The Strongest Anime Characters

This is the list where all your question about who is the strongest anime characters in the anime world is and why.

This list is based on the power and ability of a character, and based on that, I ranked them.

The rank is from 38 to 1.

38-Baki Hanma – Baki The Grappler


Baki Hanma is not a regular school teen kid as he looks till he doesn’t pull up the shorts or t-shirt. Baki puts his body through regular training by putting himself in perilous situations.

He defeats a slew of masters in a variety of fighting styles. One of them is the prehistoric Pickle, a caveman capable of annihilating any dinosaur and living to the present day while frozen in a glacier.

Baki’s incredible power stems entirely from his dedication to perfecting and disciplining both his physique and fighting skills and making him one of anime’s most fearsome martial artists.


strongest anime characters

Whether you will accept it or not but just because Muzan demon slayer has been so pretty nice and interesting, and the domination Muzan showed is just out of ways. But you there is funny things about it also that he did make you remember Michael Jackson, hahaha I know its funny.

Demon Slayer would not have been nearly as enjoyable to watch if it hadn’t featured a compelling antagonist.

And Muzan is completely insane in every way. Being a demon already makes him indestructible to anything that doesn’t have the power of the Sun during the night.

Muzan, on the other hand, can summon other demons, not just infantile foot soldiers. However, there are genuine monsters that the protagonists are barely able to ward off. If we go into manga spoiler territory, we can see how much Muzan had to be nerfed and how many individuals had to assist in his downfall. 

36-Kenshiro – Fist Of The North Star


He has immense strength, a razor-sharp fighting instinct, and the capacity to finish off any opponent if he hits the right pressure points.

Kenshiro is a powerful opponent that can easily defeat any rival if they let their guard down, even for a second. At the same time, he doesn’t have as much of a character arc as the others, and he doesn’t get much stronger throughout the course of the series.

He can defeat anyone with his skills, and no opponent of his takes him easy because they know they can be defeated by anyone.

35-Light Yagami – Death Note

the strongest anime characters

Many of you will disagree with me mentioning light Yagami in this list, but just having a powerful punch or superhuman power doesn’t make you greatest. But you also know sharp mind and Light have the sharpest mind in this list. And that’s why he is here because he will kill you with his mind trick and don’t forget the death note he has he just have to write anyone name, and he will be dead. He doesn’t have to combat anyone directly, though.

In Death Note, Light effortlessly kills a large number of people and defeats practically everyone who attempts to figure out his evil scheme. 

34-Ruby Rose – RWBY

the strongest anime characters

For many weebs, Ruby is a new character, and many of you don’t know the potential of her but trust me. She is one of the deadliest girls on this list. At first, Salem appeared to be the rightful owner of this accolade.

Ruby Rose possesses her own type of super speed is a scythe expert. She has the power of freezing anyone with her eye, which is silver, and it’s very helpful in defense and attack form. She may lack the magic of series nemesis Salem, but she does have something Salem lacks: room to grow.

Ruby is still not at her full power now in anime and learning to reach her full potential. But when she reaches her top potential, then she will be one of the strongest characters in this list, but right now, she holds this position.

33-Ichigo Kurosaki

the strongest anime characters

You will say he should be further down the list, but I feel this is the rank he should be on.

The depth of Ichigo’s power is a lot of “tell don’t show,” thus scaling him is a pain.

We all know that he has the power to destroy any city he wants to if he goes with full power. That’s why he is on this list.

According to the series conclusion, his strength is on the verge of destroying a planet.

He also possesses a high-speed stat, as he is supposed to be able to go faster than Light.

So, unless we measure coolness points, he isn’t quite god-level. Because he always appears to be a badass.

32-Guts – Berserk


Guts, the Black Swordsman, is a fearsome warrior who wields his massive Dragon Slayer sword. As well as a prosthetic limb with a hidden cannon. To combat unimaginably powerful demons, you’ll need pain-suppressing armor.

Guts slay demons like a possessed man and even butchers gods in his mission to find his former companion, Griffith, albeit his exploits are better seen in the Berserk comic than the anime.

Despite the fact that he is devoid of any magical powers and represents humanity’s pinnacle, and is capable of defeating even the most formidable foes.

31-Edward Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist


Edward Elric has developed a natural grasp of alchemy after tragically losing his right arm and left leg while attempting to resuscitate his mother. He is endowed with alchemical powers.

His diversified combat technique is complemented by his ability to transform the landscape of any battlefield and turn almost any substance into a weapon.

Because of his abilities, he can go toe-to-toe with homunculi and even defeat a god-like creature. Edward remains a powerful figure despite relinquishing his powers at the end of Fullmetal Alchemist. He could easily outperform any other anime character in his prime.

30-Inuyasha – InuYasha


The demi-god Inuyasha is a Japanese feudal warrior capable of slaying any human or demonic foe who stands in his way.

Inuyasha is the world’s most powerful half-demon, the son of the world’s most powerful demon. And his power grows as he learns new mystical transformations and tactics for his shape-shifting sword throughout the anime.

His battle skill is practically unequaled, and he and his mystical blade are an almost unstoppable force, absorbing his opponent’s energy and turning it against them.

29-Sakura Kinomoto – Cardcaptor Sakura


You might be against her mentioning this number in the strongest anime list, but trust us, and she deserves it. But Sakura is far more powerful than she appears. Sakura is entrusted with recapturing a deck of magical cards that she unintentionally released into the world, and she transforms into a powerful sorceress in the process.

Sakura’s magic is so strong that she uses it to rewrite the cards in the later Clear Card series. With the magic she holds, she may improve the cards, make them stronger, or create her own. Her ability to fly, have immense strength, speed, and other skills come from her use of the cards.

She is, however, one of the younger Magical Girls in the anime. As a result, she lacks some of her elder counterparts’ ruthlessness.

28-Akame – Akame Ga Kill


The title character, Akame, has spent the majority of her life studying to be a lethal assassin. She may be better at hand-to-hand combat than the bulk of anime characters, but that doesn’t make her one of the best.

In a fight, Akame’s reflexes and quickness are so swift that her opponents are unable to touch her. In fact, in the original manga series, only one individual ever hits a home run. If that wasn’t enough, Akame wields a mystical poisoned blade that kills anyone she comes into contact with.

27-Akira Fudo – Devilman


After defeating a demon spirit that attempted to govern his body, Akira Fudo. The protagonist of the Devilman anime and other works by Go Nagai, obtains the ability to transform into the formidable Devilman.

As long-forgotten demons resurface, Akira is humanity’s only hope. He’s gathering the strength and speed he’ll need to take on Satan, the fallen angel, and his apocalyptic forces.

Despite the fact that his efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, Akira’s might is evident. As he annihilates even the most powerful demons with ease as he seeks to save the planet.


26-Natsu Dragneel – Fairy Tail


Natsu Dragneel is a monstrously powerful Fairy Tail magician and fire dragon slayer. Igneel, his adoptive dragon father, taught him a variety of magic, and he can use magical material to push his body beyond its natural limits.

He can battle immortal and apocalyptic monsters like the Black Mage Zeref when he enters this ‘Dragon Slayer Mode.’

Natsu is known for killing anyone who threatens him or his guild, as well as anything in the vicinity of his brawl, with flame-enhanced melee attacks and the occasional blast of fire breath.

25-Yusuke Urameshi – Yu Yu Hakusho


Yusuke Urameshi is a dead man, or you can say a person has been dead. At the end of Yu, Yu Hakusho transforms into an almost unstoppable half-demon who is feared by demons all over the spirit realm.

His spirit pistol can obliterate entire landscapes and mortally wound even the most powerful demons. He has a weapon as a shotgun which shot spirit and waves of it to deal with opponents. Which help him to fight with anyone no matter who is he/she and what are their combat style. Yusuke is a fantastic character and warrior who grows as a person and a fighter throughout Yu Yu Hakusho.

24-Usagi Tsukino – Sailor Moon


She is one of the strongest girls if you compare her magical strength with anyone else. She begins her story as a young woman who is terrified of her own shadow and fights her foe by sobbing. Over time, she grows into a formidable opponent, rivaling gods from other series.

Usagi, on the other hand, does not possess all of her strength on her own. Her strength as Sailor Moon is bolstered by her Sailor Senshi squad. In a fight, they perform the majority of the work for her as she delivers the final blow. She frequently relies on the strength of her allies and their affection for her in order to save the world.

23-Big Mom – One Piece


Charlotte Linlin’s real name is Charlotte Linlin, but she is better known as Big Mom, the commander of the Big Mom Pirates.

Big Mom uses soul transfer power which she has because of the Soru Soru no Mi Devil Fruit. And also because of that fruit, she is able to control and maintain the power. By transferring the soul of a human into it, she can influence practically anything, alive or dead. While this means she loses some of the life energy of the human whose soul she uses, it also means she has more control over her creatures. Even the weather is manipulated for her by one of her creatures.

22-Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail


Erza Scarlet, like many of the finest anime characters, is an exceptional fighter. Erza, unlike some of her anime counterparts, may increase her skill set by employing magic.

In the heat of battle, she can change weapons and armor in the blink of an eye. That’s quite the magical skill to have, considering she’s an expert with most weapons and knows over 200 words. She’s also telekinetic and has the ability to imbue magical characteristics into her swords, giving her an advantage over her opponents, though she never considers herself the best fighter.

21-Satoru Gojo


At first sight, you will consider him as a dumb and funny character, but he is the strongest character in jujutsu kaisen.

Gojo is a tall and very handsome guy with great style with the greatest power in this anime. And the main reason for his power is the six eyes which give limitless cursed energy that can be used to open domain expansion many times in one day.

20-Korosensei – Assassination Classroom


Korosensei is a normally yellow squid man with nearly unrivaled speed and deadly strength, the result of a botched experiment. He can outfly a fighter plane, escape the gunfire, and blow a hole in the moon with ease.

He kidnaps the entire world and threatens to destroy it unless a gang of troubled children can stop him before the school year ends. Koro Sensei has the power to kill anyone he wants to with his superpower and speed.

19-Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul


Ken Kaneki looks like such a cute and calm character in Tokyo Ghoul but doesn’t look down on him as he is one of the rarest ghouls known as one-eyed ghoul. Who are really strong and most dangerous ghouls out there.

After converting into a half Ghoul and training his physique, he can effortlessly wreck entire villages and lead armies of monster monsters capable of turning people into Ghouls.

Kaneki obtained superhuman strength and the capacity to regenerate limbs and even his entire body in exchange for being able to eat only coffee and human flesh. As a result, he’s a near-indestructible fighter who becomes stronger with each wound.

18-Ichigo Kurosaki – Bleach


This Shinigami with orange hair possesses a diverse and rather perplexing collection of abilities that enable him to overcome even the most powerful adversaries.

He can battle all-powerful deities and reality-bending gods thanks to his strength and swordsmanship, and each group of adversaries he overcomes bestows new abilities on him.

He has an almost unrivaled ability to adjust to new opponents. With a combination of his acute wits and lethal energy slashes, he can outsmart almost any attacker. Ichigo is certainly one of the strongest characters in anime, even though viewers were never allowed to experience the full scope of his talents in Bleach.  

17-Tatsumaki AKA- Tornado – One Punch Man


Tatsumaki looks like such a cute tiny girl, and anyone will think that she will not gonna harm anyone, but she has one of the most dangerous power, which doesn’t even require touching anyone. Her telepathic skills give her strength. Because of what she can do, she’s dubbed the Tornado of Terror.

Tatsumaki can create a mental tornado capable of repelling numerous opponents at once, but that’s not all she can accomplish. She can also utilize her psychic skills to protect herself and others by erecting mental barriers and manipulating other people’s Chi. That implies she can cause severe pain without even touching them. She has the ability to pick up things without even touching them by her telepathic power. In a battle, she scarcely has to move a finger.

16-Eren Yeager – Attack On Titan


Attack on Titan is turnaround anime and one of the best anime of all time and the best in new generation anime.

As an Aot fan, I read whole manga and watched the anime, and after knowing what power, Eren Yeager will have makes me place him in this list because if it was about her normal old power.

I would have listed him very above in this list because he was not strong even as a titan but after having much power in one Titan make him worthy of being in this position and rank. Eren Yeager, also known as the Titan Shifter, is a character from the Titan Shifter series.

However, he is so high on this list due to his capacity to lead armies of Titans while possessing the power of the Founding Titan.

With a single order, he can destroy entire civilizations by summoning hundreds of 50-meter tall Titans to combat. Eren is one of the strongest characters in anime because of this talent, which can defeat entire armies.

15-Meliodas – The Seven Deadly Sins


Meliodas, the Demon King’s son, is as tough as he is durable in the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath. Meliodas is the most powerful character in The Seven Deadly Sins and anime in general, possessing incredible strength, command over hell’s fires, the ability to reflect any spell, and cursed immortality.

While his small stature and lovely looks suggest he lacks physical strength, he is a powerful demonic.

14-Alucard – Hellsing Ultimate


In Hellsing Ultimate, the legendary Dracula is known as Alucard, and he gives the mythological monster justice. Alucard is invincible. He is functionally immortal at the start of the series and then truly immortal. By the end due to the number of souls inside him.

He can summon the souls of those he’s eaten to assemble an army of servants, and his dual rifles are practically cannons.

As if that weren’t enough, Alucard has an army of demon canines at his disposal. Capable of excruciatingly painfully destroying virtually any enemy.

13-Lucy – Elfen Lied


Lucy is an android or a non-human government weapon with physical strength and other talents.

She also possesses combat abilities far superior to those of any other human adept in hand-to-hand combat.

Due to dissociative identity disorder. “Lucy” has numerous voices that make up her character, but Lucy is the most powerful of them all. She is the one who uses the character’s multiple abilities the most.

Lucy is a superb combatant and a near-perfect marksman. And she has telekinetic abilities that she exhibits through her mental “vectors.”

She may use these vectors to enhance her reach and power by using them as invisible arms. Lucy’s vectors can sink landmasses the size of small countries when she is at her most powerful. She has the potential to wipe out the entire world.

12-Isaac Netero – Hunter X Hunter


Isaac Netero, the former chairman of the Hunter Association, is one of anime’s most powerful martial artists. After undergoing training that was suppose to kill him, Netero achieved unexplained speed and power.

If those fail, he may summon a massive karate god capable of destroying practically anything and stopping even the most tenacious foes in their tracks.

Even if he dies, he will see victory since he has a small but devastating bomb implanted in his chest that will kill everyone who kills him and poison anyone who survives the blast.

11-The Avatar – The Last Airbender And The Legend Of Korra


Avtar anime is being the legendary anime for most anime watcher because even it was aired 20 years. Before but still hold one of the best anime series with a great storyline. Introduced viewers to a figure who could control all four elements and converse with the spirit realm.

While most anime heroes can only control one of the elements, Aang was given the opportunity to use all of them.

Given Korra’s ability to recover from being unable to utilize her powers at all and Kyoshi’s creation of her own island. Although each Avatar has the same skills as the others, their powers are tailored to specific jobs.

10-Mob – Mob Psycho 100


The mob, also known as Kageyama Shigo, is a super-strong esper capable of destroying anybody or everything with a single thought. His abilities are so strong that he must learn to manage his emotions in order to keep them in check.

His abilities come surging to the surface when he feels something too strongly or falls unconscious. He also possesses abilities that are akin to large-scale natural disasters. Not only is it difficult to counter his abilities owing to their nature. But their power is so great that even the most powerful psychic won’t be able to stand up to them.

9-Jotaro Kujo – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


He’s as brilliant as he is, tough as nails, and capable of detecting and countering the talents of anyone attempting to battle him.

Star Platinum, his standability, lets him stop time and hit his opponents with incredibly strong blows both inside and outside of it. There is no way to resist this approach, and it is capable of killing anyone who stands in his path.

8-Naruto Uzumaki – Naruto


Naruto has been my best anime character of all time, not just because he is strong and powerful but because of the way he motivated and saw life and kept getting stronger from time to time.

At first, he was just used to be a weak shinobi with no great control over the chakra, and most people used to hate him because he had nine tales fox who destroyed the village a long time ago.

That made him lonely without any friends, but still, he works himself up and keep working hard and after he gains sage mode and save his own leaf village and becomes the hero of the village.

The real challenged came when the main fight began, and world most dangerous enemy name Madara announced the world ninja war and his target.

And then naruto achieved his at most power with nine tales power merging the chakra with nine tales made him one of the strongest.

And after gaining the six path power from shinobi god but that’s not it after naruto series ended.

He again made his entry in boruto and then in a fight with an enemy he gained the most awesome power which is way beyond anyone in the series but just for a short time called Brayon mode.

7-Simon – Gurren Lagann


Simon is a humble earthling who uses spiral power in his massive mech strikes to terrible effect—commanding a massive mech capable of spanning galaxies. Simon has the capacity to construct a drill that can rip reality apart and destroy everyone or anything that gets in his way.

With near-godlike control over both life and death. This metaphysics-bending warrior is nearly invincible, and he has the power to destroy the entire cosmos if he so wishes. Only entities with the power to wipe out entire worlds have a chance against him.

6-Kaguya Otsutsuki – Naruto


Kaguya is the mother of all shinobi, and because of her, shinobi exist in the world of naruto. Because Kaguya was the mother of the great stage of sith path Hagomoro Otsutsuki.

She is one of Naruto’s most ruthless antagonists, if not the most strong woman in anime. She came to earth to grow the divine tree and eat the fruit of it, and Her strategy was to bring people together by instilling terror in them, and it worked.

It’s easy to see why everyone, including Naruto’s formidable shinobi. She has control over every element and every jutsu in the ninja world, but still, if you do bad, nothing can save you. She can repair her own injuries by eating the fruit of the God Tree, making her practically indestructible.

5-Tetsuo Shima – Akira


After interacting with another psychic, Tetsuo Shima, Akira’s de facto opponent, unleashes his incredible psychic talents. His abilities quickly grow in strength, and he soon finds himself on the verge of annihilating the entire cosmos.

He warps himself to a realm outside of reality before that happens, thankfully. And the intensity of his psychic explosion creates an entirely new universe. Few anime characters have the potential to both create and destroy reality, which makes Tetsuo one of the medium’s most powerful characters.

4-Kyubey – Madoka Magica


He is almighty, immortal, and exists solely to bring the entire universe to its knees. Despite his own weakness, he manipulates people and reality to prolong the catastrophic cycle that will finally result in the erasure of all matter.

Kyubey will eventually destroy anything that exists, and there is absolutely no way to avoid his destructive energy. Simply said, his might is oblivion, and only a handful of anime characters can hope to stand a fight against such a powerful opponent.

3-Saitama – One Punch Man


The protagonist of One-Punch Man, Saitama, is the most powerful character in the series. Unlike most other combat anime, the protagonist of One Punch Man is already the strongest person in the room, rather than seeking to become so. He can resist any hit and defeat any foe with a single harsh stroke after three years of hard training.

Saitama, on the other hand, is depressed as a result of his unstoppable strength. The series also addresses the sense of emptiness that comes with achieving a lifelong goal.

Saitama is the most strong character in anime since his main purpose is to prove that chasing strength or achieving one’s goal is more rewarding than holding a powerful position.

2-Son Goku – Dragon Ball Super


Goku is one of the oldest characters in anime. In India might be the first favorite character of India, and for many 90’s people.

Goku is a Saiyan and is the best in the anime, and Goku is also the most powerful martial artist in the whole anime universe, including his own and other Dragon Ball universes.

He can defeat any opponent with his newly acquired Ultra Instinct form as long as he can tap into that strength.

Even when he isn’t in this form, he carries the risk of destroying the entire universe as collateral damage if he fights powerful enough opponents for long enough. It’s hard to believe his narrative started when he was a small, monkey-tailed boy living alone in the woods.

1-Zeno – Dragon Ball Super


Zeno is the best and most powerful anime character in the anime world. Because he can vanish the whole galaxy in one single movement of the hand.

And that’s why he in the first place because he is the one everyone is afraid of. And he will be the best and most dangerous character in the whole anime universe. The deity, which resembles a child, holds absolute power and has the capacity to erase anybody or anything at any time. 

He has no precise maneuvers or tactics; he is simply an all-powerful god who has free reign over space and time.

For his own enjoyment, he’s broken numerous worlds and treats galaxies like marbles. 

This is it for the list as we come from a long way from 38 to 1 hope you enjoyed it.
Do tell me your suggestions about this list and your views.
Do comment down your favorite character in this list, and if I left, someone does mention them also.




This is one of the biggest discussions going on since one punch man anime came, and I feel he can’t beat Goku at his best.

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