150+ Questions Of “This or That” Which One Will You Prefer?

This or That questions are a great way to start conversations, learn more about someone, and build relationships.

They can be used in any setting – with friends, family, coworkers, classmates – just about anyone! Not only are they interesting and fun to answer, but they also provide insight into the other person’s character and thoughts.

With this list of This or That questions, you’ll be sure to find plenty of topics to keep the conversation going.

Let’s begin with the list, and you might even discover something new about yourself!


What are this or that questions? + Game Rules

This or That is an enjoyable party game, perfect for all ages. It’s a great way to get people talking and laughing.

The aim of the game is to pick between two options presented by another player – the choices could be anything from food and drinks, colors and shapes, animals, and superheroes – whatever you like!

To play, each player takes turns presenting two options to the group (e.g., “Coke or Pepsi?”). The other players then have to pick between the two and explain why they chose it. Whoever has the most creative answer wins! 

For more variety, you can switch up the rules a little bit. You could assign points to each of the choices and award points to the players who pick correctly.

Or you could turn it into a timed game – whoever can come up with the most answers in one-minute wins! 

Using “This or That” questions can be an effective way to initiate conversations, as they often lead to more engaging topics.

They’re also mobile games suitable for any group size and age, so you can play it with friends, family, or even strangers. So get ready for some fun – here is a list of This or That questions to ask!

List of This or That Questions: 

163). Coffee or tea? 

162). Summer or winter? 

161). Cooking or baking? 

160). Black or white?  

159). Beach vacation or mountain vacation? 

158). Driving or flying? 

157). Pizza or burgers? 

156). Apple or banana? 

155). Movie night in or dinner out? 

154). Reading books or watching TV shows/movies? 

153). Dogs vs. cats?  

152). Exercise or relax? 

151). Shopping online or in-store? 

150). Road trip or staycation? 

149). Drawing or painting? 

148). Going out or staying home? 

147). Mobile phone or laptop?  

146). Singing or dancing? 

145). Books vs. movies? 

144). Adventure activities vs. relaxing activities? 

This or That Questions For Adults: 

143). Working from home or office? 

142). Investing in stocks vs. real estate? 

141). Growing vegetables vs. buying them? 

140). Restaurant dining vs. cooking at home? 

139). Buying a car vs. taking the bus/train?

138). Online dating vs. finding love offline?  

137). Saving money for retirement or spending it now? 

136). Taking risks or being safe and secure?  

135). Business travel or leisure trips abroad? 

134). Cats vs. dogs for companionship in old age?  

This list is just a start – you can come up with your own creative This or That questions to get conversations going! To make the game even more interesting, you can assign points to each of the choices and award points to the players who pick correctly.

This or that questions for kids: 

133). Disney movies or Pixar movies? 

132). Superes or cartoon characters? 

131). Toys or video games? 

130). Legos or Play-Doh?  

129). Indoor activities vs. outdoor activities? 

128). Swimming in the pool vs. playing in the park? 

127). Scary stories or funny stories?  

126). Building sandcastles vs. building snowmen? 

125). Drawing pictures or making crafts?  

124). Ice cream sundae vs. banana split for dessert? 

123). Watching TV shows/movies at home vs. going to the theater/cinema?  

122). Chalk drawings on the pavement vs. hopscotch? 

121). Reading a book vs. listening to an audiobook?  

120). Going to the zoo or going to the museum? 

119). Playing board games vs. playing card games? 

118). Rock climbing or rollerblading?  

117). Flying kites or riding bikes? 

116). Swimming in the ocean or swimming in a lake?  

115). Taking a camping trip or visiting an amusement park? 

114). Staying up late at night vs. getting up early in the morning? 

No matter what age group you are playing with, This or That is a fun game is sure to provide plenty of laughs and interesting conversation topics! Have fun!

Funny This or That Questions To Ask: 

113). Ketchup or mustard? 

112). Flying a kite or watching the stars?  

111). Batman vs. Superman? 

110). Staying up late at night or going to bed early?  

109). Gummy worms or gummy bears? 

108). Texting friends vs. calling friends?  

107). Avocado toast or scrambled eggs? 

106). Wearing socks with sandals vs. wearing high heels in the snow?  

105). Singing in the shower vs. singing out loud in public? 

104). Watching a horror movie alone or comedy with friends?  

103). Riding a rollercoaster or getting stuck on a Ferris wheel? 

102). Shopping for clothes or shopping for shoes?  

101). Going to the beach or going to the pool? 

100). Eating an ice cream cone or eating a popsicle?  

90). Reading a book or listening to music? 

89). Going to a theme park or going on a road trip? 

88). Trying new foods or sticking with what you know? 

87). Watching sports on TV vs. watching cartoons?  

86). Doing puzzles vs. playing video games? 

85). Hiking up a mountain vs. kayaking down a river? 

This or that questions for work buddies‍: 

84). Coffee break or lunch break? 

83). Working the early shift or late shift?  

82). Team meetings or individual work? 

81). Working on a laptop vs. working on a desktop computer? 

80). Collaborating with coworkers vs. working independently?  

79). Problem-solving as a team vs. tackling problems solo? 

78). Brainstorming ideas with others or coming up with ideas alone?  

77). Taking deadlines seriously or pushing them back until the last minute? 

76). Office gossiping vs. having meaningful conversations with colleagues?  

75). Creating presentations together or presenting individually to the team/company? 

74). Working from the home office vs. going into the office?  

73). Working on smaller projects vs. working on large-scale initiatives? 

72). Working on creative projects or analytical projects?  

71). Collaborating with other departments or keeping strictly to your own? 

70). Coffee meetings or lunch meetings for discussing ideas/projects/etc.? 

69). Writing reports by hand vs. typing them up on the computer?  

68). Brainstorming sessions with a whiteboard or brainstorming online (e.g., Skype)? 

67). Working late nights or taking breaks during the day when needed?  

66). Taking part in team building activities or sticking to individual tasks at hand? 

65). Flexible work schedules vs. regular 9 – 5 hours?

Top food-related ‘This or That’ questions for kids or adults:

64). Pizza or Pasta? 

63). Popcorn or pretzels?  

62). Fries or onion rings? 

61). Salad or soup? 

60). Chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream?  

59). Hamburgers or hot dogs? 

58). Spaghetti and meatballs vs chicken parmesan?  

57). Tacos or burritos? 

56). Grilled cheese sandwich vs. PB&J sandwich?  

55). Waffles vs. pancakes for breakfast? 

54). Milkshake or smoothie for a snack/dessert?  

53). Bagels with cream cheese or an English muffin with butter and jam? 

52). Ice cream cone or popsicle? 

51). French fries or mozzarella sticks?  

50). Mac and cheese or macaroni salad? 

49). Apple pie or cherry pie?  

48). Steak vs. chicken for dinner? 

47). Spicy food vs. mild food?  

46). Sushi or ramen noodles? 

45). Cake with frosting or cupcakes with sprinkles? 

Flirty This or That Questions For Couples: 

44). Watching a movie at home or going out to the movies? 

43). Staying in and cuddling vs. going out for a night on the town?  

42). Taking a romantic walk in the park or having dinner together at a fancy restaurant? 

41). Cooking dinner together vs. ordering takeout? 

40). Going on vacation somewhere tropical or somewhere cold and snowy?  

39). Taking bubble baths together or taking showers separately? 

38). Giving each other massages or giving backrubs?  

37). Going horseback riding in the countryside or parasailing over the ocean? 

36). Hot tubbing with champagne under the stars vs. renting jet skis for an afternoon?  

35). Going to the beach or going to a romantic bed and breakfast in the mountains? 

34). Taking turns surprising each other with different date ideas vs. always doing the same thing?  

33). Snuggling up for a movie night at home or going out to play mini-golf? 

32). Going on an adventure together or staying in and just talking all night long?  

31). Working on puzzles together vs. playing board games against one another? 

30). Spending time outdoors together or going to the spa?  

29). Taking ballroom dancing lessons together or learning how to do something new (like rock climbing)? 

28). Seeing romantic comedies in theaters vs. watching action movies at home?  

27). Going for a romantic picnic in the park or going out to an art gallery? 

26). Listening to music together or watching a comedy show live?  

25). Going on a road trip together or vacationing somewhere exotic and luxurious? 

How can I play this or that game on Instagram?

24). To play the this or that game on Instagram, start by posting a photo of two different items. For example, you may post a picture of popcorn and pretzels. Ask your followers to comment with either ‘this’ or ‘that.’

23). Then, depending on which option receives more votes, you can post another photo and ask the same question again.

22). You can continue asking these types of questions until you have received enough answers from your followers!

21). To add some fun, consider incorporating emojis or offering prizes for correct answers. Enjoy!

What are good rapid fire questions?

20). If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

19). If you could go back in time, where would you go?

18). What’s your favorite movie of all time?

17). Who is someone that inspires you?

16). What do you think are three important skills to have in life?

15). What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

14). Do you prefer cats or dogs?

13). Name a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

12). What 3 things can always make your day better?

11). Who was your childhood hero and why?

10). What is your favorite book and why?

9). If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

8). Are you more of a morning person or a night owl?

7). How do you relax after a long day?

6). What’s the best advice someone has ever given to you?

5). What hobby would you like to take up if time and money weren’t an issue?

4). Name one random fact that most people don’t know about you!

3). If you could travel anywhere in the world, where else would you rather it be and why?

2). What quotes motivate and inspire you the most?

1). What do you think is the best way to find happiness and dream job?


This or That questions are a great way to get people talking and interacting with each other. You can ask anything from food preferences to travel destinations, and the answers could even lead to further conversations. Additionally, you can add some fun by incorporating emojis or offering prizes for correct answers. Rapid fire questions can also help get conversations started, and some examples include asking about favorite foods or childhood heroes. By using the This or That and rapid fire questions, you can get people interacting and having fun in no time. Enjoy!

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