This article will take you to the world of beautiful, cute, and badass anime girls with black hair.

This list will let you fall in love with black anime girls and make you Drool over them and even make you confident, not just because they are beautiful and cute but because they are so strong, will, and kind. 

Many otakus will have different opinions and different types of taste, but this article will tick the types you want to be considered the best black hair girl.

So do not miss any girl because you might watch great Anime after knowing them. 


1-Yumeko Jabami

ANIME- Kakegurui

Yumeko Jabami is a strange girl. It’s good, it’s beautiful, but it’s also insane. She’s the embodiment of a gambling addict who is addicted to the thrills and pitfalls of winning, regardless of what she puts on the table to do it.

She is a total freak when it comes to taking a risk in gambling, the darker side comes up, and she gets pleasure when she takes significant risks.

As a result, she can think clearly and frequently wins games attracting the attention of the whole Hyakkaou Private Academy student body within a day of her transfer.

On the other hand, Yumeko is ruthless of any dishonesty she encounters when gaming. So whenever that happens, her happy, carefree face morphs into a murderous devil.

2- Rin Tohsaka

ANIME- Fate Stay Night

Rin Tohsaka may appear to be a typical tsundere, but she is so much more. 

The black hair makes her more elegant and beautiful, and She is also cheerful and joking around till she is in the fight.

We can all agree that she blows a fuse more frequently than we’d like, but we can’t ignore how endearing her character is for her desire to establish herself and her apparent independence.

She’s proud, conscientious, hardworking, and, to some extent, critical of herself. While these are not necessarily positive traits, they are necessary for success in life.

3- Sawako Kuronuma

ANIME-FROM ME TO YOU (Kimi ni Todoke)

Sawako Kuronuma is the best way to represent the black hair girl in Anime because the black hair can’t go blacker than her hair.

She is tall, has very long, beautiful black hair, and is very soft-spoken, but she stays entirely.

The dark black hair or hair makes her resemble the ghost of a horror movie, The grudge, but in reality, she is a naturally sweet person who wants friends, and when he falls for the guy who is very famous among girls, the looks in her eyes was so heartwarming. 

4- Hinata Hyuga


Hinata is my best female character in the anime world. It must be for so many other otakus, not just because she is lovely and kind also because she is loyal to Naruto and loved her since childhood and always kept her eyes on him. 

The best outfit of her came in naruto. This last movie was about Naruto and Hinata’s love story and why Hinata has given the title of the byakugan princess. 

She has beautiful eyes, called byakugan, one of the most powerful eyes in the ninja world. With the help of her eyes, she can see the minor chakra point of any human or animal. With the help of her power, she can close or open the chakra point of anyone, which is a hazardous power to possess, and that’s why the Hyuga clan has been one of the greatest clans in the naruto series.

She is my best black hair anime girl. 

5- Mio Akiyama 


Mio Akiyama is a cute girl with a calm personality who has long black hair and loves cats.

She is scared to be alone but doesn’t want to be the center of attraction, or many will always keep looking at her or praising her.

She is cute and does many cute things when she finds herself alone and talks to herself more to gain confidence.

Her hair is so beautiful that most girls want to have the same hair as her a long black hair.

She is also good at studies and very good with instruments like the guitar or electric guitar, which made her look more catchy when she held and played the instruments. 

6- Makoto Kowata


Makoto is a 15-year-old teenager who wants to be the best witch and start her dream in witch school.

She is very cheerful but also a bit dumb when it comes to knowing where to go because she always gets lost in direction.

She is one of the airheaded black hair anime girl.

Makoto has a cute face with medium black hair, making her worthy of being one of the best black anime girls. 

Makoto kowata loves the colors blue and peach and wears them often.

She loves to ride on her broomstick and fly away and then get lost in tracks, making her dumb. 

7- Mei Misaki


The girl with an eye patch, and if you watched Tokyo ghoul before, maybe you also find her perfect for keneki, hahaha.

She has two different iris, and that’s why she keeps the eye patch on, but the reason for two different iris is because she has one iris of a doll, ya it is a prosthetic eye.

She had to replace her natural eye with a prosthetic because of the disease that happened to her when she was four. 

 8- Rory Mercury


Rory Mercury is known as a demigoddess, which means a divine spark or someone respected so much.

The long black hair with many strands makes her look divine and powerful, and yes, she is mighty. 

The Anime revolves around her as she is one of its main characters, and you will love her character in Gate anime.

9-Himeko Inaba 


Himeko is the Cultural Research Club’s vice president. She is an expert at acquiring and analyzing data, and she has personal information on each of the club members. She’s calm and logical, but she’s also awkward.

Thus her inability to utilize roundabout phrasings causes many of those around her to be surprised by her blunt words.

Inaba is a lovely young lady with shoulder-length black hair and dark eyes, one strand falling in the middle. Her uniform sweater is brown, as opposed to the yellow sweaters worn by the majority of the other females. 

She mostly wears something mature or plain in her informal clothes. Inaba has good posture, a thin yet lengthy form, and piercing yet seductive eyes.

10- Kurome

ANIME- Akame Ga Kill

When I first saw Kurome, I had no idea what she would be so amazing.

She doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere, yet that may be part of what makes her so intriguing.

I have to admit that something about this chick appeals to me.

Unfortunately, she has always meant to be an assassin, so I’m not sure she’d make a decent girlfriend.

I pity her since she had no say or control throughout her life, and I sympathize.

If you get to know Kurome a little more, you might find yourself developing a soft spot for her.

11- Nico Robin


People referred to her as the devil kid, and It was delivered to her after she ate the devil fruit.

The Hana Hana no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to reproduce and sprout parts of their body from the surface of any item or living creature.

She is one of the mature black hair anime girl in this list.

As a further allusion, pinkish-white petal-like particles appear and then swirl out from where the parts sprout and dissipate, surrounding the user.
She is one of the most attractive girls in one piece because there aren’t many good-looking characters in one piece because the most of them are pirates, and she was also born into a pirate family.

The archaeologist for the Straw Hat Pirates has shoulder-length black hair and unusually long limbs, making her a great warrior.

She also admires Luffy’s leadership more than Nami’s and fully supports their captain’s activities. She is bright and patient, and while she does not have a specific role aboard the Straw-hat’ ship, she is an invaluable addition to them.

12- Mayuri Shiina


You’ll need to arrange bangs that swoop on both sides if you want to look like Mayuri Shiina, a well-known anime girl with black hair and blue eyes. Also, she appears to have highly thick brows, so keep that in mind.

She is also the 2nd member who joined the future gadget laboratories.

She is a sweet, naive child who has her moments of exceptional perceptiveness while not understanding anything about the lab’s time travel pursuits.

The black hair makes her look more beautiful and cute.

13 Shana

ANIME– Shakugan no Shana

Shana’s real form was challenging to categorize before she adopted Hirai Yukari’s identity with great aptitude-wise powers.

She has black hair does disclose the most accurate form before she assumed Hirai Yukari’s identity with outstanding aptitude-wise abilities.

On the other hand, her talents not be compared to Flame Haze’s, who has far more complex abilities. Her profile shows her much older age than she is, based on her attitude and conduct.

Shana is an Anime girl with black hair, relaxed, chilled, and completely off-duty, not fighting with the crimson denizens. She is a unique Tsundere character who is impatient and angry all of the time (a quality shown as warming up with people for whom they are about to fall later).

Shana is mature and disciplined for her age, possessing skills comparable to a battlefield master swordsman.

14- Hishiro Chizuru


Given her appearance as an average aloof or isolated sort of girl, it implies that the protagonist has been striving to approach her and eventually open her up. Wait to see her in character, as she did an excellent job.

She is in her re-life in this series, and she is most likely not normal considering the passage of time. Anime girl with medium-cut black hair; it’s not her young identity because it’s merely her exterior look, but it goes nicely with her maid school festival clothing.



She is a peasant descended from the Youkai Slayers line. As she got older, Sango received significant training in the art of murder. When she isn’t fighting, her black hair completes her appearance as a country girl dressed in a fitting suit comparable to a commoner kimono.

When she battles, this anime girl’s black hair’s magnificent tresses are carefully tied in a ponytail. It gives her an iconic appearance throughout the series, and her progeny is likely to inherit her unusual look of black hair and other notable features.

16-Hitomi Mishima

ANIME- Hinamatsuri series

As a divisive character, Hinamatsuri appears to be innocent, charming, and pure-hearted at first. She was focusing on getting a better education and running her own business. 

Still, in reality, she was the one who was caught backbiting behind people’s backs and carried on in life to become arrogant after landing a high-paying job as a bartender.

All of the above, well, just reading the above, one cannot dismiss her positive character attributes, and believe it or not, she did become memorable in viewers’ eyes.

17- Hana Isuzu

ANIME- Girls Und Panzer

This charming and amusing wallpaper isn’t just for fans of the Girls Und Panzer anime heroine Hana Isuzu with black hair. After a long day at school, she relaxes with her teddy bear and cushion, revealing her gentle side. She plays a reasonably balanced role for the primary team in the series. That’s the polar opposite of what you’d think based on Hana’s calm and lovely demeanour.

She has lazy eyes, which make her fatigue and look down, but she is not a that low girl.

She puts total effort into the things she wants to do, and her black hair also makes her looks pretty but cold at the same time.

18 Inkarmat

ANIME- Golden Kamuy

Some anime enthusiasts, or Otakus, may not be familiar with or have not seen the Golden kamuy series, which is one of the best thriller anime series with mystery.

Inkarmat from the Golden Kamuy series, a lovely woman dressed in Ainu clothing, has more beautiful black hairs, putting her on this list. 

She comes from a race of individuals who perished during Japan’s history. Her appearance speaks for itself. Her hair, attire, and employment as a lucky person are all about her, as is how she fits within the plot.

The actress’s voice is as soft as they come, perfectly expressing Inkarmat’s nature and style. It does not turn out well before believing that we have never seen such a supporting character. 

21 Rukia Kuchiki


Bleach is, without a doubt, one of the best anime series, and Rukia plays an essential role in the plot. Her black hair is straight. Rukia is a Kuchiki clan shinigami who traveled to Earth to hunt hollows and encountered Ichigo just as she was about to kill one.

She is a minor character. In Gotei 13, she is a guardian of the spirits and has a bob cut, a small haircut with a long strand from the fringe falling between her eyes.

As the Anime goes on, she also learns more movies, improves her moves, becomes more robust than before, and has a crush on Ichigo but doesn’t want to confess. 



Mikasa Ackerman is the most popular anime heroine with black hair because she is fearless, sensible and acts as the series’ secret protagonist.

When it comes to Eren Jaeger, she’s very much Hermione to Harry Potter, without the love life, of course.

Mikasa comes to Eren’s rescue whenever he feel sad or in trouble.

he is a crybaby who gets too upset even when things aren’t that bad.

She’s the best new Survey Corps member, and because of her seamless competence and steely stare.

She graduated first in her class.

Mikasa can’t give up on eren because she is way too loyal to his family and to him, who saved her when the spy wanted to kill them, but eren somehow just killed that person at a very young age. Since then, Mikasa has given her life and all love to eren, making her more beautiful.

20- Homura Akemi

ANIME- Madoka Magica

Homura Akemi is a beautiful shooter, and her beautiful black hair makes her look more pretty.

Akemi is a time traveler who came to save her friend, or you can say love, and try everything to save the person and live with that person.

She has strong and mature with a well-trained body and strength.

She is not popular character in the anime world.

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