This list will be for all the weeb or otakus who are in love with The red hair anime girls and love to see them in action and wanna know about them.


1 Shura Kirigakure

ANIME-Blue Exorcist

She is a badass woman who has medium red hair. If you love hentai or fan of hentai girl or hentai anime, then yes, she has some great hentai attribution because of Shura Kirigakure got some hot figure which most of the weebs will drool for and keep looking at it.

She is not someone who hesitate from saying something. Shura will speak it out loud and clear if there is something in her mind and or something she thinks.

Blue exorcist is excellent anime to watch for fun because it is not too intense or has too many jokes in it its good to watch it for once.

2 Edward (  Edward Wong Hau Peoplu TIVRUSKI IV…ED)


Radical Edward (Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV…Ed) after knowing her full name, now you will consider calling her Edward, Yes, I know it’s for boys, but her appearance is like a cute boy, but because she is not a flat anime girl.

Edward has a red tomboy haircut because she doesn’t care about her appearance.

The only thing she cares about is hacking, computer and server.

She also has a good relation with Faye yes, if you do not read the best short hair girls, you will find out about her in the below link, but let’s focus on Edward, a prodigy skilled in hacking.

Many people will say she is not the best or not the one who should be on the list, but in my view, she is already so mature and intelligent since childhood when she was in an orphanage.

3 Shirayuki


The anime name already tells you why she is on this list, but if you are that dumb or do not read the title correctly, let me tell you about Shirayuki.

She is one of the prettiest and cutest anime red hair girls, and that is why the title of the anime starts with snow white with red hair as we all know how beautiful snow-white was in our childhood days or is in your childhood days if you are the underage child who is reading this.

Shirayuki is also very intelligent and studying botany, medicine and working in a herbal shop as an apothecary. 

She is sure to attract attention due to her beauty, and her lovely long red hair doesn’t help matters. 

Prince Raji, the prince of her kingdom, notices her right away. He wishes to have her as his concubine. Knowing she won’t be able to deny the prince, she flees to a nearby kingdom and meets Prince Zen. 

Shirayuki applied for the job and after seeing her excellent skills in pharma, she got hired in the shop as a pharmacist in that country, and after that, they both became friends.

3 Uzumaki Kushina


Uzumaki Kushina, one of the most well-known female characters of the anime world, appeared significantly less because she is the mother of Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto and one of the top anime in the world people are crazy for naruto, and he is one of the most favorite anime characters in the world, not just in Japan.

Kushina is one of the most strongest female characters in anime, and Her red hair of hair suits her aggressive nature.

Naruto Uzumaki’s mother and the prodigy’s bride, Minato Namikaze. 

She is one of the series’ most powerful characters, even commanding the Kyuubi. When Naruto faced Pain, she used her tremendous chakra to keep him going. She possesses the power of 1000 chains, which she may use to tie anything. She is a sedentary wife and a model mother. We maintain her on our list of Best Anime Girls With Red Hair because she has the personality of a kind and responsible mother.

She also has a chain of power that can bind anyone because of her strong will and power kushina was chosen as Kurama 2nd jinchuriki, the nine-tail fox, the most powerful beast in the world.

4 Rias Gremory


When you read the name of the anime high school DxD, you maybe think it’s a hentai series or have adult content in the series.

Rias gremory is a beautiful-looking hot girl, and a high school student with long red hair compliments her.

Rias is known for wearing shirts that accentuate her large breasts. She has a unique quality about her. In all the red hair anime girls, she got the most intense looking eyes.
Rias is likewise incredibly strong and follows strict rules. So she is far from a naive young child.

She isn’t particularly complicated, but she doesn’t have to be. Her character is the anime’s excellent focal point.

She can also describe as a hentai red-haired girl who is a super hot man. When I watched her, I fell for her, and that’s how beautiful she is.
Rias has the power of destruction, which can destroy anything within range.



Lilith Asami, the girl with weapons, always stays alert and has a strict nature, and why not she be strict.

An academy teacher should always be strict because that’s how you keep your pupils growing and what she wants from them.

Asami is also never shy to put herself in danger to save the people or her students, showing the kind side inside her.

Throughout the anime, she is quite amusing at times. When someone teases, she becomes buff and red in rage, which is adorable and entertaining. 

She is a perceptive young lady who wonders about her long-lost sibling. While seeing this character on screen, you will never be bored. 

After the anime, you’ll notice her Tsundere smile, which is one of the best things you’ll witness.

6 Grell Sutcliff


Grell Sutcliff is the red girl, not just her hair or outfit, but the whole Grell is dark and funny sometimes.

If you don’t like to be serious all the time, then maybe for some time, you do need some craziness in you so that can make your life less boring. Other times, a lot is required, which is where Grell comes in.

Grell has these shark-like teeth, which makes her scarier than another butler in the show, and when she laughs, it looks like she wants to eat someone.

Grell has a strong feeling about what she loves, and if something comes between her and her feeling, she will go crazy because she never holds back.

At the very least, she is extroverted, so she does not fit the stereotype of the shy, silent, never-confessing-my-feelings person.

She blatantly proclaims her love for Sebastian at every opportunity. So, even if you believe she’s weird in other ways, you can’t deny she has a wonderful choice in guys.

7 Chise Hatori

Anime- The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Chise Hatori is an ordinary teenage girl like any other anime with short height, a cute face, and short hair.

She doesn’t like to socialize and doesn’t have any friends or family, and because of loneliness, she goes into depression and then gets sold as a slave.

This anime is nice to slow but heart-melting about people who don’t have anyone around them, but when someone holds them, then they show their true potential, and the same happened with chise when another character from the anime Elias brought her and showed her the world and made her feel motivated to do magic which she focused after coming out from depression. 

8 Yona 


Yona is considered a beautiful, cute girl for her age. 

She is not a tall girl, but her skin is so fair. When you look at her mother, you will get to know that she got the same eyes as her mother, so you can say she will be beautiful.

The different feature she has is the red hair that makes her different, and because of that, she hates her hair. Yona is not someone with a bad attitude.

She tries to adapt to any situation, is very mature than her age, and always seeks truth and honesty. She is always ready to learn and wants to stay calm and ready for any situation in her life, which shows how mature she is already and why she is so strong.

9 Youko Nakajima

ANIME- The Twelve Kingdoms

Let’s go back to classics again because they are the foundation of every anime, and The twelve Kingdoms is one of the most underrated anime of old-time, and trust me, everyone should watch this one.

Youko Nakajima is the main reason you should watch The twelve kingdoms anime.

She is very pure as a character, one of the most mature female red hair girls or even anime girls in the anime world.

The responsibilities she carries with all the excellent decision-making she is above most female characters.

She already carries herself as a well mature woman or a perfect waifu, and if you do not read the best anime waifus, you should read the other article on the best anime waifus girl in the anime world. 

10 Maki Nishikino

ANIME- Love Live! School Idol Project

Maki nishikino is a teenage cute-looking girl with red hair and a new generation anime character in this anime world, and now she is on my list, but she is on this list primarily because of her cuteness.

Maki possesses the characteristics of a tsundere, and she has difficulty admitting her true feelings to her peers. She also has some childish beliefs, which are undoubtedly a result of her relatively sheltered upbringing.

She believes Santa is so much that she clean the Santa chimney daily, so when Santa comes from there, he doesn’t get directly and quickly meet her or gift her. 

11 Kallen Stadtfeld


Code Geass series is one of the most thrilling anime, and Kallen is one of the most aggressive red hair anime girls when she gets into her battlefield mode.

She is someone who is even better than most of the men’s pilots and more capable than them.

She is the Black Knight’s ace pilot who reports directly to Lelouch vi Britannia and also serves as his bodyguard. 

Her piloting abilities rivaled those of Suzaku Kururugi, the Holy Britannian Empire’s pilot of Lancelot.

12 Mito Jūjō

ANIME- Seraph of the End

The combat girl or girl with aggressive combat skills has a firm body, long red hair, and a fabulous outfit.

You have to adore a woman dressed in a uniform.
Mito is a member of the Guren team, which means she is well-trained and can kick some serious butt.

Mito is also of the royal Jujo bloodline, which means she is rather arrogant. When two great bloodlines mix, we all know they create a super bloodline and a superhuman.

Of course, he’s a tsundere. That is, a particularly loving one.

Her apparent crush on the lieutenant is always amusing, and her deeds on the battlefield are just spectacular. And her beautiful red hair lends her an air of nobility that fits her temperament wonderfully.



Karin is also from the Uzumaki clan and has the power to revive the health of a person or revive the chakra. 

She is in the Uchiha Sasuke team and loved her way too much and stayed loyal to him.

Karin from Naruto Shippuden is an example of a crazy character.

She isn’t the most beautiful redhead, but she deserves to be on my list of redhead anime girls.

She is always loyal and rather sweet, and I believe she is the ideal character to round out this list.


ANIME- Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Stella Vermillion  

Stella is the very definition of charming when it comes to anime.

I was being both shy and completely naughty, obedient to Ikki yet aggressive to every other lady who showed interest in him, and cute by design.

When it came to her curves, the painters were exceedingly indulgent. Her red eyes and hair give her a formidable appearance.

15 Mereoleona Vermillion


Mereoleona Vermillion is a wildlife living woman, but she comes from a very royal family of vermillions who are pretty strong in the clover kingdom.

Mereoleona has the firepower and is the most powerful family member in Vermillion and even in the black clover series. 

She is super strong and crazy too, and people called her the lioness of fire.

She is the strongest and the best red hair anime girl.

Mereoleona is the kind of psycho who wants as much fight and a stronger opponent for herself.

She was underrated, or you can say under a radar character till they fought with elves, and after that, she made the most significant name for herself in the anime series black clover with an immense beast on the battlefield. 

Most of the people in the clover kingdom will say that she is the stone heart, but no, she is not, Mereoleona has a kind heart, but she is in total control over her feelings. 

16 Grimm

ANIME- Combatants Will Be Dispatched

Grimm is a witty anime character that will keep you entertained from every perspective. 

She enjoys sleeping and casting incorrect spellings on many things.

Grimm has the ability to repair her body parts, and Her intriguing charm draws you in and keeps you glued to your devices.

She has the ability to curse others by making sacrifices. She is successful 80% of the time, yet her success rate decreases each time she employs the same phase. A curse may pass through items until it comes into contact with a live individual. However, Grimm’s curses have a 20% chance of failing or reversing on her or her allies.

17 Tiese Shtolienen


Tiese Shtolienen is a beautiful red-haired girl of medium height and an innocent face. 

Tiese is one of the series’ most significant supporting characters. After viewing this anime, you will develop feelings for this character. 

She always tries to work as hard as she can to get better, and tiese has to work harder to survive. 

In the anime, she fell for Eugeo. She is a petite and delicate young lady. She has dark red hair, which appears stunning in the anime. 

You should see this anime solely to get a sense of this character.

18 Erza Scarlet


The hottest girls on the list is here; Erza Scarlet, better known as Titania, is the most powerful female wizard in the Fairy Tail mage guild. She was given the surname “Scarlet” because of her hair color, as she does not have a valid surname.
She is also incredibly at ease in her own skin, which is always a bonus.

But she really excels on the battlefield, in my opinion. Her combat style is unique since it incorporates so many different armors, abilities, and attributes.

Just keep her away from the booze. You don’t want to be around her if she’s inebriated.

Erza, a strong wizard whose magic is known as “Requip,” allows her to quickly transform her armor into many forms with diverse powers to destroy her opponent.

She’s one of the most influential female characters in the Fairy Tail, She is someone you can learn from how to fight and survive in the world of fairy tails where mostly all stronger fairies are males, but she gives hope to all the female fairies in the anime

If I miss any of your favorite characters, do write down the comment to tell me who should be on the list and tell me why and why not you like the names I mentioned in this list.

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