Victoria Season 4 (Recent Updates!) In 2021 – Everything You Need to Know!

Who doesn’t love historical drama, especially if it’s about Queen Victoria? This PBS show has won many hearts upon its debut on TV screens. After enjoying three exciting seasons, the fans are wondering when they will see Victoria Season 4.

Here in this article, we’ve included the latest update about the show, including its release date and some spoilers. So let’s get started!

Victoria is a British historical tv series produced and written mainly by Daisy Goodwin. Victoria made its debut with the first season in the United Kingdom on ITV on 28 August 2016, having eight episodes. In the United States, it broadcast on PBS on 15 January 2017. PBS supported its production as part of the Masterpiece anthology.


Victoria: Storyline

The story of Victoria is mostly based on real historical events but has a dramatic touch-up. The show focuses on the life of Queen Victoria and her afflictions and suffering. In season 1, we understand how Queen Victoria soared the throne at the age of 18.

The first season describes her private life and early courtship. By the end of it, we see the birth of her first baby, Princess Royal, Victoria. Right after the season ended in 2016, the viewers showered their love giving rave reviews for its historical accuracy and the remarkable performance of its cast.

The second season is much more interesting as it describes her state affairs and administration. The season highlights a lot of conspiracy while the queen tries to keep herself calm. Victoria Season 3 explains the queen and her family in a knot.

It describes six children of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The latest season ends with a cliffhanger where we see Albert unconscious while a queen’s lady was all set to flee.

Victoria Season 4: Release Date

After the release of the third season on ITV on 24 March 2019, the makers announced the renewal of the show. Earlier, the followers expected the series to arrive in 2020, but we all know what caused the setback.

Just like many other TV series, the production team of Victoria also has to postpone the shooting schedule. Recently, some shows like Jack Ryan and Lost in Space have resumed their work. But, we have not heard from the producers or the actors about continuing their work.

The viewers believe that a lot is remaining to see Queen Victoria’s rule over the British Empire. Let’s hope the team starts working again and the fans get to see Victoria Season 4 soon!

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

What to Expect From The Fourth Season?

In the previous season, we saw the Chartist march reach a whole new level in London. Because of the pressure they suffered, Victoria had to leave and head out to Cornwall for some time to ensure her safety.

When they come back, Victoria’s estranged sister Feodora Victoria and her husband Prince Albert start drifting, and their forthcoming marriage is questioned. In the meantime, a cholera outburst swept across London, and Lord Palmerston tried his best to threaten the Queen.

Although the scriptwriter of the show, Daisy Goodwin, denied giving out any explicit information about season 4, she declared that it would be the most cryptic season of the whole series.

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She also explained that she was already working on the fourth season’s writing and addressed it as an “absolute humdinger.”

Goodwin even gave out a hint and said that someone might die in the fourth season. She further continued by stating that they might add a new character to the storyline and also mentioned the continuation of the show by insisting that its story still has a long way to go.

Wrapping Up

The production team has not announced the final cast yet. Season 4 might include Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria, Tom Hughes as Prince Albert for half of the season. They might get a replacement as the story might proceed faster, and they need to be replaced by older actors as their characters get aged.

According to Daisy Goodwins’ statement, there will be death and the appearance of a new character. So we might see a new face or faces in Victoria Season 4.

If you haven’t seen Victoria season 1-3, now is the perfect time to entertain yourself while waiting for the show to return. Stay tuned for the latest updates about your favorite TV shows and anime!

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