This time the list will be ranked from least best to the best list will be one of the most demanding anime recommendation lists.

This blog will be about the best romantic anime.


which weebs ask for, and you will see many beautiful romantic anime movies and series.


1 YOUR LIE IN APRIL(Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso)


It is the best romantic anime I have watched till now, and it will remain in my heart forever.

Your lie in April is a short and beautifully written anime, but its music is the best thing about it.

This anime is romantic anime and romantic musical anime, which will steal your heart by the story and the music.

Your lie in April is about a child prodigy, Kousei Arima, a pianist boy who stands out from all other contestants with a total score.

His rivals are furious about why they can’t beat him, and some who stand with him at the podium ranking 2 and 3 try their best to beat him.

The story has a few big twists that you will love and shed tears for, but it’s worth shedding tears for this anime because of the beautiful music of the piano.

I never used to listen to the piano. Still, since I watched this anime, my view about pianists increased much because knowing how hard and knowing if this is how a piano can sound is very beautiful.

I still watch a random episode of this romantic anime your lie in April just because the music in the anime speaks louder than your emotions.

This is why it holds the number one romantic anime because it’s not just human love by heart but a musical love of human heart.

That is why this anime, your lie in April, take the number one spot in my list and my heart.



A silent voice will make you cry, smile, and make you emotional.

If you believe speaking out or writing down your words is the only way to convey your love, then you are wrong.

A silent voice will make you believe that you can love someone even by gestures and care, and this anime is about this only.

This anime story is about a deaf girl who gets bullied by students and finds it very hard to live with them because she can’t hear.

She tries to be friends with her classmate, but most of them make fun of her, and nobody understands her but time passes, and she passes out from her school.

The bully becomes a lover; yes, we have seen a few movies and even seen in real life that an enemy often becomes someone you love or fallen for them.

It’s just a bit different here. The kid who bullied the deaf girl later.

After realizing he did wrong and disconnected from the world, met her once again and tried to apologize to her.

The story is very beautiful, and you should watch it because it also has some great twists, and you are going to love it and cry after watching the movie.



Clannad is well-known for being a master of the tearjerker.

The universe is so wonderfully created, the characters so deep and connected.

The writing is so realistic that you feel you’re watching real people go about their daily lives.

The real-life things which happen actually in the real world can be reflected in the story. And that makes it a more remarkable real love story.

But relationships have to be at their natural conclusion.

Further It travels up and down, and each curve smacks you square in the love muscle.

The music is so beautiful that it will take you out of your zone, but some music and the story behind that will make you cry.

As far as romantic anime goes, this is without a doubt one of the absolute monarchs who paved the way for future generations.


Kimi No Na Wa is the best thrilling anime romantic movie. And This story is way different from all other romantic love stories. Because it is one of the most exciting love stories and journeys.

Your name, an English version of KIMI NO NA WA, has such a breathtaking scene and animation.

The story is about two teenagers switching bodies. I understand that this is perplexing, but I don’t want to spoil your tale.

So better watch it yourself and focus on it because it’s very hard for many people to understand.

The whole scenario and events. Still, it is one of the most beautiful love stories anyone can watch.

The story is not straightforward for younger teens to understand. And it has some fantasy thing that’s why it holds the 4th on my list. But if you love fantasies, then this is the best movie.


To be honest, this film seems like soul ASMR.

It is around a guy who chooses to skip class one day and meets a mystery woman.

They eventually meet in this wonderful garden, with the rain pouring gently in the backdrop. When the kid agrees to make her some new shoes, their meeting becomes more than just a chance encounter.

Then, I’m not sure, some plot twist occurs, and spiritually, I’m still in the garden listening to the rain.


An extraordinarily tall girl, Koizumi Risa, and a short boy, Ootani Atsushi, tries to locate their ideal romantic partners. But their previous height complexes sabotage their efforts. But it’s possible that their ideal partner is closer than they believe…

So, to begin my list, I’d want to mention one of my all-time favourite romantic anime series.

Love Com is an abbreviation for Lovely Complex. The story, as well as the characters, are wonderful.

While not very innovative, is presented in such a manner that you can’t help but be drawn in.

Everything has been handled perfectly. Love-Com effectively blends lighter comedic moments with the serious emotional highs and lows of its protagonists (and, of course, their circle of friends and acquaintances).

7 Orange

Would you accept the opportunity to correct a prior error? That alternative is presented to sophomore Naho Takamiya when she gets a letter from herself 10 years in the future. What she learns in the letter surprises her.

Prompting Naho to go on a mission to change not just her own. But also the destinies of her classmates, notably Kakeru Naruse, a new transfer student.

I’ll only say this a few times in my life since I loathe love triangles and everything they stand for. So, in my opinion, any romantic anime that can sell me on a love triangle is a wonderful thing. However, it isn’t the only reason Orange is on our list. This is a fantastic series that will make you nostalgic for bygone days… and the regrets we left behind.



This endearing rom-com stars Misaki Ayuzawa.

A solid and independent high school student who sets an example as the severe and no-nonsense school president. Guys surround Misaki because the school only recently turned co-ed.

However, she also works at a maid café, and Takumi Usui, a classmate, discovers Misaki’s secret maid life one day! There is a lot of laughing, pranks, and discomfort. However, there is genuine adolescent romance in this one, and shojo fans will not be disappointed.

Misaki is cute and entertaining. She’s a hard worker, but she’s also a touch dumb and naive.

She’s highly clever in the classroom but not so much on the street, which is appealing. I enjoy seeing her interact with the world that Fujiwara has built.

Thankfully, Usui, the primary male protagonist, isn’t too much of a jerk. He’s passionately protective and a little bit controlling, but I wouldn’t call him douchey. He’s adorable and amusing, just look at way he stares at Misaki.


This Anime is a must-see series for every shojo anime lover, and guess what? There are several! There was a Fruits Basket anime in the early 2000s, although its graphics are now a little old.
Fruits Basket 2019 is graphically appealing. With a wonderful contrast between the darker tones in its more serious times and the glistening shoujo sparkles. The gentle colors and textures employed, especially in the warm fuzzy moments, truly make the audience experience the characters’ feelings.

Similarly, everything is a little crisper and bolder in color-color and texture when there is a more comic moment. With the potential exception of Kagura’s entrance.

The difference in graphics to complement the tonal changes truly works when you watch an episode. And It never seems too abrupt when we switch from one tone to the next.
This story is amazing, and the fantasy side is also nice to watch. And it’s cute too, the girl’s weebs are head over heels for this anime. And maybe because of the female audience for this anime, it’s rated so high.


The Last: My personal favorite romantic-action movie because I’m a massive fan of the Naruto series, and this was the movie everyone wanted to see.

Naruto has been the top anime worldwide for a long time and is still ranking at the top.

It has everything the anime should have: a slice of life, action, thriller, aim, goals, motivation, and romance on and on…etc.

The story is about the love and bonding of Hinata and Naruto. Still, also it’s about the moon, which will destroy the earth by ootsutsuki toneri. Who wants to take the Hyuga clan people’s eyes and marry Hinata.

To be honest, the movie is not overall good because it is naruto’s last movie and should have iconic fights. 

Still, there was an ordinary fighting scene, not that match. The movie is all about naruto and Hinata’s love story.

Except for Naruto and Hinata’s love story. I love this movie to see other characters like Shikamaru, chouji, ino, and sai all grown-up. 

Kakashi is in the Hokage spot, which is really good to see.

We all know Kakashi earned it and should be the Hokage after he did so much. 

The movie starts with the fighting scene between Hyuga and the ootsutsuki toneri clan puppet who came on earth from the moon to steal byakugan eyes and their power. 

Naruto is very famous and loved by all the people, even from other villages.

Girls have a huge crush on him since his massive contribution to the 5th ninja war.

On the other hand, Hinata tries to convey her love to Naruto and has many funny events how she tries to convey it to him. 

Still, naruto is the thick head who doesn’t know how to show love. After all, he is baka(stupid) in many ways we all know, but everyone tries to convince him to tell his feeling and accept Hinata’s feelings for him.

The story takes turn when Ootsutsuki toneri puppets kidnap Hinata’s little sister Hanabi Hyuga for her byakugan power.

Toneri wants to marry Hinata, make her princess of the moon, gain more power to rule the earth, and take revenge for her mother.  

The fights are good, and the ending is nice when both Naruto and Hinata kiss. Which we all always wanted to happen. Because many times Hinata put her life for naruto, and so does naruto did many times.

Suppose you are a Naruto fan and want to see a good love story of naruto and Hinata. In that case, this is the movie you should go for, and it’s not good as other movies on naruto.


Weathering with you is another romantic film written and directed by Makoto Shinkai, who is known for his beautiful stories. 

He always amazes everyone with his movies’ skills, plots, and animations.

Weathering with is really a beautiful romantic tale that is against nature.

The movie will let you believe that bounding and real love can fight for even if nature opposes it. Even if God doesn’t want it to happen, two people in love will do everything to be with each other.

The movie will also teach you about sacrificing yourself for others.

The movie is about two teenagers, a 16-year-old boy named- Hodaka who came to Tokyo because he didn’t like his town, which is a kind of island that is away from the modern world or a city like Tokyo, so that’s why he ran away from his place and came to Tokyo but without a permit.

After reaching Tokyo, he tries to find a job so he can earn his living and a place, and he actually gets one. 

Still, police somehow find out that he is a runaway kid from his home and want him to send him back home, but he then crosses paths with a girl who is an orphan trying to earn money to pay for her mother’s hospital bills.

One day, when she saw a door on the rooftop from a hospital building, she went to check and then prayed for her mother’s health.  

She also prayed to let the rain stop because the japan weather worsens day by day, and it was raining all the time and will be raining for the rest of the month, which is going to make japan sink in underwater.

Like every other Shinkai movie, weathering with you is also related to supernatural powers and how love can fight against nature by bonding and supernatural events. 

That is what happened in this anime when the girl gets the power to stop the rain when she prays for, but there is always some cost you have to pay to use the supernatural power. The cost was the own girl’s body.

Every time she prayed, the body consumed the rain in herself, and the end when she prayed to make the rain stop forever. 

After she prayed her last prayer to the weather god or weather dragon, taken her into the heavens, but somehow Hodaka fought for her and made sure she didn’t go away and saved the girl’s life. 

This anime is a must-watch movie for all the people who don’t even watch anime movies or series because this is one to watch.

12 A WHISKER AWAY (Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu)

A whisker away is a cute love story about a girl Miyo Sasaki who wants to be accepted by her school crush Kento who rejected her many times.

She is desperate to be with Kento, so one day at the festival, she encounters a cat who gives her the power to be a cat, and Miyo accepts it and becomes a cute cat and goes to Kento’s house. 

Somehow Kento loves the cat and every day plays with her, and that is what Miyo wanted to be kento if it’s not in the normal form, she was happy to be with him as a cat form.

13 Golden Time

Golden time will really give a golden feeling after you watch this anime.

This anime is entertaining to watch, and the twists and turns of events that happen in this anime are worth watching for the secrets, the love, care, and comedy. 

This anime makes it one of the best short anime series of all time, and the anime love story is realistic, making you laugh, smile, and cry at the end.

The ending episodes are so beautifully come together with the story. I just love the story so much that I will recommend this to everyone. 

14 Violet Evergarden

‘Violet Evergarden’ isn’t your typical romantic animation. The majority of anime in my list is about pure love stories, but this is not just about love.

The plot of the anime around realizes what genuine love implies. It’s an excellent anime with a good story. The lovely graphics add to the whole experience. Violet’s character design piques my interest.

It’s not too long an anime series. The actions are so amazing and written and exciting, but the most amazing thing and the reason this anime in this list is love.

Violet is a young and beautiful woman who is an expert in fighting and combat and does training without any emotions.

Her goal is to kill the enemy. But after she understood what love means. What is care means what family means for someone. She started doubting her goal. She tries to be an auto doll and want herself like that.

15 Toradora


I know many people will be amazed to see Toradora here in 15th place, but I have my own reason for it because I feel the story is very slow.

Toradora is a cute anime series where you can see two very different personality high school teenagers comes to love each other at the end of the anime.

Takasu Ryuuji The male main character is a very tall not so good looking guy with lazy eyes, which looks deadly for some, and most of the students are scared of him and don’t go close to him. In contrast, his real personality is very sweet and caring who even good at cooking and all the household work.

Aisaka Taiga, on the other hand, appears to be little and kind, yet she is as vicious as a tiger. Both Ryuuji and Taiga have crushes on the same person: each other’s closest friend.

The story has beautifully written, and you are going to love the ending for sure and the comedy in it because it is also one of the funniest romantic comedy anime I have ever seen.

16 Snow White with the Red Hair

Snow White with the red hair seems a fascinating title to read as in our childhood, and we read the story of snow-white. 

This show is about a gorgeous redhead girl and a handsome prince with silver hair. 

They meet in unusual circumstances and end up trailing each other to the main kingdom. Zen, the silver-haired boy, falls in love with Shirayuki. 

The red-haired girl must overcome many obstacles to preserve their pure and genuine love.

The red hair of the girl makes her look more lovely than real snow-white, in my opinion, and the guy is handsome as well more than the real prince.

17 AS A MOON, SO BEAUTIFUL (Tsuki ga Kirei)

If you are a kid or teenager, you will love this movie where two young teens fall in love with each other and motivate each other in their own department to be successful in life, and that shows it’s not the typical love story of two kids.

The story is very well narrated, and very simple, with real-life love exist which makes it good to be a part of this list.

A must-watch anime for teens so they can learn how to love keeping your goals and aim with them.

18 komi can’t communicate


Komi can’t communicate ongoing anime series on Netflix, and manga is also ongoing, so this can be better anime to start with. 

She is the anime’s central female character. she is very beautiful, and everyone treats her like a goddess everywhere she goes because she is good in everything from dressing sense to being top in study and sports. She excels in everything except just one thing, which is to communicate with others.

Komi can’t communicate the title is given to the anime because actually, komi, who is a goddess, can’t talk to anyone face to face.

She has so many followers yet no real friends, and her goal is to make 100 friends, which is very funny because, by the look, you will say she can make anyone her friend.

The other main character of the show is Hitohito Tadano, who is a very ordinary boy and in the same class as komi and he sits aside of komi seat that made all the classmates furious but on the first day when he gets the duty to clean with komi that changed the whole life of Tadano after she tried to talk to him by writing and told him her goal and the social anxiety she has after writing down to each other Tadano decided to help komi to achieve her goal to make 100 friends.

The story is very beautiful and one of my favorites already and the best in new era romantic series.

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