Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 Release Date Out? [2023 Updates!]

Being a fan of Tokyo Ghoul and waiting for the release of Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 is a hard task!

Tokyo Ghoul tops the list of people binge-watching dark fantasy anime series. It is a Japanese anime series adaptation of the best-selling manga series with the same title. 

Manga series came into existence on September 8, 2011, and after seeing its huge success, season 1 of Tokyo Ghoul aired. It wanded on July 4, 2014, the first season was released.

Season 2 released in 2015, and seasons 3 and 4 were released in the same year, 2018. The third season in April and the fourth season in October. Now, fans have their eyes on the release of the fifth season. 

Let’s discuss everything we are aware of about Tokyo Ghoul Season 5!


Will Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 Premier?

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5

Between the decreasing chances of the release of the fifth part, fans are having hope that it will release someday.

If you count our advice, we suggest that you should not have much hope with the release of season 5.

The reason behind it is because season 4 ended on a note where the story of the main character looked complete. The fourth season looked like the conclusion of the series.

It was somewhat similar to the concluding part of the manga series as well. So, there are high chances that season 5 might never release! 

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5- Release Date under-declaration?

It might happen that somehow the creators manage to get some additional source material to produce season 5.

However, the fourth season ended in a way that looked like it was the last season of the series. 

But we can have some hope for the fifth part as it is not officially canceled by the creators. If the creators declare anytime that they are planning to cancel season 5, at that time, fans have to stop having hope for the fifth part.

And let’s talk about the expected release date of Tokyo Ghoul Season 5. It can be somewhere in 2021 or in 2022 [if the show ever returned!] Otherwise, we just have to wait for some official announcements!

Is the official trailer of Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 out?

No, no, the official trailer has no traces of release!

The officials have remained tight-lipped regarding every update of season 5. Hence, we cannot expect that the official trailer’s release.

But don’t worry, we have kept our eyes on the production team. As soon as they announce anything regarding the release of Tokyo Ghoul Season 5, we will update you via our page.

So, bookmark our page and stay tuned with us. If you have missed watching the below trailer. Have a look at it and enjoy!

Where to watch English dubbed episodes of Tokyo Ghoul?

Looking at the success of this anime series, the English dubbed episodes are also available. Hence, the Tokyo Ghoul English version is available over FunimationNetflix, and AnimeLab

Tokyo Ghoul Storyline

The plot of this series is dark and consists of political undertones. It justifies how people have a tendency to authorize others from themselves.

The situations that are shown in the anime are of modern world Tokyo where dark beings- the ghouls live in the city along with humans.

However, Tokyo Ghouls in the town take a toll on humans, as they have to feed on human flesh! Hence as the night nears, ghouls attack humans and make them their feast!

As this situation starts getting out of control, the government ensures the safety of citizens by a special force called CCG. 

Commission of Counter Ghoul is the full form of this name. 

Their main work was to hunt the ghouls. But the only speed breaker that made this task harder was that the ghouls were moving in the guise of humans. It made it harder to recognize between humans and ghouls!

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5

The life of Ken Kaneki is described in the show. He is a university fresher who finds himself stuck in the underground war between the government and ghouls. 

He usually doesn’t fall into such things, but after he was on a date with a girl Rize Kamishiro, there he stuck himself into this war. 

However, Rize is a disguised human, and in reality, she is a ghoul.

Ken was saved from the attack of Rize by a waitress named Touka Kirishima. But he got some injuries during the fight, and hence he was in shock.

After recovering from his injuries, he came to know that he is half-human and half-ghoul now!

And the series furthers with a lot of adventures and fantasy. If you have missed watching this series, you might regret it later. 

Instead, go watch it as soon as you get time. All four seasons have proved themselves to be favorite amongst the fans. 

Hence, we can predict that you might also be one of the huge fan hives worldwide if you will watch this series.

Main characters of Tokyo Ghoul

Many characters are playing their special role in this anime, but here are the main characters:

  1. Ken Kaneki
  2. Tooru Mutsuki 
  3. Kishou Arima 


In the end, we still have confusion about the fifth part’s release date! Let’s see when the production house will fire up their enthusiasm and release season 5.

Till then, if you have any new updates for your favorite anime series, connect with us through your comments. Also, suppose you are an anime lover. In that case, thebestofotaku is one of the best websites to read more about your favorite anime and new seasons. So, stay tuned with us, and happy reading!

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