‘Vampire Knight Season 3’- What are the Latest Release Updates

While binge-watching anime series in a pandemic, you might be waiting for Vampire Knight Season 3. Let’s explore more about it.

Vampire Knight, aka Vanpaia Naito in Japanese, is a dark fantasy TV series. It is an anime adaptation of a manga series with the same title. Matsuri Hino writes as well as illustrated the anime series.

The manga series serialization began back between November 4, 2004, and May 24, 2013. In the middle of its lifespan, it was adapted into an anime series. As a result, Vampire Knight season 1 was released on April 8, 2008.

Meanwhile, in the same year, on October 7, season 2 was also broadcasted due to the high demand. Also, an OVA episode, Vampire Knight: Gekiai no Portrait, aired on November 26, 2008. Since then, fans are waiting for season 3.


What are the chances of Vampire Knight Season 3 to release?

Vampire Knight Season 3


Excited to know, right? Here are some highly favoring facts that the production team might release the third part soon.

There was a petition carried out among the fans who wanted to watch season 3 ASAP. To their surprise, the petition crossed an impressive number of 52,000 signatures from fans.

Another factor is – the ending of season 2 left fans wondering about mysterious cliffhangers. So, it may be an indication that season 3 will answer these questions.

Still, Studio Deen is taking much time to release season 3. We are not sure about the reason for it, but they might soon come out with the official release date.

Kiyoko Sayama also desires to work on a new season of Vampire Knight. He mentions that he would love to make another season, and it would be better than the first two seasons.

Vampire Knight Season 3 Release Date declared?

Whenever the release date is officially declared, firstly, we will update you. For that, you have to bookmark our page and visit it regularly for the latest updates.

Still, the production, as well as the release date, is veiled. The best-expected release date can be sometime in 2021 or in 2022. We hope that season 3 releases soon.

Vampire Knight Season 3- Official trailer

Vampire Knight Season 3

If you are searching for the official trailer of season 3, we would say you are wasting your precious time. Because the trailer is not released yet.

Studio Deen and the producers of the show might release the trailer soon if they decide to release the third part.

Our team has kept an eye on the official team members. Whenever they declare anything official about the new season of Vampire Knight, we will update it in this article. Stay tuned with us to get almost all the latest updates.

Vampire Knight Season 3 English Dubbed Episodes

Season 3 is yet to release. If you hunt for English dubbed episodes of season 1 and season 2, watch it on Anime-Planet.

We might hope that this platform will also cover the English dubbed episodes of season 3 after its release.

Vampire Knight Storyline

The show’s name is already depicting that vampires are the main center of attraction of this show. The TV Series depicts vampire-human relations.

It surrounds the topic- whether humans and vampires coexist?

Set of the show centers on an elite boarding school, Cross Academy. In this academy, the classes are taken in two-shift: the day shift and the night shift. The day shift is mostly for humans, while the night shift is for powerful vampires.

Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu are the two main characters working as guardians of night shifts. They do not want day shift students to know about vampires coming to study at night.

Vampire Knight Season 3

Yuuki is an adopted daughter of the chairman of the academy. She takes her duty seriously. One reason behind it is that she can meet her crush, the president of the night shift- Kaname Kuran.

However, Zero is not fond of his job and wants to destroy the vampires. In the further story, he also killed one pureblood vampire and was punished for death by the Supreme Vampire Council.

However, Kaname takes his side and saves him, but there was some personal agenda of Kaname behind saving Zero. It unfolds as the story further. If you have missed watching the first part, watch it on Netflix.

Which Characters to expect in Vampire Knight Season 2?

Many characters are playing exclusive roles in Vampire Knight Series. But here are some main characters that are highly expected to appear in season 2 as well. Let’s look at them.

Yuuki Cross

Yuuki is the female protagonist of the show. She is an adopted daughter of Kaien Cross, the headmaster of Cross Academy.

Yuuki only remembers an incident a few years back when Kaname saved her life from a vampire. From then he was her secret crush.

Later in the plot, the audience knows that Yuuki is actually born as a pureblood vampire and a Kuran Clan member.

Zero Kiryuu

Zero is a childhood friend of Yuuki. He is a protagonist of the show while also works as a guardian in Cross Academy.

He hates to hide the secret night shift classes of vampires in Cross Academy because he hates vampires. The reason behind it is, his family was murdered by the vampire Shizuka Hio.

In the later show, fans were surprised to know that Zero was also bitten by a vampire, and he also is a vampire.

Later, he grows into a powerful vampire with a Bloody Rose named weapon given to him by the headmaster of Cross academy.

Kaname Kuran

Kaname is the third protagonist of the show. He is a pureblood vampire.


Kaname once saved Yuuki from a vampire attack. Also, he behaves really sweet and romantic with her. Later in the series, the audience came to know that Kaname was an elder brother of Yuuki.

As per the traditions of the vampire community, they both are destined to marry each other. This fact might be the personal reason why Kaname saves Zero from getting death punishment.

Kaien Cross

Kaien is not the main character, but he plays an important role in supporting the main characters.

He is the headmaster of the cross academy and the guardian father of Yuuki Cross. He was a vampire hunter, but he is passionate about building an era where vampires and humans can live together peacefully.

Ending Thoughts

We hope that we were able to provide you satisfactory information regarding Vampire Knight Season 2. If you love to read more about your favorite anime series, click here! Happy reading.

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