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The Seven Deadly Sins, also known as Nanatsu no Taizai, is a Japanese anime series. It is an adaptation of the manga series, which attained great success all over the world.

The manga series is written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki. So, now let us skip all extra information and focus on the seven deadly sins filler list.


Seven Deadly Sins Filler Episodes

Seven Deadly Sins Filler List

The number of reported filler episodes in the seven deadly sins anime is very less.

There are 96 episodes, and out of them, only 4 episodes are reported as filler to date.

It takes only 4% of total episodes, which is near to negotiable. So, whether you want to continue to watch these episodes or not, it depends on you.

For more details on these 4 filler episodes, do visit the information after canon and filler lists.

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Quick Lists

The Seven Deadly Sins Filler List

25 to 28

The Seven Deadly Sins Canon List

1 to 19, 21, 23, 31 to 96

Mixed Episodes

20, 22, 24, 29, 30

Descriptive Seven Deadly Sins Filler List

Ep. No. Ep. Name Type
25 The Dark Dream Begins FILLER
26 Our Fighting Festival FILLER
27 In Pursuit of First Love FILLER
28 The Shape of Love FILLER

Descriptive the seven Deadly Sins Canon List

Ep. No. Ep. Name Type
1 The Seven Deadly Sins CANON
2 The Sword of the Holy Knight CANON
3 The Sin in the Sleeping Forest CANON
4 A Little Girl’s Dream CANON
5 Even If You Should Die CANON
6 The Poem of Beginnings CANON
7 A Touching Reunion CANON
8 The Fearsome Pursuer CANON
9 Dark Pulse CANON
10 Vaizel Fight Festival CANON
11 Pent-Up Feelings CANON
12 Bloodcurdling Cannon CANON
13 The Angel of Destruction CANON
14 A Reader of Books CANON
15 Unholy Knight CANON
16 The Legends, Provoked CANON
17 The First Sacrifice CANON
18 Even If It Costs Me My Life CANON
19 The Fairy King Waits in Vain CANON
21 The Looming Threat CANON
23 Despair Descends CANON
31 Sacred Treasure Lostvayne CANON
32 The Ten Commandments on the Move CANON
33 Overwhelming Violence CANON
34 The Great Holy Knight Atones For His Sins CANON
35 Where Memories Lead CANON
36 The Druids’ Holy Land CANON
37 A Promise To A Loved One CANON
38 What We Lacked CANON
39 Father and Son CANON
40 Where Love is Found CANON
41 Farewell, Beloved Thief CANON
42 Master of the Sun CANON
43 A Bloodcurdling Confession CANON
44 Death-Trap Maze CANON
45 Legendary Figures CANON
46 For Whom Does That Light Shine? CANON
47 Meliodas vs the Ten Commandments CANON
48 Pursuit of Hope CANON
49 Certain Warmth CANON
50 Return of the Sins CANON
51 The Hero Rises! CANON
52 As Long As You Are Here CANON
53 The Light That Disperses Darkness CANON
54 Memories of the Holy War CANON
55 Let There Be Light CANON
56 The Ten Commandments vs. The Four Archangels CANON
57 Emotional Maelstrom CANON
58 We Call That Love CANON
59 Deadly Sins Unite! CANON
60 The Doll Seeks Love CANON
61 The Cursed Lovers CANON
62 The Life We Live CANON
63 The Hateful Cannot Rest CANON
64 Love is a Maiden’s Power CANON
65 The Almighty vs. the Greatest Evil CANON
66 A New Threat CANON
67 To Our Captain CANON
68 The Seven Deadly Sins End CANON
69 Our Choices CANON
70 March of the Saints CANON
71 The Holy War Pact CANON
72 Child of Hope CANON
73 Beginning of the Holy War CANON
74 War-torn Britannia CANON
75 The One Twisted by Darkness CANON
76 Rampaging Love CANON
77 From Purgatory CANON
78 A Meeting with the Unknown CANON
79 A Single-Minded Love CANON
80 The Victims of the Holy War CANON
81 The Tragic Strike CANON
82 Confront Despair!! CANON
83 Hope, Conflict, and Despair CANON
84 The Doorway to Hope CANON
85 That Which Gathers CANON
86 The Salvation of the Sun CANON
87 The One Who Stands Against a God CANON
88 We’ll All Be Your Strength CANON
89 The End of a Long Journey CANON
90 Farewell, Seven Deadly Sins CANON
91 Fated Brothers CANON
92 The Final Battle CANON
93 The Voice Calling Your Name CANON
94 The King Sings Alone CANON
95 The Struggle CANON
96 Mortal Enemies CANON

Seven Deadly Sins Mixed Canon/Filler List

Ep. No. Ep. Name Type
20 The Courage Charm MIXED CANON/FILLER Episode
22 What I Can Do For You MIXED CANON/FILLER Episode
24 The Heroes MIXED CANON/FILLER Episode
29 Revival of The Demon Clan MIXED CANON/FILLER Episode
30 Existence and Proof MIXED CANON/FILLER Episode

What are The Seven Deadly Sins all about?

Seven Deadly Sins Filler List

Many of you might already be aware of this anime’s storyline, but here is a short introduction. If any new viewer is searching for a review of the seven deadly sins, he/she can find it here.

This anime is about a team of evil knights making conspiracies to overthrow the Britannia kingdom. This kingdom belongs to the Holy Knights, who are said to be alive by some people. While some believe that they do not exist.

After ten years, the Holy Knights appeared at Coup d’├ętat and captured the evil king as the story proceeds. As the effect of this situation, the Holy knights became the tyrannical rulers of that kingdom.

Elizabeth- the king’s third daughter, ventures out to find ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ and get their help for capturing her kingdom back.

Where to watch The Seven Deadly Sins?

The official broadcast partner of this anime is Netflix. So, you can get your subscription and watch the series anytime on Netflix.

It is also available on Amazon Prime Videos. If Netflix is not your type, give it a try on Amazon Prime. 

Are The SDS Filler Episodes worth watching?

Looking at the mixed reviews about these filler episodes, we are also confused about whether to suggest you watch them or skip them.

As we are not aware of your taste in watching fillers or skipping them, we leave this decision up to you.

As the number of filler episodes is really less, i.e., only 4 filler episodes, it doesn’t matter whether you avoid them or watch them.

Ending Thoughts

In the end, we hope that you have found all the necessary things about the seven deadly sins filler list. If you love reading about the latest updates of your favorite anime, click here! Stay connected with us by and happy reading. 

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