‘Trese Season 2 Release Date’ might be in 2023. [Is it confirmed?]

Are you also looking for the release date confirmation of Trese season 2? We are here to solve your query. Let’s start!

Trese is a series that is based on Philippine comic series. Budjette Tan is the writer of this series, and Kajo Baldisimo illustrates the comic. In this series, the story revolves around Alexandra Trese. 

She is a paranormal detective cutting the distance between the ordinary and the supernatural beings living in the city of Manila. 

Alexandra carries this responsibility after her fathers’ demise. She becomes a Lakan and manages non-humans and humans. After the release of season 1 of Trese, it crossed the levels of success and profit.

Hence, fans are waiting for season 2. Let’s see what we have to inform you about Trese Season 2.


Trese Season 2- Will we ever get it?

Trese Season 2

Yes, the chances of season 2s’ release are high. Why?

Because the first season has remained in the hearts of fans. 

Trese season 1 has remained a hit can be proved by the fact that the demand for the sequel is growing every day.

Profit earned from the first part will boost up the energy of the creators, and they should follow up for the second part as well. Now the main question is when the second season will release. Let’s see it in the next paragraph.

Trese season 2 Release date in 2022?

The title might have bought you here. And no doubt, the best year for the release of season 2 is 2022.

How can we be so sure about it?

Not only us but there are also strong speculations that the second season of Trese might fall sometime in 2022. The expected months can be June or July. But it can change as it is not officially confirmed!

Looking at the overflowing love of fans, the production team might have already raced towards the production of Trese 2. 

For the latest updates of Trese season 2, bookmark our page in your browser. As we have our eye on the official team, hence we will update our readers as soon as any new update is released!

Trese season 2- Who will be in the series?

Trese Season 2

The first part of this Japanese animation series was released back in June 2021. After its success, there came the English and Philippine voice artists as well. Here are the main characters and their voice artists.

  • Alexandra (Shay Mitchell- English voice artist)
  • Crispin and Basilio (Griffin Puatu)
  • Datu Talagbusao (Steve Blum)
  • Captain Guerrero (Matt Yang King)
  • Mayor Sancho Santamaria (Lou Diamond Phillips)
  • Hank (Jon Jon Briones)
  • Anton (Carlor Alazraqui)
  • Nuno (Eric Bauza)
  • Jiganshi (Tania Gunadi)
  • Marco (Darren Criss)

The characters that lost their life in season 1 might not appear in season 2. Any flashback scenes might cover the already dead people. Otherwise, their voice artists will voice new characters that might enter in the second season.

Trese Season 2- Storyline

Trese Season 2

In the final episode of season 1, Talagbusao says to Alexandra that her sister Sinag was killed by her father. There Alexandra traps Talagbusao through Dragon’s Gate. The episode ends where she is standing near a Balete tree and remembering her family time.

The second season might continue from where the first season ended. This Netflix komik series might have some astonishing twists in the upcoming season. There can be a universe that might depict the Underworld along with the Skyworld. 

Jiganshi wishes will get a reveal in the next season. Guerrero died in 1st season, and Marco, his nephew, will replace him. He will work with Alexandra. Moreover, fans can expect Alexandras’ brother to make his debut.

Is the trailer of Trese Season 2 out?

Sadly, the trailer is not released yet. But it might release soon. So, stay connected with us to have the latest updates regarding the release of season 2. If you have not surveyed the trailer of the first season, here it is. Enjoy it!

What is the Trese series all about?

Trese is a horror-thriller anime series that has a paranormal detective as the protagonist. Alexandra is the one who we are talking about!

She has the responsibility of connecting the paranormal beings with humans. After the demise of her father, she becomes a lakan, the one who communicates and breaks the gap between humans and non-humans.

In addition to her, there are her bodyguards- Crispin and Basilio and a father like Captain Guerrero. But Guerrero dies in the first season itself. 

There were many twists that fans did not expect in the first season. If you have not seen the season still, watch it on Netflix!

Ending thoughts

In the end, we would like to encourage our readers to never stop demanding season 2. In addition to it, we always have hope for the second season’s release until the day if it gets officially canceled. 

Moreover, if you are an anime admirer and love to read about your favorite anime series, click here! Stay tuned and happy reading!

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