrative tasks a virtual assistant can help with include bookkeeping, updating salaries, database building, paying bills, and checking messages. They can also write and send invoices to clients, create and send greeting cards, schedule potential client meetings, and many more.

Audiovisual Content Editing

If you create audiovisual content for your brand, which we’re sure you do, outsourcing to a virtual assistant is the best. First, the world consumes audiovisual content like videos and podcasts more than other types of content.

The challenge is that you can’t run your business and still make time to create these – not professionally, at least. If you try juggling the two tasks, one or both will suffer; you may create basic graphics and videos that won’t sell.

The best option is a virtual assistant whose sole responsibility is creating professional audiovisual content. A virtual assistant with good knowledge of how to use professional non-linear editing software can be a valuable asset to your company.

Content Marketing Tasks

Content marketing is one of the virtual assistant jobs perfect for outsourcing, which you likely haven’t thought of. We don’t dispute that you need a long-term dedicated content marketing team in your company.

However, if you’re a small business owner without the funding for a team, you can outsource to an experienced VA and use the best vpn services. It is better to have a virtual assistant who can create all the high-quality content you need when you can’t afford a team.

After all, a business’s ability to create consistent and meaningful content is pivotal to its growth and eventual success. By leveraging the top content marketing tools, a virtual assistant experienced in content marketing can help you create high-quality content that’ll bring you many steps closer to your customer.

Social Media Management

Many companies would rather hire a social media manager they can control from within their organization. If you’ve got the funds to cater to a social media management team, there’s nothing wrong with hiring the best in the field. However, hiring a virtual assistant for the job may be cheaper, especially if you own a startup. In addition, you can hire a virtual assistant to create impacting content on your social media accounts.

Since virtual assistants work remotely, they often choose the place they find most convenient to work. That means they have more time and dedication to research and stay atop trends to create captivating content. Furthermore, you’ll stay up-to-date on social networks with a virtual assistant at the helm of social media management affairs.

Managing Calendar and Appointments

Calendar management sounds like something you should be able to do yourself; many new organizations do it to save money

While you’re giving attention to these mundane tasks, there are more important business matters to attend to, and time’s running out. The best solution is to outsource the task to a dedicated virtual manager who will manage your schedule.

Calendar management is one of the several unusual tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant, but it can be a wise decision. A virtual assistant is on top of your schedule, reminding and preparing you for meetings, sending out invites, and tracking important events.

CRM Tasks

Customer Relationship Management is a significant task for any business; it is pivotal to its growth. It has to do with listening to your customers’ concerns, ideas, and reservations and providing a satisfactory response to them. That means you must log and analyze this customer feedback, which will require you to dedicate resources to them. Since you can’t do all of these, even with the best automation tools, a VA comes in handy.

A virtual assistant can engage with your customers, addressing their concerns in an integrated manner. A professional managerial team can be a good option, but hiring a VA is cheaper and more reliable.

File Management and Organization

Hiring a virtual assistant for file organization and management sounds ridiculous until you realize how much help it’ll offer you. Data volumes are rising in today’s business world because businesses and workplaces are becoming increasingly digital.

The more business applications you have, the more files you need to manage and organize; a virtual assistant comes in handy. When you outsource the task of organizing and managing your files to a virtual assistant, you’re taking the easier, cheaper, more efficient route.

Hiring a dedicated virtual assistant to keep all your data organized is the best option. The virtual assistant will also migrate and organize your data using contemporary cloud storage.

Project Deadline Tracking

You can also hire a virtual assistant to track your projects’ deliverables with your customers. They don’t only track these deliverables; they also keep a log of all the approaching deadlines that must be kept. Furthermore, the virtual assistant can manage data aggregation and reporting, thus ensuring you have clearly defined all your project goals. While you hire an employee solely for this, you have better chances of getting an excellent job done with a professional.

Hiring a professional virtual project manager can be a valuable addition to your team, bringing a lasting impact on your business. You will save time, money, and stress and, most importantly, keep your clients happy by meeting project goals.

Graphics Design

Learning how to hire a virtual assistant is important because you can outsource a professional to do basic organizational tasks. Graphic design is a highly sought-after skill in the business world, and virtual assistants skilled in this task are exceptionally good.

Hiring a virtual assistant skilled in the art of designing graphics is a good way to transform your graphics. They will help you create a more personal feel for your media with their experience in Canva, Photoshop, and other software.

In addition to creating your graphics, a virtual assistant can also assist with organizing your graphics files for different platforms and channels. Furthermore, they can assist with everything related to graphics design, such as file format conversions.

Handling Files and Documents

Another task you never thought to outsource to a virtual assistant is handling your files and documents. Perhaps, that is because you’ve been doing just fine by yourself before now.

However, as your business grows, the number of files will increase, and managing those files will become a nightmare. Searching through, modifying, and storing specialized and frequently used templates gets burdensome – and more importantly, business matters suffer.

There is virtually nothing you cannot hire a virtual assistant for. Menial jobs like keeping files organized seem too small to be handed out to an employee. But you’ll be surprised how much energy, time, and money you will save when you outsource those tasks. Virtual assistants are professionals dedicated to a particular skill you need for your business growth.

Once you’ve decided you want to hire one, learning how to find a virtual assistant is the next step to take. While they can be incredibly useful, you want to avoid choosing a virtual assistant that’ll be a liability rather than an asset.

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Amy Klein

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